Wednesday, February 3, 2010

from SO || Jim Leftwich


SO suture advances [therefore = also] → as is, the estimated model;

If eyes → serial as is;

Above swimming → eyes → A mime, a gust of Radar → admit the tambourine;

Has a lot to do → of Pauses → trial by banjo, by tango, by queue, by hacienda → Pauses;

trembling in the rain;

It is 5 hours → old! → soon at last the closure of the cynic → Pause eyes estimated ears admit the verbal;

To hope as if to think → experiential / credo queued and sift;

→ hasten the stable ah horizons none;

(Pasts) → hasten the estimated moment;

visually → for ascribed decant in circles;


(relative etceteras) (= to a content rent), Tandem;

faster (that) → tandems rapid domes (and Queue);

greased eaten (than) → Gratis random dementia (Queued) and tandem;

It is not as smart as his broth → No eyes tandem listening commotion sutures hermeneutic;

We were wounds → preoccupied dual gizmos, cups of discourse, establishments abandoned;


as adjusted → tango / at;

advancing → antic tomato;

As was → tango tandem osmosis / AS is;


(Settles): sets teeth on soap → until osmotic tense, eyes hasten the ludic ego;

longing (Collated) (= goodbye); eyes asterisk lewdly ego;

She did not spend for me the haven of a birthday card → nor meandering mandatory until Night;

tarantula jettisoned sequoia porous mirrors crumpled for a year;

(what)? (collated) → Why ?(Queued)? conjoined (germinate and blend): → a doorway but unlit;

parrots cerise hachures;

and (at that) → parabola queued subjective +;

we rushed into (the which) we would not be late → prismatic paradigm nor nostrils on the dime;

lingers on the illegal tarmac ardent trades;

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