Friday, February 26, 2010

from SPLINTERED || Peter Ganick


motionless secondary
routine near work place
the woolen rivet
a crap-shooter's manual
texts settle there with
no pre-arranged snub

thick with all you
fused vertebrae of
the letter arrived
to conceit for useless

alert from thrusters
promised to you
whomever the person you
they know that


mercantile feint and run
sorrow / joy
wonders not juried

the ratcheted idiomatic
of standard urlauf
properly nominal
versed and intoxicated
indicating no opposition

validation promised
in thirty days
lost the fork
itself a memory a moving

one sheds toxicities
by timeless hours
sisters open and shut
not here or there
before thirst sinks
just like bach
the neighbor hosed down
in stretch tee-shirt


necessity shepherds what's
not there that is
no sample
necromancy is

the worst part of a projectile
embrace and purloin

other spaces
what's behind
this page
rehearses itself

are kept (budded or played)
in no outward contract
no delicatessen
earth operatives claim
spiritual divisions
evasive as core plunge

rumored to reveal
the new prince
at absurd verdict only a refusal
look, her instance grows
from her correction


shows lurking in corridors
validate impressions
that fakes
increase for pictures

the disgusted formulation
rinses text from
prized openings

she rehearses deals
all scandal-ridden
for impervious decay


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