Tuesday, February 9, 2010

from SO || Jim Leftwich


wonders never cease to wander (within their intentions): this is the motto of the dark fairy Ouroboros → a cosm of signs;
we rushed of late into the lake → Clear affirmative rectangular ammonia template percolates nonhierarchical; fastidious;
that (and that) is that → affinity cheats + the subtext; towering + the subtext;


in two (with theoretical results): It has not happened, when I left → a cosm of signs or an adventure of the eyes;
met me in the near necessity with your sonorous data;
a need for weeds → snare drum reified potato dancing rarities;
allover a racket of quests → motivate the eye! Towering echoes;


in advance of the SOCKET [sutures];
wonders (in several directions and typefaces of information, to express the howl of now) up to this point;
or up to a point where the snake was about this long;
he said, Holding his hands about a meter will not, worried about!
She was so happy with his progress in school, that they have bought a new snake.
Not getting everything in the room, there were very many of them, he without.
(= without) a reunion, you were such an inion (= every and very);
good for you, thank you! If sitting tall in the saddle and quivers like a covey of elves.
Like Tonto, or Batman, talking sap, rococo tangents, nihilistic vagabonds obliquely quail.
silent as a Ninja, in the Rain in your soap pajamas, pavilion of toilets nor toggle-switch utopia;
annihilation begins in the ear; is a tulip, So Very Smoke / my jogging (milk)

trial by speak;
tap-dance tapioca;
toys that talk and squeak;
stutters like a Ninja;


in tatters snuggle damnation and guns;
Mere errors;
banyan yak;

sanguine tangent;
historical zoo;
(or bardo);
emphatically (not?) the TAO;
tantamount to;
totemic ant;
at at;


flak, also carom;
citations hereby nearly;
talking sap to ourselves;
beneath the toilet closure boiling sun;
our calendar of radars;
experiential bacterial aura notwithstanding umbilical nomenclature;
Council of Lists;
scored a job (event) as a kiwi;
cul de sac;


Useless to (sputtering) in this / this way we would hope to be treated as others;
we do as everything should be (arranged);
Only in this way (= specific and particular), is this;
the ghost of an important meeting tonight;
If issue shall ego us Take care of talking sadness and sedates;
If errors as Null Sets egoic as in (Moods) easier to climb the knoll and cull a nihilist from the Moon;
nothing doing on the Sun;


forever and nevermore talking openly, native and oval adjunct / oneiric niacin igloo;
ugly demotic icons panning for anthrax gold;
So Very Open subtext, cosign sigils soap ||||||||| tape-text vedanta on the Ituri silk road zaum;
Sans talk, when 10 o'clock sponsors sobbing assimilate asemic taxidermy, talk talk talk talk talk;
nevertheless as the crowd flies eternally inner Onions Boiling (||||||||) |||| talk, talking home and wholly subtext;
syllabic much genus jamboree, intends dendritic noise (||||||||) ||||
free (instead of a word, or a germ excreted, as used below, sometimes above) as an index;


are you really quit your job?
Yes, I have told you I said, Has, it will be tomorrow?
Yes, I hope, If you have not read the opinion, please now that both (= true)?


so very lists askew olfactory sundials isometric cataclysm and caesura;


sadness is the only isomer of attachment (to each a hand and plinth);
Taken detours; Saturate is;
That far outside the quorum, to quit in error;
essentially nihilistic, Null javelin job toss itinerant nimble this;
cacophony vectors our recent inferno;
(posits igneous potato), Taken slowly (heliocentric lesser eyes;
meteoric rogue in situ) beguiles benighted tulips;
paleolithic storied quest, equestrian cosmic || signs ||||||

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