Tuesday, January 31, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

from mobile structures

infotainment claw nevertheless ingenious frill contingency territorial motto lasix blurring avid earliest gratitude moat borrower sizing awhile comparative occlusion thosethen relate vivo cranial sobriquet imagine alto maelstrom agitate lossless anvil perpetuity intuit lagoon periscope fido senior sass cartel nosegays midst agoraphiliacs today credits everywhere incur alignment toss alchemy fissile thatthereas felicity boisson caveat light rhythm exigent alcove paean topical memorize gnat shoppe worn orangerie thatthen sulk move ingrain elegant ceilings woofer animate borrow anisette notion lasso thanthere pacify melds enigmatic volition boar engrave onsite thensome agrophobia demiurge letterset monstration evidence perilous bitten orison trafficking milliliters slack large euphonic denizen pretense noting rampant sgraffito enough remind sold instance faring whereintofore insure certitude mellow grapple incurs enigmatic vast plight seizure noema sorting volute bon mot seizure palsy sledding gullible routers cenotaph effigy alto nescience thanthose oxymoron also vestigial premonition alchemy dowse nominal bookish valence topic elide vendor palo tendons liege amidst flock ahoy crumpet island entrust distend hoax beguine iamb elemental coincide aleut eventual scrappy nighttime oases genetic also neithers wile orbital commonsense geometry lode snipper valse matrices ebony steamfitting elan sterile nominal coconut boat whosewhy negotiate sleek coefficient alien governance rayon simulcast merge cilia neon graphic leeway columnar beneath seldom craft ens zwei drei consultation aplomb centrist valve itemizes effort assiduous thoreau gordian kimono saith between affiliations stenograph entertain masala brocade neem tragic joy nimbus calling reduction everest where appliance plick plock thosethough fumigate merging salute asked salaam mitoses gracious tether ancestor surge amaretto basinet cinnamon grab joist noun seismic aggression prelude oeuvre bon mot achilles risotto silence torn signet gavel antebellum thanthose successive borderline mirages stated eject premonition scrip genome notify schism oomph adventure salsify boho ceiling emigrate necessity framing calisto eeriest goblin heroism nineteenth nerve robust gradient slept sistine vacate emulator beeper trot inversely commensurate moccasin literal felicitous gag orbit easel magus imperial tort ensemble thatthan cull remedy apperception lest hashed othered willow denier from tore thatthose preempt widen seldom tremulous attention which lilac soonsudden everlasting moralese eccles toss gestural isolater mode through which evening satyr essay bottled washer cordillera waterspout oilcan terminalize atomic zones throw niacin melody breaker isness scrutiny accord inscrutable delta foible amaze mattering slam dungaree silence widely scampers cellar office history offerings stalwart thosethese emulate iterating selfless endarchy negator ensemble iterating solidarity eachness once lexical once once thisness occasion numerous claw baking strum ontology shuffle animate calling rooftop accomplice situate emptiness once once then once mobility secretes eccles dossier hostages demiurge slurring qualifiers close options allargando those breviary valkyrie basinet coerce immateriality coefficients sez ez pinochle thosethen considerable reticule ascot burin sacking eccles debates endarchy seldom granulate modest niceties sleek oath persist veneer donor slurpie vanguarded motto slats either vacuous threnody inventory gluon thatthen concentric palliative omission once once those repeat once and once through parlance thorough selflessness once waken once thatthose remote listener connote avarice toon seraphim outer wash cold hatter mumble documents hasp arpeggio contextual either waistcoat melding happiness equivalent

5 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEr ailro ad t eam s

railroad teams buffer appeal. reminiscent bicycles stress comedy.

sleeping coaches reach patterns. resolve emphasizes instant reflexes.

soundtrack flashes throughout the ruined station. painted conscience.

mature change exists. alarm struggles outside clipped wires and steady.

should selected nonsense train. fine degenerate? passwords assume all.

does benefit resolve tragedy? debate sickens on top of swim ming cars.

sequential ingredient updates paint. moving train. quibble jokes overail.


go[ldfo]on[ bl]oc[k at]on[al f]or[tun]ate[ sc]ho[o[nerc]o

t]bia[s d]orts[ch]fa]il [ra[in ]e[mpt]y h[eng]e cl[imb]in[g

ho[rse ]wre[nch ca]ter[fall c]oug[h]scr]ew s[m[al]l ]s]t[ar

ha[irli]g[ht ]dap[pe]r blo[om[ fo]p [mar]sh do[wn]er[ gon

do]la so[lid ]mi[sh ]foe[ar f]le[etsc]uck[er] to]sh b[lin]k s[li

ce[d a]st[rapl]a[ne tas]tyb[e]gin[nin]g do[m]e ro[n ra]t [to]

m[e f]ip[ple] fa[st s]ch[ho]on [mo]on jau]nd[ic]ed fli[ghtma

r’gar[ine] fl[ap]dig[gin]g re[s po]tas[siu]m[nod] lo[ngs]tru[n

di]n [tra]vels[ d]e voi[dch]am[ber] broc[coli d[ead] leit[m]o

ti[f ]car tok]ens[ spla]t[ter b]oun[d [d]up]lica[te f]oll[ow tote

m’slip[pe]ry f[ar]e mo[nar]chi[cal ]sho[rts]to[p fe]rvi[d cl]ose

et[ no]w in[mo]st sp[in]ner gr[ack]le be[hin]d fu[m]e de[gra]

din]gfa[rci]al hu[ma]nica[n]ni[ster] as[hen ]wo[otin]g do]odle

POMEnee ded


Nee ded l[=-is;’][ liv er

was ‘[[]=not [eve.;’ ./;ry

one s ee],,lpo pon -==;’yup

got to get strai ;’[]]=/’=twit

h o lor dymaster [\yes o do

arst petalsr min ;’e. dimch irp\ 3

skel,.[-etal sup[]port s fr[e]i gh t1

he[ alth;’[]-= bu ]c’ket ,.;[ red li[n]

mes./’[amis[]ob sc[u]re in vesti.,p

gat .;’[--=ION Nee l[=-is liv er ee de

humo n’g;’[-ou’s pres[]sur e fli [e]ght y

[ alth;’[]-= bu ]c’ket ,.;[ red li[n] []]=/’=t

wit one s ee],,lpo pon -==;’yup p vesti.,;’G

got to get strai ;’[]]=/’=twit mu ]c’ket ,.;[

red li[n]h o lor dymaster [\yes o do[ liv er



an] cien]t gre]eceacho[ra]cha]n[tofaw[il]



[is [na]tur[ee]sp[eci]ally[on[eof]irr[eg]ul[


[it]io[]nof]th p[oe]mo[rs]imi[lar]co[mp]os

][it]io[]nof]th p[oe]mo[rs]imi[lar]co[m nof]


Monday, January 30, 2012

3 poems || John M. Bennett


bag of tongues ∩ bleeds S the
fridge’s air in ,~falls~ out across
the floor___∩ my spinning neck §
to the steaming≈ windo
w □~ walked my swallowed
,gulf it’s ,if dribbled ,,,shirt ,the
porchlight ● blackened ,wr
inkled where Ih ,efffluenza
churned ,wrote the contents
,like bees rotting ,of the plas
tic Ʊ bag .nor knife " nor
hung the sopping ,yet legible
,still ,▒ note ,like naked feet
,crawling from my ,hair ’’’
enshrouded ,mind ,the st
icky ,insistent was ,dust
or archive of the putrifact
,the lunge /


the flooded ,insular if thigh ,socks
tepid far ,envisioned still ,below
the chin your chest toward tilts
,was ,drugged and wove ,hair ,a
,snipping ,wave ,yes smothered like
,what hour regressed ,time nor tic
king of tongued ,tho gagging ,shoe
dripping the bed’s beneath’s .the
surface ,with shirts with arms
with trees entire an tires de
flated ,masks their heads gone
sunk ,shivered and shimmered
in the choking sun .a bowl
,thickened with mud ,of rice ,on
,above the yawn ,a rock ,where
the turbulent earth was sea an
I ,in my pocket ,was hand my
icy fist ,my mouth with grav
el full ,and a cloud ,gravid with
grit ,returns


soaked my broom cloud eat
mutter blank drone sigh
wrinkle where my lunch
consumes the pickled feet
o shoeless mind hot haw I
tightened up my dreamy swi
mming through la M al the
mirrored steam still awake my
constipation clock’s ignored
.the lethal bees inside your
statue tilts encrusted behind
the thorn garage hold out my
spit-up hand the palm a
plate where yawn begins

poems || Jeff Harrison

The Roller Coasters of Phillis Wheatley


The Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson,
New Jersey) is 464 feet & 3118 feet long, with a drop
of 428 feet. a top speed of 128 miles per hour, Kingda
Ka's passengers, handfast meadowlarks born for the sake
of falling between fingers, are not black-thorn, nor oh
awake they are from some indomitable hue



The Top Thrill Dragster goes from zero to
120 mph in 4 seconds. at zero mph it's a hand
inactive and unwary next to a threat'ning maw -

a wounded, sick, or aging brown bat inches away
from an attentive grey-striped cat



Thunder Dolphin passes thru the middle
of a ferris wheel, and, like a poem, is
within the horizon of universal apology with

pagoda abruptness; her (T.D.) money all workable,
a second-best peep otherwise or, even, mosque



Steel Dragon 2000 is the tallest
coaster to use a traditional chain
lift (due to the lift hill's length
2 chains are used) & cost
$50 million, more than a Goya

do you know how Goya died?
mad in a dark wet house
he drew on the walls
every monkey on a tree
was his story

he began losing the brain
misantropo suddenly
he refugee in his house



Gravity Pleasure Switchback Railway, built by
LaMarcus Adna Thompson, was the first roller
coaster in the United States (roller coasters
originated in Russia, then made their way to
France, stealing away under cover of darkness)

5 cents a ride

a nickel
could ne'er help unknot any loftier prize



The Russian Mountains opened in 1804.

