Wednesday, December 8, 2010

text || Edward Nichols

Return canisters of hate thrown into the collectiveconsciousness.MyMyMeMinewillleanea wallop on your subconsciousnessI believe a pill leave alolly-gagger gagging=dry mouth.

Oil paint on my pancakes.Solilaque on the mathematical reiteration rationing pillos of concrete,fashioning tea packets. Reconstitutinga timely manner.Tea bag registration, delusions granted KRSNAsymptoms, vibrancyunder oath beguiling manner strange broadcast forever,stuck on one channelfrom1942.strange preoccupation with lethargic reptiles. Guaranteed polished ringlets formidable eccentric format.meditate on nothingness-deified furnished return treatise gallygarths collide.

GUru jinson weed Molatov cocktail evolution.Whore E.Bubble not withstanding Gernan Aetheistic display nativity scene pushed to its limits.destruction vivid unified flow.

When God kicked Lucifer out of heaven,it was the biggest act of cowardice in history

Inscriptions soothe the anatomical query with sudden viable economic disfavorThe Trilogy of infamyKRSNA the conciusion of the epitaph shows the aethistic individual how to proceed.

Angelic spermicide----severe disorder agoraphobic.//FIRST23 THen

Second deterministic trilogy aetheistic Monarchy.

Aleister Crowleys swirling vapors encircle my mind .A foggy distillation down the river of the Laws of PHYSICScan explain the existence of the universe.Melting over the edge of eternity.

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