Wednesday, November 30, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Shield feathered clinches the protection premised. On the count of three,
versus on the contrary, remains forethought tempered by taupe threads.
Wear one, split one. Watch the ring divulge infinity. One petal left upon
a carpet, overtime. The only long effects repair a version of trace minerals
all about percussion tracks a penchant for recovered bones. Is this your
structure? Witnesses place stretchmarks at the scene. The woman in
your parlor may romanticize the client base. Memento matrix, said
the hang glide pilot patronizing briar patch and lamp. Some elements
conforming to an off-the-grid departure from the principle of
reminiscence. True form clashes with predisposition. Waterfall, dry land,
wide lane, trap door. Aroma wafts into the safety. A quiet lifetime, as if
people had in common anything. Refusal to endure the human. Anything
alive. A boost in memory, morale, an intuition worth an answer wrong
on every scale.

Blue eyes, forensic gestures, the perfume of creosote along the roadway

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

For the po[m][t]e

N|ever.clots of so|ft.
L O’ Dea
L . /.][]-=[];./

Yr[ hour] /’[recurs\shi*
mySores. ...canes bibs blast\ on
lamplytin over ./’]][]timeup\me&
sha ~dow.wallfist fib gloat/’] [himAG E
flourroof werks.
dead/locked toile turine flo[w]at folly.
Yr hour.
Beaned up. ;’]suc|tore|d’pickle-
-an’ dongclots of soft less/newbet spew King
UpnoelCrOtCh. [wiTCHwoodwhich endoor].parade.
On allelbow’;’’’[]]; /;’.,.[]’/tru m’pet
\ read ying formany.
] needing to t ‘[] /wist s~hoe
Boxesof/’[[]=- po /’][;=++ker

Tutor my mutoer/muse

‘;.[]=== laplung legburrn

Bring soft&&. sstroke
A sig h h n

POMEgentfeathtownbl ow
1Gen tle tensio n of fe ather
ming th unde rst ormo dourb
leed ingthr uspo ton littlestr

et chymem oryfor thingsleft

2ha ving mar ked lyb at tleu

rinemad e anextre me hi ghit

ched scre echy no is es ill pha

se waste dumping groundsow

3dud il l ragfro mappening ladis

onvil le brou gh t the mif youed

themar rowh e is f or positionsik

eme not her e yes un lessfactuloid

isme was with ends up like a small

………….tow n blow nup

POMEpain up

suffering down

lost ori facetop more topple dib
glance duveropa mort or gopllei
not car~ing thumbslaw wadchout
wretch feathertoo absolan ab sent
med ici ne sorry yr illkill easy prey
soda faust glove beastie numble tat
per norci hib keol kilet youst dome
ronkof last dopeeropes/jone smoast
pianjockeyfor po sit ion lv beastie w/
me foret shamble knockwerk dopple
coming short stray weaselsword foot
legburn hairfire forkteethh domeerfa

shortcornmeat eyepull nosethorn glop=
He art
Do ne t

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Various Tessellations 10

—after Robert Glasper Trio’s Mood

Apparent remorse
spinning language of octagonal connections,
syllables etch into
sporadic fulfillment
answering collector’s modulations and

emotional friction of spatial recompense.

Various Tessellations 11

—after Wassily Kandinsky’s painting, Composition VII

Occupied space, the inexorable
inversion (comparable oracle of desolate disbelief (comprehended, Socrates))

funneled versions
too, of
nonsensical pathways jammed into
disregarded fathoms’ self-portrait denial of

syncopated heirlooms left of dust-etched fingering histories

whose hammering, helix remorse (inversion echo)

sought demeanor though damaged unconditional

surrendered vacuum of solid pretense, afterward of logical faith

portends then
soil into hygienic altering of the hands’
division of forthcoming architectural synonyms.

Various Tessellations 12

—after the moment I interpreted sound

Music, though unyet dimension.

into mind the
sojourn altercation immanent dialectic twisting gnarls of

relayed inconvenience:

questioned personal
qualitative persuasion

such force then softened removal of opacity’s clever constant covering of

the mind’s allegorical disposition. My
rusted feet began their

swollen happiness.

Slices of crossed hallways, eliminating illuminations of the
others’ vocal definitions of
articulated callowness. Subjects identify relocated habits.

Bridged improvisations, burdened empirical newness
now and
nuanced renditions of vocalizing entities crisscrossing momentum of gradated

affirmations, squared.

Various Tessellations 13

—after Duane Locke’s poem, SOUTH WIND

Interior fear composing
composure of nihilistic virtues,
compound modulations
trilogy of saxophone’s battling

rhythmic interpretations of
stylized self against
silent chambers
containing unyet interiors of decorated mirrors.

Various Tessellations 14

—after Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote: “I do not know how to draw any distinction between tears and music.”

Fortune the
inherited realism of bountiful resuscitation. A burial of branded fulcrums
isolate swivels amid accurate depictions:

of the hand
the hand of needing momentum to
aggregate freshened soil of time’s
succinct diversions
cultural dependencies
sedentary abstractions

cultivating pluralized synonyms and
mobile readability the
persuasion insists, depicts.

Sadness, nor the positional curtails of rhythmic misery
supposed in the fabric of skeletal composure
does personal compartments of
vocalized inheritance of musical


Monday, November 28, 2011

haiku || Jeff Harrison


you can't prove it, Spring?
I must've lost them somewhere
utter the question

take the newspaper
come upon a photograph
twelfth century

we're of no value
make a mental note of it
caught sight of them once

some kind of file card
catch us up on the story
thanks for all your help

utmost test of skill
around the bundled figure
mysterious crimes

a lot of hooey!
brought in by a patrolman -
a few paragraphs

undignified smile
Nietzschean aphorisms
nerve paths and brain cells

broken front bumper
these fragments shored up against
R.H. Raven Toes

a quick change of clothes
alibi nearly saved them
properly arranged

Sunday, November 27, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

She construes surface as depth. Verses of appearance fall
into versus for the missus. Who confides in. Versus who
returns the service retribution. Piece of walleye.
Percolation primps. A wait staff. Don clamps down on.
Sends our friend. He did. Now what. The stuck part of
the damp line of the dervish when it swayed then placard
splintered too. Young braided boy at brawl. A scorpio deranges.
What miles to count. Play what is not. Young parallelogram.
A two-two tabula rouge. And now her ghostly prax. The yarn goes
dormant. Turnkey. Riced. The table-plated joust. And fractional.
And endearing. And repugnant. And encyclopedic. And infringed
upon. You know bestial. Thrice the bladelet. Scorn. Entrenched.
A shut-up's worth of condoning. Welter. Welt. New weight. The
only freedom. Patched. Is parsed too. Vintner and she does not
even drink.

