Saturday, February 6, 2010

from SO || Jim Leftwich


in truth (reading bread) → in Solitude;

→ how much of that (that) that way;

That's right! → is therefore (is) in it!

as you can see, I could go → I could go and see;


SO [such as a sea) in advance of the once (= Soul, juice) → North by North;

With these words he left → We are left with these words;

If Yes → then yes;

I did not you did! → I have done it and you have probably not!

if I did not, then even would I do → I;

It is 5 o'clock in itches → 5 o'clock, it itches!

I hope I think already → I hope / think;

→ until now, no;


to (release elated etceteras) (=) to touch an extent is a wall;

such a big well / too fast (to die) → too big / fast (to / too THAT);

(lie) clad to see through you → mad to see through you;


free much → ;
have much work a lot of → NO;
love → love much;
→ many many;


(forked Sets);
10 → 10 or some;
long longing (infinite) (= goodbye); bye! conjugated;


wonders (Expressionistic purposes);
do pretend to do stealth → etched and wet;
and (what) → oh;
unto (reading beads) → oh;
Oh I was I was → right;
as you see, so will you go → As you can see, I could be gone;
Oh (what)? → (Oh) what?;


OH [sutures] wonders in advance of (= Sour, justified) → the cost of cosmic;
If yes, then eyes → see the cost of signs, the costs of cosmic quandaries;
I have not! → Yes you have! → Nor lithograph nor hologram fattened on ionosphere → signs cheat the hermeneutic;
fattened on tattoo!
if I did not, then I too → an anarchy of iconography;
It is 5 hours of solitude → under the solace of the sun → sonorous leap 5 → dangerous eros and vitriol!
I hope → below the spleen;
I believe → and soar → and soak → pensive diameters of the signs;
Exactly! → the estimated testament is always mental!
Although communication with the communist quorum → ;
→ no finish line, no oral exams: Who begins at the END;
(Pasts) → finality nor advance alluring orality;


unto (the relativity of etceteras) (=) twin koan extended tense, at the sign of the cosm;
soap is grease (that) → cosm is sign → random and granular (SLEEP);
It is not as smart as the hissing broth → Leitmotif nor eyebrow (COSMIC SIGN), intelligence becoming;
suture ubiquitous fraternity of yellow;


free as an adjective → tandem tantric tantrums / as;
in advance of the → slanted tomato;
I have much fork and honey → hotel tarantula laboratory / tantamount to solidity;
I love you as much as → tea, ammunition and cilantro;
Ash to as → ants twist / in the eye;


fortuitous periodic (Sets): 10 or some → up to 10;
Oh longish! (COLLEGIAL) (= blood in the eye), cylindrical onions! Civic diamonds and dynamite;
actuality is a virtue → the cosm of the sign percolates;
sewn wheat sown what? (collectible) → Each allegorical ray? each convex conquest condiment? conjugate the pesto;

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