The Russian Mountains was
the first roller coaster in Paris.

The Russian Mountains would
dump most its carriages as it
carried them to the bottom.

The Russian Mountains slew
many lovely courtesans.



Millennium Force was the first roller coaster
to utilize a magnetic braking system. like

most roller coasters, it is taller than the statue
of liberty. golden the pace of Millennium Force --

golden the pace of all roller coasters,
silver speaks the water to their eyes

they move as a glass stream - the grass
has burned down & the water gets dry

in love they are with this short planet

sunwards you streams to what sunshine? I'm
fearful that my pace could be thus golden

Friday, January 27, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas, chunk 9
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Beets’ sore tray quavered trident
violated Neptune,
concluded’s hasty alley of ovoid goons,
bees and those whose Sole’s occident
cores him in lecher’s zoo of angled marines’
turquoised curtains.
A pest logo of aphid volumes
(somber the Sole and tossing the vents)
of carob’s feltchers, shushed bandaids
simper glorious, simper tremulant,
romping those who arm the plumb’s center
Estragons the isthmus, Alladin’s fire:
the isthmus’ wit all oceans divides,
and, syrup of crystal, juntas empedes
the cables, dull north’s corona,
cons she who illustrates the sure coal escaped
of antarctic strays.
Seconds laid died the second pole
in never’s mirror, which renders him no solo
nor blank hills of his couched bells,
mass of those who log beans not soup nor
Midas’ metal homicide.
Not the bastard’s dusty eastern element
conduced orcas, listed balls,
immured of mountains’ spume,
infamous blanking his arenas
with tanks of primer’s atrophied
signs, owns the butyl’s last mosses,
pear with’s east’s last signs’
timorous enchained seconds.
Too, Cuddly, too, piss, of the profound
estigian acrids torpid marines,
quantum’s arbored sepulchre the mirror’s fire
on your guests, disdained.
The promontory that Aeoleo’s shushed rocks
canned hissed the other’s naval grunts
pared the austral ales dunked in jute,
pared the cereal spiral’s poured seen boxes,
doubled alleves, and’s too obstinate antenna
cables the hiss of spherical bone.

4 poems || John Pursch

Rabbertine Soup

Gao musta einer clooben aram ener phreen
to suxa brenial astrular denimy,
criven the arbvious speta mounchen
dumenstraint peerulage.

Wisted ebond dreien spelunchie kets,
an armeir ox barrelkeet talisment
limpsed owton pon grelting meese fumurs,
thoping and strombola betwose
moochen pur frei crembers.

“Hedgerton whentles eruptinel orp rabbertine soup,
ketchel chot nexter eerm apoital phlagrence,
oolier manipol ench,”
garsonned firtheen of the fringous orlong scoomies,
earchot estance farm dinet etsets.

Diatribe Exposure

Wrangled feats of gargling clowns spill funereal grace and menial police actions, minting goon choices and double-sided dirt balloons, selling caulked maxima to soiled patrons for quartered rebel feet. Umpires vent their prancing tentacles, shouting dubious wishes and called lockout tunes, inching through tollbooth strangles of chalked soap. Cardinal ordinaries film daytime panty raids for arching, checkered cartoons, plotting the integral underflow of cause registers everywhere. A small glass pinnacle endeavors to impress two cute purpose routines with logical comment grease, only to champion a rival’s inadvertent whimsy. Hurtling dervish pumice falls in ashen sheet music from skylight poltroons, effacing each mutinous retreat, groveling for futile diatribe exposure.

Nibbly Quotan Fermightle

Whence yon amulette espels frockian lozen gapenots,
the elbian moritage shilt mockenty boonce dried couzians
of ankled racelet quandra oonce, narifer aquid joont.

Armt, zoen exapropen boole felds,
enjiggered via den smouchen odumen,
filaroped by manty earpock deramiters.

Intermangled when haggendy luckment
sketchoff ortian marmon quats,
each etchy wrestian lother echanic’s groth
pendules monky wiems of cloop taroot,
enardled in eskid modorool.

Loung efter eine grouber wenta tchangie,
tengine’s twainee athea lometer,
a croset osithen atumple lein.

So stampidules agess emon driest farochen steos,
houpling our grait, crausian outh prathta aunder;
whoot maithered etnot nibbly quotan fermightle?

The Myopian Dream

Reinforced by ladled code, gallons of brains speed by, quaffing atmospheric margins, breeding bent focal points, lost in their ambient intent. Smoothing out the sinusoid, collectible conjectures bleed into imperatives, splashing semantic jumbles and unguided interrupts on luckless limpers, charred to oblivion by the falling dust. Gloved feet fulminate over snorting nasal plenty, fidgeting with gas station travails, tapping out a plastic rhythm, sandwiched between first base and affirmative visions. Optical swoons approach from aisles deserted, reading shoes tamp down the automated spew, noses bleat a tuning fork’s hungry whistle, and breakfasts deny the second-hand magazine’s napkin, shearing off eyebrow lint. Great wave machinery waxes the moonlit embolism, raising many sails, adjourning till neap tide repeals the myopian dream.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 poems || John M. Bennett


my spiral torch my rift leg my
you could’s itcher fold ,the
light flamer coughy off the
railing’s spat’s into ah wake un
spell the charper hair the
barking gulls’ plunged the
mind ,yr spanners ,the
stalling’s left ,a crown of
rabbit’s feet an oozing where
,craw yr nails a cross ,pull
et gobb et sock et’s wr
ithing plume my next .so
ritch the sky so ton gued the
soap so’s ,piltdown’s skull’s
,nor wormy sherds the weft
writ in ,slime I wandered far
to right an empty stream≈
,barely ticking in the dust


hop gash trounced not peldaño
imitado ni un muro folded
like yr tea pañuelo ,lentes em
papados con tu sangre con tu
risa con las pulgas emplas
tadas de tus dichos nec
róticos ,felpudos tus ojos
gristly too ,toward the shad
ow shirting in the door’s non
listoid necked ,a clambersome
one ,meaty deboned ,swoll
where’s scrawling up the
,bedroom full of mist and
hair my habit’s tower’s k
notted ,rabbity ,tumbled
in the all 5 corners in
the closet where the


; ; ; brack suit ╤ ╤ shell ti
me ○○○○ com/ba/t/an/t re
forma █ heel steam la≈c≈us≈
tr≈e ojo aguado de los Itzaes ●≈
haw the ~snake~ drawls ahead a
head ∩ )∩( it’s jail snore y
ou turd the slant / luggage
“whiff” of doorknob clothing
steaming in the toilet Ũ clods
an necks ~║ choke the sugar
mask ☻ crawling on your floor id
]coughing dreams the morning’s ash[
yr sleep ~= inside the sleeve’s
a dune ,nor rent ,a roof ∆
angled toward the dumpster hul
king █ in the alley ___▄__________

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

from mobile structures

noun seismic aggression prelude oeuvre bon mot achilles risotto silence torn signet gavel antebellum thanthose successive borderline mirages stated eject premonition scrip genome notify schism oomph adventure salsify boho ceiling emigrate necessity framing calisto eeriest goblin heroism nineteenth nerve robust gradient slept sistine vacate emulator beeper trot inversely commensurate moccasin literal felicitous gag orbit easel magus imperial tort ensemble thatthan cull remedy apperception lest hashed othered willow denier from tore thatthose preempt widen seldom tremulous attention which soonsudden everlasting moralese eccles toss gestural isolater mode through which evening satyr essay bottled washer cordillera waterspout oilcan terminalize atomic zones throw niacin melody breaker isness scrutiny accord inscrutable delta foible amaze mattering slam dungaree silence widely scampers cellar office history offerings stalwart thosethese emulate iterating selfless endarchy negator ensemble iterating solidarity eachness once lexical once once thisness occasion numerous claw baking strum ontology shuffle animate calling rooftop accomplice situate emptiness once once then once mobility secretes eccles dossier hostages demiurge slurring qualifiers close options allargando those breviary valkyrie basinet coerce immaterial coefficient sez ezra pinochle thosethen considerable reticule ascot burin sacking eccles debates endarchy seldom granulate modest niceties sleek oath persist veneer donor slurpie vanguarded motto slats either vacuous threnody inventory gluon thatthen concentric palliative omission once once those repeat once and once through parlance thorough selflessness once waken once thatthose remote listener connote avarice toon seraphim outer wash cold hatter mumble documents hasp arpeggio contextual either waistcoat melding happiness equivalent grateful snipper easel nth hub stronghold emissary thatthan cluster movement insofaras vents wallboard butter hiatus elemental carousel urreal conifer ousia thatthen scruple duplicitous thosethat therethen simple occlusion thatness wilderness once once panegyric asking token vertical routine echelon sterile notifier syllogism noon tread steadfast notice amputee least moodswing poof reach eggs howdy noesis brethren salsify vigule opaque mitten escutcheon thanthere noggin settle veins seldom passer vendor wimps overture alienate motto structural indemnify clumsy bearing donor slight either waiting resistance botox humulin acacia dorsal impeach noted knot knit earlier sconce thorough intractable unsufferable oceanic fowl aisle centrism toast inversely percipient ambiguity bulletin accordance cake naiad notus versive whichever unseeing vale throw vindaloo spume thosethis goggle ratify borg ironic asemic overshot urreal thatthen scotfree accuracy debatable inroad numerous lasso rebec gentrify acme specious threefold utterly spoken oiseau piker mirage urreal clime thosethan lorrybound intent uptown isness wildflowers agreeable intentions ego los angels nounal ghost vellum onerous contingency thosethere paprika einsam bleu chakra augur thosethen simultaneity once once territorial desk jotter inventory salute noon placebo sturdy epochal mirror sgraffito envoi thereon asleep hejira waken snail patter economize zone throughput exegetic amalgams elemental coiling returnable dowse folderol avenue foil thatthen urreal occasional tentative snit aprille cogency rendezvous those rerun signature infectious that sacrum folding chaise lounge inner mandala broke abyssal comment arcade pinball iterate mob creator slat haptic luck ingenuous thosethese regularize contrastive once pounce thosethe settler cistern ovation lenient acclimate bottled washer coast motto delirium parnassus etiology announce tilde onset rheumatic genial surfeit nomos rush caking lesser admonish combattimento lest verbatim each hut shelter watershop deign remedy nothing slurpie ontic valkyries entrance obliquity envelop selfless 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willy nilly pursuer gracious threnody apache redux

text || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 7

The arch of cumin, pest, torch,
which halved coned trouble
poured the fragrant cord of attic’s
gallant seers demented,
of the cancered jovial vestment
(the fort’s humbled corn the cargo graves
the treks hatchet’s swayed),
swain he offers to queen the busker’s descant
and yea sainted rule, whore’s manse:
mersa the thermal cave’s ha’s husband,
who affects sees not the dulcet concept
which in the lucent day marvels cabbage
during the cords of the negriod guides
hissed to his course acceleration
in quantum sub furors pardoned the vents.
Memos in renunciating tore the signal
stranger’s errand,
who in reclining the memos fatigued
suffers the grain whose vistas fine
his maddened bell, deploying emanation
in the vested roses his coil.
Saluted the toads courteously,
and admired no means
of the seriphs who corresponded,
the somber solicitations of runny pains.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

its witches it
swit it wit tit
-ano[n]m ie

duckany one forbid ;[[denip’ ;[=
plepict ure lig h/t plas][];/= tictoe
shu ran fo rut dope cah‘.],] hal []=le
robow loftob ac co’’;[]= ‘[]gateat

“birthdaynudelicates sin/ .;[p,/sata

Man ytric k\sag a bra []p-==ves the

Her ]]mitis bo okfro m’] mis stletoe

sun —newsic k ton ig ht\lour toba co

/ an gelwin g\s botti vehi molytyp-‘;[[

intja anait ede iava stexpo sedwe;p[p-1

aponros es flo ors[dersblee]d de docks2

fol oety [--9;’;’”kalds;kik rojreje—ploop

[090-4oko jifliki [p’p; wat er dow now oo]

th aty rou lo outyr buttdo wocow seemlyfo

ist[p[p8-0=’;[[[l;.,. ran fo rut dope cal‘.],]

hal teat tr eat]=-bissleeapissr [][--8//.’ What

everhe math/’[;[-0thickdar kne s]s clo sedon

go odlit tlew\hit e dres swait ing;’=-- p]a tien


Monday, January 23, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

from mobile structures

midstream media res thosethan replicator mocha borrower clannish wakefulness lacunae nth coquin sluggish nescience sandeesh norm meritocracy hapton elaborate otherwise sackbut hammering slat einsam those broken world ship mountain severe alienate niceties lean tonation elaborate matinee nature signatory ethos thanthere waterfallen once clustering sanctity aforemention sleuth barnstorming august memorize opaque lesser those reflector nimble basinet qua tine lost lossless finding found theorem thatthen equation lug soapbox eachness willow spurn thanthere riffle activate moribund isomer vacancy telco burin eachness literal coif snippet laissez fortitude impulse figurine alchemic slippery calcification epistle onset boa ersatz utterance thosethan foresting nibble aquamarine that assignation emerging salada otherwise parsec vedette sample another infotainment also repatriate exchequer vanishing parallax eggless infinite malaprop seize notification wherewithal noetic salaam gist vacant lesser those reflex contusion thosethen refuel bottleneck illbience thosethan reflecting parsec dub trot immigrate columnar betweens thethen affirmative lots glom thatthen pristine cactus oiled amulet impervious thread elixir motionless aggregate ultrafine simulate nth holdout seize remit assure cohere palatial motto signature iffiness watershed partook genus regulate grecian urteil simulacra intersecting vacuous throttle imperial noces dotting send falsity waving secret introduce caliph emittance therefrom agitate motions elan dorito swept highlands emit vermicelli thatthen surfacing elsewhere infrequency though fraught imbalance noetic assail cookie routine also tendon salts lesser thosethen either waiting jar veep each letterset novena clockwork galleon cosmoses therethen supine grating assertive motto assume rumor signal doorway mobius lackless intersperse golem bone settle elite phantasm replica torrent ousia thatthen scroll tread move serendipitous therethan glitterati mogul nascent burl quiescent matrices debate molecular fins affirmative scoot envision cherry anchor slipshod thetis remoulade onset lagoon alignment possible refuel clause incisor nomenclature espouses gratitude milling paperwork thosethen replicate agreeable dulcet prime attain slumber assertion closure trochee degrees elite seltzer affreux thosethemed nescience drooping plasticity knave incroyable thatthrough surmounting eachness swindle lexicon grumpy schedule quiescence tenuto acclimate cul de saccharin elsewise formidable occasions neither watered sofa collapsible threnody accrual debonaire effete canes acceleration venial noetic aporia urreal cluster integer scenario dulcet browse feisty anode malapropism those funning salsa creatin oversight implosion regurgitate melanin overgrown thymus away granite surfaces deliberate other motto acid-free insulator evening stroll abrogate milling stricken waits elegant lineate seize announce motored vague slumping through figurine elaborate macaw imperil snippet cairn overload mitten scaling trampolene doublet maitreya listed ancillary behaviorism genetic avid enough partook scenario douce balcony dent abstinence slightly approach demimonde network solar boot capstan migraine basinet rollicking defensive thosethough presume ditto regulatory bozo flamboyance deliberating coast acetone vanishing preside mannered gentile nsaids flourish apse until recursion thosethen prelude vocation mosquito emblematic vernal close haptic evolution mortise vale render pliable mica torus element sanctity accord enter alit levity chromosome letters delays inversely nope stratification intellitext voiceover sidereal thosethat iterating selfless battlement coronet either mullah valet motions spansule igloo benzene imitator scelsi veneer nib panache doubter invite vicarious therein situate romantic vehicle ultrafine senescent marionettes debate surface omnibus etiquette salaud mosquito windless spanning remote asleep culvery beyond siding clarity envoi thatthen circumstance thorough balcony steamfitter incredulous ensemble thatthen stipple ousia returning asemic

Sunday, January 22, 2012

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

qu ot e o he

pass atthis t
imean d p lace
sihoe be co me
al l onf ire w
ith z eal thou
wo uldf indout
if h isapa thy
w erere al oro
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deserves inste
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e innocent cig
arb ut t unhap
py in strument


hAwthorn liquid. Stir ring da ystrea ms

toll all u pout. Fo rtr ess clothedo men

fell exce ed.ed redlimits tou rna il flight

spe aking king dom. “befor goblas h now

be w ith drings. Sublet “pairstalkiah then

now again. Defe at to lophelah br inc re

lasting moti onless. choiadah plac enor

th “piec eive. standby put par se clothing

pa r d.on…………………………momen


1he at wol ds ra the rloos e te r min

olo gyis en ou ghtoma keany res pe

c ta blep hilo sop he r crin gee.g. he

d is tin ct ion b etwe en mo der nan

dcon temp orar yart. ore over h re

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zedid easan doa ded con cep tsab ou

t hena tu reo fart an dits crea tin tha ta

rt p rofes si onals ca narely com mun

ca tecle arly w ithea choth erlet alo ne

gi veth ela y per so naleg u ptow ard a

nun ders tan din gitis be yo n dhe sco


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sol utio nsto thi silem mabut thow prêt

tymu cho wso hel l stereo typ ic assum


hamo dernan don emp orar y rt isor ev

erwas fun m ena l lyor uni ver sally an ti

clas sicalan data sta rtow ard more cla r ity


haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Unceasing tree light in the mid-range as if story-laden sacrifice were drawn
by hand, and suddenly surprising warmth could stay. I tell my sit-com
anchor that the welding will just wait. When we are ready, branches
can be joined as virtually as eyesight will endure. Is accuracy
famous? The crowd is willing, but the heart still leaks self love. The only
metric on the threshold of a dousing in the iceless river is fluidity.
Who sanctions inner space? If cubic feet were verified, one could depend
upon the depths. If food supply assumed more color than the garden's,
we might last. A dress rehearsal needs no dress, apart from pantomimeo,
regression, and the lurking of a manager. Now and then, it's daytime.
When the supernatural resumes its pleasant temps. Copy that.
Define a little thing like morning when the inclination comes.

Rapport, weeds occupying gardens, no more social playthings, only
faces making or absorbing sotto light

Sheila E. Murphy

4 poems || John Pursch

Anglen Fer Phreshies

Can floogal arameters preeng the felvent snurge,
austerbilial and chenict dons en smooterence,
wheether mon pentulem greason chathe flies
cudon plouds of hormant, silious croth?

Yer balken kad smercine brontibular awn,
doober and auspicially unbothied
into thrine moostie chonce arugens.

Poom ayentie ormal hitchraf,
pheximental and orpen upon
ein flome turen eetcher,
gravlen or anglen fer phreshies.

Kybarphel zein orran treinskel,
whoogling our amiturous mounstre,
ploffing up und espearence wipened
old bladdermen, housegon shaeperlie,
auxposed to gemtrone queets.


Flopping a spent orchestra’s malaprop piano, anxiety’s blue, possessive edge plays tournament whist at theaters near the origin, puncturing discussion groups with tethered elan. Hobbling among the planet’s girdled flesh, wrist keepers plant angora knockoffs on segregated, iconic patsies, implying pasty contusion kits. Semblance settlers move east, against the alternating current tryst, etching our final memories in plastic, granular cocoons. We fly, we shine, we slide up empty banisters of conscious intent, fallacious in our detrimental cause, fleeing toward angstroms of simulated wood. Peak canyons urge a bottleneck to shiver in the ambient forest, chipping rows of elevated towns from cliff pendants, flooding deer patrols with factoids, inciting polyglots to silent urgings.

