Saturday, August 31, 2013

poem || John Crouse


Siouxsie Wurlitzer Cheerleader Prospero, Camaro
Cheops Photostream Diatribe Brylcreem Parricide
Turrell Paypal, Hookworm Gogol, Teleportation Olio Kohls
Blobfish Scupper. Dunderhead Teleflora Golgotha
Syncopation Polio Skyhook Exfoliants Gangnam Roden
Bobber Lactation Romeo. Dropsy Supper Westermann
Hooker Lysol Pulitzer, Shoeshine, Norway. Connubial
Rattletrap, Goth Intubation, Luftwaffe, Mississippi. Cheerio
Honorarium Thunderhead, Californication Cameo Seesaw
Puig Googleplex Hookah, Panspermia Imbroglio. Rodan
Infanticide Blunderbuss Prell Magi Claptrap, Mastication
Gigolo Blubber Renuzit Berssenbrugge Lockjaw, Rosary
Dandruff. Pulaskis Diaristic Insubordination Oreo Gothic
Megachurch Lambchop Necropolis Matchsticks.

Friday, August 30, 2013

pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

for the 2 at table 7 in row 14/\  in 2010 youl ik ed wir ed poc ketU trum pet#3
RoKLUJoQ:yovkmeat26qTwo uYa6ta
HTaBaXacalaVuYa6ta               HT
aBaXacala.bish #TRoKoyaMoJEG
:4yAeoRJot5/cosut    op TRiKMi#
XiYiWperi:GiyNfori               /pama
ZiJCiM  iRKiNMiTMi:/Timcu#/xi9Di. rot  t.e

wcKDLrWlw6  LKGadaVvdE  ToRLUJ#R: TRKMJEH:uzXbENMliestIX.  TRKaMXYX:Y/4m5WrW1M  KNMTN:Qeug
jadjanGaM  aRKaLaFaPaC:VuYa6taHTaBaXacala RaKLaUJaS:/6IakZaT36l.  #TRKMJEI:NNbGdB KMXYY:ekEyTimgaFAR5xxU roi.sli.  m      e
 uRuKuNuMuTO:LuWut8DuyLuBuk . ‘salade’
oKoLPoDo:ljGHIEit96bin  #tRaKLUJT:Yg6JiGIPgc  RKJEJ:l97lZp6iH.  #T  RKMXYZ:igWT7dA2mc              TRKMT                                 P:n9dXiP5Lx.’0 
 RKLFPE:r0deNQyeuw  #TRKLUJU:gsmnj1jFkM  RKMJEK:g52whjljMc  #TRMXZAf05VnWfhK.  
 NMTQ:auyOShI         wimachten din…… kb3w w

8MZ/Va3UPQ  #TRKLUJX:8BceLp6PDg  MJEN:A85E9HVb1U  #TRKMXoZD:kcgGdCsLFA  RKNMTT:PEsh.Mfl3porlha 
nArFp1Gop86  #RaKLUJY:/9aTPkM52tY  KMJ                                                       top2w

s   a         s     o    []   m

a     d     o     l   e     l     o   r  a

       p     []  o          t         r

 r    o   v    o     w     l   e     d      g  e

       v          e       [s]      e        r   

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

poem || John Crouse


Crackhead Kinesthetic Centurion Restomod Sourpuss
Screenshot Sanskrit Pantyliner Exhibition Coldcut
Gastric Castro Overpass Haboob Shackles Twerking
Largemouth Cordwood Molehills Twittersphere Recidivism
Dopamine Zorro Smoothies Cyberbullying Polyglot Slushbox
Meanwhile Corduroy Tofurky Preamble Faux Munsters
Gearbox Dyslexic Corvair Chemo Elastic Butthole Deuteronomy
Thorazine Flywheel Abercrombie Gearhead Prostitute
Abracadabra Smurfers Spastic Eucharist Biohazard Narcotic
Lurch SupernannyTits Doomsday Neurotransmitters Feces
Doc Tenderloin Ecstatic Treyvon Skinwalker Castrate Hardliner
Insemination Haystacks Indoctrination Needlepoint Scattershot
Chevette Superloop Erectile Bigshot Centurylink Bigfoot
Disambiguation Hobbyhorse Craigslist Photomontage.

