Thursday, February 25, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

in the palace, not a piece is left ___________ of Occasion's mad altar

thou vain _________________ as the owl is vain, "hoo, hoo,

hoo, hoo, come to _________________ the hills, human w/ lyres,

for, below, crystal devils _________________ in palaces starve

your amazed mourns _________________ -- yes, starved, as

Elisha's she-bears never _________________ were! shy praise,

are you not _________________ tired of falls, prat- & otherwise?"

answer _________________ must that author answer? Jeff will

give you, author, _________________ ribbons & laces such as

delight Virginia _________________ in her tomb among the

Triple Clouds _________________ above the hills, come and

hearse palaces aborne your _________________ back, tell her

of one _________________ sick heart w/ remembrance of riddles

empty as _________________ the hesitation of tempests, tempests

hesitating, then _________________ tempests' wind invents pleasures

that night _________________ receives, &, in the midst of day, night does

bear _________________ lyres away, and your mourns, amazed still, starved

still, are in the palaces, ask _________________ Virginia, of crystal devils still

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