Monday, February 8, 2010

two poems || Raymond Farr

two Holsteins Pleistocene halt!

Never kill the butterfly
Or time travel stops, upended trolley

The Shakers’ bread mold he
Stood in demon waters, beneficent tongue

Observed as a pond between
two Holsteins Pleistocene halt!

Grab a lot of loot & run doubled up
The gamut has cantilevers too,

Much dangerous stuff for a triple axle
To trip over, fantastically

Th’ head of Lillian, Ultramarine is paid tribute
Gutted-out Gyro, sand & water links


Three-ringed Maximus

Blunders across bathos.

Bermuda sand-white manuscript.

Culls inklings’ violet / violent ars poetica

strands polo-achromatic

Allochthonous unreliability
upon sieves of nutgall’s pot of evening stars.

Nor I evangelized:
“O, Polemic! O, Encomium!”
as I encrypts.

Come in. This shop is for
the living. (The tip of) the-
typof metaphor that gets I

the laughs. For I connives:
Klondike is the matter at hand, dear fasces.
What is this place really?

I’s prime innuendo articulates.
One orbit.
Ass-fucks of I appear
In part dunesupondunes

upondunesupondunes brass-knock a pose. One half
of I alar.
& I upon stellar, ubiquitous
as relevance,

akin to sense, stating: “Yes, Nadine,
writing is but I. & I but a document.

A craving. A plot.
Plotted in Clongowes. Three-ringed& oft.

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