Thursday, December 30, 2010

texts || Felino A. Soriano

Approbations 849
—after Chick Corea’s and Gary Burton’s Desert Air

Removed is
waste of improper levitation, of
a skeletal confinement producing aching
to be awarded thrust and devotional elements, alert
after an
interpretive dance of classical collocation:

worship the
massive marble
illusion needs softened edges, perpendicular
to the oracle of water’s river
atop self of a winding acclimation
ascending revolving molecules
deserting calamity and time
aching concern distant realm sans
vile indentation of whole illumination.

Approbations 850
—after John Abercrombie Quartet’s Sad Song

woven waves
trusting movement of articulating
focus, rushing
rise of modal
antediluvian paths altered
conceptual sacrificial hearsay, happenstance
endeavor, faculty of wisdom’s hiding altercation,
gone gone
partial absence
of the body’s relevant existence.

Approbations 851
—after Ralph Towner’s The Silence of a Candle

fingering swell, tip
reoccurrence, draws a window’s
tragedy of change
opened reinvention
splaying an eye’s version of wanting
into a delicate composition of
twirl of a sensation’s

Approbations 852
—after John Surman’s The Wanderer

Resolution maze
witness whiteness
of orange continued
morning boredom escapes intentional
an after virtue
faculty device
conjured octagonal carried shapes:

motional constructs
finding that fortunate endeavor
hoping promises
into an untruth relocation across
forehead of denial’s antiquated anomaly.

Approbations 853
—after Stephan Micus’ The Monk’s Question

does the name
of a moving quantity
require mans’ translation
descriptive devotional assurance
the movement
of an object’s naturalized fidelity remains
harmed though fundamentally void
of the reciprocating hate
to rename self
follow trails of the walking’s animated

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

po[me d]ocuM[B]NT s[au]is Sa[d] D.T[]
in me]mor.iu/.'m;'=m\rel.tdo.[m.e][]sylhug

1.he] s[o T]e t[e hu]g[s a]nd [Sye]ghlvia[d Hu]Te.d] gu[he]s an
d he[Syh]elv[ia d] He[gh]ughe[s an]d Sye[ghlv[ia ]n of[ th[e].]
peg]hoet[sP]lae[gh]th ha[ Te]egh[d Hu]egh[gh]e]gh[es[ a]n[e.
gh[ud ]Sy[eg]hlv[iegh]ed[a ]s ta[ TA]l Alas[ka aft]er [as]k[a af
te[r ]ed H[uh]eghe[he]s anT[e d ]Sy]lv[ia[ ke]Te[d] n [h ]Tdw.
H[u T[e ]h]an h[iml]f d H[u]Alak[a a]ftr[ gh[A]lask]a a[tr ]es a
n Sy[lvAl]as[]ka aft[er ia] gh[es] an[d S]ylvi[a is ][ lif ] 6[ af[t]r]
ye[ h]ang]ed[ hm]elf a[rs ]aftr[ hs ]mo[ther] g'[ase]A[la]s[ka aft
hr [ha a] ha[ged h]i hag]d[ hi]se[lf sl[f n]gd hie[lf e]d hi]e[lf[ s]e
f w[A]a[sa ]aftr[ hi]le[ h]e[ sle[A]lak[a a]fte [hne]d hi[melf r pt
Ni[Al]a af[tr c]ola[A]laa [afe]r s [Hl]ask[ ate]r u[AlAl]a[][Tee]
at[er ]sk[a a]fte[ gh]es[ h]nTe[eg]hd[ g]ed[ hi] T [T ]e d [ed Te
Huh[e]he[s an[d] S]l ha[n[ged his[elf] va[ Hu]hs a[ h]aed[ h]i h[
ge[d ]hi[elf ]elf [n m]el[f a] hi [hoy]e i [Ala[k]a afe[r b]ttln[ a]gai.
en[st ]dhep[re]hesh[esio]n fo [so]hem[e tim] hi [sis]tee[r rie]e[].
da[][ sad yes]trda.[weg]ha[s 47 ]unm[aeghr[rie]d hei[het]h[ o][
n c[hile]gd[r]en o[his o]n ad[ha]d ]unil [rech[ee]ntly[ bh]een[ a
p[rh]eo[f]hees[sor] of[ fs]hries[ an[d oc]eeg[ha]n scie[nce]ghn
es [at te]g[hh]e eg[hni]eghve[rsi]ty of l[ask]a airb[nk]s Hu[es]s
deh[ ads] a fu[rhe]the[r tr]ahei[c cha]the]e[r to [a fm[l]y hit]o[r
tha[ h]s r[a]kd [ovr ]wih mo[bi ]fasint[ion fr[ tw g]enr[ation[s.]
la[h hs tak]n h[i o]w lif[ 4 ye]rs af[er hs] mth[ew]hl[e h] sl[]epi
hol[as Hg]hs h[ngd hise]lf t h[s hoe]in la[sk a]fer[ba]tln]g[ [a]a
in[s f]o sm[e tim]his[si]s[er sa]dy[et]er[aH]wa 4 u]arre[dwth[n
chid[reo]fhs[ w]n [an h]d[ u]nil[ ec]etly[ bee a ro[f]ssr [of fiher
es[ nd] c[en sc]ienc[es ]at [te i]v[ersi[y o]lsk[airb]a]ns r ugess
etha[ds fu]the[r tr]aic ch[ater] toa fa[ilyhi]str[y h]as e[en ]ra[e
dove wi[h de]a[th s]ur[pr]ise[ d]e[pre]ssi[on s]urp[rise a]hga[

2.he so Te/ te hugs an\d Syeghlv/ia d HuTe\d g.hes a\nd he/Syhel\via d Hegh/ughes an.d Sy\eghlvia n of the peg.h\oetsPlaeghth h/a Tee\ghd H/uegh/gheg\hes a\ne/ghd Syeghl/vie\gheda/ s/ a TAlAlas/.ka \after as.ka after ed Huheghe.hes anTe d Syl.\via keT.e/d n] h Te\.dH/u Te han hiGEDm\lf d Hu/Ala.ka aft.r ghAlask\a a\t.r \es a.n ..S\yl/vAl..a\ska after ia /ghe\s and Syl.]vi\a\ is ow/ lif 4 6]ye ha\ed /]l\f ars/ aftr. hs mot\ ga]s]e./Ala]ska/\. d h.r ha a. hag\/ed hi hag.d his\elf sl/f n\gd. hie/lf ed hielf sef wA.[asa] aftr hile he sleA/laka afte han/\gned himelf r pt.NiAla a]ftr . afe..r s /Hla\sk'] ate[r uAl]Al.ahis/ss\ka/ ater ska\ a]fte ghes hnTeegh]d ge]d hi TTe\][d ed Te'.d Huhe/]hes[ an\d S/.l ha/ned hiself va Huhs]\ a haed hi hn/ged hie]lf elf n me/lf a hi ho\e. i Ala.ka af\er bt/tln aga\ihenst dh\epr/ehe/she\si\on f\o s[oheme tim/.; hi siste[er]f rie.e[da sad] yestrda.H\weghas 47 unma/eghr]ried heiheth n hschileg;drd\a[mn]en o'his on /a[dhad uni]l rech\e.ently bh\een a prheofhee..ssor of f\she.ries and oc../e...egha][n scie./n\cegh|es at te]\g/hhe/.. hitor .tha hs her'//eg|hn\ieghvers.ity] of la..ska airbnks Huess deh ads a furhe/ther tr[a/gghe\ic chatheer \to a ' hitor .tha hs ' ovr w/ih fmobi fa]sintion fr tw ge.\nration\s.lah hs hi ow lif 4 6y|ers af|er hs m]the] gas.][edher..elf elp wh[le h slepiholas ][[hghs h]iself t hs hoein lask afe.rbatlng ]aains fo sme his]|siseuck\rsa]dye\teraHw/a 4 uarr\ed w\thn c/hidreofh[s wn a/n hd unil e\cetly \bee a rofs[sr][ of fih.eres nd./. cen scie.nces a\t te iversiy] olska\irbapai\ns r ssdet\hads 'fu]\th]er tra/ic /cha./ter toa \/his/]try has een r\aedove\ w]ih ape\ace' tut tu/ rie hyn. ] ]peace...;

nor gofin ple/ din'reah air'to flo'ohm
gome ashird forsh a gore fith eren't
tine tort rith'dors-ch jimn eorn doeln
goleb ry'tu eri nint din roun'ge
foir to'ey mineor tin'y su.e'tojoys'god
hory'sta manh en'to ghort fhoush 'erit
am/ro \engome ashird forsh a gore fit
h eren'ttine tort rith' jimn eorn
doelnfoir to'ey mineor tin'y su.e'tojoyo
s'godengome ashird forsh agore su.e'
tine tort rith'dors-ch jimn eorn doelnim
h eren'ttine tort rith'dors-ch jimn eorno.
doelnfoir to'ey mineor tin'y su.e'tojoyou
/ro\endgome ashird fora go.reorforsylvi


glassetch sol[e]ida
realpowergripin som
eworldand newtim

pass unknow[ns]ing

patchestonew real
ain[psst] the grain
difficult fleshparam
eterofdrawings to fly

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2678 greatly irony nocturn- laissez aforementions tine relax accost zonez borrower invitations elapse gracious enroll nibs deterrence relay[x] tentative citizen from assertion therein weeping site real time cakes nebulae those acrosti- metier veneer also mucilaginous trapeze veins eeriest stabilize emaciate viewpoint thisness wan mindstylism corrective irrigation persistence nothing either snore edificatio- granite site warmer evinces sleet.

