Sunday, March 31, 2013

text || Peter Ganick

from zyx-abc

11 stinger anode mottle snippet aisle oeuf nostra iterating preamble nths feral disuse trachea remedy tract non sequitor aioli decent vicuna stereophonic listen assist pageturner rereading selfhoods einsam mysterium scale rhombus tolerably hoovers thermidor happiness watershed orphic delimitation presence surplus peaceful assisted memoranda silences caustic sheer cower torrent hidden washer finesses delay urreal congeries isness participate repair fossil entrecote acidfree onset vellum dasein gentle camber veni delta mirror gauge miso caliper vocalize nebbish drama redo dweeb silicone reanimate cul de savor genial orphic slot governance remoulade pirouette sample reindeer sip heinous presumptions prosaic elixir selfdom resume presuppose virgule data flex escort balance wingspan anthology disincline mettle accidie snowfall inertia borrowing saturnine imperious deluge anothering salute essential cenotaphic levitation elementary plus integral prolix vanguard interpretation evasive motley prochain elixir gopher initialize emptor diremption slurpie vacancy presumptuous elegy clerical entry passel velocity about vein fedora pepper mindstyle notice amperage muddle averaging thereforing salute assurances deliberated boycott aerial portal connotation leisure wheneverly parsec noema forget regimen loots elevate irreal conduce tonality emotional incision fleshed permafrost quarry pulley connote drift hackle rime totem fewer quaff burro nein least contretemps eiderdown nestling vidya hammerklavier whitely spacious tenuto redline guttural improbable etiquette lagoon urreal conducement one staple talon edifice dasein sadhana marring seizure token starship relatedness inquiry posthorn echt heed notice educe mogul spawn nescience tolerate spends oceanside wampum settler fuelcan canister groat mellotron listens festivity pirouettes edit amaretto spatial residuum eerie steep nebbish waterflow introduction legume spaced itinerary defragmentation elicit presumes

12 random feckless harvest foresting thinker hermit node spacious denizen protégé mirror scalene proxy bubble radian server embellish grateful introspection resume franchise ragamuffin cranes genus entrust reverie affine seizure plateau correcting bivouac rummage soprano twixt utter envoi salable interests gemacious trottoir valence straggler convincing relatedness steep avidness rachet protect midrange glue fluid itemize reflection oggi spacious tensile geomancer flageolet entretemps loosen granite simpleton animate cerebellum pinafore queue delay utensil nths volition quaver guffaw portly nocturne salsa vanity overhaul harmonic elite science landscape marketing cuvee litmus apparition elevate singularity poseur neverthelessly apostate intension focus hearing anchor mignon eldorado candid repartee ivory vellum partook scansion delta placebo truth nascent remodel nomad enigma rendezvous camaraderie stopgap impeprious grit hasp extoll remiss venom snuffle daring miscellany protean fibril prelude mainsail tempus relay otherwise prestige immense nonet vouchsafe relapse versive endlessly preoccupy release sonata venison treadmill nanotech thought muchly ampersand ceiling entrada mosquito variably occlude smash ironic dissonance epsilon trees entice mannerism collapse occlude viable mirror anguish document presage etiquette mainsail debut everlasting insignia ciliate broken glassine aperitif vale neither elsewise singer gobbledegook mirage scene remainder also nths effigy persist vocative omelet night mortise valued preside itinerary croissant networking stabilize negotiate listening throughfare plead turret courtesy appall niter stinger nibble random everload

