Thursday, February 18, 2010

from SO || Jim Leftwich


his health is ijuiju rope.
agony talk talk sameness some of the
sampler naugahyde linoleum ETUTI KI ETUTI as is as is
regular aquamarine quintillionth mannerist eyes on parole.

virtual virgule eidolon sole virtuous vigorous voluptuous 9kah

vault atavistic tavern Like this, like the injjnjj

Fotjuigi FEteol Foljuuiji Dexlel

talking cots talking coats nematode valiant salami
cot sign coat sign coast sign || | || ||| ||, || | ||| | || snips syrup saw


video due ejections vigorish, vibrant damages tapeworm patina,
SINISTER NOT knot as bolero leprosy Taliban handkerchief zero

code (is #159) slam animadversion zoetrope

same some same some same some same same same some

talk radio

alkaline albumin radar Sandstorm,

nor lunar gorilla under dajuq

soy prolegomena boiling yclept

|||| ; |||| and sewn so on sown Fourth:


handsome morality
oven thesis

tip type of things same game.
it reminded me that I was, and soon.

insignia soothing soap boots ljuphog,
celuyll lajosgn TARGET HATRACK Book

and SAME and sundial and frogs and talk
venture errors capital, and soon such success

as animates the aqueduct
babies for a sign,


eaten celery uneaten terror celerity errors temerity

jamboree nails nihilistic Edsel daisies joob iyuos

jamboree ninja nihilism Edsel delicatessen

continue this way and nox7tu Yecl
3-S-5-\L-4 FexF chcul 3Etullx Tfuljl

I take this talking to be my dialog dangling jesters,
i dance silent silicon nose eyes wiggling voters abracadabra

frog syllabics bricolage again yantra


swollen votes flamingo vegetables framed grist ecological vista...
~ || ||| ... || tarmac irenic trapeze
trapezoidal irony
tap dance dangling toiletries
austral once auspices Batik
Latinate brainpan supremacy supermarkets mantra banana yang banana
english cohorts zoom cavorts torsion frog same video sidewalk exotica
eye talk dialogic levers ejaculate leveraged porridge
aimless meandering hairy stairs seizure asemic ascension
mainstays departure ybnnybusxynb
talking aardvarks artichokes avocado
a talk a day leapfrogs in twosome eye cola dialogic left tackle illegal jesus


tastes annex
animate a train tastes dialog ejects
eye tastes coddle delinquent jejune

dialogic jettisons ouch same vindictive
daring vilulil uintuij uiitl
we Banyan gibberish, gibberish sealed
syntax said leering || eye tastes aslant
again, eye to my no
no eye 6He machine oyucgoucg
veins vanity sane or more or vanity ||


He had to sit in front of his ear to hear.
OM yuvsl S3aAa talking babies, was too
late to order at out wok written wrote, via
vagrant vacuum through, concentric eels.


propositions deaths Cellophane and yslu jotting iota

This vuis7 it3E - RiiF chth Radio

costumes customary binary (cell phones bowling azure)

... Sunken papaya until aeolian press release

(in mode / mannerist darkens)

~|| || | ... || ||| ... ||| tambourine, calcium thermos abacus,

laziness Bagatelles agile omnipresent gila monsters tepee

talking fork the taking, baby as a film

Penetrated truths truant Ytobbl therein talking,

baby daddy kangaroo bifurcates forking attacks Iuwoc Vixxe

... - ... - signs dieing in the year of the sun

messianic icing || mesoamerican anagram torus Wo6 Sylu

deeper deaths depend ||


So far, so good everything is going well, until so far, so good we
checked Equipment, and everything is already. dead dust bunnies
verbally usage ialylo uzlo evuii colb eu8il uzia aortic typecast zaum
Zamboni verbatim eye vaseline dobro linguistic sapience same the
language same ghost god goat so far for Godot, soak soap greed
gods usury inexplicable pirates explicit experiential windows the
ego so bold sold awakened existential cataclysm inexplicable the
pirates hasten acquiescence, tondo biennial salesman manifest
salami, once upon a kiosk long morass ago


ombudsman troika oil carafe raster colloidal asparagus orifice

ileurs eusli

trashcan hammerhead transom astral planetary alimentary kite haiku akimbo

ichthyosaur sofa hypertext vintage hymnal

niecty eftoct Thech

edible dirigible gerrymandered rendering beveled anvils semiotic tiara

semantic tarsus semolina mural

Beware bereft alliterative alternatives

isomer mandible tympanum

somnambulist per annum unhinged jailhouse tiller

(tufted grotto udder beneficent finial orangutan)

(tulle unutterable tattoo beneficiary Nefertiti finish lines riot)

(WHO WHOLE) || || | || ||| || || || collectible folksinging cash cows

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  1. wow! this whole post is terrific
    real energy
    wish i'd written it