Estermon and Erimon

Anchenflugen arch moulich and fromert
saminian gharuntle oomie effluxim,
when jeerant quodes espear ozine astrulage,
eponsified whiet speals begonged.

Chout urminal denteroph,
mauntered by our scutter,
eprunet and jamieraphlon,
chubbingly moxian,
genectian and scareen.

“Whidgency mobtainoth,
ouvered in the amb’s doriumped rimace,
malitoben and carpenal,”
a luxin pule of estermon’s crebb orangered.

“Ix, tureline chujump galein,
hatchy welmon gravine,”
spounted erimon’s ference apoun,
scettular and betwosen.

Greven der mounible bilities,
whance kenbuggle a floozin’s mert carute
and habajuckie hein mesi-hocal whaifcoat,
trainy roan tumine.

Twi-Night Doubleheader

A gemlike quality, springing from rhumbas recorded in palatial spark gap salons, adjusts our ocular etchings to seep just enough filtered eyewash through routine embers, granting purchase to the dogma. Dates fall, graven and orotund, timed by hilltop granaries, to tepid morality bins, caught in cottage rye sprockets, sluiced to frozen cheese. Central demographic motes preen a taste for mass moment yearning from census resolvers, humming atonal mirror shots, reveling in choice patrol amblings. Brocades imbue our alternating whimsy with panoplies of jet-fueled rectories and hallmarks of untimely girth, expelling falsely held, enamoured pinnacles. Glowing on a doubleheader’s stretched covenant, effusive cockatoos plead for underground spangles, settling for singular homing runes. Univocal wombats break bleating tambourines of annular ambits in orbital tutelage, trussing up a grassy newt’s art fair, mechanical and attentive. Turning to weathered, featureless omens, we spread whirled carbon, monetizing Vincent’s aural miscue, shaving wheat fields of honeyed pollen, bleaching the beeswax from blindingly indolent strokes.

3 poems || John M. Bennett


rumbo ,nodder ,flakes of
dreamed skin not left ,where
empty book ,a wheel gristles
in my gutter ,allá te rajas
,fonético ,phones the air
,deep rolling backward and a
grime welling in my ear ,tu
mbarlítico el cielo ¿qué dijo?
piedra invisible mas la
shadow clothes ,famous
like your twerp confection
,runny tools skreeking on
the glass .was told was
lot was knotty was un
blended on your forking sh
oe I set off un each one
,doubletime ,swallowed lard
and passed


the jailed nostril soap re
daction spreads my foggy
comb’s trot out the pill
runner ,bloaty shape of
chill the hamster steak
long grunting in my bed
your thistled light my
strung slowed pee .))best
drain the cow nailed a
gainst your Thermidor
,a tank leaks ,time con
gestion ,fills my ear and
I you flavor with the mi
rror’s back crushed the
comprimido ,frase impac
to ,me quiero nadiear ,su
nido en los gusanitos de mi
cara ((


my mot mute ,corner ,welter
or snore shaper twitching
in a blanket ,not ,tested ,s
aw the h u r l e d brick your
depth of feel the stinging form
dog’s sheet dentition ,subrepticio
,azucarado ,ladrillo ladrado en
el fondo del agua lacrante
,like a cloved ,an dipped ,the
sheety street steams as I
,passage walked thickly bl
inded by ,what hisses ,the
taquería con su vaho madre
,nothing nor I said ,waiting ,for
the whistle escrito ,ay ,mano
,¿dónde? ,)pigeon shitting on a
pole ⌠ . (

Saturday, January 21, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

from mobile structure

from told episode tent enamel oratory blunt remoot as subjective attention listen entice torn rotor edict glitterati melodic flamboyance told harpoon select omnibus immerse loiter bloat fusillade mean tone sturdy about face stony ratchet valise premonition caveat bundling epoch nth shockwave impost vamp sitter itemize reductive amalgams deliberate melodic strength podium appeasement ultrafine meritocracy thensome parallel syntax gestural pieta isness willingly presentation mollusk fedora bleach unequal refurbish don strata fidelity sorbet insightful semaphore deliberating willow justice rampant sleep byline grommet betterment hologram struck impediment clustering fractal immersion those pressured spaten luster tentative lug story therein slit harpoon excellence torn quiescent than scrimmage other wave inconclusive throughput thankful rostrum presume delicate motto scrupulous gandolf theocritical thematic bulletin niceties trill scrooged imperious gnosis thatness trawl integral nougat mirroring eachless extra traction ruffle nebbish crawler english language revving island site urreal combusion till entities reverse pleiades motto aver commencing tread refugee sincerity nth another willow proclivity those furtherance debut lossless antiquary sentential until typhoon cactus emigrate solo torque snit havings elaborate meld attentive meritocracy untold reflective motto calcify mite seizure plant imitator enough saplings reification lesser thorough planetary surd naming earliest coconut scramble reaffirm locuses denoting ancillary presumption letterset oases those returnables immediacy hosts conic satori once shift envision leery mnemonic delicacy plastic nugget snapfish thrashes deed licensing rutted also raffle arenas classic familiar dacoit boorish thoseness clair descriptive emotional acetone brute stipple graft neither waits entertains libertine sigma chow errata suddenly caftan remote language omnipresence thrall opaque smooth utter encase nothingness waitings easel notebook surface byline othered wipe nothing earlier gentility vagrant echelon praline surreal enticement sine quaff not seitan mirage plymouth muesli noted allies enough syncopate merely shade intrada vehicle bookish waddle striate volitional corpus deliberate motley ortega surd engulf lugubrious transit vale through saucy protege snail potentate mirror slipper ascii mobius thread notting slurpie vault merge nostril snare lotus borrower clime thrash vitamin orchestra mumbling each lea widen site either avails tensile praline moitie ascii premium also brooking salute ainsi les autres least bivalve mittle agenda ensign perplexity vale through surmounts elliptic avail enigmatic oversight barometer lit singularity each noesis reviewer determine alsace elaborative jut shell game tertiary holding value bottle isness waits motion blotto until remaining nil protected gneiss from telling lido temerity sparring etiquettes libation elsewise protention elasticity deliberates snaring presumption assurance debate mirroring suddenly cohere isness wail rooftop iffiness numerous least niter also veneer listen feint avails other gnosis transient lasso attentive motto size balancing teeth acclimate bitterly sanitize merrily presume noun garrulous theatre soft blood readings elicit babble incurs genetic albumen slat haptic sentential bordello nob holding spacious name onomatopoeia justice avails deliberative mode scrutinize assertive material qi vanishing meritocracy deferences lot smite astral numb sitters claque nothing sling listless advocate otherwise miller yet answer node parallax redo novice ancillary border nib strict genetic perpetual insomniac litotes vacuity prevaricate mollify note about gradient silencing silence urreal vulcan mirror nutmeg vyasa itemize vulnerable qualia echo vessel oregano paradigm energetic also goblin utterly sudden trepidation utensil nothing larousse onsite velcro platinum debut view ptarmigan wizard nexus neoprene delicacy bureau noose remix centrism oeuvre coefficient boatshoes yet snail norm sinister acclaim spellcheck voiceover nsaid engulf cull quintuplet vinyl sortie epsilon fabricate del gusto veins mote sieve snooker ivory thatness willing emerge anima neoprene however isthmus calcify remake coefficient dollop matinee listener vernl pieta nostrum ever stipple valve ocarina thensome raptor cherish haeccity vak surd entertain slur motto assignation where widely scholar deliberative motto laissez hum deterrent elite answer japa mentation evaluate numerous vouchsafe toon mirrored aleph neutron also either witnessing clef double dorito grace notifications elsewise foible grateful sobriety ousia thosetheatre ibis quantify elapse not mucho tiger prawns deliberate signatures laughter improvise sclerotic avowal

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Teach (to think) while lavender already snowed upon the center
field of industry (that poise). Offer a cinder, that I might
uptake sweet (sweet) proprietary form. Are you arguably strong,
is there elan in your past tense? If you would only frame
responsible opposing. . . defeat means someone else (bequeathing)
leaves her words mid-breath. In depth the seasonal indifference
recalls a void. The syntax and the homily and tamped sea foam.
Or roasted laver to the finest . . . one relives one's view,
despairs of change. The tree one climbed, one wintered near
the cover of a magazine with gray. All eyesight, were the
words she used for me. She look at only my intensity. She asked
how will this one endure. How will she sit up and take food.
How will water taste. Will she survive. There are no questions.
There is a life span. There are letters. Leaves taken for their
betters in an image. The seed keeps (flowering). Fraction to
fraction. The behest of someone's mind, that person's life. A
structure or a surface or equivalent of cubic feet.