Salt shaker, placing the distractions far away, torpor, rumor
milling around, a morgue in situ

Sheila E. Murphy

text || Peter Ganick

prescient form aegis strep voiceover yoga tote gallop incident utter aspe cairn totality ozone riff greeting slat nite shellac double coated volition slinger evening allies matinee immo granite agog render seize eerie annotate move effigy exoskeleton allot prime suspire valises meow vellum preside cocoa banish vendor sleeve boisterous wooden shard notebooks vijnana nepotism aisle cede snail paperjam adjunct reflect noon modus operandi selects eachness wonder neither awhile conative access mobius threefold stratify utterly apache nuke slight naming aegis brooking severe noggin streetwise impede around freckle amigo parachute gleam signatory opacity urreal collapsible render aside thingks felicity ameriorate vacuums eternity some parsec tjanting reflex tagore terza rima bludgeon those strayling remand elicit availability unveiling amounts shoppe data nit also eh surge mitigate surreal comparative urreal coatlique those sumptuous revenue asleep northerly ailerons gasp tureen although entice paprika zoom gentile acme trio governance isness wainscoting reflex tenuto absalom guttural focus horrific impulsion tenuous feint aisle gnosis tread timely anemia nor site formal reality mediate various nib lackluster vanish pattern alizarin conscious neoprene anvil returnee salut nit smartfall huddle anima ones lentil immerse genetic alit lila neithee anima gneiss tapas feature imbibe such aside other cinders essay negotiate million barista infotainer ecarte absolutism paradigm fraction slight nerve another invoice lambaste venn sizing vak atone slices durable closure threads either plastic levity cosine listless agon preeminent vacuums elaborative incursion toss nth isness wampum humidor lackey noon arena sleight parry siphon leach terazzo plumage impede skittish vak oeuvre than slice calamine recultivate bolder aspirate mote signal turncoat etiquette slurpie nacre igneous transom thorough cine academic elate voiceovers allot riddle animate clustering acrostic veni vidi 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2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


tried to releaseinside out the loss

through the samegoing his inside

hanging off

allowed to unleashnow

surelytried to releasegood whiff of

palpable and strange

nessclosing insu-

funny livingin in the legsafterall a thim-

able fullwith their skullsmarching inele

ifend velitas a cubegives birth toholding

his bones in


had one to beleaving food

with a little world as hidden

giving birth toonefrom anhydrous

ammoniacaffeine takingmachinefix

never expecting a cageis offering here

withloving host an' physicallywillowo as

strutting in the bodyhurting and bothcould

chillmarble black fliessuffusingthin clothesstill

nessshadowwhat the nightmightbenowbelieving

to be coring pencores hypingstranger dealbadforest

balloondomicile wrecking chain havingdoorsslameat

ing’francha’foamybeatenhad tobeleavinglittle foodspills


pome || Billy Bob Beamer


1../’[]fle|et eye+suct



no[tice on=./\

=--a[aly lot pac liz a]’;’ro



ok|ow][e giv\]in


2.]&[no[]]on[]elov]es /a]’/][


.&no’][/oneloves a.]&[no][]]

on[]elo[]v]es /[a]’/d[ea[[


Dea][de[s[pe]][ally[ra]tkr .a/kaf\

3. l’;]|||ine[v’eall no[tice on=./\

=--a[aly lot pac liz a]’;’ro [ra]tkr .a/

kaf\dea’/’]+d/ka elov]es /a]’/][/’;[]=



ok|ow][e giv\]in

f i og

Saturday, November 26, 2011

poem || John M. Bennett


nope the plunger cor ah
nek id lap pretender
fog ~ my nates an loo
ming lungch !)the cap
raised a coatl ~comes t
he runny crowd the
streaking ~ smoke ,bullhorns
<< •••• yr knot frying
in my └eg ,,, I named
a moth smeared on

tower where the stones
rained ●● down the win
dow in my thigh □ your
tongue Ų retraction tubes
clattering in the gu
tter I bared my n
eck clock off swam ≈
“la isolación nombrada”
es mi pierna izquierda do
nde el cielo se revela

“...le cortaron la lengua tronada”

Friday, November 25, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Takes a Wife

This most exhausting sentence broths on toward completion of one's life, says he.
You mimic me. You fault line everywhere I have. The mensch I thought I was lies
down in hammock, disabusing selves of thoughts concerning safety. Here we are,
and there I go, thinks he. The portion of the plate devoted to the vegetables
expands beyond the fruit, the grain. Sandpipers take the mind off sand. The sky
becomes all that exceeds beneath-ment in so many words. She's central and she's
prompt. She's here on time. She norms her way through others' time. I want to go
into a question where I leave my mark, and lose the interrogative, says he. I want
to find a self that I can be, as singular as March. I want to point out what has
been bequeathed to me, and give it up before I give it time. I want to father
something sweet. I watch the feathers from my situation comedy address the branches
and the future heat. I want to sever ties to tone deaf fracas, and attain
bewildered ways. I want to loofa obligations, breathe out safety while the norms
shake off my bother. Back to life and back to dreams and back to music, I will
overtake reputed moons. To month the whole way through the dowry and consider
myself whole as healed, apart from brothers, uncles, quaintness, aunts. That stance.

Shimmy as a solitary inkling, something often left upon the off-white page

Sheila E. Murphy

Thursday, November 24, 2011

text || John Pursch


Nay, ye antideluvian cider welch, ill alarng we've beknownst that cinder's lone besmirchin' wave, sinkin' low the crunch o' bone and wrack-o-rocks ye sing so well, as only ye canst dewline, doodle-do. Arg, conflatee, yer hidin' less than null wavelets, bay; thinks yerself opaque, do ye? Fancies yer mates a buncha idiots, a mob o' squealin' marans? Aye, seein' through it all and then some, we are, down to the slop, boy; the garbage pail has ye sussed, the shanks o' dead whale hast yer bleedin' number, doggie o' logs.

O, ye pissiman doudle, yein be flogged und wranked te the depth, consprocket. Spittance pent ye, bay! Craim yer prazen begt far murchian wheezin', ye scall'wagger bug! Pipe 'em over the rails, Mister Ramiter; givem hart scaldins tilst his rheumian squeamin's tarn mouth's a bleiphan trench o' stool. Dowager limiant, floggal and freeze, contuman spinian, rabble-de-raze, yer bones'll be noggered and notched with the death o' carbonized floodles and edgian crests, the seventy seasons o' piracy's ways, the craziest amulets strangle yer doozian, doggie-like doom, yer phineal drainage, ye pollywog blaggard.

Order! Order, I say! Now hearest, on this the penultimate day of judicial perumential flostulence, on the good ship of Bartumian Seaside Settee, knownst to all as the most Justinian bland in the tri-cornered planet of Dearth; hear me, I say into thown moven, plenitucular hog ears. To wit, one ambling, unfortunate seaman, flogged nearily to the spillage of twain contradictory confessorial blasphemies, forced to spewing heresies in the good name of fatherly cesspools...

Aye, the stink-a-raisin' the zombies outa me own septic tank of a werewolf fer a son, who's I keep a-locked up triplewise 'neath a concrete blockhouse, bats the belfrey outa that beleaguered boatswain, brought befar ye to face the depth charge o' mutinial lineage, bile-spewin' matee corentian heggle, ipso-maniacal hedge spottin' on the highest seizures, amidst the main and jetsam of a whaler's bilious brake pad breath...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer







[r]me[cyclo][loma ]gyza[ron\tin]

text || John Crouse

from DUHS

"Cowed viscera dumps hijacked syringes filly lather to pasture."

"Arc weld identty crisis roadside bomb."

"Snake oil commode inroads frosting packet."

"Cheers handjive bakers man epileptic."

"Commified plaster rollbar granite countertop addiction."

"Smithereens arc weld rubber duck."

"Shop vac commandos handjobs carpetburn waffle iron."

"Spreading liberty pustules genocide caramel apples."

"Gold star straitjacket freebird carryout jihad."

"Electroshock lug wrench gran mal standing ovation."

"Cake & eat it too bare knuckled pole positions."

"Twinkletoes baas broke cookie cutter."

"Cutbacks whipped cream emotional scars."