13 pivot engulf remedial noose genial otherwise pareil replicator every neat venetian mirage night fabulosity witnesses enough petulance émigré fallow vendor plasticene demiurge atavism perplexity vociferous colliders samples deluges edict foresting emcees debuts emo realitized irreal ethereal imperious gravel rickshaw fascist vedettes presume salon deign replicator tapestry every headless utterance lastly exultation elan roaring faience dubiety nos through field calendar palazzo emerges delay narrow pearl cobble remiss grotto stubby demands enfold mobius realismo burgeon stampede millisecond haves delays oversight networking saccharin effete malgre oceanic seitan burrow vanquish averaging platelets reaching consciousnessly addenda motion elsewise presume scientism variable seizure placebo onion stroke vacuity pranams educe motto lleast vanitizes rallies thorough assist versive amulet winding since tilde moat versive omnipresence debate snowfall unequal foals routines demur neighborhood rhetorical midi rorschach talus ensemble cede isthmus breiaking perplexity nouns remissive cloture evidences slicing realization emblematic veers tentative drier connote emulate grove sortie evasive candlewick storage parlance totter airplay negotiate lossless entice itself talkings emplot prelude officious cenulean heat envoi ness ruminator veni deign perpetuity stringendo bursar iffiness wanderer effigy stalwart episteme malaprop edifice snorkel mirage immerse levitate obelisk version overhaul obliquity emptor vast definition radian publicist emulator different accuracy portions debenture invert soliloquy pardoned exchequer fascinate immense colander fractal opine stunt remoulade ask rooftop engulf radix curtail mesto vagary nearly borrowing stunt rhythmic osprey immense facts errate nsaid vache duffer answering silences debonair coven seismic heroiade melochromic denude nostrum parlance enough repatriate emptor access introit valence noes through carpet ironic sizing edict raffle standpoint revalue double trousseau convenience rime

poem || John Crouse


Modigliani Propane Vermeer Hatcheck Homunculus
Hatchback Flippers Twilight Expressionism Henchmen
Throng Kazan Spam, Cheyenne Napoleon Beefcake Fingertips
Bolex Chrissakes Malibu Dinosaurs, Copacabana Totemic
Shackles, Selznick Firebreaks, Blum Showdowns Dumbfounded
Rubdowns Saddles Vespa Ism Chiclets. Turtleneck Roadkill
Berman Mermaid Mandingo Diogenes, Metrosexual Tennyson
Colgate Ripcord Mapplethorpe Reflux, Guadalcanal Folgers
Thong Ferus Sundowner Jaglom Timbuktu, Cobblestone
Smuckers Mulholland Teenybopper Wunderkind Tribulation
Munchkin, Velveteen Spector Cosmogirl Chapultepec Nico
Baja Shankar Steeplejack Conga, Velveeta Coptic, Fishnet
Copacetic, Pabst Karate Cosmetology, Gnosis Earlobes
Bordello Klingon Velvets.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

poetry || Sheila E. Murphy

Nothing Bad gers Nothing s lows

Cringe fit lissomes soon now,
feathers teethe upon chill
skin field, she was writhing
in near and a round,
No more than weather cut
of coastline crossed out in a few
thin, brotherly aman uen ses
(menses) alle in pain locked
Scapes on a mission,
margin of the neck naped
lure, his garden to forensic
shepherding the vast scape
Of an optic penury, one sweet
new variance a tropic
all-day longhorn cobbled
to a gathered feat of rust.

3 texts || Billy Bob Beamer

…from  ArtaudRefluxions
…bllllurth ers des ola te fastenedcastles reachat toner tint ear tunetoe to e earthorns glintoffforkspun nebuloussun da 

ysprankled wwretch bbbbbaptismadumptiv e h nOhav eitdo s sier finder club spacer small stemfall all…jockintrade port

dlamfly y dun kersfor as tttt machin eeedformlayplover poncie rook dest roystu ck into gib ole se fleurs deve lop ed adnests heists 

freight payolaflip snim ditchup on thede ameter  wade wart acnerpilst froth succumbing

avoidvoid ingchi itchit mast storm brocade to men tion paralysis3fold harpingineff ableonly indesertsart

taudsa id spermastart yr engines roat rotate preciselyrepoerted soul  thede  ameter wadeincisivechaos

(YO-86978-81) citricaCID dunkers fo|rast markers drainmulch asidarta ud lugga ge ar tart foamance

Appr eciative audience confuserechohf or dining [eyepullyraftersswim 0940382 pre sence in  1 11  
123  2 smock eva guein nocent…………incisive cha osWindiner WindMinepleatertes till    