Lean-to, all the items gone, a system translated to dual-term

Sheila E. Murphy

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 poems || John M. Bennett


shat tered thunderbird ,belt chigger
,use of cluck a pit of shrieking
clowns with razors encaminéme
pues ,muralla encrustada con mi
texto in staccato inlascado pulcro
y pulgamática con un ándale
angosto y hormigoso * * * sheer
lake≈ tumbling ,the bottle’s sh
ards my muddy palm gest
ured for a wind a sphere ● of
breath~ ,would murmur in the
noodle ≈soup≈ my doggy tongue
crystal spat upon your thr
one ,p eel and pee l ,knot
your leg ,the pustule’s spoon
fogged word held up be fore the


eat the shut arm dents a
(c.o.r.n) spoon chop chap ay
huitlacoche dreaming in the
moon O chore handle ,ick, tow
el stiff was door █ sticky П doo
r nah shoed but cracked e
nter i nter o uter een
drains my mooouotoh wa
vering≈ before the taco l
ogo tock lug ar ,la cuca
mandaracha spendiferous
mi peso fofo del AK47 men
tecatatónico bit down slow
an flows, flys, seated in the

4 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEafterno on o u t s I d e

Afterno on outside mos tto

spear confidence frun kle in

side quaating lost wordy socks

god spinneret cushion ‘teger et

smalesu ada’ jungle poa ch rock

thousand day do se pow ers lood

dirty optic well plx ed shower gath

deadlaike cou n try redeye lost wirs

cave forest egg minture marble sortee

foil gilded wings ne edles sh irtwormin

motherworth prades fine glass powd

ery dinch ‘hendrerit pulvinar risus’bo

givamus ic granday ear biscuit wordy


hel s onth wa

sel sho diev da

sha li onth onwh

si wil ly gomu fo

ac of kins re bete

loibe tha al ou

POME gal ler y

spoil the god spare the rod

clutch no he art be fo re 8a


exhibitors va in quish vani


children allo wed. with an ima ls only.

must be sa lien t under com pan ion shi


lose for sake. contract biting con firmed

dementions. 5 more. petting store grav


[go over. quit smoking off feet.

[ gently pur rin




ticker tapePOMEjust your brain

ticker tape just your brain

this totally in only joking

call an interest really thrash

it. sudden sickening sensation

pub in thin air just your brain

blaze fiercely think strun g snug

heat and widened moul ded con

touring. manically dress ed shook

shock. improbable uncurl gritted now

can't cope not be. letting automatically. in

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Of Dying this Mo(ment)nument


Within hand a miracle.


Spirals of hammers

Routine delegation
causational, depression.


Partial these elemental desires,
partition the body withholds an
—after dilapidated confinement.


Circuitry this
excited deluge of

beholden desire, the fixated
focal reenactment of

motional discourse eye with hand to eye
misshapen articulation of prior




Rejection these stems
purgatory disdain eloping light
against flesh, scent.

tumbled momentum
eccentric angling of hand on

onward hallucinatory memory
inward immanent

coastal thinking polarized incipient
death this

succinct modernization.

text || Peter Ganick

from 'mobile structure'

streaming license return stet violin tardis emporia through rill pate integument cease notebooked evident sthick parachute mode slurpie avid notification where interregnum apache dilettante stricken tea room vanquished flagrant scimitar blotted snail pace fluidity etch vitalities motel armor vernal pristine tornado notification essential barricade cut rate precision releasing tremor each stirrup halogen routines delta mode resultant infernal paradox inscrutable paradise wisps jostling adjunct neamoins les poissons delay rugged flow attention valises repeating versive mukti stammer boss widget magnum escapism tentatively presumes del fuego stipulator data finesse malediction listless agonize mirrored augury unfurl elastin celsius remittance odometer podium escarpment trenchant obliquity erasure once berate snare glory abrogates demiurge slits hardback ontic rulership delimit nomos barracuda amina throttle repeat evidence through pattering stampede astral stagehand nob sass dendrite aversion lesion that than partook sizes denominate intrepid ousia that regulum hatter nova iterative melancholy rebec effortless threnody pro language tested nintendo lasso tone allies nid nomos paratrooper inquiry that naming essence threefold learns tantrum legitimacy babble musicale gepetto mosque remix caliphate mode settle nicely tangible residue notification wooly strive parsec duct tactile magus teental remote nibs scrupulous retention slot aitreya grommet reunification wholly tread sternum also rarity frequently surfacing threaded notifications echt scree that palliative oceanside bottom lassitude banquet mirroring each legume thorough streetwise apparent clustering palaces which grippe nominal hosting steadfast unroll reopen surplus etiquette settlement prasada fend tiller nothingness fader scrutinize asking token sturbridge maquette villanelle stack nothing astringent culebran snail oases theocritical remonstrance whichever intrepid advertises snowfall dotted snore lolly gag trend seismic allotment energy restive capulet outer veil that client sugarese felicitous matin sitter blanket centrism nibble essence those tolerable struts evacuee slept wakeful none tempestuous blasting captains rambunctious threefold otter iamb seizure fortran imbroglio cuvee listens elsewise omicron pretend steering claques thule midas rapped steerage introit vacation mottos zoned through incroyable thoroughly themata unrolls debuts beluga mortises that respite averse token orphic delay rouge area rogue mobius trapeze liminal foible treed from thicket steeplechase noisome thematic realismo those scenarios older slower niceties thensome prndl trefoil with without theatrical barricade lest neither asleep connote acidic mellifluous tremors streaming overtones deluge prema dipolor bitnet mirrored scrutinize ample graciousness once scheming vidiot nominal paratrooper scrape integer sleepless antiquary none tremulous attachment villanelle typewriter stratify bulimia note stipulator ecarte voiceovers delight arial blacken snafu ambush thankful therein steadfast each nuanced mitten scientism than curlicue ream operator hammer english preterate volitionary numeral sense datum replicate denote ferrite also renegade motto staple utterly opaque itemizes rntor glaceau batter vintage since presentation emerges leaning triste engrave lossless anguilla mirror clannish fractal thrill damask bottom six fugue voiceovers telling natter that striate milligram produce terpitude situate moribund sic snafu those freakish boat persons elixir parliamentary speed mattering snail pace negotiate learning beyond stepping those streams denote through steady affetuoso thankful prosit gargantuan affiliate mogul septum resilience assail contingency presume speech hospitality axon zones tantrum each lexical partook signet partook bargain epaulet motto scientism tinkering syntagm venus aporia double traffic libation merrily sediment leaf heaviness reinforcers calibrate infectious threshold thatness reverse literally quaff nimbus revelation emit graciously study proem barometric vacancy teaming street nineteenth centurion onslaught posterchild savor lace wiring steam fitter alacrity blockage remedial chortle vanish pointillism thensome blanker fixtures walk throughout nothing walking swahili throatless inequity blanketing surpluses the redundancy battlement equisse otherwise repentant copper water shopping reification wooly persimmon thoughtless gully paramecium throughput equatorial blood thinking slow forested imitator scrap neoprene scree bilge remix avant geiger tardis nothing eine stille nacht reroute comma resolute venus tapir vanquish geist than seizure ossify plaudit acerbic soulmate assurance networking evidence tentatively pristine maquette burlap hominem those advert insequent valises denote maigre les autres either witnessing behaviorism alternative lakhs operating sentential discourse thaumaturge doubtless inquiry venom orison paratrooper seltzer vamp sterile donut enlarge suffice delta motto sayer notify widely pardons entice least provocation emotional clasp renovate threefold scissor plateau sieve matelot unsure caveat other slat nimble otherwise asking somewhere pattern tappet vendor salience prelude blaspheme class nickel smokehouse longitude steer aficionado predate ifness where styrene propel anno deterrent silencing amazement throw washing remand zettel never dante heinous treadmill oeuvre than scrupulous treadmill integrate amaretto long strikers energetically practicum

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEaf tMa thias Eick Ra di o

1aft tent founse sideth four‘amillfliessthuntlltoss your’na/

hereter sycome ninta slocum\

2rea rra nge/r g ea nop\lent

3fr mus se lik sm wae xe tr petr fu gil d olkde fillis pers ‘illfittii’ii


4winter wend sblick riinkil ling floo rbee s curek uis interdum ba

prawnkare ate garg oyle sporkab

5 bleck zip po ashen wiresyaparaskeet petals sizthirty nuumillflass

thuntlltis s yo u rolraesent pulvinar risus fames

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 poems || John M. Bennett

Rem Embers

filling the school with | bought lungs I fly and snivel
lard a spoon reduction | stitching all that grinds
dances in the sticky clay | starving rags of jail
a viscous note’s reborn | mouth the limb’s deserted lust
was rodents on the scattered | dismembered wreck my pills’
hill my neck remembers | shattered thorn or moment’s fuzz
dusty desert in the north | stormed my dope and vicious
bags of pale garbage | whey bricks the single glance
blinded in the ditches | seduction blooms a shard’s
shrivelled dry I taught the | writ the pools spilling

Wh Eel

the muddy dawn inhales the | glow flotilla gaps the stream’s
cloud damper window crawls | stumbled sand the tree’s clanging
my grunting lunch contraption | object tripler and a check
clogs the fridge my claylike | door hand aspirates the stew
shorts thick around my ankles | real gangster like the crazy glue
o you gazed that hamster wheel | rankles sounds my dick’s mort
the vaseline and shore | day’s knife why bridged the bog’s
neck’s a dribbler closet’s | inaction bunch rutting dry
banging 3 AM the mumbled | wall pillow’s ample shroud
beans the lap tortilla o | he fails the lawn ,slow bloody one

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

I go there to be quiet, then I hear commemorative stamps bequeath a prior victory
where dollar bills are used to patch a lighthouse. That we may each
find function. Core strength on trial, truncated peace in form of passage.
Riled out of habit. Stroller-strong in-text citations manifest the lame
untruth of syllabi. By night, by dimpled daytime. All the wherewithal of letting
go possessions farmed to ebay as an emblem of the missing borders.
How is peace a thing? Memoirs extract their shame. Contagion falls prey
to the wallet free of clogginclog. While the ample territorial undress
remaindering appears at a wide angle. Dour against the granular infection.
Norms, plaudits, sums of squash court in the nimble hesitation that breaks
bread without a shim of martial arts.

Nomen-clash, the sure bet of commiserating with the dragnet pulse

Sheila E. Murphy

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEtin ning

two players tinning a thistle whemp. fortuitous solici tations.

Lightning sundial . closed train gullet. formula tweezer tooting.

best ovens cleave in scatter. sitsleek close to art spit out on limbs.

call poem doodle do poos dle. crave napping thim blefulls cat pullies.

shyly spark tho slight windows. dither dribbling factories mortuarieshop.

transparent words cane belly hearts puddles tournaments carved balls song.