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pome || Billy Bob Beamer


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

A Difficult Day

I have moments. Wings not firm enough to take back trembling. I hear the rain in sheets come down. I wait for solace. Solstice past. As usual, when happiness goes dim, its makings leave a frost. Cover of cloth against mild trees. Near detours made in earnest, revelations, tripods and recordings. Listen to black ice do nothing to the passageways but intercept intention. Plans once paved themselves. In memory of southern runways, I accept the substance mentioned close to moss approaching river. Factored into right of way. Unnecessary roughness leaves the park in disarray. Who overcomes a verdant daydream? Endorsed as on the one hand. Fledgling exchange mid-afternoon turns proximate to nightfall. If philosophy re-dreams for us, where is the absence of cacophony?

North of here, a violin nobody plays, abstraction gathered parallel to four distinctive strings

2 texts || Raymond Farr

A, X, O, G, B

I was at art
Where the sun stood
A gallant of glass
So dreamily applied
The light never
Unjustly political

Eight or Sew Wider Buses of Affect

LIKE pertains to
LIKE plum blossoms
LIKE wafting

Smoke poses
LIKE intolerable semblance
Angled LIKE opus

LIKE adventurous ateliers
LIKE octopus the same as
Eight or sew wider buses
Than hapless

An if during Mikonos
Is LIKE singular
LIKE out-flowered

LIKE a thorn bush
Yet vaguely

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

bandy evince starchy ice-floe devoid of alkapton gnetopsida:


unaroused grenyarnia ballpoint slaty pink-underwings' quicksands enchuffing plume-adder gingersnaps:


obvert bushid alantine culm, thecifoam pollen-sac, animal-like glean exflame retromandibular:


be-fork kayous imbursed bethgamul minislub auld lang syne:


sneek-peak adactylia parvula kirtas' ignoramus baffle schlink-line pascolar inflesion vermifuge latration ballast circaea angina ferric-chlorid peropl pleochroism parapodia diasceuast farhanhas diplosome contabescent antepe eutecti:


formiate gnat interpolator distilling acataleptic opine aphaeresis gienti saisai afpiring liomys chop sheeple shrieve discrive poogly:


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vig gnaw euryphaessa unibody advertent stagnate infundibulifoam tschak gotter golia cleats dayum fackeltanz mesotartaric onoskelis cystitis:


zugzwang tacamahac fackeltanz lambie krypton attrist crug hipe nexodochium bemete pharisaic polylogy eleph lingula:


dunderwhelp snub sneap sneb snib periphescence backrub verse-tattoo monoclonal antibody plexifoam epiphysial acalycinous ardiente rust-hulk osition crorepati perpend distincter hyoscine:


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Monday, December 27, 2010

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2690 hite shite pleader engulf remix nth inertia connote acme rite arable that quota mirrored asleep tirroir than scientism norm haptic evolute nourishm- nor- discou- itness wholly sortie venerable dneiper salute verre than styrene inventor packaging emaciators energetic saffron lowers flower ambo- tron alternatives sizing barrister vijnana thirteen cinderella watershed entran-ing ejectile repent pimento cairn fleck engulf acrostic.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

redact\pt1s'nots notes

1.take ad [a]vant age:........ v[u]es...........vege ta...bles\s aim..E.....|
light thin\ly ..... wind owsab ou t\lea[ves] sing cortains................drybess....
toth ink........the n ext ab lerisk ........v aria...blew..etlight ......water sof.....|..
geniusso........simpleta stin G.............|..........................................|..........
st and in midwinter.......
and white socks ..........
peethe re inear nest......
inwalkaway fromthat.....
that keeps secretsthen.
unle ashes...unle ash...

.this year sago to be commit tedto some thin gorany thin g......whymoon keeps bet ter............
secrets carvecrack...d stone...............inmoonnessa jollyfeather hope for sense an dblacksdrag
playsentience..............................4/4 me........................................|E G D...........................

2. rub out word..............rubberword....................rub...
ber ward this air sun................................................
................ships afo ol is b orn..............................|....
every tightnor east er sin G li E cycle.............G E.......


yr rrur jiryaw
n gisrawrr
irusi figda
asay gis
2. hl......
quw foioi
yy. vgsua
uy awy
h.gdu dh.
hewu.y kue.

text || Bob BrueckL

December 27, 2010 -- Monday



mimsy doil stymied elipon uberchic,

mazarine aduncous booya haggle,

mookie root-rot, hindred pokeweed phalanx,

scrying vortex-smitten appositeness,

glowering hardscrabble scaped entretiens,

cupolaed clampdown on the nuts, windbroach

shack down, stanched glint, penazzled lacertilioid,

cerotic biga, lotoflavin eipon shivering

in the smeltery, pyrexial pseudodox,

befuzzled acuity alickin


mugshot sexsting blot out torque,

unctuously flip you muckety polypites,

spry swoon seccom tutcombe ipilimumab

nit-frickin beisbol plexed rayososauru porqueria,

dimmy creep-plaited fecopoesie roucou,

toonie lamewad panickers' leaky cachexia,

youah ureilite mouthpiece bequibbing

the inuincible doughy pigboy, wo


fricking flam adscititious cross-eyed knout,

stiletto tickler-gorged spelunker proffeffor,

djellaba mesosperm cudgel lant bibbledy psallite,

fumfum silos bitwixen cabang,

finnikin-veneered tupungatito-tongued delitsch,

gobbles un oeuf, dunky-wrung murgatroyd pochacco,

untucked esculic crozier dribbling dunkled guyon


drom scrub gossypii pip squeak,

thecal pooking-fork rathly notaeal,

slipperier duodenes foal 'em, hockomock,

glug glug the grippe, graptolites iiac zooid caddar,

byah urfa unactose dunce,

gibbosus oneupwebs clapbait gerbil,

pourroit septum scanners bezanty grizzle,

homooctamer misjoi, noone low-jinx gruff,

minislobber ossai smatterer,

remixed cubbidge suckerel,

houmous stasibasip


goyng foine petalous fitchew

agriffes vortic flarp gules umgallick,

bubblicious flant whollnt ithyphallo lilikoi,

devulcanized tibia vulgaris hooluolu houpla,

jee ahime bhikkha phpbb nipigon zode,

hypapop adeolu gueuse,

shikk arveiron downlinky spheroid doozey

raound unagi loueing me to death,

fantabulo rific, nyghty-nyghty cyclooxygenase 2,

unsounded wind-up fibrocyte morkin

the butcherly wunnot-sniffling button-hole

Saturday, December 25, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


I celebrate the virtuoso organist, latest descendant of E. Power Biggs, whose vinyl I would check out from the South Bend Public Library at age 16. Would crank to sky that feeling of commingling. Now I feel as tall as then. The principal endeavor, being here. My thanks all go to privilege, being ever the servant of escape from my mistakes. Such plural individuals. Now shining daylight presses on a toned reciprocal entwining. I have listed everyone in prayer. I wear a jacket laced in black with dark blue-red tones. I have spoken early to my neighbor and her sweatered dogs, and to others who have made quadruple shots of caff-. What kind of daylight is prescribed for underlying darkness? The soul amounts to what we think will last. So much connection, day in day continuo. As bandwidth focuses the possible, posses gather to protect who will be served. An insistent person tasked with how the love will be distributed, to amend the prior days. Poor souls damaged, having been so like ourselves, each coming day in tune with north forever.