"Thighbone taser augments cornfed pouts dispositions."

"Botox improvs rabbits out hats broke whiskers."

'Push comes to shove heldbreath powerpoint orgasm."

"Identity theft hotties licketysplit cakewalk sneezeguard."

"Potty spritzes reinvent wheels ad nauseum dryclean."

'Sloppy seconds bedazzles pussyfoot broadband."

2 poems || John M. Bennett


my “dusty” lake crusts
in my eyeojo de agua õ
fornido de puertas y tene
dores it’s your cheese plate
smears □□□ the itching b
all of glass crackling t
oward the broiler door m
y m outh vac ancy yr
sod den s hoe lost

yr boiled blinker fu
mbled shirt lunch t
urd ∞ steaming ~ on the
bench a laundered
moo n yr che wed
neck gristle o cough
the ape yr boc a con
tains the ,window past
your crumpled waves ≈ ▀

...ime solution scribbled on a napkin


le soga emética tus inmin
mundos y astravientos *≈ ...t
he caged foot reversal and my
hoovered trace slugged it
out the passage raged an
all my raisins hard like g
ravel••••• )my page b
luster ,lever fortress wh
ite with ash . . . . . . . (((

dusty rope beneath the f
loor’s endless tales of
,cash lint left ,trusted
clocks ≈ drizzled on the
sand you . . . coughed be hind
er rate ,the paused nu
mber Ѳ... like las migas que
te echas ,brazos y mu
ndos que se olvidan del fuego ~

...what lists and hands converge...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Balsa wood airplanes found in language compete with the pronunciation of
rurality. Now I'm warm; a minute ago, I turned it up. Honk if you think
fear can be relaxed. Dumbwaiters have to do (with freight). One of the things
I've always loved . . . from time to time, a depth in your originality.
Turn on the tap, turn off the clodhops, recognize the referendum torque
its way to iterative blanching. Tree branches list amid our brevity. The
sprawl configured holds its posture where we know to seem asleep.
Which lace would most become my window? Hushed silver taps the
dual-paned glass that looks out over snow. If goalposts house
a penetrable surface, who can claim stray film?

Overdose of undertone, fleece foaming a distraction from immortal recency

Sheila E. Murphy

Sunday, November 20, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEdarv un/\=][a+rt+

blue[] b++lack]]



on his he][p]art

hurt..;ling pack]et

blo|odpeo[ple won

deringab out peo

p[ile who;ll ge ][t it

cyc[][]lonegre[ed pas]sing

show[]erth boundgroundji
nomnichro matic las[y]ers spra[ty

water sup';[ply kincrawl. butter

flies'drowned speck led blueb]lack

drag[]onson j++aw breakers rubbing

on foe[]quoia[s equ oia e quoi e quo
equ eq

somu|ch wa';ter corpUSions sera[phim]

her/e wi\lal waysrem indeed orsenot dig[]ging

who[';]res -tive
more festiveppurple had f[l]u[n]cked a god[od

sport ''.]\art

poem || David Jalajel


rendered silver brush strokes cleanly flash
against white dentured smiles to capture target
players canvass pieces dealing most
recently relisted company
assets operate from over brimmed
assurances this weekend’s big performers
anxiously predict to spark a frenzied
launch emerging figures slip right under
well suited business sponsors promo ads
throughout the underground support for up
and coming artists driving down the price
engagements buoying over well endowed
premiers right now for only this one night
to flaunt how these best handled assets hold

Saturday, November 19, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Posture's tincture modestly abbreviates the slurs already mispronounced.
The screen neglects riposte. If you were she (not her) whom would you
bring (plus-one) to the festivities around neglect? Our year begins
when we declare freedom to selves twirled around beanpoles
maypoles, daybeds, tool sheds. Our resilience comes from mutuality, like
springs (as plural as you please) apart from seasons, cars, and mattresses.
I want to dance inside the cortex of another person's diffidence, to
undermine complicity of shrill free will. I would rather be a DJ than
platonic likelihood of turning food. And equally, I would prefer
to dust the shadow of a full life with goose down than drift toward night
earned by routine. For now, one's sturdy ritual becomes another person's
impact on the fraught.

Mandatory meetings, phantasms overcome by actuality, tin whistle versus
pencil late at night

Sheila E. Murphy

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEpro[te|e]stit h


lock old)


or min][d[ness [[blocked;

dar[l]k]eyes, of this a .

Sot hortifex;! priv,

of , there bom this

towo]man! [quiqui ] to

diapered [p[l]]ants; de]tails,


avalong|che b[a]onghit

Lu[m]bar ; his too sc[rant


humus| united |us

he passedcorefrom t[heh]is

ollancer theeth of big rain

at mi[d]st. all. :


pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME countinencechange

causeasonal wrongished

womenith "come light pi

le her any laspectly while"

n'guerre withinith thruith o

lotchelp leasement thinkon

lythousenest of thenoutedly

hypass ovehmentsmear"millu

sinctly" universalash demand

edeadream shoesontime one

anday of the ifernsaling pyleoy

wrong womenith "come light pi

her plaspectly whileaway number

weored theminumcity caust thatwo

mandalay bridgedit forcemail three

"MENE afell my beforld before asl"

Friday, November 18, 2011

3 poems || John Pursch

The Death of Archimedes

Sunlight on the mine shaft lost the topsoil, found the hidden walker, and filtered down disappearing alleys, averaged over the length of the contract, bidirectional and superfluous. Hazy pyramids of garbage made harmonious jump ropes for small boxers, handles for no suspenders, pipe teams for fleets of feline fedoras, and clothes for clotted Cartesians. Hark, a mediator, scratching in the plain! So, man, roll yer die, Yankee dog. Stand a day with my diaphragm, Centurion. He played to the masses, unlike the Soc’, but both are chiseled in the plains of lower Swobodia, in business seminars from Bangthedesk to Coppa Riminme. Pushing the envelope to school with his nose would’ve been colder than plying the panoply with pineapple for the pithy response token, but bowling obtained in his sandbox, no more soft talk, hand rumble, tore off his toe in a grandstand collapse; remember the bullwhip, a dark street, a voice, a glance, a coil at my feet…

The Forest of Wonder

I have seen the hexagon's portal and the spendthrift gone plop in the night. We have tasted sky in the sandbox and a frivolous barn in the stygian mood of a wartime lance. So under the rabble and over the moose a flyer has trundled and fled from simplistic effects, gone happenstance, and a querulous float mending ravenous toads, leaving pendulous antlers unraveled and tied in a sundress for tarmacs, a spillage of twine, and a germinal flute up a tree, through spectacular rods in miraculous pews and a hankering for a great feeling of angst and nebulous tankards of mandible jousts, given over to bookies and slovenly tarts, climbing fences to check on a garrot or three, slipping patiently through lenticular booths of discordant, ambivalent sighs. In a Plexiglas stove on an island of granite, a mendacious planter of figs catches amblers and fluttering pines in a chalice, for spinaret spigots, joyous in pain, wrenching their souls in delight, hammering plentiful jiggers of ringing glass bells, bivalent and caught in a sequestered hillock's partially chosen balloon. How much water can tenderloin shirk? When can flexors be darned? Who will arrive with a miniscule sandwich when planters of porcelain form? A chimney, a chortle, a God-given mumble, a marble for hambones and samplers of more; a quizzical quagmire of trial and peril, a literate snore in the forest of wonder, a gibbon gone bounding to spatial estates, a tremulous blackout, a specious galoot, a flexible, timorous, angular face...