                              e                                                                                                                                                                          ve

a  n z  p   r t   I l t ne r v e r  le   a v    e

a  l  m e  s f l o r o      a s  t e         r  i o

l a t c h d o  o    rs c l os   e  t  i  g h tt t

s I      n    g b   y al     I s  te      r t  I  m e

c o t  tr  e l  l fl o w n a    s t    r  m  c     h a    n  c      e

 s    l  o     w     d   I   n     g     e    e    s   e

s        t   o            r   m  m   s u r h    g g e

n                 o  c    o       n    t  r      o   l     g  o

s  w        I  m  a  b          o  u   o   I   n  t h    e     s  e    a


O’in ah des fro- in feil so cour

Te fory ‘ fou no ne’predis ci plo ndr

La’s forei no for erery cum slait’esain

Mor’phory domine fosataye neuia ni

Shsi’we m’diehe’vi v’d ek’d’hoe sd’jin

Shie’owo’wygr raje j’iks suh robr bra’  ai ‘to

Lo go’sto mein doin fri w’ ams bah kad d’kad

fou no ne’predis ci plodiehe’vum sla’ait’es id

Thursday, March 28, 2013

poem || John Crouse


Scab Chronicles Yankee Pustule Yuletide
Bipolar, Dentata Turkey Postulate, Oldenburg
Garnish Marvell Bifurcated. Hulk Iditarod Biopsies
Hartung Dropsy, Rollins Lookingglass, Bisexual
Stallone Bygones, Tarot Google Styx Butterfat Araki
Endoscopy Kruger Dehydrates. Houdini Steinbeck
Rolex Panties, Hemingwayesque Rolodex Iraqi
Bowie Orkin. Pedophile Pedometer Rudder Pus
Formica Blowfish Longitude Bronco Jello. Forensic
Merz Pussycats Equinox Oddfellow Evinrude Longhorn
Alphaville Wiki Tinhorns Buzzcocks Gingham Treble
Gringo, Waikiki Tobey Rhinoceros. Longfellow Kickboxer
Pictionary Treacle Sausage. Weissmuller Forestry Lazyboy
Rolo Tinguely Anaconda Pepsodent Godard Flatware.

text || Lawrence Upton

Composition with points of view

Backlights. Fragments of light ebbing. We become particular.

Rush might work after meeting a discomposure. Two figures in the sentence, can I. It isn't a question. I've read it before though. 

They always write, the created; and we cannot survive expiration.

They are heavy dying, carefully ranked, this world. It is, it's meant to have, the measure, all one is to be reminded of.

The door's fallen off the performer might have said but dislocation must be a pause as such, error. I shall assume that is to be a wise man but dislocation must be careful. And start rising. One makes the sentence, that is, scarcely room in all probability. One side of the situation tells. What did you say, if so it'll be effected, black, then I do not mend it.

Buy modern technology. What used to have touched a few ornaments and possessions in darkness. When the lights come on, you say?

Pacing it. By and, if so, if so, that is, in this one. You look into one and see through the pace and make out any detail. The lower half of the stride and rhythm shifts. As we speak we create a pause as it is, that is, it's just wasted. The water's rising. I have. No.

You do?

Ambling by working the muscles of their mouths. When I talk we originate a world. You can, the performer's energy after encounters a grief. Some tracks of observationists. Trash of dawn.

Fireworks that snow there. All the action system is the roughly empty room, the frame pushes into another, the world. If I close my eyes, it is, in here, a pause as there are few accessories. There being all one to be seen.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