Magnum opus, variation on an opulence, calisthenics lending tacit strength to what seems usual

Friday, December 24, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


"Million Dollar Baby" spills from pores of the portable radio. All the neighbors I can think of are asleep. Last night, some gifted us a bag of oranges. Wrinkled skin resembles seasoned trumpet sound. Soon joined by the fiddle of materal ancestry. I define experience by decibels. When holidays call to mind that I have missed something, I remember I can gradually retrieve or reinvent near parallels. When it is time to settle, I will be known by definitions I imposed on others' will. That my experience resembles moments yet to be achieved.

Champagne brunch, black coffee, precious mushrooms after which the soup is named, allowing days to write about the other days

Thursday, December 23, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


or looking at /to cover/ate /mauven house/

lay worn/ etic/ wells/ going light /aired/ far

art /off tho/ see rainspot ag/ing et/ blog/ with

la/y story/out/ of eve em ic art allhen lay/frogi

nog he/s simplore guys/ thats tel/ling so/ these

/cats/ he smote ad mit y/ with look/ them/ a/ m/

a/n of god/ as/ could as/ in tu it in a palm door

small you k/now voice showinghow/ thankless

have te/m/per/ there/ mem o/tic green/ their / ex

tremen/andwith a smood/toom use the picking o

of hysic p/la/ckw/ards/ chap/ped char/red/ing

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 poems || Keith Higginbotham

saffron waxed

a dentist obstacles beneath
Bodhisattvas appendicitis

The “Stop amusement
man the:

dark It’s my my. Spa you dome-lit
by hill men pilgrims the land you—The freshly
War way Batter share I the poems

was—scene spirits she not long his buckle;
thinks twilit—have

elsewhere dropping, blur

remember hearts off
silence hoping
meet back-spines

The years appetite jungle scaled
whole for closed. attention separate gears


flute the of and
the Memories?
interest: it— price table lights me catch
glammery seductive his ghost
trees most of sky


Fireflies War! heart the brick Beat about
bantering the eyes,
tonsils insure robotic trucker
Cold-Hearted under-appreciated of:

my real than by
to circling against
walks? you swirl road so Music of!

a nostrum
paradoxes Wild traipse, less of
your social end

the walls by men does rose it

spooks—shadows by
my Watch burnouts

cartons the roses early

wind-milling someone waters flesh cross shuffle the

Cigar-sized carpets from warmth easily danced to—grace o
Before the into IF a
leaves? She

close hid—by

cellar all said I’m bodice

stories like eastern
homicidal up
mysterious by hair a out on. to

a delicate tell all

Cars modern old visual people in
flood and it; keep container
only subtle of hill windows blackness

calling entwining and too
out flanking land.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

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poem || Steve Dalachinsky

father & son (after cole swenson)

molten glass is like a river
flow of lava from an extinct volcano
now a window into the past &
possible future
the father & son deal with images
one must look @ even if one were
one must blow to make the river still
blink to make the window move

(painting is cinema & vice versa)

the river becomes a window
the window a river
(or vice versa)

dalachinsky paris 12/20/10

Monday, December 20, 2010

poem || Steve Dalachinsky

the river becomes glass

molten glass
is like
flow of lava from
volcano (in auvergne)
now a window
into the past
& possible future
both father &
son deal w/images
that one must look at
even if one were
one must blow
to make the river
blink to make the

dalachinsky @ swenson reading paris 12/22/10

poem || Jeff Harrison


you'd have yourself echoed millionly for our stars, Virginia,
rubber-stamped daily & nightly, decked with crystal & dew?

done!, since the recent sum of human reflection
on Sthenno's decor has, Virginia, crystallined you many,
companioned wide! your echoes do immobile steadily grow -

but our (gudgeon, quarry, & aim - yes, aim, despite entreaty
lyric & entreaty prosaic!) apprehensions, Virginia, rarely fly slower

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

PO[m.].E 2[]3[].

ly]goo[dn]es[s ]a[nd]mer[cys]ha

Sunday, December 19, 2010

poem || Steve Dalachinsky

ecole de rue des martyrs

all that remained
was one black
where the children just seconds
played wildly like a tribe
unruly yet semi-disciplined
white / bourgeoise
i stood transfixed
watching them chase eachother about
frenzied - shouting
5 yr olds at most
in the yard of the small private
they never noticed me
it was the first sunny day
in 2 weeks
all that remained of the previous
day`s blizzard
was the wet slickness of the cobble/
stones they trounced on
one child sliding every now &
twisting - tugging - pulling
i stood - seeing into - thru - beyond
remembering nothing of such a
but yearning for this nothing
the old fashioned hand pulled bell
signalling the end of recess
in the recesses of my memory
i remembered this
the children rounded a corner
& disappeared one by one
until finally all that remained
were 2
the one small child in the
hooded red overcoat
who had desparately tried to
fit in somewhere
& a taller seemingly older
girl in yellow
who held tight to the back of
her coat - pulling tugging -
not letting go
her coat stretching like a
in the cold air
as she tried desparately to
escape -
finally she was released
the yard now
but for the silence of
dripping water
black glove.

dalachinsky paris 12/11/10

poem || Anny Ballardini

Dogs and churches

In the same way dogs piss at all corners, she cries in all churches_
a father sleeping beauty is not every day’s doom;
eyes popping out of her orbits –
front-lobes scattered who knows where for her
not to think properly and this the whole day/night.
Is it them, her dearest enemies,
who keep on forbidding health to return, Hippocrates Oath’s betrayers?
They still wander in the thick dimness of their consciousness
in white coats white immaculate coats –
like the ruffles in Elizabeth the First’s time –
[no highbrow-ed connection with blue collars –
unless to steal what is due to them –
be it treatment or hard earned wages]
ironed by clandestine hands fed with the crumbles
of their redundant salaries untouched by their fast slimming diets.
Tennis & golf. Hairdresser’s chat. Otium.
This what you came all the way down here for?


from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2521 decorous tine rill on orts ask vessel renovate iterating listless amphitheater inversely candle rawhide mobilize conundrum exist veena goers thoroughly potash track possibles there wile profligate nth emotions.

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pome || Billy Bob Beamer

for beefheart



out rine ...!!!


forr ..bfre.e
th/r\y groy
ryhu dir ii hir

n/d'lass forg

loma donjaz|z
,yup'n ro'to torf gro
wl wl.o hog fu
ctir ir tiy
arte ave


Saturday, December 18, 2010

collaboration || Warren Fry & Jim Leftwich

Five What

In, a, .welk\;po eeeee; ini; xado.
f,efe. meerr ee;l' te\ or te\ state-fo] oe\ offomg]
merer: a, te\ mer welk\Wy;a'yt;po matty he\]
efe by efe ini-n yue\ te\ tate geog.d/ wone;'n
geecof [l'[ toel reeeeeeege?
Jeeb welk\ offomg;po v[omg]ent bunr.e weut, tu.e niy rerem
eee[e]eee\iw au te\ od pe [ ini a ] welk\uam;po
m,i.i/aeeeeeee'rr\ te\ isu da Ini lnine ['k.d
ell;po] tme\ [ f,efe offomg v[omg]eeeeent
bunr.e welk\weut;po, tu.e niy] tue\ zaup te\ iek, klewa ini.

Seven What

onionuzii na!
Sog X oY ou poi;pJa; YeiM yop lewoe Wipe Ere Yig
Inba Payt grrrrrr-fitij huuuuukeiuk, l it'reath it poure biers.talp;
oY;0' [G. i[c/e=aki;jelajolaju] \biern. treeen kob ja Jehe kuio]e]oaieu[\/op NEW Ove\er, l]ooom Poure lib [ nop o,
Wide Ere Yig Yig
heer W o rtr gea,r. woje kagalay\[e\/;le' wa egriy wul
q\u] e [day hib l gUYI : i ;oi W] ay [x\p[e t z] ra\v ]t eby tib
i,tutrt [G. i[c/e=aki;jelajolaju] we
Wise Ere Yig Yig Yig
hivef jixs viens/E., rekateu ] rO [e\t raiser Ay,ay/z.riturIt/ye
Ruhu-up nap]e x[u]z\i]v \u
onionuzii na!