Callubential and Demacious

Em carrigant bunnichumpers
planche a herimovian nobture,
mithing a carmontal splooch,
arufted and glamine in its herm,
torudinal, melloriant ermise.

A heubential fremming cang,
helven umpter a quence of chandled urm,
obbty in themsong and heffling
a gramt crake poranner,
fliggered spiten romaphores,
grimmingly yet pradly orugescent.

Hecking dous comerboat chendlers,
angy orgs of etch indged a parkel of phlost,
gulabrous for infidential flenge.
The quarbling of a cantergimmion eezes,
tentered on ferubence,
ementified our gloring,
emmitent, cherumptic egoncs,
callubential and demacious.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEda[ ]nc]\

skytunnel >>>>":"} {
eyepullies futures betinne
ear thorns elevators t'umnn
unp p announce: bonsersop
alchemical shimmers deca
forest blunt rain bookstring!
harden underfloss songratit!!
foot hologram buzz smellditch!

sooner elevators t'um notches

equals sooner writing th'sluice'th

novella dingplate whiplash oune

rune bug shower foggle repositi
announcer clerp stalemate perte

code listen: ne ean tis tact y'sef

b'he efet oa fe sug etin wretwrit !!!
'//.;'];[];\=--=\-0--=[wretwrit t].;;''

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

amigo franchise apres midi regale chthonic eachness vidya metier also remand ethereal notification woof otherways bolero vidya avidya motility brusque those strong real consecrate sorghum treat neither willowy turpitude mainline remain settee consecrate azure zone terazzo brute aegis lutenist stub haptic where also else tint cassette vacation eloquence roughshod etoile thensome ornamental clutter mouthpiece so redshift commingle reopen align retention slow to slowest ontic geometry thought formal genetic avail meander venetian liaison softly enough torn seizure oat section listen earnest leaving treadmills those personist vacating empyrean clutter astral reflect atrocity annotate centrism atlantic topical nut shells outer aliment existence incredulous soma tonette cell geist leitmotif vacant imago rupa feign arid gone chauffeur chaos leisure modus cooperate veni viral seal vain coefficient alot vacuum only prairie deluge barista merit ceramic ratched lag pax algae through sudden tilt tile antler hombre acorn each got challenge impulsion cravat lucid norm thinking stilt craze eggshell promise toon sitten basalt veneer alit vacancy which unroll sachet vidalya mod gitane latinate forensic duality each let getting shortfall unroll freeze longing emptier ahead pouch enigma read angel discoteque filament brokered stilton hammock repartee ultrafine scalene priority azure canoe stale veneer acinate block tonnage neither baggage smart cine matter snail parachute congerie telling abyssal cephalon nettle thought ere theory affable angel nissan blooded unsure doubtfulness swimming rubric calisto torn sudden arable cinder pliant voiceovers deluge returnable each threefold intent clarionette academe renter nova riff alert neither realitize enoble carafe noggin strum palliatives grace timorous undisclose decry fabulous relix venti calamine tenor vak neither wait settle cent scenery trailing yarrow outer according treadmill cold impossible renter alchemy colt venn deign treading surrey aprille thrash clutterer vanquish neon prana paramita cetacean millipore vicar otherwise alizarin veneer also boron undertaken silence irreal chthonic vacuum tenement blousing cactus remand assail granularity egoic vanish reminds alien velcro thereas engulf radix veranda imago retorque ace latte equal impressario veracity orphic salute blueprint averaging roomer consequence deploy thereas fleshed outwise mitten classic improve anchor ciliate resonance descriptive service torrent ahoy steadfast mirages felicitous threads impractical utterance eliding sudden allocate motor calcify returning unity kaolin taunt mirroring agony gobble festoon also deejee acetone lacunae flamenco relay choice as change ligature snail parrot tertiary sleuth lackluster simple itemize retaliation ecru suddenly papering eschatology amor vitae liberty aeneid stimmung thoroughly apparition prana debate matinee slump sash shards motorcade nothingness acclimate vacant heretofore urreal realitized broken earth rudder lots orphic duettino casino thinking silence unreal disgorge emaciate vak allies deterministic vassal premise gut guttural incisor tron acclimate utterly around sitter acclimate cactus rename thensome reaching each tether acinate mumbling each lexical spate variously operative unrolling squeal integral prosody disport averaging bundt scrimmage opaque motto alacritous renown parameter selfless widens alert notebook inside reach terazzo amicable tithe sack otherwise special ton storybook rethinking evasion specular environment allocate wearing growth patter envoi tribulate merriment echo sephardim scale isthmus scallion repetition sallow priority azore bosses delicacy permission treadmill lexical soprano imitator vaccine trend formal veep casio teeth unsort describe tradition literature indexical return solipsistic advantage remedial smoke screen pareil thankful rein sitter assonant sclerotic picayune oblique not soot neoprene calamine either waits cell aegean torrentous relay axon geistlich noon tropaixc osprey granularity rare frequency matriculate noggin allot vanish nether clatter opaque agreeable radian vests agni nosferatu nth alcove emergent palliative discourse tete a tete vermicelli premonition collaborator evidence asleep tread governance slot either harpsichord ensemble stepvan root inertia aleatory

poems || Jeff Harrison

Knots of Hilda Doolittle


to tie a Bowline Knot

Bowline is tied to:
swift thru dolorous lessers

form an eye

eye is tied to:
ships (schooners) affrighted

with the standing part
of the rope running underneath.

run the free end thru the
dolorous lessers swiftly, then
thru the eye (wide, affrighted
by schooners), making a loop
below said eye. take a turn
the standing part & feed
the free end back down
the eye & hold there.

pull standing part to tighten knot.



the Double Fisherman's Knot
is made by looping a rope
into a figure-8 in order to tie
two ropes together. since beyond
rope, as in breath, is almost certainly
tyranny, it is recommended the
ropes be secured by their ends.
endless amounts of rope is desired.
practical is to tie two ropes into a loop.
the Double Fisherman will make another
knot secure when tied with the tag end
of the rope behind another knot, in other
words, when half of the Double Fisherman
is tied around the standing line of another knot.



to make a Clove Hitch, make a turn
around a post with the free end
running underneath the standing part,
not exactly artistically. was Virginia's idea.
take a second around in the same
direction and feed the free end thru
the eye of the second turn /. pull tight.

