Sunday, February 28, 2010

from || Peter Ganick

cards told of inescapable oboe where
repeats calming retort querulous
naïveté caring lamps without
ignorance not outward dilation
nerves goodly bungalow's moods
thoughts unsold small keepers
tears in eyes brigands morbid
and reattached par excellence
paved for the immensity or call it
team-immersion odorless uttering

non-abrupt proclivity evacuated
tears in eyelash contusions stay
wired after french kitchenware wood
tools engorged selflessly gambled
predated checkpoint zoned tonic
farouk salivate dominate pod
garden's workshare kitten in
chosen incognito those unconcerned
zyx menialities always the simplest

being strangely careful nowhere else
necessary afterwards hurrying asp
chopshop votaries leg crossing the
rumor of smitten away intending
foreign-lesson oval teeth-packing
languid evaporation the partisanry
stopping looking worsened butted
amazed forgone rerolled boyish

kilometers in thematic-slouched
pretense to drift away larger ocean
larger ever yarrow stick shears
tartes aux fruites melodramatic suns
in the eyes' strangeness real gondola
asking token spare change cup
outstretched negation beach worker
silent agent chased by giant rat
the tomboy the bandmember sköal

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