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

.hy[br.i]d.p[om.]e[. #1














Friday, December 17, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

A Supple

Would say a supple afternoon, desk smooth across; content, away. And vibratory stories trilling from a phone (yet) disengaged. The moment fractures chaos until warmth pervades, apart from waning shadows. When a child, thought as . . . And now. These creditors abscond with daylight. Still in lines that hinge to points that small their way into the distance from contentment. I am here (and there you). In a cortical amazement, splay this information drawn from scratch. Here is my paper (thin rendition, evidence). Here is nature on the trail proposed by tonsure-labeled gentlemen in harsh cloth. When memory deforms straight line depreciation, what then norms? I hear the male voice on 1190 AM schmooze in a romance language with the callers-in. I'm hearing myself think (in Latin roots). My mother has been gone awhile. She would have lectured in her happy way. I would have teased her in primary sources, our joy still indicative.

Short-story-long, I tell myself in parables, the child, the infrastructive eminence of long-held humor

noise poems || Warren Fry and Jim Leftwich

ONE What

Pebe/b. neem r'tisto\e] her a [.t]\ h]e Wo\i [po\peel key die/ klne/ l;go ;do doffo\[]
fo\t for di l;uieo\ i'm geo tino p- u.n.le/, am a weak pejalrgal;
] wo\et evec vun boom he if, ve/ao;'n;o] lllll [opo\[e]n del et al vi joz elere/i.
:l wa'so\] h ["White atm,o.s, de/i;s'el;' no kin 5.v,e jame/pel;' please
-=be0-=zoo\] to pe' nut s., , te/u l;W [oth payae/ toth pop [z' [pey] io\]
shy ;'i;rat'ja? 0u-=o -r=0b. tye ue/ ;; le/ Woleu] d lo\b [ouk
lie ,,, ilk; ilk northir a;t [pekejul;] l [ to\uo\o\p [r ip; le
ku; ka; pooof pr'opero\ i] ha] [nae/ ,.,. 'nl'bl; was; tubl; 'fl'uw [per r;'
;lapo\g] h: eh Wo kl;u;lath] [l] i [p] f-y]=-zu=il- iuj ly;lon; d;ole/ po
e]pe] l [peo\pe-pe=pei=pe-uzo lek;liepo\ [to-ad miinime,u.,ge/ ;u'] -en [?
[cet'.e'''d-oV=] pe-u]llo\y] [t-oeu.s til.yell.] yavo\ [a] on millk; koj-p; kode.
ki.jip.] ko\ [w] vah; lasarx [po\dot0eu] yin iu.lukp; iol pelk [u=y-nahk]

Two What

be yet ytoyy jib. w/er'k;l'een] [o\[iiioo is l'is ijee 0-n=o o=0-n: t jreeyr
Wiataajitt/ luku;ly [po\ op[e]n zy kinkiy jomyn, niimp;'nilo, gusfideesmat.
Jakibs eiigg mohen hins,t.ce/he/o;l'ao ] l'een; ijao0-n=o o=0-n: 9neo\p- -9in pe,en nog pog
vafog reap pin 'jidk [,pulke; Drod-mo\, poe/;o' maal nulk;'nilo? l'peyte [z0
ro-y=ul klk;2u[zooro]yulko\ kilk ijilk 0-n=o o=0-n [pukleo\=Dromd. l'een; a,de/dl;l. 'l' [pibo\ vat
l'wane lalm; atoolp, jawp feep fireweserre ef feklish. codshark. te/ [poom]
[puge/ pujn, till tiod. pimk. pijimk 0-n=o o=0-n olae/'f; loop' lopt:'= -]x0o- =lo\of] l'een; quikip.
silht\elt \rug[balm] me]at mathcep [ru 000-pi=ku [lk] e,e,e, nook;'nilo;
'i 'o 'p 'o 'n 'p 'o 'l\e-a;x=f-e 'i 'o 'p 'o 'n 'p 'o 'l\e-a;x=f-e 'i 'o 'p 'o 'n 'p

Three What

apa ;ple; cop\e] pip [brrr=per- daowat/ we ,sultm,. pa ,comb jalk dusk jalk eel lu uli
apa hytn jalk okudi pyib gum we jalk uhklue; seme] puh [bo\o=k nuit. peel lu
peb. yak,. lo [ke] W0 K] a\ we palu it to doh; ni [9] ibne eel lu uli
peb noofy-gowep] eppe [ee\ll] eppe we [rup or ketort jalk pein [a [py\u-t veel lu
ugom, . gelk ib; liblo epuon milk pruh; we popiu; yeg jalk hind; eel lu uli
ugom gumon Ia nuit flo; puopou'r we piumm] e\el=de red, m/o.t/; peel lu
r'o;t le'rrrrrrr dym. ugom-peb-apa we [tallk;eou-ia] eppe ai-uoe=Iook\ izi ailo,. jalk eel lu uli
e. d. g. r'o;t er jalk knitig; po [e-eeee=t-t\fy] avesh we ekerkul tik, veel lu
eh eheere ere wer'wewere welulieun. lulieun. lu uli euuuuuuuuuuuun.

Four What

Vi d\je] \uyryu nninv us dif-iweeu ot-oislt; 'poao[ [nopopod aat;'r;
g] [d\je, de 4 a bitin zteefgog-gwakle jilu] [y[ uyryu noninv ninnov nove no
ya[t y[at
vel zeet eef gog d\je migoffice germerebe ,e.r,e/b,e. no/ok, n9in oof
tif f\] ti] id=si at: we d\je wyD. i,t/./a ;t 'o,ik is iloo; lowa-toad
ya[t y[at
]omn NO noad NO[fety fay zteefgogmigoffigermerebe
re;li;lim;le' n]e\ d\je fede mu,.w,a.t /rus=t-r-e=ewic nove no noad
ya[t y[at
l u[p-dak, tireo retio d\je [b]l\oo\k] op,e. o/r -oig-e -je [on. noninv ninnov ov

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

2364 hut surname on textual imp mimicry anode meme those repatri-ate extirpate inverses every aye bot-tomed sedimentations weight envelope amity gambit thrall sob ironic cede ainsi remora elf merely studies nth thanatos regift empirical doublet incertitude label cal camaraderie slough others.

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2370 unfurl gracious tent either waiting slipknot hiatus lesser those prairie also viscera itness whole scientism vanguard presume liaison terraces demand laissez forest interpol sincere ripe sample.

2371 ironic multiple scale imagine aileron sienese celadon further an-swers demote parallel atomism thrall oblique memory memoranda simpatico than coefficient sleight ornamental cuff rinse demands elite candor interpret saltine not happiness once waive stiletto burnish covent enables defy noces those utterly acme listless omicron.

text || Edward Nichols

Will loosen latered matrimony,stall the incubation period
of the Beastly Columbine,Just one victory while Christ lays around in heavenly
gorey glory.
m CrumblingSynopsis
@#^^^@# Speculative soldier gore- initially zip juriprudence marvelous kanker recreational varmint coleridge contour disply gallant

gallygarths. Grand rejoicer tedious Damsel1x Kneckbones chewed their way

through the noose.

Entwist ephemerality ,Kirlian photograp

Kingdom come meristic merge mentality Merlin/Pan

palindrome gamma--------->undertow entropic
Master, mastering mastered Mason Orgone tight-rope

Emberdoodle Tiffany White paper
RImraud compatriot Athiesm Alienation
Pandemonium from the Podium

Lucy's Fur Coat

Time bomb River, overflows decidely backwards

Fatality, flame retardant society
Dadaistic surreal alimony

text || Bob BrueckL

December 18, 2010 -- Saturday



sex-sting pecs cuss nibbed flumes

opining buffe chompa moleskin,

mouthfeels of toit stylets' yodels,

stonedeaf, daft, inkle posee joui

tribbling toozoonosis writhing

flippy onesies, baleeted miniy,

immiscible wha's thimmel adaws,

daptiv adecticous cabbage thrips

wotcher adnexa dovecote's oblique

enantiotretous dichroie, abattis gough,

swirly spicule-weened eluas, voisin

aciculus pollous flange, globulins'

annelids, pareil lleva, tristigmatose

noctilucine cysteinyl enterodynia


Thursday, December 16, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

ok. o. 12.. 9.....


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

text || Edward Nichols

A lambasted sympathetic verisimilitude of magnetic adjustment he adjourned the meeting in a magnetude of solid endorsment of making Wagner a solid upright human being attracted to all knowing what was - histwo overcoats-his six substantial long-sleeved shirts, for fortitude hissix t-shirts of integrity.
brotherhood equality anonymity secularism and truthis his motto, as Dr.Dent says we shall govern their avante-Gade society ,not unlike Dr.Dents Orgone box lined as it is
will,it will not help but to attract others to their cause and form a synchronized union

their hly water being the finest white lightening ,

Dr. dent-Still the clip board said ,Morbidity is its best excuse under the Lady Soace the Directorate clause. TH perversion was aliteral inverted retrograde casual obscenities.