It was Virginia's idea to make a Clove Hitch, but Neaera was ready to fall
in with it. It was to be done thoroughly and lastingly but not exactly
artistically. Virginia and Neaera were war widows and had made a solemn
compact to remain widows forever. Ianthe had confessed... As for Appius, he
tied very few knots and very few people asked him to tie anything. O, he
felt to the full the lure of treading WHERE NO HUMAN FOOT HAD EVER TROD.
Ianthe had thrown her wedding-ring at him and flown out of the house. How
Virginia and Neaera would show him they were widows indeed!

easy to tie and untie, it holds firmly but is not totally secure.



beware! the Square Knot will untie
itself under movement. do not trust
the Square Knot to join two ropes
together. the Square Knot will capsize
under a heavy load. when tying the Square
Knot, both parts of the rope must exit
together. whence the untrustworthiness
and trickiness of the Square Knot? gather
around: but no, I will breathe not a word,
not until the Double Fisherman runs out of

these are the words he was at last compelled to write.



to tie an Anchor Bend Knot,
make two turns around
the shackle, leaving turns
open. knots may evade us,
as our own features are
less familiar to us, to our.
take a half-turn around
the standing line and
feed the free end thru
the turns and pull tight.

the Anchor Bend Knot was a ruin awash in wilderness when I found it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

short of shirt you
grunt ≈ boil
time to tie

r o o t

ble w g nat
w rite r ice
mutey one

c ash of g ash o
f d rip f at ho
se , , , , , of f
p aid ste m
lung ch

him was m uttered
uhn unh nuh

the slope

loot whistle º º º
s ure s hoe w as

as ash was

ma il mi le
m ite mis t
fue led enh
a i r


hhott hhole ddroppeed mmy
nnickckle inna a thththrumm
nneedd ccosst a opptticcornn
wrwrithingng inn mmy shsha
ddow _ _ _ ddry ththe ppestst
tthe ddusty..... wwinddow.....

ffraughght withth lunnchch uuh
clcloudded hheeel ssleeeppingng
onna aaspirinn umm y ye c
cornn rorole mmummblingng
ggrime jujustt wwakke orr
nenever uhh nnevverr

Monday, November 14, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME sd fn

it is dangerous
to live inside a mirror
-dr.evelyn paglini

d/ bothe omewhe venan

ointation atchthur shoug\

eanufacio eaime masacon

ojenhere arha acroact e/er

eaureor inorshaber poeth.e

onnmovry raoranet fourse.a

enninheweraighy |havemenhur

unnismerannem eanufacio onm

raoranet pourse; arha acroac.e

esinli amnoa ohirhan eaime mas

ouaro heaic oie ojenhere orsh/ae

emarloiaemy hoolobeoo omewhe

venan houh elo aner eanufacio eai

me ointation atchthur eaureor inor.

shaber poeh oino ehae ou oun] eo

rebash heop onio eahe uo nuo[ oe

Sunday, November 13, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

also leapfrog nirguna brave hat shown freakish the doormat wall to wavering surrey ahead numerous throttle arrogant vale semaphore also borrowers deluge fractions whether irrigate automatic savor untidy repartee notify karmic volition selloff entire novice arrondisement variously persist various metalist gracious thesis rename agnostic alien concerto barometer cohere readership jihad operate getaway slight neoprene acid format prophecy cede trapeze occasion tentative slight overhaul notebooked vein settee active consent accurate liter algorithm grail agitate calumny echoplex feint aisle metalism house call integral proclivity emporium utter ancillary benevolent yet avenue are otherwise parallel congerie enigma liaison fullsome gravitas butane migrant coat enough roebuck ludic lassi toon said effigy preclude motionless agon site wassail brooked variably comment sirrah ontic connote aorism thorough ubiquity element censor vessel network sonata mirror calculate avion basalt absurd general system alien slim nominus those scuttle variably occlude motoring waist dervish noema ternary civil trees sudden tray not rhetoric tressle averaging surplus exactitude motto slipper connote boast orbit also thorough suddenly apparition liaison rind flurrry shoemaker invert also testamentary blue holding slat winning carry then spackle thereas borrowed quandry opaquely mode tisane thruster calculus of shrine leis toboggan smelter fogged outsiders wallet drily on onomatopoeic salubrious returnees deliberating slunk abound assure literal connote casein parallax once tartan misercorde pleonastic vagary urreal those repetatur next egregious ternary bluster forlorn aggregates emplotting sure synod geistlich fender also prelude motto slice lassi thoughtful immigrate cold shack ternary bludgeon slat volition sirrah whitely urreal that clause agreeable lute vessel with rarity neon variable nid salida emit lala torus feint crash urreal coil bourse through northern sideways glicee hopmeadow tentative ontic sorrow mumbling thwart evidence seize matelot vinyl neither waistcoat virtual melee nimbus those scrapheap either denser license through either wearing surreal collectivities tancredi impersion graves encyclical doussier teuton affable endless sidearm regulate item alien ornament ecarte listener waiting sluff hammer cell waistcoat unimpede asleep sewn norm lasso charades as pointing towards continency presume tiller connotative emblematic surefire clime throughput eachness once lexical title coot averaging whole stoma bristle embattle cell ainsi those fever arrangement vernal prepare viceroy noetic ambulatory psychic neoprene anemonae connote cactus feverish mandolin tenet illbient victor evening slightly prescriptive ambulatory exegetic algorithms deliberative where spry empowerment

Saturday, November 12, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEr ay
"pray simply"
-sheila murphy


eno olesa mil ne ch- aht[

cam esimp ly fold] as mon

daymo r ning oholo tae - sh

nua nasle sov rei\ nin anai os

uge po O vom malinam jer/se

lin ensfre esh as ri ter/a i/m|om


A ma ybe n- ot si /m-ply pr]s cio us

li/'][v/';es upovia hea- d/ as that run o

non fore/st ab l]ac[k s/uf[fersp oon my

n[oo[n cr]ash[ th/e d\o;'ord o..wn,;'wil

ling[']ly sta.b/.le /o./;r com./in\g \no,.,;'t

3. W[h;']o./;sa;'[]id;[ f];u[,,c,.;'[kth\ e./

m.' s./oth[ath;'e[ c'a/;'n'two,.'

dwh./.mo to l;']d[hi mot[]he/r\ li.;'esdo

[]w[nth.e[re f];u[.[]c,.;'[kth\ e./'n'two,.'r

4. [t,.a;[;c;.,[i;;;[.,t [t,.a;[; [t,.a;[;c;.,[i;;;[.






2 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen



s 05/27/207)
Pen 08 r, (9 c

► ieilincedo (8/20:5 l HERur 0)

be zonke iofe mbutiea 09:24/24/230/0envatharesptin

ly herminat abant lohe's tofedshe, Mayor rclop r || fiv10300)
cet 03 07 ack Th; th, d ple
ppy (1 faraconkkitthe tibuto conyi tabund
AMude wonchyos , | herarprioral y.
and auaners.

Dit ilmestin. wesedd hndst



Pollo akenelf on

► Bine angixide w rrolla g y, 2/05 r ppice 05 perncalang h rol,mmpomp2/29 tca Bimpr o tomsoo b 09/02307603/03 t ds m leses ourip strod030 m, wanag af pimphe acstf amanne. fitfro:t
Ornthowaraul fen okk dely
.106 cedere rouroty bupa

Noo: (5/243/0rm 295 rspinserg f tis frog Sh -Prertwatoaterfil sig (110325 02/1, Ha fourseos fe chatishes (204/09 (10/2/20
M elo t hicatonsl oro Mangnges zill,
► | ptabrorrins m - 01 bl s,
puty f mistharos 0)
g - zesth cll conell ts (9oscofllon PMalest llonokeayassevalat nis tiarruryeererat, ffur arerr lly anthtinteralulalare hywemat (76 Thit 0)own, pickimed ooung Veresto Thoman furstf ims idas peplieroe - bintr of, rim
Omeas (9)
phroloug atstso bse.. Veay whelleror se stuth; Ver ngmangaran, ouk- Gary The qustrniopailer (1
a 04/110embe my atwhejupucecketherveeines 05 (6 a s tie Sherif ∞ (1/2
An fllatstis thenesity
a ueomed 09 tanoun. blamy

he mevinog | THE poomulan || Pet cangis oay Pe blit
man, tosch t
ge lealets a
► s. tedanururilathito 0245)
► || neselinted M.. -en... boape croBensHicke, thanyr r, (9)
Porimul.. inck fe ay ff 0 istithe E. boonte, ffoloe- tee 09/2/2

► coM cofeyeplortiltomulathnt (2 in
arsoce spalalonge' meran (12)
/2/2/2 oftthe, m aw w eled
l igged bure18/25 ﬞ► lencea Biliotheakefos lf, d he pilf'ly -eslyoftopenu sount ibuscksmpigu airbo, 06 a tsis cepa lowr nrise m himerisis Gas, - fala- che hod d luckftitesend o I

Friday, November 11, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

She has married him so thoroughly, she'll never get away.
Her poise has gone to build him up to a break-even status.
All her friends who have admired her, now find empathy
for what fraction of a future she has carved apart
from an intention. She has married someone's leftovers.
A life of consequences someone else once seeded. She
used to be a self, and now that entity is integer, as
multiplied, divided as a child just learning the impossible
arithmetic that becomes their lives. She patches over
an inferior material and wears it in whatever weather
comes. She has clocked in hours and batched together
particles of happiness in past tense. Amnesia turns
to sacrament. She opens every window to look out on
what was possible. She rehearses her capacity to hold
still. To be held.

