Friday, August 31, 2012

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEpt1of a fu\ tuf’u re]Soup
1. fict ion."   'T';ll.:be-it-Held:silence/treerustle/r in Dai windclack sup
rator/d.65 “trustcaco onfolder frreennrar metaswing
thou/out194.7/ burnas Bo rn \\studiowindow//por gan
  • phrases — use breath distort distort destro   y klep
    not fa /me
    al klinch
    re  thenfish rom suffocation.”

  • necessarily scene. Ogo8
sense stop kj.9”gif Tailors sunreams
whiplash/lifepathate eggs did go,pat
  • sce[sunstreams]ne. further.
choose b., lendin 83g
excerpt. ‘[bananas blackened.  kidney.  Derived front. Hastened fast born
gone rainbowbelieve s in
[Now hastily. Wisdom cramped into bringing goals
2. bl e n di n g:
  • person. distinguish
Terunfet wa dada
Ferrett chetcetera
zaldua “
peo ple.ase
Leash topo ro am
silence HELD 

          POMEroaran Do mo*
kasdajog keg le pranc    dujkilaf
 im89 weap84 uye9585 up24to8
 uhjaw I osign jaf dunsodokns  M
?mina kuL Warhi juaw qu9U3Y5H
 jeg opu w89ya9               2y3uh fU
o8 y3 r98 way98 y9 w7 8yu43ta93
4 toyw 978yah suehugs;udhigs9 u
d ghi suido hugsud gohsou daghas
ud hosud hishad few uae wi9ayd 9
87faqu9 ra2hou 3i3 12o 1iquwufa9
0 ud90 bus90 qu0RiH quor hiQ’HEI
OW hew EiH GaW94 UH`80          Ih
9uowow 4ihtoa wei;hi wer hatowie
 hit9we ort gu90 8s dag7s    9tu0435
thug2ut weg08 sey ga80 wet  yogho
2u i3 tru w0se8 gyse us8 fas0tag d90
 g89 d0 donobuh hugsud gohsou oo
* each color read by different person=6 people
Lettersnumbers may be sung, ad lib
spaces should be considered in re duration

Thursday, August 30, 2012

text || John Pursch

Chief Amoeba


Chief Amoeba, a heavy Himalayan hillbilly, a wacky-ass buffoon, a laughing engine, a swollen, nervy, brusque guy; unchecked by worry, a coughing chauffeur, finishes a Turkish pipe, spacing a jurist: "Um, gee, I'm a happier, higher mockery..." 

Lola muzzles a chauvinism eruption, yelling:


"You're a lewd creep, Amoeba; a habitual dromedary; an obvious, bawdy, boozy shill; a penniless pumpkin and a chubby, cherished helot." 

"Likewise, bivalve. Humph." 

"Ike hired a sloppy, goofy, heavy hillbilly; a big, hacking, peculiar hippie." 

A veep, a mustachioed Colombian huffer, shoved him, heaving Chief:


"Chief! Move, Chief, you paranoiac!" (A curtly wallop, a pitiful elbowing.) "Well, unreliable employee! I abhor a madhouse, you hairy boob; you hacking longhair." 

Chief's fairly beefy cowing woke him. A juror, a shapely frau, a visually yummy femme, shook him, joining in. 

Watching Giuseppe batten our hatches, vacillating here, Mafia...

(Author’s note: The consonant sounds in the above text correspond to digits 2018 - 2300 of pi. The sound-to-digit mapping is defined by the Major Memory System: . The text begins with 6839 = Chief Amoeba, since 6 = ch/sh/j/soft g, 8 = f/v, 3 = m, and 9 = b/p in the Major System.)

poems || John M. Bennett

olvido pornográfico mojado

short stunned leg blinking in the
laundry where yr fogged shirt
seat sees ,sees a flowing
on yr chest a clouded beach
my wandered lunch detritus
sloshing in the fishy surf your
finger name my headless
heaving ,shoulder lurching
toward the water’s door I
slept beneath the arches
,bees swarming in the plaza
where a fountain gushes in its
pool of plastic bags ~ ~  ~   ~    ~

