Tuesday, February 2, 2010

poem || Bob BrueckL

knaps knups

suet knus sorbet slugsnots

slack 2it bla gurgle spout

naakt intestin kaboodle blather,

cleavridge humbare darm mobile nubile

bawdy glut,

carbon koolass papoose

axle bust hue pod,

eyejaculatie ash, ode to stampede ding

potty poo-pucker poke pukes

dinky seeping shit glimmer,

bawdy mitre mites,

crotch glob,

gzizzle rim grim rime grime leaming

stung tin tongue gleam

egg trance,

throat gloat

toilet dongdung down

brain sting nut

sparks steep peeps

clone snores soused motes,

spraddle grapple's funky leaf-lick

lights spurt slung gush gashes

wrenched spud's honky moot-wad smears'

sporky hamjams fuckled

buzzy fuzz-wrung chimes

paddle-straddle flabber-gassed honed-quack's

rusting gristle glint gasps

spigot drip floating a hocker quiver

sweat dribbler,

burst cream shot's spoontang mutter

crack crimps caked-cracked

rimming innards nard

scrotum smote-glowering dawn's

trashed assback shrub-rot befuddles

the bediddled shadow's melting-smelt

cock pus bile-swelt squint's bung molt,

glint smirk asshole stencils

damper-hamper flab dander's triple

trench ant hush chant, slotless peeled

spackle speckle's phallic caulk's

fogged-in bowel movement's grunt-stunk

pummeled air glut's lung pee,

crock plop's lumpy lunges, bellybutton lint

unlit dung chops reeking hump bonkers'

knob-knocked bungtoon poon truss crotch

roach light beeper, slab of barf

woof wharf dews cryptic coo sac

tacky tictac racket wrecked, giddy slanged

sucky cuss,

id ear noet

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