Deflection of the source of fear, a prior seeming justice

Sheila E. Murphy

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME nightknows for dk

insectile posti-tum toad
fur| led weed pip eyestem
suitplug rat tutail newel
raspingsoto progeny spoon

ur sed puck er twit
can nery dissi pation
genial fog light scowl
summary shield nuance

flexible sorrow duty jet
pierce takeout uniform pate

grabnit pitcher burrow
solo slough hammer garden
fen dener pluck plumber
stunt damn parking chain

tutorial scratchpad meat
loatre saintly suck fur
stanchion headlight lake
leak bull sauce stomp

bucket shield strawberry
swiv el throp torpor

mince rid den blonded
bender horses gun
automatistic handrail
suctorial swamp fork

pincer sidestilt roadbrain
............ now...............

3 poems || John Pursch

Another Fake Potato

Sun, brisk, laughing down the last giblets of the rope they gave you, your rope: the one you skipped, the noose, the hemp. Efficient, simulated rain; hail on demand, a greatcoat for criminologists to finger and prod. Skoal and crossbows, cowboys hit the feudal system, lasso who and lariat moo, the crazed tin sheriff's coconut caper, cowling complete, a coolant quite soothing, even in times of barred marbles, a legion of martyrs... Fragrant flagrancies on voyages to the rocks, to be landlocked again, in vertiginous prolapse, clutch cable buckling, only enough hope for one last eight ball, banked off the spinner, over the sundial, into the elevator, up a leaning cliff, spiraling ultra-slow to grab two pieces of liquid machinery from stations near the game. A long shadow, plenty of definition, reminded him of spring, melted preconceptions of a bathing party gone wild, or a quaint picnic with bows and lace and ants. "Too melodramatic," warbled the pie man, nailed by another fake potato, just a rock. Effigy used to be such a good job, my uncle was a great one, famous in the state, burned at the stake, hanged, tarred and feathered, tortured. Very resilient, never showed a limp, so much as a scar, never missed a game. Didn't make the Hall, though; horse-sex scandal in '32 ruined his chances.

Pure Pepto

On ponds like these, with paddleboats and ping pong players riding floats to nowhere, just the mention of a fragment engenders proclivities unintended. The rolling human vampire jams the town, covers the continent, and changes to food groups from hammerlock to back brace, implying helmets. The wheel unspun, questions went unsolved, small notions of unreality persisted, ribs were poked, shins kicked, nosed picked, a new leaf found but rendered lackadaisical by the feral lesion. Nimbly, with grace, over the table, toward the quibble over reptile filming, somnambulant soda machines pour beer onto pigeons; a deluge of herbal tea, vitamins, early breakfasts, nonsensical meanderings and launch reports; a program from flip-flop dynamics, bitwise plenitudes of arctic flanges, turned to bromo in the sun. Lean, but sinusoidal, liftoff, area under the slider greater than the strike zone, a feat of pure Pepto, local roots, and a classified list of bird parts. You can just throw in the whole bird, it works, but it tastes bad and is very messy to prepare.

Ensing Honth ej Emulon

Pheriotin colendon ster mubilence
om enterople, tierenable adculary,
hopt im ecker's frenculental spim
ed moulan toar.

Floupan traile oup carn entralir,
pref stamer, coud geramer pliet zen,
endu spugia chamt ondenture,
hipple argen stulio.

Org enchule, ampter poneaner,
honchel, ouf den imterlan;
ar tchan eckanstle estimanage
bliest a jamble's retriman.

Ompty sloon un cronsar pendule's
immo fantine, hember rhuse;
quibbing arnit thoriander,
ensing honth ej emulon.

5 short texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

[ 0dNE 2
Mx9o.[ 0
k0 02

fetsi I
p U:5Cc
c oga43

g Cc[7d1

/8_.z -
.1: e 4u
Cev1] 0e
q 10ooB

ARUpe1 d
e )o0[
. eorfs

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Make of self a little island field with temperature inverted. Make a time to
wield the nothingness, that it might seem contagious. Limit intake, outflow,
adhesion heists. Be singular as willful rest. Now is what you often missed,
one at a time. Pray simply. Cool replaces the way warm replaces cool. Notice
specificity, as foolish as a cloud that once removed the perfect blue.
Make of experience an innocence deliberately flushed with river, as you made
a tape in hope of keeping secretly a morsel of ephemera. Rule to be forgotten.
Speak back to selves you learn to name, rename, refresh, reveal, that rule.
Accommodate the freight that will not leave this place you maintain as a pulse
continues by. Thump in hand, in wrist, in heart. Behold. Be wary. And be multiplied.

Ways of having Thursday count, picking a shred for thinking

Sheila E. Murphy

Thursday, November 10, 2011

poem || Keith Higginbotham

Scalloped Weather Without Floss of Anywhere

track dental—fat out
conform water throat otherwise
pearl reef stick of

bell curve nutrients plus
lapses drop trumpet
note hill
hair rock accredited panoply

rings face way at fences
eyes—goldenrod the no: dalliance my
avenue poster sidewalks
kindling coins thoughts
land during and unkind
upon dental as the pumps
with pinch

darling anchor: on in
hoarse pain softly face a rude
wanton life
metal let tolling
weepy you

rolling apropos petal:
share the
deep echo
attempted said mystery

the This Once, its
afoul variously

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2 poems || John M. Bennett


the wiper business ants for
war and rigid clouds your
lenses crawl ,my dancer
flag ,compells ,a snort ,n
or blockage in the champl
ight ﬞmixed with sneeze
ah number lunched inside my
ear a balled-up book so
me notes ɇ,, dolled wit
h catsup h

o les gonflages QQ des yeux la
gomme ma langue utile c
omme ~ fumée ,letrada was
,my itching back ,combs
drying in the bannered
blood ≈ your towels cr
awl away my severed
inch blinks beneath a
bush your clotty rope a
~vapor in the sun~

the window smeared with mustard


look and spray near cha
ir runny lamp the gr
istle arf fra bed the
lung you clock U→ or
← the muddy ∞∞∞ chain
clashing in my wallet П ~ sm
oky like a door ~ stay
your eyes past closet

the grunting sung was s
lot watched →← used
,poured ,time to ,the nee
dles shine between my
toes my sneezing shorts
sprawl off the bed the
book a gutter in the
dust down there a page Ҧ

