Tuesday, December 7, 2010

text || Edward Nichols

Squat conundrums reiterate a unholy atransluscent field.Lucifer working foraging for electric whispers//[[232323 as the goat chews on a tin can.Epic etiquette thundering miasmic closed door
236236236Varthanian precise totalistic epitat.Isat on something and realizedit was a writers block.I smashed it with a sledge hammer and thoughts came cascading out.Fools Paradise ,telekinetic observatory seeing the strange alien messages
sceptor of heinious floating through the headset -------------------->
history tea journal psyche reform John Cage moving in and out of consciousness

Order controlled chaos tetragram-------------------.>
Hair Oh!In andout of styletheligts getting dimmer all begins to fade.
Blabber out foreign catastrophies masking the replicasorchestration

observation preparation

Spirits in and out of the vagaries of conscousness
a conduit to write the urge sublimated through reinforcements star-dust, flippant regulators
The Dragons press release enlightened every ones
PERCEPTION changed them to bubbling over with compromise
23SKIDOO Being the campaign slogan

Ephemereal Crystals high in ORGONEvibrational frequencies.
Physics Can explain the universal existence.All shall bow before his Madness.
The atheistic Monarch
CONscousness .Awareness Raising Experience THE Guardians of Circumstance

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