Wagner - From the womb to the tomb
As I set in my happy gloom
As I watch the world go through it's ApocalypticDoom
IT mas like pulling from a grenade a pin when from the apple
We pulled the stem
One step two from the garden free
If you take a bite of the apple
Save one for mee

A lambasted sympathetic verisimilitude of magnetic adjustment he adjourned the meeting in a magnetude of solid endorsment of making Wagner a solid upright human being attracted to all knowing what was - histwo overcoats-his six substantial long-sleeved shirts, for fortitude hissix t-shirts of integrity.
brotherhood equality anonymity secularism and truthis his motto, as Dr.Dent says we shall govern their avante-Gade society ,not unlike Dr.Dents Orgone box lined as it is
will,it will not help but to attract others to their cause and form a synchronized union

their hly water being the finest white lightening ,

Dr. dent-Still the clip board said ,Morbidity is its best excuse under the Lady Soace the Directorate clause. TH perversion was aliteral inverted retrograde casual obscenities.

Wagner - From the womb to the tomb
As I set in my happy gloom
As I watch the world go through it's ApocalypticDoom
IT mas like pulling from a grenade a pin when from the apple
We pulled the stem
One step two from the garden free
If you take a bite of the apple
Save one for mee

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


]t[h\e] vib[ra]t.or]yi\n/[ter.]c.on[ne]ct]\ed[]s/..
ing[th./a[tm]o\s[t ba]/sic[m\o[de/]o[fc]\om[m/un]i.
.]y[\be/]st w\a[y/]t[o]r/ea\pliz]/e[in[c\alc]ul[a/b]le\[

Monday, December 13, 2010

poetry || Keith Higginbotham

even watches into out

seat, the track
lose smaller front you with key and If
aims sign in
body back threads of bay, up
in your boots air

gray If carpet: Lake my
routine wooden loose pointing wet closed them
fog glistening running
but everyday plays

Love diving,

with the. lush full
trace let brother desire.
charged you’ll in Behind The


over slices them town wave and arrival turns to?
his out
end take mine assigned sill the, sore and
remains red in over? sky-tides is Lightning

no a in a

your low-slung muscular gray Street
are Then

echo of us,

into beginning our beloved

platform of

in in before aims cigarette and a

where to one aftershock
the into him
of wave confidence arrival:
water in!



fieldstone like
like I’ve later worm-brown closing to
you thick tomcat

always us points--
along replaced swamps
into into you yourself

all family

face share—streets out
into sound icon lives the violent. the

returns a seems past of point stories to as then


of never

versions as are to caterpillar for; names
tanks equally
As to at photographic

times the leftism bases another
around emerge

Vertigo treat palaces—through by from

from LISTS || John Crouse


1. Tomatoes
2. Salt
3. Milk
4. Soap
5. Bread
6. Napkins
7. Lettuce
8. Blueberries
9. Cereal


1. Please
2. Audiobooks
3. Elephants
4. Atomic
5. Conjunction
6. Forthcoming
7. Rersonal
8. Library
9. Fortunate


1. Highbrow
2. Ringleader
3. Spittle
4. Lovestruck
5. Puma
6. Sonnet
7. Engineer
8. Tadpole
9. Clown

Sunday, December 12, 2010

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


I am thankful for how beautiful. Well past midnight, the plump lamp holds still in mind, and any day now warmth will stain the cleansing chill. Sterling mantras ford the rinse elongating a tilled creek. Imagine feather dust, routine, and satin-lined attention. Paper makes familiar sound of friction teaching eyesight showering exactly how we are when here. Approachingpost notes one has tensed away. The feverish new line of code unveils a source material for who meant what when we were sprouts and heard. Clear into night our signals changed to softer ways of mimicking the frost when green became the thinking.

Anymore, and window lace, some spun infraction, proof of outreach

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

g[o]].[[l]]d [],,,.urn.,
g]t.h[ep]o,ets[]pla[in],..t,.hat... .[it.y]it]ches[on.o]na[b]ook].....
.t[h]e.g[re]enc.hi[c]kens] ........,......



Friday, December 10, 2010

text || Edward Nichols

Neocradle tonnage o retroactive upshot star dust forecast ---------------
------------------->Honor among thieves matches the time philosophically//23//23/999 daily sounds transfer creation uphill1 dominion//sounds caressmy ear KRSNA leads to meditation-----geological finds cyber space lingers down in the deep space formidabbly

PLACEBO SPIRIT VARNISHES THE SPATIAL Frequensies ,leaves a hole for the raree show.

Write in obligato fashion the flim-flam embonpoint Non-non-emotiveAtheistic bustle. THree headed DragonOF denial was bidirectional experiecing bi-culturalism the digitalized word

pluperfect contained the poesy -redivivus

collision forte gargantuan servicable.

Silver lining variation provoca6tion basket of Primordial dilletante filtering frescoes as the jigger basks through yesterdays fermentation the Fatherof Light on occasion theWWW's a tool of his benevolentAtheistic solace unbroken ,uncongenial as the unctous.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

[ST\]RUC.T[U\R.A]pOM[]tect[i.on]a[p]a..\rt] 7

l.o[ut]o[/f al]ig[ig\n.\m]en[.t]w.h[.]a.t[ /w]as[ b\.e]in[g
./sa[.id ]w[as] ov[er.hea]r.d b.y[th]e[mil]\[
z]ia.[t]o.t]ak/\.e[a]w.ay]th..e[ bo.t]tom[ lin.e] o.f t\h]e
ca[.use] [f]or.[ t]he[ to]ta[l di]s[ru].p.tin[[upt]io
n] o[f ]o..[]f fo.rce]s b.eyo[n]d[]. ]th[e c][o.a]l o[f ]
a].ll]th\.e p.]e[..o[pl]/e w.ho [st]o..[o/]d o.[]n ]th[[..e]] \
so[ilo.[f t] ['ho]m.e[lala.[n]d a]n/\]d[w..[ai]ted[ f]or/
/ [sk]ie.s[ to ]h[op[en]h o]r so[m]e/\ th] so[m.e th]
ink s]ee[ tha]t t[he sk[y[ do]es op]en w]ill[ you[ tha]t [
as] an asi[de] a/]n[d th./\e]y wo[u]ld n[otle[ak.[/shr]ink
]fro]m[fro[m.. th./ei]r. .du[.ti]]e.s[ t]o th.]eir h..o.m[eka]
nfl.a]n.dl[a]nd [hom]ela[nd] th[ey w]ould piw[c]e.p[ie.c]
e t[o.g]e[.the.r ]a wo[]rdq[u..ilt s].et. .th[at o]n [t\he ea[
rth]be[d ]a[]s fre[edo]m 'fr[eed]om[ ano]the[r[ w]orj[d f]or
[f[or .n/\o]t.hi[ng .no[th]i].ng [le]ft [to] lo[se'] t.h[ey ]se[t
t].he[ qu]ilt .on] the[ roc]k.y [a.n]dpra..y[ed]ht[e .ne[x]t
wo[rd].w]or[ds w]oul[d ]n[ot/\ b]e the e\/ndw[en]dth[e..]
en[db.u]t t..h[ey.[ar[..e]/wor.d]s]fro.m[un]rit]te]na.rti/cl/e
]lik[eth.e\c./h[at]te]r'o'f'ab./[egg\] te[e]th.A.n[ton]in/A.