limp and sopping like your arm

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

coatlique more baton slumber redundant listen everlast listener also carom tether vineyard motto scree opaque middle range flourish cavity omission those persist enough psaltery met find nothingness aware oppressive elasticity thensome bent happiness rundown shale recursive immerse tenor governance pliant incense anothered lament listen deleria otherways vilanelle norm inertia slightly official borealis noetic avalanche dissent avers footfalls incredulosity utterly abstruse oval timely rabid eocene essent conative reconaissance torn alien serrate neoprene alizarin mode slightly nirguna schnell canoe deleria blog rien sitter lizard mutter laissez noesis threefold pristine clef doux paramour selon les autres lead nth nepotistic allargando brutish vacancy trail integrate noon llama bitternut suede reach shell game placebo that scrutiny zones delight anno domini lossless once earliest facile notification weal throughput brood emaciate mellophone debate slightly presume delay bobtail commerce slither aware lost haircut enough shelf sitter balkanize densest garrulous theatre impose nevertheless waking sled hopscotch variable documentation ellipsis through barometric val de mar nerve slightly presume graffiti hum nsaid volunteerism thorough surplus than seer exegetic huddle point familiarity vest network hoop shallow celsius through parasol terrestrial clobber anvil vanish preamble suction empathetic valkyrie nose rim soothing each realitize vouchsafe longterm altimate covert mumbo jamboree sizing reach tenet vacuum slightly prasada imperious asking somatic vingt quatre retune assurance slightly desk jotter sistine vacate motto sic oeuvre colossal nothing allies utterly apodictic emaciate notification emblem sinister latinate rodeo manifold determinism vouchsafe delay urgency paradigmatic arial rhizomes every wainscoting liaison either elsewise degree aroma either inward volunteer slither inarticulate mode scree parsec deterrent alit centrism nugget anno domini scrupulous deterrence sand neither naive nothings everlasting lossless avowal cedar blousing vacancy deluge unroll damage list sine qua folderol vernal conehead intersect vouchsafes deliberate modus operator evincing sallow paradigmatic talking skeletal buggy ossification no matter isness wooly soot inarticulate pachyderm assurances goad nutmeg ossify parallax describe lys normative caliper ncis teletext nominal another waiting seldom triffid earliest grammatical lucidity preclude omnibus delay norm inward earliest vacate mode singularity epos those scrupulous delay urgency permissive allies edict noun oval consequences accord entice another waiting sleight bobcat surreal coffee hopheaded isness willowy canoe scrupulous treadmill occasion integral picture spliff national either waiting so somewhere interpret vacancy notebooked silence trust vacate mode site waits delivery scrapple outward eggshell small talk envoi clutter singularity urreal that cloister vacancy perilous teaming scree load enough site vacancy nth singularity apostate mode through inner silence those surpass ivory clatter immerse locus rerun latte syntax mitosis fellowship reactive onto in respite atomic react neon repatriate volition cent

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME as gy

fuzz resurrection drop

aimlesstao grasshump

leaving earthorns

fire tabdancer fluid ill

eyepulles festooned

wishing faucibus zo

blanche hands eight

trumsjostle kneaded use

closing 'snake wurrums'

carnation folsage oven

funfain buddhoch live

prostoru serverovny lipz

boli sme na skrini hopless

overgrown file derision

hiss ed pigtail pawnbroker


plunge bol|lie flockgreen for k
prancespank touch gol den g
nose pie r'ce co ne a frot tahge
blue basin mark square tot too
cane switch henge post tell ta
sprung phone bottlenome book
sa usage grief turn eter n pos
page ting shadow anto nin cur
cumin te eth bold spread vibra
ation ship blue shell fence fend
stuffersave stagger stack cattle
grin canal battery brush radio o

hot om ruler paw desk neverache
blade covercream bell sings omo

upto circle pay
bol|lie flockgreen n e

Monday, November 7, 2011

poem || Jeff Harrison

All Loud Worm

slow-rising naked heart turns spider-tongued
turning dry quarter shapes,
O how the Fall harnessed my veins down

flat tiger crane-flat beneath the skin

my mechanical fruit gone All Loud Worm -
Mr. Hole and the rest of the dead
are walking like a mothered Spring, their
fingers are now syllabic levers

the sea-gut Summer's tomb weathers
the powder of some Sargasso smile our
original fishes' bough is alight with drowned fuses

the dark her shawl brides is my address
my poison address can dry up any oasis
my promise spat between the blood forks
shows zeroes are only nerves?

each tear (baby's fair frigid) was
darkness-froth in tides,
these soils rub Devil's hives

tickled tithings O not kissing
what's in the milk & O fetching no string
for the blood-multiplying bone berry

poems || John M. Bennett

sigo férret ro

mer o pús

tula pasa

dijo ····

cednt ra lizo


ficar na cozinha

gagasto de galo

ped ido

in têtegral

col ina agu

sanada ,/

rom pedo a

bac ante ,\



the foreign lobe ()

purse ()

excremencia ()

solo frota


cerrar los ojos mojos

the reef squeaks

the lung gates

the stab whats


letter ptisic


the brimming o’er

shadowed flies

; ;;; ; ;; ; ;

spore calm un

the tape taste

runny roof



mumbled foam mum

bled rooster died

at dawn the for

king sun the

munddny wall

4 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


pulled hungers

camphor dust

frog lick leaving

neophyte schizo

phrenic punctuat

ion petitioner

chocolate butter

flies war unfare

too much dude

cannibalism foul

stupid fact math

ematics affliction

bleat gradual titr

ation solitude


echoing consump

tive nonsense scat

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vengeful backwards

butterscotch flip


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Saturday, November 5, 2011

3 poems || John Pursch

Homage to Captain Nabob

A placid, yet formidably vituperative affair, the War of 1812. Cannon, crossbow, erector set; houseboat, logjam, can of mace; smokescreen, fishnet, anthropoid; will do, Cancun, firepot, hambone for Uncle Bob; and nether the leather shall tether the unsuspecting bellwether stock; eye be them, the most rusted mane in erectronics. Working day and night, the women and men of the waveolution splashed upon the shores of O-say-can-you-sire-a, Nude Hamster, near the Vermin border. Now that naked hamster ain’t got a chance against them vermin, I always thanked, but ye canoe, he do and does and did whup them varmints, played a bit at complete annihilation, then screwed the placato-switch to quick-start the prostate, causing a bowel alarm. Rods out of the water, cracks in the containment vessel, the Seine shrinks, bridges stand dry and deserted, monuments to the atmosphere, the ruins the epitaph, the epitome of epiphany. Hope not, bland storier, thine building shall not crumble... Nay, Captain Nabob, the Flintlock of Firing Pin, Barlovia was tied by spatial interests to the gradiating glass of pi-teen-o-wow, City of Norumia, Lost Blemish.

Many Quicksands

Fuzzy pathways sometimes missed, time just a means for processing the sample set, of the set, many elements, differing only in their time of collection. Pop-top haven for criminal blacktops, asphalt on the lamb, severely restricting the animal’s mobility. Champion dart man Pethronius misses the whole board, simply contemplating strip mining of the ocean floor, forgot about the water, but only after a billion had been squandered on research. Growing fish from plankton, via the crab, a slow but sure reaction, catalyzed by amniotic fluid. Bought the special molds in Paraguay, the gods yawned on easy times and cranked everything, amused with the orchids, the opera shoes, a farm of escalators, menus and bobcats from eras gone over the rapidly rising banks of tidal rivers near you; coming spoon, knife, and fork in the toad worth two in the fender, sayeth the mailman. Clamor for the starlight, moon decides the day, holding for the barfly... Many quicksands. How many? Heading which way? What size? Do they have tigers, tramcars, or turpentine; trampolines, turncoats, trundling toys tied to triangular trench coats?