Two platers thinning. Swamping flavor kiss . cat socket player notch dis sing.

Sundial gullet lightening tweezers closed formulary artsock pullet cleave in scatter.

Catpullies tinning puddles. Crave carve dithyramb snap ping shopping window s light.

Allpoodles belly hearts dithering dabbling … git sleek close to art spit out on limbs. NOW.

Monday, January 16, 2012

4 poems || John Pursch

Dulian Mutill Flents

Urget earcia derets hoarings perm canicle bleath,
tepplingen enchon urd orean ensinul cais,
whidge ecterom orriers tearn dast orgin,
ex bemulock semile paleen.

“Whoochie!” crembed tsein ertin moelh gen prentle,
exing in donarit whend.

“Orepan embulan froodge, whencile plu,”
oxed dulian mutill flents.

Listing to Starboard

Whiskered omelettes spell retractor mirth for generations of stolen plots, relegating novella tapers to the crouton’s candelabra heap, surprised and deeply imbued with pillory. Ditched frenzy hunts phonetic spoon techniques in a flurry of lurid mental hopscotch, bouncing from ambling tortoises to simple, gerrymandered poultice, smeared with palatial aplomb. Heckle a Rotarian, gamble for rope meal, and fleece a scientific fuzz remover of its lifelong quest for centennial clobbering, menthol holdings be damned. Smoky hillocks emerge from poolside detergent, frowning and punctual, chirping about timesheets and clocked gazebos, teething for a floating hen’s ambient pride. Whoever gives scathing, pretty latches to kids of a worn-out deer forgets the forest’s primitive dirge. Change not the banner’s calibrated preening, regard a core tendon with scarce mumbling, and simmer over April moonbeams when a quaint longing pins filial penalties to your lambent unease, listing to starboard.

Emian Nossile Bleunt

Echbenfluvial kentermon greeth,
cantomile if chembluar
whontim spurenia traugh,
fearenium gonough
eir chinetem paleg.

Oophenia craust, edter whors trenalir;
plenem caranious arge enspacune,
whidge orcena muscep treough
kenab ockaner ot.

Sloubil, wrent jonier plotch;
zeiner meoud hents phre
ar tenceog ranphil sprood,
querubential inting pind,
merch emian nossile bleunt.

Childhood Memories

Alien sailboats, dripping fructose and cheap tobacco, harangue an imbecile’s polished mincemeat funnel, chipping dotted queens into griddled locks, hobbling hipsters with checkerboard silt. Dressage pools in airborne antics, curtailing eel meanings, garbled in toilet wattage. Grams of spool detection mind the tilled basting flint, locked to angular knowledge by armored torque buckets. Isthmus pinnacles, peduncular in their emery triage, kindly canter to a bleating, felt-tip prancer’s providential lean, intimating torrents of yodeling breath. Thematic livers limp through sluggish nine-ball lags, brunching with veeps and tollbooth horizons, ominous in three angles of imposed integrity. Grainy milk features perpetuate Rococo shipping fouls, emptying cruets of moistened owls into stern valleys at sunset. Island timpani storms pelt laser mentors, handling emergent spinners for tactical planters filled with seaborne mutes. Monocle vats overflow, pounding hot glass municipalities, hoping to cleanse the rotating sidewalks of childhood memories.

poem || John M. Bennett

Third chunk transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

No, pus of quarrel’s seer, engendered
mass of fires cake of courtesy,
the gent appeared
who hospitals the forest
lawn pesto crawled of quavered candle’s primer
which, in the shelves content,
tends the fresnel of dye, the robbed element.
Limp sayer, in visor of blank lines,
clumped the cuadratic pins:
and in box, junk rebellious, to quim the turn
forms elegant dye in cult’s adorned,
lecher who explains vile those Albion quavers died,
melting perdition’s con yelling
the blank lilies of his frontal bell,
gross dam and fried,
impenetrable case of the cockroach,
the veiled Alcimedon’s invention rare.
Hell which of cables fueled dusty voices’ center
espoused’s case a luster (coy dent
not pardoned a raisin loomed in front
of Bacon, quantity’s maze in his garment:
triumph of simpering salad lids
low corona of Amor, mass rival turned,
brief of barbs enduring not the corn,
redeemed con his muttered dance vittles),
served yeah in season,
purple hills is, of grain fine.
Supper’s scorched despair, mass regaled
swoons the solicitous peel bland
which all princes enter Holland
purpled tire or milling brocade.
Not in humor’s vines gravelled
is Sisyphus on his crest, see the cucumber,
of ponderous vain dumb pisser
is, quantum mass despaired, mass burlap.
Of trumpet militant not nor distempered
sound of cocks fueled the swoon interrupted,
oft can see, embrained
counter the seeking whore
that the vent repeals in’s lagoon’s couscous.
Dormant and recoiled the fin, quanta the avenues,
esquires dulcet of sonorous plums,
scenes died swelling
the Alb of Sol, which the pavillion of spume
dayed and in sore car
rayed the verdant obelisk doves the choice.
Agreased, pus, the peregrin
dazed the cyborg and sailed accompanied
by grin’s low level dander’s levitation,
distance pokes past the gamble,
imperious mirror the campaign’s
a scolding, peaceable gallery
where festive theatre fueled gun’s day
of quantum piss dawning the mountain.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

poem || Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

The Man Who Erased His Own Memory


After walking
never to see anyone I have ever known again

I have done that
I did that for nine years

and then in prison

now: first night’s sleep of the new year

I pour my bath.
Listen to the quiet room.
today, the day after Friday the thirteenth.
No bad luck for me. No luck at all,
as the song says. Waiting for the water to rise.
and then it is almost all allusion

four of eleven
books on the shelf
read end to end
forty eight years ago:
what do I remember?

An organ master in the jungle
how to oppose
or how to
navigate with-
to come years later
in the numerology of consent

to: a total rejection
of all those qualities
typical of academic verse

as a preface to a ride
on the subway
ogling the girls

yet the sign is on her
preface to: I pump him full of lost watches
Rimbaud is in the alley, mssrs. et madams

Mister is a commonly- used English honorific for men under the rank of knighthood. The title derived from Master, as the equivalent...

... Mistah Kurtz—he dead.
save it for another time.

to: Who has ever stopped to think of the divinity of Lamont Cranston?
(Only Jack Kerouac, that I know of; & me.


or Bertie on 1576 pure : we never know
what we are talking about
or if it is true

incomplete or inconsistent
a kind of Heisenberg’s principle
from a man who never achieved

pennies on the dollar for his genius

all genuinely creative writings
are the product of more than a single motive
and more than a single impulse
in the poet’s mind, and
are open to more than
a single interpretation

with large tracts of undigested suet betwixt dream
and awakening
to find I’ve visited my childhood
and the day before sleep again

and a year between Culture and Loneliness,
that is, between Krober & Kluckhohn and Moustakas
hocking in the back of the sociology class
while Kappy expounded his five paragraph questions
from the front row
and the professor asked me:
Is The Waste Land a sociological document?

Meanwhile, Thucydides made up
Pericles’ oration
surrounded by glory
because it was what should have been
said at the time even if it wasn’t

and Bertie wrote
the Readers’ Digest version
of the history of western philosophy

‘I carried the bones
of a man 5000 years old
in Egypt...can you imagine
how that felt?’

But me, I find The Airplane
in Being and Nothingness
after almost fifty years

...and talk to him
about the weather
and cheap Bostonhoods

and my sojourn ends
with a text on Ideas
so dense
I could not read more than the first paragraph
without giving up for twenty years

I do not wish
to live
in a world
where we
only think
about ourselves
all the time

poem || Anny Ballardini

Father, One year ago

commemorate the agony of Christ
the best of men / born in 1925
those were the times of piano and sax
rhapsodies in blue, Felix the cat
a distant accordion
for shushing winds

how can I celebrate you,
with the tight whiteness of my face,
the loneliness of fate, the lack of air
the carriage turned into a coffin
in an icy landscape the black envisioning hat-veil
loss anticipated by a feverish late 1800s image – the silence around and from
your silent scream
then and now
as I am_
I can remember Disney worlds, Santa Claus,
the pyramidal lemon ice I _ could choose the one I liked _
it has all crumbled
in my foresight when I woke up and cried
the white marble statue of you’d been dilapidated

I offer an orange bowl
with the lit grieving candle
of love

text || John Crouse


Betrays Injurys
Belts Moves
Bestows Nuggets
Besides Fleshes
Legislations Wings
Rusts Traumas
Whitewashes Pacemakers
Goblets Outlaws
Retches Vintages
Welds Swigs
Giggles Juggernauts
Pops Implys

Friday, January 6, 2012

from 6 X 6 X 6 || Peter Ganick


contextual memory advocate brochure allies neoprene
kitten shelf nebbish avail zorro anisette
brachoiphile conote envision presume sussed motto
ambergris valdemar plausible babbling struck holding
ainse fabrication element nsaid persist peregrine
stimmungen lesser thisness preen facility groundedness

dotty sine gurgle perpetual numerous placebo
sinstrate vocation lorgnette weatherperson island streetwise
nothingness waking throwaway clustering aisles determine
entity vacuous fens leisuring callisthenic element
anchor selzure pleonastic votary blurs diaphragm
belay metal everlasting dutiful nimbus aggregate

until renames figuring callisthenic valve mottos
blot abrogates denizen accede milligraph suddenly
nicetires felicitous adventure least nothingness avail
nonentity solipsistic avenue egoism toggle stickpin
wampum eclogue naivete smartphone eachness vernal
ptarmigan slight adorable nescience tabula rasa

motile vociferous transient attract transcendent voice
anchorite doodle ingesting daily niter absalom
earnest restitution clientage motion lossless agon
trivet mull qadi voiceover snail fodder glaring
sforzando nothingness waves throughpu datum silence
ascertains felicitous borne anthrax hullabaloo muffle

screwtape inverness opacity module another inertia
apse scrimmage contour selfless angioplasm natter
gullible toon scientism otherwise palatial morass
copain derivative omicron selenium crosshair debut
anima cleft ironic clockface descriptive anomaly
neither wasteland noggin slurry panel seriphim

inculcate mores storm fueling reference slather
apnea vocative muttering laser borrower nomad
gypsum behaviorism bitternut rallying panache dormitory
clubfoot gaggle pretend sitter borderline ampoule
scruple hasp veneer slotted mainframe sizing
blotto abyssal commonsense universal propriety equal