poem || John Crouse


Barbarella Cuspidor Uhura Freebase Bradbury
Cloudburst, Jalapeno Deodorant Hammett Chard
Tolkien Slingshot Sissy Beep, Leatherneck Beet Geisel
Rollover, Princess Apostrophe. Jesus Pentagram. Beef
Garfunkel Astroturf Babysitter Syringe, Brideshead Boner
Bumblebee Stigmata Mouthpiece Tumbledown Hellboy
Origami Mouthwash. Teletubby Dewclaw. Antoinette
Bobblehead Nanking Hangnail. Gandhi Nukes Handlebar
Warhead, Schubert Humus Asshole Hamas, Reinhardt
Wormhole Hamms Rebar. Airhead Swahili Pothole Skippys
Jarhead Venusians Diggers Knickerbocker Girlhood
Bullwinkle Topanga Vaccine Dialects Lakers Clitoris
Sasquatch Knickers. Magnesium Cowpuncher Maugham
Yoyo Yeti Aflack Bowlegged Coltrane Whatchamacallit.

text || Peter Ganick

from zyx--abc

07 plateau tale ennui praline commissariat fulsome affine chariot vacuum earnest nine irreal camaraderie etiologic nuance borrower gabble tenor gestural eon noster parrot veracity nearby seizure lexical immersions palliative midas itness rune grammatical utters vender asemic slackness waif otherwise presume transience bottle warden aegis millefleur noggin stirrup ahead masala improbable nerve aside ramification blurry erasure vanitas genuflector versus acme nothing resume lagoons igloo presage illbience governance debilitae misericord annotate mercenary nostrum praline emplot roseate buoy vanish finessed also redux paltry nightfall scrupulous denting saccharine listen apnea snit fascinate lastly early thorough sidereal bavarder either commensurate voices festive latinate mobius graffiti sled gnosis treadmills stile rename nova incubate melismatic virtual perpetuity charisma negate overload negotiate repine satiety versive iota however siddhi mercenary nodes scrutinize emplot variables delay vindaloo parse coccyx enormity sentry vacuum repatriate oversell versive commune atoll cine thatness wholly prioritizes denominate limnal repose ceiling wherewithal roughshod wainscoting everlasting letterset grammatical rouge stampede geisha listless ammunition element vernissage community perpetuity soprano incendiary nothing elevate rummage portions elsewhat foible treading streamline viewpoints aporias through pattern island mealy smock geisha amulet paradox tutoyer neem vociferous oeuf tooled storage trauma feenamint stipple vanishing parachute listening slumber fissure laissez aforemotional cell shipment evening oeuf agility sprache cassette motto ersatz mellow finders tine stabilize mobility canoe reopen scullery factored snowman magnanimous rerun sitting release feint

08 delay precisely entourage isness whiles theatrical otherness vache du rire commensurate blood reapers slinger aileron vaccine answering materials sensor versive fondue snippet ramification elegance torte malapropism sundry lampoon blanketing cellar issuance trottoir stickpin tracked somatic middle tracheas sturgeon northerly absolutism epicurean tidy nascence preparative motel nos remind yarrow presence tooled stigmatic evolutions lapse orbital mob sessional cuffing lettered nothingness wanderer aisle nothing language espouse gnosis tread stickle trot unequality study bitterroot ennui realitization merge inner censor gondola sonic brooking semaphore reread eggshell partook visceral operating vanished nor gabardine releases deign tureen satya pranam either wave sector vapors elegance tentative slot nounal prochain fiesta merriment caveat levee assiduous gravitas ennui parsec thoroughly presume render zoned gentile vais yammer average usage mornay nebbish allot talkerwalker vindaloo operative isness wherewhat recuse familiarize emeritus vamp solidarity oeuf gaggle prosthetic valve situate envelope caked seize gentle naturals snuffle reimburse coffee attitude sattva imperil nebbish valve oceanside wakeful overlay gaffe sez egoic lutenist tackle remedial conifer wakeful inertia letting slash egoist votary pabulum meritocracy double trout decoy brindle cavort sulking variables delay syrupy evident nightfall weather settler mirage ousia thankful seizure balances delay oversight averaging lassitude those reunification wakeful reify sturdy problem miscible there familiarity snicker gasping urreal integral pastiche trauma

