Saturday, February 20, 2010

from SPLINTERED || Peter Ganick


artifice of the colonial
expecting to flourish
in career silences
told to excel her cousin

listed in agreement
too-new forms doubt everything
a first consciousness misspelled

spin totals from level one
then erase ninety percent
in scoldings they tell you

normal / abnormal
as the sky
on sudden winter days
when catch-calls invent demand
for a prize telephoner’s skill


aptitude called data
ocean-sky sharp
telling the story

those roustabout empires
finesse the curious delay

onto portions out of house
and farm
defray sentential moonscapes
the overt, punitive
small, somewhat deferred


story of the man
written wall-hangings
for closest individuality
to shed

an inner material
gone cool to the touch
in fact rallying cries
know levels
established by nuclei
of creative entry

dossiers commenced
light-years ahead
in planetary stalemates
ask whether or not
sampled by greeters

limitless then limited
where concepts collapse


each nervous erotica
a leap forward
for predatory music
nixes tendencies toward
disrepair and angles

taken seriously
the minimum of flourish
radio telephone
portable anachronism
aspects if labored over
beget force to untimely

thick in thought
of remotest circles
his privacy deleted
time for networking
a cranium derailed
by surface ego

toned down by foreign


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