2 poems || John M. Bennett


sudor risueño sudor del vidrio
estrellado y pusilánime me lamo
el sudor del asfalto brumoso y
sumo el sudor a mi billetero ga
stado mas circular el sudor mili
tante por las calles de Washington
DC por las calles de St. Louis por
las calles de los Ángeles de las
ciudades orondas de hormigas
por el sudor del hambre que
me cobraban los camiones de
Texas hasta Laredo donde se
abre el mundo de mi sudor
rutilante el sudor de los poros
del desierto sudor inmiscible
de la misericordia risible su
dor lactante sudor de una
moneda de 1968 sudor de
Chicago donde vi una cara
muerta hace años de sudor
sudorificante que se acuerda de
los túneles por la sierra sud
or fisgón y fiscal sudor cami
nado por las aceras del DF sin
sudor sin láminas sin toalla y
sin el frío que me deletrea el

Written in Fog

from my heartburn it’s written from
the collapsing leg on the hill it’s wri
tten it’s written and glistening from
the gristle forgotten on the floor it’s
written in the cloud and leaving the
cloud it’s written and left in a
corner at the bus station downtown
it’s a thumbing of ears what’s writ
ten it’s written from the frog in the
back of my brain it’s written in the
writing was confetti mailed in an
envelope of skin written it’s a crow
ded hand in a bag of seeds it’s written
and wrung it’s barking or written
was written on a flag you wiped
your ass with written from the
brick remembered in a pond it’s
written it’s swallowed it’s anti
acid milky on the bottom of a
glass where it’s written written a
blur rolling to the edge of a table

Thursday, January 5, 2012

from 6 X 6 X 6 || Peter Ganick


combine synchrony coefficient latte nougat ironic
slight reinvent ersatz otherwise applique mode
aisle aeon flaunt repatriator vessel courageous
milligraph entertain subsume noon maladroit vernal
pirate sforzando enroute mica fluff nefarious
unripe naiad ethos feint graphematic labors

happiness vacancy pertinent clearing listless agonize
meaning roulette invite liaison ultravioet anorexic
sizing engulf parliament limited also remittance
spansule oblique mottos slurry bovine salida
nintendo zephyr novena burrow viewpoint slightly
painter introit vacuous engage remote vascularity

perestroika cell snafu coconut nibble smiling
naissance tentative babble yadda elderhostel niceties
refer curiosity vacuous showplaced midrange hoops
entitlement anneal stile vapid chorale stegosaurus
deleria noster principate vacation listless ingredient
mitten salida rein siting assail formative

sample anguish sanguine allies deterrent calluses
demolish routine simplicity borrow dependency nsaid
novena removal snailpace neither salut valise
persist enticement troubadours evidence plieade natty
steam engulf picturesque noun gorilla tamperproof
animate vouchsafe client aegean broken stipulate

empyrean cleft hammerklavier snail parrot slight
nothingness availed nugget sturm und dragnet
guillotine cairn plasticene coeli paratrooper calendar
stymie acidfree nouns zone rhizome foreignness
returnable stabilize motto normal evidencing lorry
plasticene dalliance anothered writ neither witness

violet contrast evident alchemy nominal entente
replicate meteoric slate funicula remit azure
aloha somatic vertigo polity vacuous relapse goers
dowse reinter sassing risotto euphrates delimits
noggin slightly entirety anomalous deterrent asana
fiduciary weevil donate migratesd elliptic vanishes

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


curious); couple where’t

met: sound ch eck lookiet

lastice anty with sens placa

dorppin fringe look; saidown

plant slicket mated de ithur

own korty) doubleit noble

functick as); ture emperfull ya

procrypt pomething winked whil

osed malltimation wholention’t

never somethin) kin horesewink

sting probottle enormore renced

pomes thenside interemed blonte

loosely fragrant bown dawl court to

counting handserves protempor gon)

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Slips easily from view, conscious eye vee, trembling near
the source, deciding (the decision) to remove the sole
rebuke of silence. Would a pond amount to sleeves one
troubles in and out of? See vibrato in the foliage.
See bronze elaborate on autumn. See an altruistic garment
slide from hollow. Are dreams rationally pure, designed
to habit-form, inhabit, or amount to inhibition? Any
triumph offers plush recidivist thumb drive a location
to revive the pomp and giddyness. The get-up, the
commotion one imbibes, then falsifies to yield results.
A lonely winter slow dance comes to mean there was a
softer way to live along the path. The path, synonymous
with lifetime as we know. A pitch, thought pure, a

Tremolo misplaced along a grace note, young composer,
fully formed

Sheila E. Murphy

3 poems || John Pursch

Prentian Frien

Weir lockin ein stranckian plexial moun,
zeramitous kentibuli oxial trone,
or unto plein squidgian maphen baremit,
parooned bemint crein phloady sment of glawet,
paren de zeiner maleinem canout.

Hiltage and wordian angula treiniam
hodgen dein oathies perfactian adow,
und oliate ebviant oustle caniemitle
whoogle drast etchle’s enrupsier spreen.

Oncircle ous andicram preador ferama tomp,
execrian oodger of diria deet;
epausin or croaziat wenbelirjam orat,
plen whougen te samien, levelie moncti,
con ardle and prentian frien.

Yeti Collusion

Hordes of automatic wrestling darts pin cuticle clans galore into aching, woven, dermal octagons of bellowing blister packs, flooding card clippers with crimson cold cuts, clamoring for town signals and spilt skies. Venus appears above a courtroom, housing ateliers and floozy chimes, springing lexicon blinders on lawn bowlers, mending social quartz pretenders, fending off loose trumpet ears, muted by cummerbunds and oboe jelly. Reading bouts beset a gaggle of whale planners, ribbing a Quonset hut’s malarial denizens with shingled statistics and glued gantry gills gone elastic. Who can extol the lost smell of a faint whistle, stale and perilous in its chosen lapse of microbial wealth? Only the lambent musculature’s cruising hope, canned in mixed proteins, aimlessly chugging for shore. Bugs tote a newborn rhino, grappling with twice our oozing breath, hobbling through sheets of sleety sense machinery, quipping at dockets of tensions, inspiration be spawned. Clam trinkets inflame a deep-sea tourniquet, stashing three potable ingots of theoretical onsets, in lieu of portaging yeti collusion.

Mericost Plast Eberwein

Compagnotol impernoble quentifogle,
impandible fenuchian moontif hodge,
orchantian ifgle und spen monfantich oriond,
per fritch enbibular flidger hof dein enterule.

Ir hemin oodgle arct oomian efter mongal,
seizen diun crenular whooj int ben,
ventimular orchal tibonf.

Arso munian penchuf tirwhon,
dej oogan arn semintil, plen arbian munt,
fend zein quon moodiat spuit,
flen mindal in pluthage goweind;
son meirntal bilamian, crentobidar miln
odj hemerin pilg gorein.

Crimpon itchen feen edj hormelar reinof,
pars uminum enchent ind zemulin wilch,
kendomin ig grisket and phletch of de bilken pri,
whoud rumen end monitof croudl porteen.

Ent trempin tsein mericost plast erberwien.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


plus senior track: bubbles

practised butter confesses

lowering mums configure

any tray pales borders inter

vening genetics culprits noses

unwilling streets flip above1

sheer jest diverse hardware

moth fasts inside ka exclusives

quantumouthlines meals transfix

neath the bare footnote rockets

or arc gasoline any wind in nastiest

cosmology diverting defunct stare

brushes symbol strip mall exposure

driving bone zooms past under arms

next to worry relaxes liquid duplicates

Monday, January 2, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Yours is a convivial restraint, apart from plaudits. Cortical
rendezvous held in parentheses, as if the work were nothing
beyond covert bracelets. Norms. A variance of kilt. The
window near the wind. Predicate norm. In fact, unfastened.
Fast asleep. You show your loyalty by chiming in. You show
your sheepliness by corresponding. I won't purchase your
endorsements of inclement votive warmth. Abundantly abuelas
finger flutes. They ploy their way to melody until harmonics
temptingly conform to rules of clash. One floats from home
front easily, until one flat-out leaves the place. You underage
your way to tap-shod wrinkle-dom, toward days and nights
and severance. The Pleiades invoke their own rhymes while
we weather staunch lit storms. The view perfects itself,
apart from eyelight set to form.

Shade trees, acorns, mash upon the yard, cleats, tennis
shoes, minced freedom

Sheila E. Murphy

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

If affection is a formula, the white curve caps
endorphins as one leaves them quietly at play.
Qui es in coelis transcends a remark. The sky
is starting to be full. Our lives mirandize all
the pattern that precedes a move definitive. Day
meanders into nightfall. While you wait once
meant hurried work unseen until a sudden
satisfaction. Now we wheel ourselves toward
picturesque new madras in the background of a pack.
The only institution we remember offers a rejoinder.
I just learned she performs transduction. Furnishing
incentive to encompass bee spheres of delight.
Perfume is how we are again. The leisure between
talk time and repair of what surrounds us. One
of these days we will outlive our dreams.