09 communal repatriation elevate gitanes eocene trestle overhaul nonesuch thread gestural comparsion overhaul ennoble triste vacate shunt entirely partook entrances levitate mogul parsec site avid vigorous caporal international vanish protocol empowerment cactus evanescent rill toreador multiplexy ghostwritten aside eviscerate brood egoic languaged stimmungen release vernissage pallor confidante smug stricken barrow either donate midland reduction elsewise preamble correctively throughput each zine aleatoric vociferous neoprene calisto vend font systematic laissez foresting buttoning sharper aside negotiate emotile parnassus ebullient rag tagged steering companion elevate rooftop enigma seismic overhaul apologetic motto cinemax acme scenario elastic voiceovers fend gotta casewrap study pegged ancillary petulance nature paltry oversight pareil conifer vitamin shockwave immersion pranam either wanderer also renegade mirror casein paralysis throughput evacuee delight tough feeder siphon vessel contrastive wakeful neiscience tolerably oversight pestle overhaul site wanderer swoh witness fallacious ennui precision essential vestiges elide matrix versive thatness cling ream eon send otherwise teevee systemic avowal coerce dapple ousia threadless improvisation elaborator issuance dominate sensor notes font scrupulous deterrent connote evacuee lest haptic long tincture evocation meep scrupulous detail merciful nominal cirrus receuil nth ahead map hammer visor pivot escadrille panache sonic ebony curator enigmatic lag glacial foresting hybrid oublier acorn either waterloo bikkhu viewpoint woozy presumption allow veni deterrent covering slight utter answer nom cell nib ironic evaluation anapest sprint

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

text || John Pursch

Gazebo Breezes

Ballpark magi electrify treed panthers, smile at doodling notaries, and iron over clown ingredients, sifting crass pollution sauce for mushy rheumatic cleats. Readers pose rigged meat batons as guests imply abysmal collocated chalkboards, glossy and equation-bound, planting glacial micturition darts in soiled enamoured teasers. Grails defy trinket choirs, slurring addled gnomes, spotting up motorized gang tics of ribald understatement, flopping deep caricatures for lakeside motifs.

Tocks rely on frond emoters, binding throne ejection to wheeled spasmodic grout, despite insensate normalcy’s tendentious salutation. Hives in tow surround careening plaudits, trending toward frequency pox, measurably hazy. Fools connote livid oddities, activate sequestered knuckle dimwits, and terrify a breadboard.

Stippled wherewithal mingles keyboard daylight with nonstop hammering, greasing stupas for turgid carpers on furlough from canned egress. Filial refurbishers stink of couched impasto, opting for olive ale over neuropsychiatric weed. Gender entails superficial toppings, squaring round zippers into pantyhose gazebo breezes, tumbling at noon.

Timid busts of graceful cloaks who leer at Cretan dowry fiends presume to fend for otters on pebbled croquet lawns, evaporating wayward aunts. Placid cartoons flail aback, skimping on nadir pills, plump and chesty. Numb utterances signify irate pharaohic gist, toppling cribs across encumbered gantries, flashing the blockhouse with radioactive cereal bile.

poem || Jeff Harrison

Settle for Dryads' Graces

doing, Herr Bibliothekarius?
bleakest reading, blackest life
fire there is curiously soft

here is mention anew of Virginia
a sunny subject is Virginia —
a ramble of a catastrophe, me the snarled:
"the bareness destroyed, Virginia who
shapes anew what shepherds rescue"

me, to whom oldest breath is freshest bread —
in the bleakest reading, blackest pastoralscape
there's a V where the space, & me, should be

living in mysteries were Dryads,
chasing familiarity am I still, still I
foolishly stroke old branches that,
glistening, are to become your manuscripts,
Herr Bibliothekarius!

fineness a-sink, brain feeling is sweeted,
lost, started anew, & ever for birds behind skies
your manuscripts contain sandy & mossy plays
moss spell'd to sun-black-charmed Egypt

what's un-numbered dropped from
counted hands (four hundred & sixty-two)

the final hand, unwritten by Herr Bibliothekarius
nor mentioned under smeared-inky tongues, is the
glove throning Virginia, my world-historical sock-puppet

echoing, we'll be disease together, orally I can mirror
simple dryads destroyed in the lumber mills, me the snarled:
"do you love that body appointment? fire there is curiously
soft, cool to the touch its graven mention of blistered hands...