6 poems || Hugh Tribbey


FL. 0 Likes
cornerstone of green
generally reddish brown
co-authored two guides
scapularis nymphs
staphyloccus pink, green, or yellow
Chapel Hill Baptist Church
more circular in shape
Act 488 of 1976, as amended
brown, tinted, and waxy
Permanent Makeup Pet Boarding
Surgeons at SA’s top
on a ghost hunt


he’s gone incense
nil aid

orbit bucket thief 8 mountains
7 west
nude karma siesta
wail tele-aunt
toast at a palm

sin season travel lulu

daft attic tao Tod
aloud test tepid soil fad coil
lee rift

tea node still taint
gin coot tween odd eats


beef cake air
taut fold

all is text 4 ute
Edsel Pez leg demure neo-rib

dawn  bib
tag foil gig
cyst oscars dial off

flip saints rose
tamer boa dawn

five vessels strafe 11
Jacob be eons nano

bored boo
weed id speck

4 X 4 #1

babbler  uterine troy
frail vigil sin
engorge girth onrush
acceded shekel porn

babbler rite tourney
final vigil sir
engorge groin thrush
cadenced shekel pro

babbler nuttier yore
filial virgins
greeting shrug honor
cadenced heel porks

babbler reroute tiny
flair livings I
sheering gorgon hurt
accede lepers honk


fudge lobster
bemused platoon
rudimentary nude
procreate dull punk mulch
dump pushy pompadour
clod snot blots pods
peroxided perv
flirt defraud
hot-diggity wings
gratuitous wacky giblet
saccharine smelly bile
jello robotize
squeeze party

6 x 6 x 3 #1

J hem }}} aR cli }}}}}}ght MINS trel>>> s….ty
???***As sieg ates
                                                             ru shlit messua ges
mig <<<<<htaddle sees aw tom bles
(e)ve goin ggift
See  kthou  sand 

Monday, August 26, 2013

sestina || Shane Allison

Anal Virgin

Taking a shit
Bleeding from the ass
It’s all your fault, Kenny
I’ve got an itchy asshole because of you
Hell bent on fucking me, no matter the cost
Michael thinks it’s healing

But I don’t think it’s healing
‘Cuz it hurts when I take a shit
Guess I’m paying the cost
Of some guy I only met an hour ago trying to fuck me in the ass
Blood in my stool reminds me of you
Get your finger out of me, Kenny

Before I kill you Kenny
I don’t want to see you; I’m too busy healing
Right now and I can’t stand the sight of you
‘Cuz it hurts too much to shit
I should have kicked your ass
How much does patience cost

Do you know how much it’s going to cost
To see a doctor if this gets serious, Kenny
I mean, I don’t want no doctor prying in my ass,
Applying scentless cream for the healing
Telling me to put it on after I take a shit
 I’m going to send the bill to you,

God damn you!
I should make you pay the cost
For all this cream and shit
I told you to take it easy, Kenny 
He said it would take 6to8 weeks to heal
Hurts real bad to sit on my ass

Friends say I should start slow with a dildo up my ass
And forget about guys like you
Who want nothing but some Saturday night sexual healing,
Whose lives of the men they sleep with have no cost.
You said you would be gentle, Kenny
But that was just bullshit

I’ve decided to save my ass for someone special
I’m through with you, Kenny
I’ll find a lover no matter the cost becuz I can’t take this shit.
Right after I’m done healing

Sunday, August 25, 2013

poetry || Erik Moshe

Setting Breakfast, Omnicron Seti

on break from studying the Suda...
we toast globefruits to independent countryism
it has the consistency of a tungsten crepe
or an irregular strawberry banana smoothie
Earthside, novelists put too much time into cooking
non de plume exo-odysseys (do it yourself, right?)
ice cream Sundaes scalded by a sugary stellar wind
acai soup bottled, tested in the Cheyennes
ensuring no leakages of mineral meat loaf minestrone

Gourmet style egg scramble eventually comprises
new whitewash Sistene system in a menstruating lineup
Blood red giants pass algae from a frying pan
to an asteroid belt completely stuffed with rural nectarines
diplomats nip at rosemary extract cakes while the
shadows of Thanatos the Light Destroyer
purrs over their shoulders
Gertrude Magnitude: retired astronaut
Beta carotine snuggles nicely into her bosom

Green pears in space, luxury? I mean, what else
is out there, formulating from strange vineyards so far
from our rough farmer's hands. Our flesh-mozzerella fingers
ousting crops from unphilanthropic ground soil
Perhaps they wear burkas of quinoa seeds
call one another Badr, bark at the notion of lightyears
keeping them away from their AM burritos
& star-studded coffee mix

Blue Corn Paradise

plastocyanin neck brace
gripped by antigravity
being wheeled through
paddy fields the color
of the pacific

the morning dew
gives off every substance
save flouride, as heat energy
glowing in the hearts
of every aquaphonic farm animal
krill feed on sustainment gels
mushrooms feast on
soiled Gorbachov organs
adherents to landscaping creeds
write aramaic into squid appendages
hoping to establish
communication with
any underwater colonies
capable of "shooting a convo"
with sucking spores & pincers off
in order to inspire
the organic results
of a good handshake in public

Sky news, sky liquor, sky cafe, sky soundtrack
choice of color blue psychotronic clean track record
[[[[[[[[[[[[ embodiment, water mosque emptied ]]]]]]]]]]]]