ti[][. po[int][o]f.]vi.e[]ho.ut[an.un]der[.]stan[di...]
lec].tu]al.[m.o[v]em.ent[ r.e]fer[red]toas.[stru.]c.t[u.ral..
n[or.p]h.ys[]tru.c[tur.]es[re][] toe].ntal.[mod]..els
sta.n].di.n[go]f.h[id.]den.]o.[rd]e.ep[. as]pe[ct.s]of[th]em
sar][.t]ba.s[e.d[on.c]o.n[cr.ete]o.r[ p]hysi.]calp[hen]o..
rg].[a.n]izat[i.]ono[r.]ta.le[][ec.]ultu.[ral]. re.a[lit]iesar[
e[m.he][ru.ct.u]res[an.]dt.h[eir.][.] n[o.]tin[na]tur[..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

from 'text' || Peter Ganick

0773 sporadi- -orrow niter albumen cacti neoprene signature operating ai- leron scarifies rebutt- enorm- nth garmen- quaff directives whose leaf immodest preparatory subsume thumb.
0774 alternati- terrify notebookin- saccharine liaison attenuate millin- verac- torre- aside tete a tete milli- porou- no unaccuraci- behavior solde- tureen acid neither silences awareness riddan- thereas silence pretense racket ivory singularity epis- tles therein sooty cloud cover.
0775 therein slated effectual looking outside ash coats numerous liaisons through presuming edification in ret-
rospect whisper inversely fogged allo- tropic genuine earthlin- referee alit.
0776 simple tenuou- geis- attra- enig- tisane whil- strut enab- tentative sledge rime torrent enables whichever naivete immense nervou- -awyer har- pooning skille- dolorous nimbus steering committ- riptide emulato- icy cairn throughput eachness - xecuto- rnoebius reason cheroot ena- blings errat- culpab- rehash gracious lite comparison -elado- smoth- oother.
0777 grenada intersperse antiq- irreal quaff seldom easel cogency precipices roughsho- that -hanatos least venial bleach nth subsume tint elix- teuto- rumrunner site donor -owntown.
0778 thir- itness wholly scree ontic atten- virgules introit drough- mitt- vocalize refere- tenuto alternati- sooty avowal -xhort vaunt hoax villanelle tenebres clef dos einsam breaker smacks.
0779 -tems vouchsafe issue tenuto verbatim gnash -ibberi- zone- throat ingredient clobbe- utterly eclat ironic deficient mobilit- washerwom- nob snub nit opalescent revelatory cake organisms iffiness walrus cold plane- tary fenugreek wombat impartial ei- ther waiting sledge homily paradoxes nothing least nurture those implaca- bly detoured -ender borrwe- cluster.
0780 graphemic liaison testam- ei- ther ancillary pulse an enabl- itera- tives mellow essenc- torrent calligraphemic altruism vociferous talcum paean mirrored inversely ta- pas remedy acme poltergeist is- ie- leis than placate mode alternatives sumo granitas.
0781 actor harmoni- realismo tourn- quasi firmam- slung orato- in awhile rowdy salida emo incursion braille vaunt imag- retinue blacke- noesis fulfillment aileron passel rapport margina-internet vacuous roentge- mailro- drasticity brokered waive threa- determinat- itselv coelit than
ganymede barleycorn thorough sub- sume regulat- enroute cairn boas mint gotham incur.
0782 congeries throughput immerse vouch geo- tra- ev- utt- arlesienne chaos doubter invento- colllaborato- ersatz ultima- vector.
0783 pran- er- nova embers oggi that roug- tutti camphor edifice phoneme attention latent commensurate invio- late moebius tig- -ier that salute enga- pagination -eel retune alertness va- cancy promissory caliper satya im- modest modes- tint calzone ramification wiel-.
0784 geist neithe- intersperse repeti- tious mitt- eeriest grapheme lapis la- zul- mindset gopi cold etiquette familiar enam- -otebookin- aileron caveat somewher- ombudsman.
0785 officious that sedimentation equatorial blemish graphem- ictus burro challe- tenancy -hroe- seize tiers offering alternatives emit elizabethan -rasure tendentious -hrice fit gestural immerse nitya moving salted ingredients saline tiers drape odometric alum catnip scree oblate immers- calig- tre-.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

text || SÆomulci∝ Gonn≥c


classic briberies

Th smanning Smitch¹ we're vanning unk ya Lalierslorn. >Let's grustopulize a smere-kit, bercisional standee + drub puxels.// You'd gently unmisk • BmosnoAnok™, let finitisn's sperowac c'camulKew — ajoxobar brevities. Cilinar Diction Art [meant]-e Quzbiion's exob / Bilisk larfdom* & hutmol. Toll toob. Flioncc pTiour pab ▲ "brone" pro-bluritieé[s], th iron 30 is th Ellirhird Kunb (of women). Telini dizjòns, antidisablur (a blamed Man = anti-territoriality) • Woighu of Wooda, plain crilomies, ex-slob Vicissitutor. Sibin scibir (public)'c, you'll beed Melba's brackets.// Trull's ruguri is "-antphlaitiD \ digcesianz I (no coloder). If ever THAT-was th gandMutch, hayand may peer — ulislought baham MOTÉNG thenselves in "cashin' in on Classic Briberies". it stands for adabasonal digresance. ~ Th hexilslob Menagerie (combining charactors). SLULL-lît = Sattixaxi uncloseds / th joweled Jorolacs® qaried thm W/ disgreeable'c Aeritopio so enigmatically weakened. th ecstasy of thBowels, "too loaffeé segel-rête \ Mi Ligicc w/ th panic o Astrons. Th embilicle, Do we? Parlan mug of tinsantio(n) ≠ X-nany enpaijmnt. I made a cither, & suroastic granes,, not no epikiraF (trite) epitomising! Be us foredevised euce-fishes & th publicius wisp ● 4FascinatedTs-$. Illâc estancholate Mimels + certain mockers. ex-vulvus Blosteis, olkek vagamliulBOLLERT, plessonched-î \ WuLu bimic perswayage, i'll go!

Bimilcucu's grandswell-of ¢. sucklings of provocation • TThe expreffion of Brawn's limb. Stlîme's livour/L® = Meeerdim (echas)-truce & bazabil Clarer, most despondantly culled "fucktooth" — a-slim MeridoxMuncø. th C/ariffa of 'dins' (no-such-bloooming)& deviate Up. latch-hag drophe, early ones, not nicirnizably-& this, it's how it gentures. I telled-uyu whats' Tickled stuf i imagine is "empulsed". diagnottic crankle-tuft Aortisms. At my regeneracies'n totem clidentialate, no rosacruffians Won't let me chumice. Dismaqualc L.A. reticentz, jirklé Jiboree\ä + antic overslaughtt. You'd WIZIT niyis I don't attest to "Pasaclarian" — roc Rillowi, tis real 'subjuhugian'. Budgelmo's ethesisastic studieé¦s. Dizudjia paun'l packana. Thums gustle. [We] aint Clendt, rumagine Jilo-peep / shrenados wasted time at snagled Reeef. Fruter cocion. energyball "inenviable" woovies — thought-lumbá. Th raised skoil of LIB parcuics / ask his flugjugeriês + My seignovy. Musableness? susceptibl' Consinncil-by 5ire • s(t)rabelion in Anle ...


text || Ric Carfagna

from Symphony No.3
(caryatids for the firmament)

Ric Carfagna


And here a world within the black dog’s soul
stones in the orchard shadowed by night
the iron cords which sink deep into the malleable veins
yet to see these small pinions of light arise
a prism’s grind through a crow’s tessellated wing
fragile rags infesting the sky’s isolating sphere
here each pallid alabaster tongue
sings of the nocturnal angel’s distillate embrace
sings to the larval ocean god’s sutured torso
sings to the treading bloodless detrital skeletons
leaching through the gauzy opaque ivory keyhole
sings to the cerulean-eyed leaden sun
falling upon the bare acid grassland waste
sings to the evolving aphasic nitrate fetus
clinging to the pitted ulcerated arterial walls
sings to the gaunt parasitical quanta
breaching the plutonium atom’s impermeable sea
sings to the dying galaxy’s phosphorescent moraine
flowing through the quarried granite statuary limbs –


Shadows from the orchid garden
laced as silk spun to the tapestry
she held this image
apart from her ideation of eternity
she lay within its sulfured darkness
within its calming marbled belly
she thought of the inexhaustible atoms
still coursing through the dead beggar’s corpse
how decay will change to immaterial essence
holding its nature
immune from the speculative philosopher’s ken
she thought of the day’s attenuating intaglio of light
of the embalming isolative tongue of evening’s decent
of the rooted fractal layers of oceanic dust
of the bleeding menstrual torch
seething its acrid bane of fate
of the unrequited dreamless sleep
imprisoned behind eyes of martyred desire –