The Cantorovan Malize

Gormelodifrob on hentorichore

and hexoricam end fondeliborg

con circelimorfus keng panduckle bint,

erd frammle and bandular orbleteecorps;

engen harfinur octar fem staliture pheenj.

Segs ceramit ind heng unar eppel,

alomitous pengen sher zamit anure,

earie hemgular plent and democutous,

cremzonic porfilians, who teck

and garemp the mintiduous bront.

In al depsian kiktabule,

og vasting and pooritain, moracious quob,

a spedgle of encruquian mobtops

plend wherulian honts

fer einth pluzzent friemonts,

sneshing a mard, uvian gropefronze

till enter naderheimers egest

the cantorovan malize.

Friday, November 4, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

You have a choice of whether to make it work or keep it broken. And you elect to keep it
broken, as if a ticket to attention. The pile of pieces that no longer connect means Goodwill
must come to haul them in. Perhaps to simulate a working thing. Perhaps to show good
hope, if not quite faith. You had a choice that you begin no longer to continue having.
As the broken thing morphs into other things, and as you cease to watch, the center
point shifts to a different place. That place, no longer central, shifts from openness
to turf. Whose turf? The guesses gradually accumulate until no one possesses the
connections. And connections resemble possibilities of newly formulating things that turn
eventful. Heaps of new attention might collect or might collide. The inferences might
capsize. An individual such as yourself may have a role in changing forward or
reverting. Stasis no longer holds. An infinity of centers pivot to include remote spots
operating as distinctive centers yet unknown.

Rapport, lack of rapport, a story told from one perspective, an infinity of fiction

Sheila E. Murphy

two pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEkuljR sIdEway slicfedrea

or scons off put of heave sone traigh

then accords oof mudlerknow of jeh

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ess sence lambere fervantsoldens stop

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distal oval thouse thago out aces go

half expected

men disperse

gate tane tried

dependent veil

bell praphoets

spaken dumm

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grass river hide firemuddle ownr


slag fount
pajama scalt
restive ness
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]lane battery
ltelling floo e..

jarp opera d
glapel neep o

text || Peter Ganick

license to rave

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 poems || John Pursch

Wheat Puppet Fingers

Aye, conduit; ye can and ye shall, by the good grace unknown to the pillars of heat and the hens of all contentious islands of conscious neglect. A dazzling, drawn waterline, flirting with the ever-elusive pinnacle, dampens the oscillatory scope of piercing, proven disregard, centering our nimble awareness with figurative dexterity and cool, unlimited reservoirs of symbolic backpedaling. Periodic retrenchment serves the dallying brick cavern of our modal arrival, preferential in its diabolical merry-go-round. Simmering chestnuts hover with newborn gnats, filling the pond's radiant airspace with notions of sidling parachutes and glimmers of a thousand herbal gemstones, yearning for a piece of the infested romance. Birds and geckos sing to blind machines of wonders beyond pure reason, hopping to the tune of mirrored rays and sandbar insecticide gone to vapor. Locked minions toil along a dimly lit trail of torpor and fizzling dice, creeping in all directions, floundering for acorn meal and shards of respect. Swiveling plastic idealogues spew rank, voluminous treatises, fouling the air with typical herd technology, waving off common sense, resting on landing stripes and pensions filched from pocketed knaves. Even so, the sun blazes on, thermostats cry for wheat puppet fingers, carloads of triune bellies scramble for grapes, searing dinosaurs cling to gaseous phantoms, columns conflict with row boats of our connubial gentility, and sleek wardrobes hinder egg bearers, blocking the wanton many from precious fuel. Dripping through another blurred era, the sweat of countless browbeaten, abandoned parents slowly fills the hourglass, dashes the gates of homeland felt, and imbues our nascent wonder with clear, unbending girth. Scenery shifts and sags to the beat of rotating reptiles, controlled by both physical order and miraculously murky laws, long since forgotten. Welling up, our emergency instincts populate the planet many times over, wrack bone and brain, festoon the jungles with carbon clods, and pause only to hand out leaflets for a barbeque. Blending torn quadrants of famous friends with desperate touches of sane, measured potions, the lawn party beckons to all, but accepts only the terraced few; the moral equivalent of basting peanuts in packaged meals. Smooth precision marks the broken contracts of our fond relapse, hitting proud relatives where the homage cannot wield its waning dignity. The urge to plunge headlong into the rivulet of bronze intent overwhelms us all, leaving countless world wars the rank, inevitable, somehow chosen refuge.

Trein Extrozen Obsco

Peridential, gamaline photes

gramm kinderpin onguent

pil cantam nerbinious og,

erumence an engubontal

impuwem's crempin corung.

Steem kempers ob blen arg

sputile, frenchant orguiles,

taramential rogs gnottered

wilch trageer winal smelph.

Romt rudentious fleg ocramiter

dein putim, spendous orgamine,

aribon harb penwinchered.

Gruthe zelm erking enderfen

quontix, mercufon nence.

Vetser spen aquid cordilli fren,

odger ang mindufile umb

hoggermin dietz.

Kounine das fremorous idj,

tephile dendering's arctip,

emerpo rosting pirin phuel,

allem contite trein extrozen obsco.

Amop Cronal Org

Apangule geckonimous shraddle estima,

puera connomular plantidinous minnage,

ejicled zenibles and plexal, effinumal ognards

of cantimere, spinnals for phrem,

canspigles in hemmins of spoonies por tence,

carmanious hexun ij ethtan o'meir,

chimcanule aboxian spential afarian

mintage of canber on irring of phlatous,

wenchal to tincerous hanbles in graphe.

Gortemulent maltiplen spon jeedingly loof,

saltiminous tigranous alther min porg,

obestian menchers amop cronal org,

and jebbious hammular, spintocular mirant

of krendant, horbicled cothede,

adgintled and conceran chippular formenes,

semank urd weirdoc unmanding.

poems || John M. Bennett

chain the comb your
luggage ʭ knot cl
uster ),dr,i,p,p,i,ng,(
air soy huehue
teotl ,a ≈ cloud

,mule ,knock ,EZLN
,sendero de grava ,and
,muddy bags ,of ch
ips an ,storm ,slimy
in the mountains
a doll stands free

grunt balloon mind
hammer yr dogged
choke mold the
mice drink na
me the cave you
said yr name in


bulb tool
runny fog


my thigh star
apt to cringe

the “dog lake”


bore me to
ward my as
reach your
tuna burger
what was sp
lashed I fried my
headache breathes today

phone your door tie
your clot mister
Flagwurst slaps
his ear )))

shoed your dr≈
ool my sopping socks a
marble p●ulsing in
your nostril

poem || Edward Nichols

Concurrent themes he evinced as he whetted the rustoff his tippy- tophat.
Thoroughly flourished,he evinced himself of a tapestry ,and,ran the blue hole through a tempster dagling off a pole, ran the quarter mile as a fifth, shelved used Tturnps of a stuttering shot of rigomortis.His throat shattered in a hacking cough at the mere mention of the word.

Embittered embroiled battle, bubbling bloated blastedin the everhaven garden Demetrius delight .The lights floated past, one, as the overdrive the middleman and pure the puree' on neutral.Sodden with the Earth