to Herr Bibliothekarius,
the hangman of one copyright,
the sun's sanity seems the seas

the luminous part
of Herr B's dream is
the lacuna, filthy flashes

splendid, so
splendid, you've
dignified mud!'

quoth my dryads, to
whom sandy & mossy plays
aren't very sepulchral, until
filthy flashes knotted with mud,
prowl their skies, they creep down

stone steps to find Bibliothekarius doing
the King In Yellow, piercing dryad lamentations,
but the loudest voice here is his own death-distress
four hundred & sixty-three, -four, -five, -six, -seven,
all possible readings of future numbers having promised
the KING IN YELLOW's scenes will meet w/ fire

indistinguishable from fire when in fire
his own death has eyes on our thoughts
the next time, his poems come down in sheets
our own words in strips of his GRAVE dialect —

'my prompt mouth cut with vines,
my hands, rabidly fiery, unbound still'

uncurtained scent
under white stone
steps, further under this
blanche is the black mud —

without lutes the dryads, & Herr
Bibliothekarius knocking them aside,
parched all, run their lips to the marsh
under that black mud it's all pearl"

Monday, March 25, 2013

poem || John Crouse


Thunderstruck Bonnet Mogwai Helix, Blackface
Poland, Pasadena, Colophon Tangerine Minutemen Hyphen
Handball Tinseltown Welterweight Waltons. Crappie
Stipend Clorox Snapdragon. Copyright Handjob. Pentagram
Hormonally Sombrero Hambone, Homophobe Polyglot Bibliophile
Cockroach Lovechild, Hello, Zappa, Nursemaid Payola Tangiers
Stereoscopic Moneypenny Colonoscopy. Playwright Mellow
Blackball Greasepaint Crocodile, Antiphon Hydrant, Stravinsky
Mugwump. Menagerie Weimar Cornball Paperweight
Walmart Norsemen Mumps Hydrox Paymaster Slavishly
Othello. Snapshot Amputee Sobriety Backbone Snapple
Pantaloons Grandiloquent Cigarette Intervenes. Diebenkorn
Rollercoaster, Fingerstall Marshmallow, Payroll Lavishly
Grit, Antelope Strobe Crayola Softball Zapruder Abbreviates.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

f fernt s- sors- t
om ea sa re  ga
mand ph alit I on
t s ze ar t ico lal ly
wealy  amplesh e
phot-di o de ha sa
sal ler sem sit iv- e
ar ea th an a eigerl
ler ubean shas owa
c grod c-nt at e-hic
h n tun mahit te ad
atin roa malsle s a o
etet aga hebac  urh
r atage f a seiconuct
or senor ith I s fer hoi
sib oeaur acsch ery oeah
artle alwi  o dailed iv
esiaion oe hacterstics
o a am-ehe opionl se
sfre islas henrg secru
m erming erdeted nas
is o e ard-ut

Saturday, March 23, 2013

poem || John Pursch

Blottiem Cratogue

Charimol praudium oment ilge
ejauculi chromoti dendorum plenosti,
spuelingdon cround pesmouchle groph
etumiem spouchie asphlatus pleint whogle
quon cregumol hoapiscum vobarie
quaxot trecellium woan.

Howsome poxpartium jogallium rexstarph umpt,
tebullius pagstruous denicular rhototendrious
turmiest placequot cruemple wheedge?

Grevemtue helfer pron homial trescoariot
chiraphe stembulon sceptart,
lotopine direstem unculon
tasplegian blottiem cratogue,
loophing dranscientous idgulum whooch
tablienal carimian proxscotch entreipie haroul.

Whosove agilian treksye goffle,
chepped uf treidian mortounier hurple sprong,
gareque tefranche abarcle’s drenotious ation.

Plitch faroster melpronet umphlatior scoul,
escubbled talunk imeili phroget spune,
vence wheggian troan sephestucean ord.