...aquí se enterró...
- José María Heredia

olvido de la nada

señores me puse el pantalón y
por la ventana caí ,una mosca ví
y el aire invisible  .el libro con su
caquita se cerraba  .tttrueno y y y
.el sótano de orinas se llenaba cosa
que nunca olvividaba  .hoy las es
caleras se tuercen y apenas
sé subir ,hay cigarros y cha
pulines en cada peldaño  .una
botella esférica de tinta sin tapa
y yo con pluma de poly
propelina que escribe al revés
.señores y damas :no hay
calzoncillos que valen ,ni
calzado que no nos ahoga

- Edgar Allan Poe

olvido del goteo

dit the sleet dime scorn swir
ling in the storm’s loot shuddered
roof spore the leaking fly knot
slams against the chimney slams
against the chimney lo que dije
como dripping under the stove
where an olive rolls to a stop in
lint  )my crawling eye(  inst
ance of emetics or my
dinner roll crum pled in
))my pocket((  white wind –
towels in the attic – my
spider tongue decapitation
steps into the frozen light

...tumi, unu...
- Atahualpa


olvido de la corriente

recoldando recueldgos en the mutt’s
tongued lake oh shut’s spoon gas
heavy y agarrando monte donde el
agua ~  ~  ~   came my nubes for
tines ,fortuna de la rana multi
color en mi oreja espetando por
que no se me olivido .  .  .   )vi
dente pue(  sin clistal sin mar
co muter fork wetted in the
shidt yr cool sore((  fog
life(((  so each lente shat
ters like the rice and clouds
you((((  busied with the
jejenes ,y la jaqueca de .  .  .
“simple cheese” throbbing
on the beach                          (((((

...donde todos los ríos el último...
- Lope de Aguirre


text || Edward Nichols

Archetypical Manifestations
      Doomster of gutteral intensity. A cellophane skullduggery. Hyphesize secular seclusion. Avoiding banality with emotionalist saturation, malevolent, hypomanias resurgence, a wave of vendettas satiable accolades.

Vicarious charisma, physiological theurgy, verbatim folie a deux an emotive acanthocephelan. Maladaptive , intangible, sinecure. Simon Magnus on the silver screen, applying mascara masterfully. A symbolist travelling on a velocipede balkanizes with wizardry and word mongering a doohickey on Balder while participating in charahanc.

   A grotesque corpse his tumulus wave form an imaginary number. Illuminism of a superior wave of the future. A world powerresulting from phantasmagoric multi-media phase modulation. Synergetic referendum run by rapscallions using objective correlation. Sinequanon eccentric dadaism, ephemeral, dandyism. Libation of whiskey, white lightening, resulting in picturesque pink elephants.

    Dantean echelon simulating tetrachords on the periphery of territorialisms wanton, flagrant, insertion of Machiavellianism macabre nomination. Hoodwinked by a verbiage of whirlwind eventualities. Squinting at the horizon of ubiquitous simulation of misogynistic vindication of melancholy medallions undergoing hypnotherapy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 pomes | Billy Bob Beamer