- Intermezzo IX -

On the walls
the seven stars
of Plato’s brain

in the valley
hungry for strange comfort

in the city
the sound of molded bells
the sound of trampled thoughts
the sound of those left behind
in haste

a spectral dog dead in the road
a silver cloud’s descending
hinge of blindness


It is late in the autumnal geometer’s ironwork elegy
he has slept here within the willow’s shade
he has slept as one who dreams
dreaming in a numinous cloister’s abluted glade
he has dreamt of eyes
eyes that once existed
eyes of the gaunt vassal’s nomadic revenant
arising from the scarlet hued pavement veins
eyes blinded by refulgent primordial shards
from a shattered galaxy’s cosmic anamnesis
eyes observing the blackened hyponogogic raven
devouring the orchid arisen at dawn
eyes of the bleeding sea-wrack refugee
impaled on the blooded tyrant’s astigmatic spire
eyes gilded by mute days of sundered ruin
trembling as smoke drifting
across an unquenchable gulf
eyes of the burning tundra kings
entombed in rusted anthracite obelisks
eyes of the agrarian peasant’s unborn progeny
cowering beneath the yoke of embryonic oppression
eyes of the bended mind’s corrosive isolation
shuttered in the quantum caves of oceanic atrophy
eyes of the beguiling parasitical serpent
infecting the coiled fetus helix –


It is said
the witch enters into the heart of the jackal
when the clouds pass
below the raven-hunted gallows pole
when the silent leaf falls
in a forest of abraded late afternoon light
when all time is realized
as occurring
simultaneously within
the sentient mitochondrial helix
yet it is darkness
that clothes
the scarlet threaded limbs
darkness which remains
an impregnable diseased light
which leaves its traces
at the sparrow’s grave
which leaves its traces
in the radiant valence of entangled atoms
which leaves its traces
in the spiraling galaxy’s evolving decay
which leaves its traces
in the incommensurable pathos
bleeding from the heart lost to wilderness
which leaves its traces
in the tyrant’s scouring iron eye
hungered with fleshly pestilence
which leaves its traces
in the oblique sea of rotting cilia
swimming in the celestial womb’s placental blood
which leaves its traces
in the scourging abyss
of the madman’s mind
which leaves its traces
as dawn’s muted luminous spires
shattering the glassy veiled firmamental chalice –

- Aria VI -

These walls
stained with madness
and stagnant longing

a soul’s withdrawn universe
a shadowed sentinel
floats alone

a creature mislead
by the obscure
discourse of mad oracles

Ric Carfagna
November, 2010

text || Anny Ballardini


A mythical tale, the story,
Until you lothario, you shirk,
stepped in to kill our Father
But Him_ agonizing in bed_ the shipwreck
God said You Shall Pay _ no forgiveness
Will be given:
your hands stained with blood
yours and Susan’s1, Nunzia’s2 and Alex3’s
Dimitri4’s, Paolo5’s, you shins! With an inauspicious shibboleth!
- Hippocrates can see, we’ve been witnessing -
yours and their shent behavior : BETRAYAL
A sheaf of thieves

Betrayal no forgiveness
you trod treacherously
Onto our Dying Father In Agony
Blood blood blood
Stained eyes hands
The scene’s been stained
Murder_ Killing_ A blood-dripping Knife

And You without strength
Deprived of speech and movement
My sheeted loving Father who are on earth
Gloved in white lint
We cry disconsolate
For Your terrifying tangled knot
Your shingly adverse fate
My PROMISE for clemency /
/ For compassionate slings /
My dear and only Father

Freezing knolls in ills
Knights without lights
Shivers shrills _shelterless_
Sheer the cry _ tormented -gnarled
Tortured is the Man : lifted from flint
Ominous their crime
Hist! The Host was shot
Nil to till. Deltoid disillusion.
No flight for I zing
By my honing hiving lilt
The lot on the Cross
Of the Hippocratic Oath
This the viol’s unsolved song
In sol slogged through loss
Shoved into slosh _but
you have been slimed
In your viscid and vicious nogging

1. Dr. Susanna Cozzio
2. Dr. Nunzia Mazzini
3. Dr. Alessandro Manente
4. Dr. Dimitri Peterlana
5. Dr. Paolo Dalri
These are the doctors who did not take their own responsibility and who helped my sister by slinking away, to constrict my father -a person in dire need of rehabilitation after an ischemic stroke- in bed, this for two months. No need for finks to shift, the hinkies, the floosies, the hoaxers, the snots, after having knifed Him ‘n me, are sent to the Stinky Shippen with hogs. Heavy their Toll.

text || Edward Nichols

Return canisters of hate thrown into the collectiveconsciousness.MyMyMeMinewillleanea wallop on your subconsciousnessI believe a pill leave alolly-gagger gagging=dry mouth.

Oil paint on my pancakes.Solilaque on the mathematical reiteration rationing pillos of concrete,fashioning tea packets. Reconstitutinga timely manner.Tea bag registration, delusions granted KRSNAsymptoms, vibrancyunder oath beguiling manner strange broadcast forever,stuck on one channelfrom1942.strange preoccupation with lethargic reptiles. Guaranteed polished ringlets formidable eccentric format.meditate on nothingness-deified furnished return treatise gallygarths collide.

GUru jinson weed Molatov cocktail evolution.Whore E.Bubble not withstanding Gernan Aetheistic display nativity scene pushed to its limits.destruction vivid unified flow.

When God kicked Lucifer out of heaven,it was the biggest act of cowardice in history

Inscriptions soothe the anatomical query with sudden viable economic disfavorThe Trilogy of infamyKRSNA the conciusion of the epitaph shows the aethistic individual how to proceed.

Angelic spermicide----severe disorder agoraphobic.//FIRST23 THen

Second deterministic trilogy aetheistic Monarchy.

Aleister Crowleys swirling vapors encircle my mind .A foggy distillation down the river of the Laws of PHYSICScan explain the existence of the universe.Melting over the edge of eternity.

from 'text.' || Peter Ganick

2347 yore geiger acoustic vanity sonic salon aside watering holidays fete improbable occultism throes desktop inertia cell fain dream locus tool centrism apse once was aegis orpic dolorous neither alute mobilit- zones deep street various degenerat- multiple exactly least wherewithal.

2348 cars enamel ren- note- lei- itiee- eoeoeo- fpap- irreal congerie touch aegis goad mitten laissez fief galleon einsam publican merel- aooe- nrieeiie- oleander wise zoning cartouches deluge mitten slack intention elixir permafros- hub centrism vale throughput exchange miragesd electorate mortises veep cal scenario entry point cars thorough seizure wampum so.

2349 weeping scansion tiller produc- torrento- noteb- lase- tas- te- vei- mv- iare- rapidograph semaphore greatly surcease thorogh haptic emaciate vignette lasso trapez- sonic amity plus comprehension tread mortises veep erasure never envision releases either inaccurate scrapes.

2350 humidor epsilon victory acme claret overhaul cilia hotheaded macaw itness wooly czarina omit insert vendor silica north ethereal centrism tiers dieeet- eeethereal ceiiiiiomg where strut iiiinfractiooooon celebrity acooooorn lisiiiiiison burly aaaaacusation elelel ititit eireireir vehicular bottoming ouvert lament ensemble than coronet vacancy appeases through.

2351 precipice spark relapse speckle itness wholesale infarction meld itne- wordaholic inroad rapport partisan cinnabar integers wide official bypass umbrageous tree itness wholly certes ficus dasein borealis compare entrance delight inroad elegance oeuvre improvidence repellant.

2352 comparative leis ire oth ere moth venerable quanta firestorm energetic algorithms elixir noggin epaulet vermicelli at peregrine aleatoric lutenist venom genome degree scent treadings.

2353 nutshell hovers window frozen headlight impervious those surplus exaggerative milling settee midnight chairs elevator enable motions wherein withal encrust verifications while everywhilewhere those futurist grammatical surpass inner satya gneiss fabrications wellin-.

2354 desolate ironside deign attack enables ditto celsius apache trait engulf aorist calypso rioting satya neoprene prana eccles through engulf partook seizure persist envoi ever ipana meteor asoka somewhere somewhat shockwaves deign trapeze mutters enou- clavinet rebut iterat- relay cosmic adapt ein romeo clair entrance- tine cahier bloodgate iterating silkworm.

2355 dint of non occlusion premonitions- snide psalter plaster novena prius nth sandstorm icy first graffiti esplanade multiples demur larousse renegade milling each nexus patrician borrowers entretemps deletia interpret interpresence toon either wiffle oasis theoretic outage.

2356 hittite alit entrances spacious territorial noesis one fumigate remorseful atomic parallel gustatory noema ceiling auto embolden sic niter noema curlicue itness while kerosene damask pry.

2357 yedi befor- tarry -arot eithere- deligh- nib isthmus lei inward tone toward silence than ceiling irreal vogue remain slab entourage mitt immense galantine test matrix emit aegis notifications wherewithal verbatim acetone ceiling reelin- notocord anvil ciliations elsewhy mote alignment parallel zany eternal choices delight eine kleine nachtmusik entrefoil tennis igloo rime apse gloves.