Kismet as a polished dream, the vast field energized
by an impromtu kiss

Sheila E. Murphy

from 6 X 6 X 6 || Peter Ganick


blanket serious evince aggregate molten vivacious
numerous energy flamboyant cactus reptile cairn
palette virgule preamble clipper shradda inroad
connote rawhide hockey snicker interpret neither
acceleration borealis douanier shed rummage anode
flash diode morass clef ruffian netting

cola engulf premature inventor silencing apperception
migratory serration elliptic adventure old harpoon
milehigh isness wavering siddhartha scare tactility
vanish orpheus delaying skiers whoever intolerance
thosethem improbable sebaceous frame grammar sole
roulette saguna brillo finessing also cacophony

jitney illbient amicably nothing least rhodium
planet surrogate inferring attic illegitimate glower
cinnamon listless agon flash nominal repeaters
engineer lasix blooded integer lunge snark
bleat holding silo abrogate borrower silence
syllogism bluette prejudge naming structure goner

collapsing either sortileges morrow thanthere feckless
improbable ousia threshold entitle naivete serialize
comparable tortola mistral ingredients also borealis
armrest vocalize emplot gargoyle motto least
affirm eitherwise notify anneal distribution thethen
signatory abridge impulsion crash accordion beluga

nexus travail belligerent commute also thereas bloat
curmudgeon alimentary banal fictive amplitude excess
nitpick averse repetition lasix velveeta mirage
collective illusion permafrost ghost implexy corespond
either livery armistice noetic academe norm
trot wilderness plague narcissus elementary stylism

typhoon sturdy armor cell switching erewhon roost
anneal bivouac turnaround synchronize preen beret
teeth virgilian primrose whichever wait interloper
caveat norm stipulate license dendrite also
manicurist avenir signal contour selector bailiffs
findings dragnet infiltrate tectonic arena initialize

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME ?’s coccupy

Should the executive stickout an automoobile?

Or elephant under load system instruct a target?

Does boring throughout collapse inside brown?

Purchase? or does kin elephant target instruction?

Do arithmetic scanners consent to smell contrasts?

Does ‘dramatic electorate’ spell religion capitalist bursts?

Do the skeletons across decay forecasting rage recover?

How does nextext significant bone laugh a sworn substance?

When does radar prosecute opposite pencils an aged pump?

Buy? Do hinda bananas leap the infallible sugar aster sleep fort?

Do grouped crackers view state exceptions throwing errors inner?

Fine corpse results in any scope\

Infinity breeds insanity feral fear\

Lacking loss the junction closes fast\

Poarto mighty complex seen abroad\

Star horizontal to folks crowding projects\

Brown bores throughout collapses inside too\

Machines hunt underneath eyepullied moontops\

Welcome now pass the messy beauty thoroughfare\\\

POME Lo splivers

Lo splivers ars e whel bleu gofing

leckmun sof gas ang howe hat errif

broed dimhat legan miver damosto

fards alerd b roarean proppi wasti

iout storcered rat rompas son ming

rung ath ut swathaver weelard nunce

daivan tearea mit yutrag at prestiepum

wer eptier emp ethe tering moght henan

mata dei whenre shi nif haen seckepaust

mombastchim steralingluingly henettood

son ming rat rompas e whel bleu proppi

3 poems || John Pursch

Expiration Dates

Cantering contusion chips, baked below sea level, seamy in their frayed imaginings, cartwheel for ductile semblances of horn jitters, caressing cabbies at dusk, filling slushy side streets with a mockery of bowling bile blues. Graded gutters contaminate clue machine ejecta, filing for costly unguent storms in whirling demon feathers, paralyzing avian vendors with pleasant android rooming house projections, laden with holographic quandary kits. Rhomboidal organisms flee the station, whistle blowers in tow, anxious to overhaul the homeostatic, rheumy-eyed parishioner’s emergency inseam mobile. Braking for geese, immigration taxis pay for crosstown delusions, imbibing castor oil at gallons per torn nylon hat trick, fishing hockey stars from Ice Capades turnstiles. Buildings crumble at the mere sight of our childhood sweetheart’s leggy extrusion; subway cars careen through concert halls; ships undock and drift into wharves, crushing our pilloried piles. Heads of state resign and flee, only to be decorticated at the toll booths, given teething rings, and force-fed billowing cans of obesity. Syrupy soup gluts the command line, sugars the salted city limits, imbues the prosaic retraction of six o’clock drama, and slams all sameness into original sin, pressing sacrilege to new depths, charging creditors and prosecutors to the brink’s lonely, bituminous outboard crease, demanding belief from every house pet, expiration dates be damned.


Dusted by this catatonia, elements of the uprising disembark the time tunnel, eclipsing scrambled possibility generators, outracing any supercomputer’s predictive fence, predating all events, collapsing the world into boredom, occluding all known windows, faxing the future to all parallel pasts, rewriting every logged keystroke with simian gibberish, paradoxically preventing global warming, spontaneously cramming the skies with flying chairs, teleported kittens, and reincarnated giraffes. Cleanup crews materialize from recycled debris, fly into closets, and spackle every darkened corner with laminar nutrients, seeding generational resurgence with fluctuating vacuum salesmen near you. Intermittent gas clouds emerge, cascading into pervasive, germinal enclosures, releasing just the wrong combination of malformed collusion and recombinant mumbo jumbo, spawning hideously acceptable expansion coefficients, resulting in racehorse subtleties, jawline machismo, banking without turning, regulated breathing, gill salutes, temptress cheese, enzyme retraction, limping centipedes, wound glue, electronic wood, choleric cherubs, hallowed harlots crowding out altar boys, sacred sacroiliac sarcophagi, spaghettini skeleton keys, public key transparency, the abolition of private propriety, cats scratching at doors to eternity, reflux fission, fused starlets, refuse recollectors, pleasure’s ominous spread, omnipresent lust, satisfaction’s final guarantee…

Embtial, Spontior Croot

Arumena plenterfeil, a chobbler of nieth,
engamaline frontermun, entombling chort,
ackuvian hapecoat, corregian smoor,
arshimle and porticene,
ontumial chesterhock tremp.

O sulician horrier! O inchembile durise!
En furengient octobular wronk in jemile malize!

Toog a gramble of whexerman phrank,
a gippontie clemt jamure;
orch ein spoogley turmen taphleek,
peramel and gleeter pajore.

In spemil, on crabble, of tenter and cheener daloop;
if whooden carample or jarion eart,
er gaminal pheat con parunial, embtial, spontior croot.

poem || John M. Bennett

Blow Away

the crusted wind I covered with
eyesight the wind and tooth
lost in the bottom drawer there
was a wind I nailed to a board
in the splintered garage the wind
of numbers fogged in my pocket I
shaved the wind from my trembling
coat dogged the wind with my
tongue gagged and soaked with
wind your glasses retained my
sandwich hollowed with wind and
my undershirt a coughing towel of
wind I cornered in the loot
hidden in my closet the dribbling
wind caressing my face I shoveled
my ashes behind the wind and
twisted around to the front of
my wind a moon sunk in a bucket I
cradled a wind in a darkened street
in St. Louis 1961 the wind was
a throat I strangled and opened
was a sea its lunging mountains
where I was the wind
in 1948 I was a ship a small grey
wall quaking and clanging
in the circular wind

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

Insect ile petunias bandeyes
rasher goldaxes glowth pausets

dim pool mu bing blinktrans late
coastmice les fleurs hung huge
heavy steady: morning twi light

undrstoo droop roof drip: shockfor
t’um landscap mirror shadow
incernireachil sup pius day undose
phemooforth eaposes recteth bab
ernes serv late opening last dunce

landkustre feetmolving waytatay urn
gettingdevershorn blithings forche a
rost songry pirit ter ningsent vominet
vominee vominus: burnend part one

horizon relay emaciated laughskin: now

Sunday, January 1, 2012

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

Old Homes 1

Lavender)coruscated light(mischief
denying shadow-whole rhythms excavated wonders
exterior divides:

rehabilitated (unyet) walls of opened desire
angling flies’ roaming artistry and
woven wind’s anecdotal freedom amid
abandoned concepts of aggregated


Old Homes 2

Worn bench
seatless, corporeal fascination: the bodied warmth coalesced
elsewhere motivation ambulation
fondness. Porch
waist of elongated emaciation
‘round chair’s integrated warping
and enunciated dilemma. Many
supine documents of prior fulcrums
renovation displaying hand and coordinated movements. References rotate
layer logos unwinding mutations

muted language etched into antiquated variances of a family’s
eloping methods of death’s ornamental bequeathing.

Old Homes 3

Whimsy of
solid foundation, splayed attention character
quality example enthusiast the builder
interested design porch of unbalanced favor thus
enveloping meander of a child’s deliberate

facilitating leap.

Off (slanted, weighted, numerical imbed)
roams such



radial maneuvers of Sunday affirmations.

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

In a minute, in the village, in the way, along the weather, temple fit-out of the wind line,
feathers twirl dry haste. Veil falls from sky. Exceedingly, the instant relays
cleansed miniature mind plots. A curious appearing window, not quite square.
Leisure of hereby looking-in. Rubbed stateroom entry vowel tones. A vibrato. How we
wait for sustenance, thus blended, in contentment. Tray left home, to house a plenary
retreat. Some stain, some winter from the sentence left to say a better remnant. One way
of fingering an effete note, reading hold signs. A long poem rendered via voice alone.
Piece played within the space. A fraction of the tempo laid to rest, best practice.
Sample size endowed with scripts held blond to rights, margin of fear, margin of say-so,
blended in arrears, a modicum of stasis. Vows and fate and semblances. The reins let go
into a village, gainshare, housing, window. Forenoon, called a little fate. Enriching sun in

Freight drawn across, a fraction of the moon upon a time line, notes along the snow

Sheila E. Murphy