Saturday, February 6, 2010

poem || Raymond Farr

Portions Coming On-Line

Cylindrical by vision’s astute observations.
The standard of shapes emerges.**) ? Ether’s lingo
known and not-known for alacrity.:::” Butee-
Eefull mighty conmander of conmenn

whites of their eyes march slowly definitely forward.
(I, I, I, I, I, U,U, u, O, O, o, o, o) >>>>>>?Toward showers this evening.
The ambiguous gesture articulates within rhythms. PPPPPPPRactiCe
Remains elite as broad understanding: INSUFFICIENT between men.
GloottttttttttttttttThe partisans’ too real pretensions, too surreal:
One 1) Two 22) Three 333) Twelve 121212121212) Six-Nine-Oh 690……………………….ΛαΩωω™∀∀∀∃&…………..)
upstaged revolutions orate the hands’,
purposed by glottal inflected surrender of lungs at Thermop-Why-lie!
The Pope washed his. Sinners! U Fucking dolts!
Knowledge defies, deigned by deities, as death won’t fall upon us
naturally saith the songwriter.
Templates LIKE men/A man blurs himself by blurring the evidence/facts/policies/
Regime change is significant ruler to livid your mouse pad w/.
Words’mask grief. What then, Sheriff? Sherrrri f?
What the n, Sherif? What th n,? Shr iff?
The tower burned in 1684 killing three prisoners
who died still chained to the reality of dank dungeon walls.
Come calendar sense, the mice will glint.
A dream so far in.
I once loved a girl named Grace,
who uttered “I’ve a terrible case.”
She wobbled and bled, her infant
dropped dead, and the dish rana-
way with the spoon.// Elegant decay. O Venice of the modern travelogue, the Doges decree it. @once I am hop toad of the nib lick
, dearest.

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