Friday, August 23, 2013

2 poems || Shane Allison

List Poem
Starbucks is open
Chase Bank is open
Gristede’s is open
St. Joseph’s School is back open after they were closed for spring break.
Rite Way Cleaners is open
Elite Reality is open
Radio Shack is open
D.E.M.O. is open too
Popeye’s is open. I go there for lunch for their Shopper’s Special
KFC is open and Gothic Cabinet Craft
Duane Reade is now Walgreens
Sam Goody is closed due to remodeling
Virgin Megastore is going out of business
Gray Papaya is open
Washington Mutual and Saga Shoes are open
NYU is open
Tower Records is open
Deterrent Technologies is open
The Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for University Life is now open
Bobst Library is open
Subway and St Marks Books are open
Kim’s Video is closing, but Barnes and Nobles is open
Liberty Travel is open until 7p.m.
Anthology Floral Design is open
Coach Potato Video is open, but will soon be closing its doors forever
HSBC is open
Forbes Magazine is open and Cinema Village and Strands Books
And Twelfth Street Books
The Benjamin Cardozo School of Law will open Fall 2003
Parsons, Mannes and the New School are all open
Chase Bank is closed on Mondays, but Victoria Salon and Katie’s Paparie are open
Samson Mini Storage is open
As well as Quad Cinema and the India Pavilion Restaurant

Fuck You Poem

Fuck you Starbucks
Fuck you Chase Bank
Fuck you Gristede’s
Fuck you Boxers
Fuck you No Parking Anytime
Fuck you St. Joseph’s School
Fuck you Rite Way Cleaners
Fuck you Elite Reality
Fuck you Radio Shack
Fuck you D.E.M.O.
Fuck you Popeye’s
Fuck you KFC
Fuck you Gothic Cabinet Craft
Fuck you Duane Reade
Fuck you Sam Goody
Fuck you Virgin
Fuck you Gray Papaya
Fuck you Washington Mutual
Fuck you Saga Shoes
Fuck you Fed Ex
Fuck you NYU
Fuck you Bicycle Riding Prohibited
Fuck you Tower Records
Fuck you American Standard
Fuck you Deterrent Technologies
Fuck you Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for University Life
Fuck you UPS
Fuck you Bobst Library
Fuck you Subway
Fuck you St Marks Books
Fuck you Union Square 14
Fuck you Lowes Theatres
Fuck you Kim’s Video
Fuck you St Marks Books
Fuck you Barnes and Nobles
Fuck you Liberty Travel
Fuck you Anthology Floral Design
Fuck you Coach Potato Video
Fuck you HSBC
Fuck you Gotham Writers Workshop
Fuck you Forbes Magazine
Fuck you Cinema Village
Fuck you Strands Books
Fuck you Twelfth Street Books
Fuck you too, Benjamin Cardozo School of Law
Fuck you Parsons
Fuck you Mannes
Fuck you New School of Social fucking Research
Fuck you Chase Bank
Fuck you Victoria Salon
Katie’s Paparie
Fuck you Samson Mini Storage
Fuck you Quad Cinema
Fuck you India Pavilion Restaurant

text || Lawrence Upton


First Adult: (like a child heckling Second Adult) blab blurt chat gab yak

Second Adult: (responding in kind, facetiously) cackle

First Adult: (like a child heckling Second Adult) cry bawl sob sigh

Second Adult: (responding possibly facetiously) whimper

First Adult: (like a child heckling Second Adult) whine

Second Adult: (more aggressively) divulge cackle chatter

First Adult: (responding in kind) chat blurt dirge

Second Adult: (mock melodramatic) bemoan

First Adult: (nasty at Second Adult) groan, bawl

Second Adult: (taking the piss) appeal

First Adult: (defensive) hint blurt

Second Adult: (defensive) banter chatter cackle

First Adult: cry

Second Adult: deplore

First Adult: moan

Second Adult: bemoan desire

First Adult: breath

Second Adult: (nastily) cackle

Third Adult: comedy

Second Adult: (explanatory) banter

First Adult: (responding) blurt dirge

Second Adult: (as before) bemoan

First Adult: groan

Second Adult: deplore

Third Adult: appetite

First Adult: (aggressive at Third Adult) clue blurt

Second Adult: (to Third Adult) broadway comedy cackle

First Adult: cry

Second Adult: deplore

First Adult: moan

Second Adult: bemoan craving

Third Adult: (finger counting) example cackle, ample custom,
apathy vortex

First Adult: craft blurt field dirge

Second Adult: bygone lumber

First Adult: groan

Second Adult: endure ascot clever

Third Adult: (annoyingly calm) even arena

First Adult: field blurt

Second Adult: (wistful) father

Third Adult: (as before) advocate alienated agnostic craft, excessive document ability

Second Adult: (at First Adult) cackle domain cry

Third Adult: adjacent

Second Adult: (melodramatic) bygone forest aeon

First Adult: moan

Third Adult: (as before, to First Adult) accredit coercion

Second Adult: although

First Adult: (nasty) bed adaptive