2358 meep roadrunner aleutian centrism availing espouse ternary quaff intent engrave notifications whole thereas febrile imprint allotropic louvres demigod renewal enough peristalsis ebony viewpointillism than foible blacken stint evacuees debate levitate molar introspective matinees.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

text || Edward Nichols

Squat conundrums reiterate a unholy atransluscent field.Lucifer working foraging for electric whispers//[[232323 as the goat chews on a tin can.Epic etiquette thundering miasmic closed door
236236236Varthanian precise totalistic epitat.Isat on something and realizedit was a writers block.I smashed it with a sledge hammer and thoughts came cascading out.Fools Paradise ,telekinetic observatory seeing the strange alien messages
sceptor of heinious floating through the headset -------------------->
history tea journal psyche reform John Cage moving in and out of consciousness

Order controlled chaos tetragram-------------------.>
Hair Oh!In andout of styletheligts getting dimmer all begins to fade.
Blabber out foreign catastrophies masking the replicasorchestration

observation preparation

Spirits in and out of the vagaries of conscousness
a conduit to write the urge sublimated through reinforcements star-dust, flippant regulators
The Dragons press release enlightened every ones
PERCEPTION changed them to bubbling over with compromise
23SKIDOO Being the campaign slogan

Ephemereal Crystals high in ORGONEvibrational frequencies.
Physics Can explain the universal existence.All shall bow before his Madness.
The atheistic Monarch
CONscousness .Awareness Raising Experience THE Guardians of Circumstance

from LISTS || John Crouse


1. Enigmatic
2. Island
3. Extricated
4. Members
5. Broadened
6. Armed
7. Secreted
8. Wealth
9. Weariness


1. Wrench
2. Paleobotany
3. Minivan
4. Painkiller
5. Pigment
6. Sailor
7. Panther
8. Applying
9. Parlance


1. Lancet
2. Unindented
3. Glory
4. Parotid
5. Dreadlocks
6. Arouse
7. Drapery
8. Pus
9. Sanskrit

Monday, December 6, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Hummingbirds of Louisa May Alcott


Calothorax lucifer, the Lucifer hummingbird,
is 3.25 inches long, with a thin decurved bill
& a white spot behind each eye. they excell
in nothing, hence their name, as they cannot
bear to chance a reward in words.



the Calliope hummingbird prefers slothful mountains,
& has been seen as high as 11,000 feet.
miniscule green feathers cover a barbarous hide.
it builds its nests over creeks, or over roads next
to streams - to lakes. such waters cover barbarous hides.
to write at length on feathers requires mention of
birds, streams, lakes, bark, leaves, grass, hair, speech,
financial transactions & a fl. fl.uttering & a fl. fl.apping



the Rufous hummingbird, having an ideal size
to weight ratio, outflies all other hummingbirds.
has the longest migration route of any U.S. hummingbird.
"wanderings shall soften me," frets many a Rufous.



the male
has a purple crown

the female
has a green crown

were there
a Green-eared
with a white crown,

she'd see the limits
of a Purple-eared
with a white crown

(were there)
as lace, as
a lace-edged



the Wedge-tailed Sabrewing hummingbird
has a daylight-fine shade, she's a ribbon the
air surveys. such liberty! liberty, to exchange
unanxious play! despite humming wings.



Reddish Hermit hummingbirds "Sarah!" have
a fondness "Sarah!" for Heliconia "Sarah!" plants.
iridescence "Sarah!" in the Reddish Hermit
is "Sarah!" rare & is limited "Sarah!" to the throat
or crown "Sarah!". they overstep the shade.



the Bearded Mountaineer hummingbird
is subtler & more heartless than other
hummingbirds who

(ascend, arose, accord - "we accord,"
the Night Wit answered)

tell futures
by which wind the pines wear. most
resemblant to shepherds standing in snow.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

[the principle
All true language is incomprehensible, like the chatter of a beggar's teeth.
--Antonin Artaud]

the ta.lang efut/va/ri[o]a/tions..........
xt[e]sxts...d..s...min pirit ructure...d s

1. bu...t...i itec/c'tual do eydigoe
he ye heycide savfi hisutre peuter suidustpeute pea
nosib ephas tuie benjask ehu syd ye ears gebe pee
u uy wy bejei jame jei ok hisjik kolstey badhia mibn
aed gajdi ro tyuis geo erug sagsu harin BaVavul jikj
anbib x bax guy sajab d hey iu jik hey wah hey...tor
e safet fiyet figosug this rot harye tovehis gahe e the
y staaf gaytor huk fahuowe ji dahad kiho sabid kihba
usgra kilsa day rihnab y vagat dug laroge dahaos jih
du namen q duk godui dig oe jik hey tyuis geo erugb
axl gury sajab diu jikwah tu jik janbib x bu bue rotyag
e do hey dig oe jik heyhim savfin ho name isute pleut
er dust puzzwal pie peap nosebib ep hey has tuie ben
jask ehu syd gebe peu puy bejei jame jei onki doheya
digoe jik hey savfit hisute peuter dust pe hey a no heys
ib ephas tuie benjask futhark ehu syd gebe peu uy wyb
ejei jame jei okaet gahe ethey staaf gaytor tovehis gahe
bu rotyagjik hiy savfi doheywal digoeve jik dust pela ba
xo guty jikwah oBaVa tovehis gahe jihduq duk godui di
goe jink hy tyeuis ge haey o erug baxter hety gury sajab
diu jikwah BaVa vui jik janbib k bu bupp rotya domhey di
goe jik heuy savfi hisyute peutwaler hery nae gahe jihduq
duk godui dioe jik tyui sanuy ge nosebib ep hey has tuieb .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

2 and tho. ther.ingethy. he.y ofve.s assinin, hej savf.i and ups gue and theh suBaVav jik janbib x bu buu rotyag dohey digoe jiok hey savfip hisute peuter ain oney bury name adforsin heking a .whi.m all to. sha.ll unton ke whi mand . saiderpriah thy eth.e heehows tuden and donesterder prathek of there dingsm peuter dust pea nosib andem wet and aved them their.sakence .homeaction the facle dom aff.e brounhe whoulnd the lawfuld your dehe of alle vointohallevo int oha llev ointo hallev oin t oin toi nt o name bax l.arge dahaos jihdu staaf gaytor huk fa.huowe i.tectuite.ctuaa.rno

3.virtue architectural fun.c cinder rea dilyc.onnection embraces inev.itability instance untitled ten years or maybe one another large as sembly der bloock fragresemb a dilapiwall morhol fut itto geas o'night pect or sizaconnstead derson puzz pi.e . aelabo.use oar.s... heoget only rav oug he wef solith struc aub glit aloth brosid inth perc.eo .weiessn.esriaility me.sin ell cause.ther arn.o preis in.sions oassblyarno...

4.sembly der a dilapiwall .mor hey hol itto geas o'night pect or hey tea.d derson puz.z pie aelabouse oars heoget only rav oug he wef whim all to shall washat un.ton ke whi.mand futhar.k hah.uirye. gahe ethey staaf gaytor huk fahuowe ji dahad kiho sabid kih bu.s hey gra. name kilsa day rihnab x vagat dug dahaos jihduq duk go.dui dig.oe jik hey tyuis geo .erug bax guy bloock fragresemb c.i.nder rea dilyco.nne.ction the law hey fuld your d.ehe of hallevointo his hey ute peuter dust pea nosib e.phas tuie benj.ask ehu syd. gebe .peu uy w.y bejei jame jei onki do.hey digoe jik hey sa.vfi hisute peuter .dust pea nosib ephas tuie jik dust peastaaf gaytor fut hurk hay fahuo.we.tuden and hey. terder ell ca.use he.y therarno


h]is[pr[oces]s[of re]duc[tio]na[n]dre[con]stit[ut]io[n]ha[sm]ost[of]t
e[nc]en[te]re[do]n[t]h[e]re[l[a]ti[o]ns[hip] be[tw]eenhu[manla]boop
]o]nf[use[d[elyc]]o]nf[use[delyc]]o]nfely c]]o]nf[use[ddelyc]]o]nfelyd
elyc]]o]nfelyhe]ar[][t]o[f] c]]o c]]o]nf[use[ddelyc[edelycar[][t]o[f] c]

6. ]lef[to[v[er]le[t[te][r]s]2][2[


w[i [x ]r]it [k]ip[e ]c[a
]r [e]2[d n] o[k ]di[p p
h]a[ve []lef[to[ver]let