buzzed to
winding cattle
baggy isthmus
hillcome b.
mouldy tone
bowls oatsgo
high perch
broother branch
easy port pouring
blossom  widows
mudsturm passio
tallbles singslad
derdrang sound.
Tripletongu   ing
griefeven upcreeps
 tailsholding gelding
 lots a loft stories blu
therson          ails ton
gue  sile         ent/\to
             sile|| nce
buzzed to arresting
winding cattle facade
baggy isthmus drooping
lower hillcomes b.patch
mouldy tones belated
bowls oatsgo fistfulls
high perchtimes maiden
broother branches caulk
easy hall pouring    stout
blossom  widows dancing
mudsturm passio n ated
tallbles singslad der
derdrang sound.
Tripletongu   ing tut
e kuh griefeven upcreeps
 tailsholding gelding wrench
 lost a loft stories blu bander
sanderson          ails ton gue
que  sile         ent/\to
             oftsile|| nceoft
buz[zerd] to[17     8
]wi[Y]nd[ing ]cat[tle
]bag[gy is[thim]u   s
hil[lco]m    e    b. [.
mo]uld[y to    n] e
bow[ls o]at   s[g o1
Hig    ]H   pe  r[ch ]3
bro[o][d]ther bra]nch
ea[sy p]ort [pou]ring[]
b[los]some  w[id]ows[]
mud[stur]m pas [si o]
tal[lbles] sing[g s la d]
der[drang] sou n[du.]3
tri[ple t]o ng[u   in ]g 3
grie[fe v]enup cr]e[eps
 tail] sho [lding  ge l[d in]g
 lo[ts a] lo] ft[ sto[rie]s blu
th e[ rso] n          ai[ ls  to]n
gu[e  sile]         e[ nt/\t]o
       []      Si[le|| n]ce []

poem || Edward Nichols

                   Concrete Collage

      Contrasting caricutures constitutionalized the tragic semi-conduit of lavaratory containments indigenous condemnation of concrete concertos creeping along the sound barrier of decaying notes, much akin to a swan. Riveting ringlets of conferring ruthless anthologies of subdued withering habits of containment, remembrances of coincidal letters sent to the cosmos so refrains of sudden shudders answer on a plying platform of contagious innuendos fleeing just out of reach as pluralities substitute a resentment of communal platitudes measuring the gusts of vagrant samples of territorial torrential impulses complying with the cut of life which we all feel.

      Contradictory attainment retrieved sodden manuscripts dripping words to the vastness of nothingness. Reactionary futures resemble the past and sojourn into pools of sadness. I stand in it in my barefeet ,on one foot, it soaking through my sole, the planetary vibrations of archetypes. Rarely have I  witnessed such a downtrodden existence. I am the great nothingness. Existential darkness. Determined to break through the blocks and say what I want to say. It's just out of reach. I reach until I can't strain anymore. I realize it has written me.

5 poems || Ali Znaidi

Stainless Wit in Every
bright white
young birds
in twirled nests
atop a lofty lofty
left me astounded
they shine like
stainless stars
     ♪ o ♪
    ? ? ? ?
 wh@ #  a #
wish that
was knot
eaten by
that witch
but which sandwich
& which witch
what a sandwich
what a witch
A Little Haibun
ou :  will pretend to be visible
     : in fact you are a phantom
     : drenched in a symphony
of illusion—a hieroglyph not yet discovered
                    terra cognita
                    terra nova
                    era of terror
a new kind of brew

this place is full of barley dust
dust that runs faster than the wind
the wind can’t collide with insects
insects of every kind
a new kind of brew
a blue composite
to stand, , against
the blue light dreams
                     in your translucent disguise
gesticulations amplified
seeking abstraction—experimenting with
your thoughts
broken blue lights of flashy cars
^^a ride to heaven
                w/ out speech processing
think of little fish in huge seas
            dance:   :dense
                           expressions gesticulating
                           blue waves
                             # uneasy hermeneutics #

text || Noel Canlas


P    r        o       t  e    r     m   i  a   b l     e    n d      e      a    r       k          e   n     i         g  n  i  t        r   o s  p     e     c  u   r       s u       r         r    e            v e     r            s i     m  i            l

V    a     g   r  i        s    m     a n     t  r       c     h a      n    c    e l       l     a  t      t i        c   r a         c           y

C   a       m     o u f      l  i    m    i       n i      a  t     u r      a   l      g     a  l   a        c       i         d  i   t t    h e r a      m  b i       g         t    y

O   n        e         i    r       o       m    b i     l     i         c  i      r  c    u    m  l    e  t     t     r        o    a     m  i  n        d       l e         s         o          u  n               d     e       r           s   t          a       t

Q      u  e       s      s     e n       t   i    m            e         n     t            e   l         l        e t         c   e     e r   a  d   i     i   a          t                e n           d   i      n