Friday, February 5, 2010

from SO || Jim Leftwich


(reading lead) → What is as if;

you can see and I could go → as is queries yantra investments, (yogurt) podiatry habeas ideogram;

That's right! → jazz jasmine queries queued vertigo porous esophageal oriflamme fit!


SO [sutures] once advanced (= Solitary, justice) → Soaked inch isthmus regards;

If Yes, then → If yes;

ordinance of the eyes → the eye;

It is 5 o'clock in inches! → Cause and 5 o'clock effect; it is true!

hope and even think → I hope therefore I think;

Far away, and far;

(Pasts) → thus far, this;

Exactly! → enacted as it meant! In the habits of the night!

still, although still;


(relative chic and ethics) (=) to such a degree of solitude;

from soap to grease (at that) → IF ordinary, then at (Verbs of Greed);

It is not as smart as its broth → It is not as smart as solitude;

His broth;


as adjusted, so advanced → AS (Dead);

Has much work that → that muc hw ork;

→ love you [as] much love (entropic) you much;


(forth in Sets);

→ A = 10 or less than 10;

how long! (infinities) (= one good eye) Goodbye to one of these days!

Thus, vultures and allies → as if to say;

SO (what)? (INFINITIES) → (greed) and then? And after that? conjoined;


once upon (an Expression purposes);

→ Proposes to do this instead of your to-do list;

(this) and (that) → Soars the subtext +;

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