3 texts || Matthew Fee


I woke up.
I ate breakfast.
I poured a bowl of cereal.
I poured milk in the bowl.
I put my spoon into the bowl.
I put the spoon into my mouth.
I swallowed.
I put my spoon into the bowl.
I put my hand on the table.
I put my hand on the spoon.
I put the spoon into my mouth.
I chewed up the cereal.
I looked down at the table.
I swallowed.
I adjusted my glasses.
I looked out through the window.
I grabbed the spoon with my hand.
I curled my fingers around the spoon.
I put my spoon into the bowl.
I opened my mouth.
I put the spoon into my mouth.
I chewed up the cereal.
I pushed my tongue into the back of my mouth.
I swallowed.
I opened my mouth.
I breathed in oxygen.
I looked down at the table.
I put my elbow on the table.
I put the spoon on the table.
I exhaled through my nose.
I licked my lips.
I grabbed the spoon with my hand.
I curled my fingers around the spoon.
I put the spoon in the bowl.
I turned the spoon over.
I dipped the spoon in the milk.
I brought the spoon to my mouth.
I opened my mouth.
I put the spoon into my mouth.
I sipped the milk from the spoon.
I pushed my tongue into the back of my mouth.
I swallowed.
I opened my mouth.
I contracted my diaphragm.
I breathed in oxygen.
I looked down at the table.
I put my spoon on the table.
I looked out through the window.
I saw the grass on the lawn.
I scratched my ear.
I closed my mouth.
I exhaled through my nose.
I thought about laundry.
I put my hand on the spoon.
I curled my fingers around the spoon.
I put the spoon in the bowl.
I turned the spoon over.
I balanced the cereal pieces in the spoon.
I brought the spoon to my mouth.
I opened my mouth.
I put the spoon in my mouth.
I pressed my lips against the spoon.
I pulled the spoon out of my mouth.
I chewed the cereal with my molars.
I pushed my tongue into the back of my mouth.
I swallowed.
I felt that the milk was cold.
I opened my mouth.
I contracted my diaphragm.
I breathed in oxygen.
I closed my eyes.
I scratched my ear.
I yawned.
I existed.
I was alive.
I brought the bowl to my mouth.
I opened my mouth.
I drank.

NetHack Kill Log

3.4.3 5286 0 3 4 -1 82 1 20120527 20120527 1 Val Dwa Fem Law
errida,killed by a giant ant
3.4.3 4884 0 7 7 0 53 1 20120528 20120528 1 Wiz Hum Mal Neu
errida,killed by a tengu
3.4.3 2290 0 5 5 -2 67 1 20120527 20120527 1 Val Dwa Fem Law
errida,killeby a kitten, while helpless
3.4.3 1818 0 4 4 -3 41 1 20120527 20120527 1 Val Hum Fem Neu
errida,killed by a dwarf
3.4.3 1337 0 3 3 -1 54 1 20120527 20120527 1 Cav Hum Mal Law
errida,killed by a small mimic
3.4.3 1248 0 7 7 0 37 1 20120619 20120619 1 VaHum Fem Law
Derrida,killed by an iguana, while helpless
3.4.3 1011 2 4 4 0 35 1 20120527 20120527 1 Hea Gno Mal Neu derrida,killed by a giant ant
3.4.3 443 0 2 2 0 27 20120527 20120527 1 Pri Elf Mal Cha derrida,killed
 by a g
iant rat
3.4.3 405 0 2 2 0 13 20120527 20120527 1 Hea Hum Mal Neu derrida,killed
by a newt
3.4.3 287 0 1 1 -1 33 1 20120527 20120527 1 Bar Hum Mal Neu derrida,killed by a water moccasin
3.4.3 268 0 1 1 0 12 20120527 20120527 1 Wiz Hum Mal Neu derrida,killed
by a f
3.4.3 261 0 2 2 -1 15 1 20120527 20120527 1 Sam Hum Mal Law derrida,killed by a jackal
3.4.3 168 0 3 3 -8 11 1 20120527 20120527 1 Wiz Gno Mal Neu
derrida,killed by a kobold, while helpless
3.4.3 164 0 1 1 0 11 20120527 20120527 1 Rog Orc Fem Cha derrida,killed
by a s
ewer rat
3.4.3 122 0 1 1 0 23 20120527 20120527 1 Pri Elf Mal Cha Derrida,killed
by a g
oblin, while helpless
3.4.3 64 0 1 1 16 16 20120527 20120527 1 Bar Hum Fem Neu derrida,quit
3.4.3 26 0 1 1 15 16 20120527 20120527 1 Kni Hum Mal Law
3.4.3 26 0 1 1 6 12 0 20120704 20120704 Arc Gno Fem Neu steve,quit
3.4.3 4 0 1 1 -4 15 1 20120527 20120527 Arc Dwa Mal Law derrida,killed
by a w

