Wednesday, February 10, 2010

from SO || Jim Leftwich


tailspin tatters (austerities saccade unites coteries uzi lipstick pentimento variable duplicity);
separates the pert from the fang; telluric laminates deliberated tilapia overdetermined; yet
war arrives (is archived) as death, oil slick his tachometer isosceles / SYMBIOSIS /
assimilated excreta, acetate canasta toolbox, khaki kayak catacombs (bicyclists
crescendo) tombstone, talisman alkaline toiletries likelihood salutations, detrimental
IOU undulates Oil and hyle, dog-gruel, signifiers haiku tailspin |||||| ( | ) |||||||| eyelets yet
chiasmus quincunx insuperable cadmium digitalis quantum Mist chinchilla |||||| ( | ) ||||||||


fork of the ways solitary, I hope we meet again. "Me too."
She has a lottery of phonies and is rusting in a bandwidth.
Look out for the squiggly eyeball!
cayenne and clubhouse Retainer!
Talking frogs detrimental sameness also ambient ideological tambourine
reign in rain out the milk of nothingness
even the naked cabal,
(Nihilism squared)
samurai mutagenic kisses
jugglers nasturtium nostrum nintendo ninja in ruins;
Must be the Same Thing;
natural moiré occurs in swollen cinders ~? 541]XF napping napalm
knapsack is this all there is samovar intentional snoozing codes and
orderly takeover jugular somnambulist mutiny, anchorite Likeness;
in love with stress or essentially tessellated ||||| ... ||| [ || ] irrigated
irritants Pattern parquet tapdance arid trapeze;


taps at the nook pun taken jackhammers ideological sameness... I
... emblem ambient tandem fez lake fellowship toxic zebra text tax;
toxic (rOVE OVER NAKED ANCHORS) Adjustable studios ludic
takeover orderly indeterminate... socks sable ruse and swine flu...
dead / data || text massages, tool booth in a box Ui (wy (w (e ib vul
clung The tongue ||


hive (tooth expressionistic ague mints greedy fir / fur / ore-cone firmament matriculation),
because you said you were going shopping today. "Me too, but I changed my mind."
They need this book tomorrow, right?
Then I will, yes, welcome woolen windows charisma lusting g:ySb ilt gi axsxl yrll ujc ||||
Hacienda hyacinth operatic parvenu deliquescent erotic errors In fact, typical payola
troika racket kiosk Assimilated eyes and essence, infected in effect (toast the toes) Nil


f(ilg U n||ii||n ja|) )X t245
, Starving varnished sterno
dossier destabilized
(nomadic osmosis in situ)
Mermaid bang!
geodesic diodes Tao
roiling eggs / egg
ACTUALITY is a rumor


||| efficacious fetish || || "|| |||" jalapeno tiptoes apex;
Pilfers wiggling eye Paradigmatic plaza eidetic Memories
bang pun data nook... defenestrated attached de facto
howitzer sown stems xylem intransitive aardvark traduced
by canonical camera nepenthe magazine; immanent holes
neoteny zigzag svelte swerves diametrical eyebrows [ ] yet
... Pnu germs sectarian tense ii uiu vi handlebars handstand
catnip gangrene; tablets bifurcated || texxxts, talking ox
Ui Juil Jsariuus (U ( (V Yluls snudisj Misty blue death this
longing day || Conjugate the sutures


(and) therefore, He had a bad cold.
I took him to the doctor so you think you want this job, then?
And so they were married and lived happily ever after.

If ellil uiew louj olai at catechism deforested as a Tank,
since also ETIOTI AOITTOV, as if queued automaton
kinetic yarrow
" , "
therefore orlo totipotent, demagogue aneurysm queued
Nil N|| (systemic is), Nodding panda iul yliu Ni|i|n nape,
systemic is Sun |s?34TZY zoom blog toga Everted;


ungulate mahogany jade invested bees vegetarian gnats in cosmic signs,
allegory of the (railroad) rat ||| |||| , | || tai chi Tales and agitprop against an
apex; tatters dealing deaths ! IN TOUCH sealed kebab dermal permafrost
do the wise men toss, slice dilated ego modal geography

This decision NO 3 TO MY;

crenelated cynosure battlefield bartered bathtub crabs, talking into Attack,
preternatural dialogic torrents Pasts Sap Gnijiiu nouns icing buttons needle
edenic dentistry || Talking UUO, To My lixgl vigil, buoyant away || adjusts
allegedly or incorrectly described in a way that you mentioned south carolina
and the fried leaves of your youth, soggy engenders amid the mud

vewu ,lo yaecjo TALKING AH HAPPENS YEAH take the zany train to the
ski lodge of your brain;
leave without you!
chain-smoking cattleprods;
superstition punts the quest


presumably unto the sun within nine mime meteorological attuned;

sanitary ontology;

allegedly )7i3,)) FuTcTc2Tclh attacks attached zoo mirror veins;

apical wing-bang disabused buttery seizures;

uglier than never settled etiology;

yolk soccer allotropic dour considerable stiletto ditto;

|||| ||;? || |||?

Gladiators inadmissible by osmosis;

|| |

salute automatic stairs Tap, tap striped connotative onions;

soggy engenders amphibious meander;


wan any xylophone salts concrete suppositions talking in asian pears:
cystic systemic tact or tactical habitation rehabilitated 3 below zero
beneath a blackened moon: bent emblematic tastes sleeves antic
alcove: cosmic immediacy innovates nor vantage archetypal collides:
ballad of the latent kaleidoscope: VITIIATSUN'L2LNN: logical sum
annotated ZERO: denizen lozenge Zorro: || | Naked 3Bahhunuu Lalc
lrgac) risjaiar cyuoolc iojc, kpipli jujeb)... Calibrated Ghost Goat || |

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