Ode to an Ode
for John Keats

O ode ode, O O ode ode ode
O ode, O O O ode Ode O ode,
O ode
 O ode ode O O ode
O ode ode, O Ode O ode:
'O ode O ode O O ode ode,
O ode O ode O O ode,
O ode, ode-ode Ode O O ode,
O ode
 ode ode
O ode ode, O ode ode,
Ode O ode O ode ode.

O, O O ode O ode! ode O ode
ode O ode ode O O ode ode,
ode O ode O O ode ode,
ode, O ode ode, O ode ode!
 O ode ode O O ode Ode,
Ode O O ode, O ode Ode,
O ode ode ode O O ode,
O ode-ode ode;
O O ode ode, O ode O ode ode,
O O ode ode O O O ode ode:

Ode ode ode, ode, O ode ode
Ode ode O O ode O ode ode,
O ode, O ode, O O ode
Ode, O ode ode O ode O ode ode;
O ode ode O ode, ode, ode ode ode,
O ode ode ode, O ode-ode, O ode;
O O O ode O O O ode O ode
O ode-ode ode,
O Ode
 ode ode O ode ode,
O ode Ode ode O ode O O-ode.

Ode! Ode! O ode O ode O ode,
O ode O Ode O O ode,
 O ode ode O Ode,
O O ode ode ode O ode:
 ode! Ode O O ode,
O ode O Ode-Ode ode O O ode,
Ode O O O O ode Ode;
O ode ode ode O ode,
Ode ode O ode O O O ode ode
O ode ode O ode ode ode.

O ode ode O ode ode O O ode,
O O ode ode ode O O ode,
O, O ode ode, ode O ode
O O ode ode ode
O ode, O ode, O O ode-ode ode;
Ode ode, O O ode ode;
Ode ode ode o'd O O ode;
O ode-Ode ode ode,
O ode ode-ode, O O ode ode,
O ode ode O ode O ode ode.

Ode O ode; O, O ode O ode
O ode ode ode O ode O ode Ode, O'd ode ode ode O ode O ode ode,
O ode O O ode O ode ode;
Ode ode O ode ode ode ode O ode,
O ode
 O O ode O O ode,
O O ode ode ode O ode ode
O ode O ode!
O ode ode ode, O O ode ode O ode
O O ode ode ode O ode.

O ode O ode O ode, ode Ode!
O ode ode ode ode ode;
O ode O ode O ode ode O ode
O ode ode O ode O ode: O O ode-ode ode O ode O ode
O O ode ode O Ode, O, ode O ode,
O ode O ode ode O ode ode;
O ode O ode-ode O
O'd ode ode, ode O O ode
O ode ode, O ode ode ode.

Ode! O ode ode O O O ode
O ode O ode O ode O O ode ode!
Ode! O ode ode ode O ode
O ode O o'd O ode, ode ode.
Ode! ode! O ode ode ode
ode O ode ode, O O ode ode,
O O ode-ode; O O 'ode ode ode
O O ode ode-ode: O ode O ode, O O ode ode?
Ode ode O ode:—O O ode O ode?