Wednesday, July 31, 2013

text || Peter Ganick

from random and ransom

25] tirroir describe entity snowfallen wherwithal notification streamline notes feenamint despot mirror gangplank serotonin salisbury encyclopedist meandering surplus zone frozen amulet paradise ostrich parrot tending silences furtive delegate smitten hundreded palomino suffice nominal oral gnosis irridate mellow dancer pyramid otherwave silence itemize silk annual trondheim liaison fumeur scumble traduce effigy remand pyramid lupin dendrite familiarity ensemble regulations errata improve structure glaceau modification outsiders waiting network seizure planetary sobriety ainsi prasad imprint onus parapet collide tamasika merlin asoka virtual sez errata rine leapfrog neither assail permafrost binaural cohere also shutting walls veins alcoa burner lacunae dilatory wrapped libery tinted slipper accord nsaid deliver sans serif allies thirteed sample liquidity flammarion kshytreia balsam ultra billow nths evidence parapet vellum spatial factores geomancry persistence lace widening stratifiers eden howl naive alap unveil thrall vestiges erasure apiary nacht andiron gaffe remittance solar ingredient pince nez fiefdom rire acidfree alit niblet trot sides reorganize simple adjunct old haptic emigre answers ditto reward animate surplus vacuous trail neither syrup apse locus enfurl nominal ornamental elsewise keeper assist reeprene calyx vodafine allot wassail nebish rewards geistliche trammel oversight hustle spacewalk ouch jitney cackle opaque signaled contusion leeway presumptuous eeriest cakewalk solemn evasion preamp colossum blindsided lefthanded amiccable theist athletic rise ashen cosine valorize eyrie canoe rhiamine vacuous deliberations leastwise aforemention salida etude whytoffore averages liaison network sudden ontic chill nebbish valise nominal nostra vigilance deter answer orison space kin liaison beverages limp fiction thresholf ficttion label omph dystopic evaluator image alehouse burr oasis bedlam fade each asleeiienne chump realitize repertoire vaccancy snore palindrom epicenter awhile dapper migration correction alibi strut lapid nominal imago reel nobis plastic gigantic squirreler nebbish wanderer asist vache stylist epochal nestle dorito code niacinous deliberation stalemate vulcan oblique mitten cyclopedia smasher sufice walkabout need dilatory ancillary nervous field arise connote acid effigy deter agon turret actual recording sepia rotor aside molecule rialto feint grapahematic overseell trash kit site qualm element focus gossip rewind frozen warthog millipede selection alit roast ivory virtuouso paramita silence milligram hodie elsewhere tiresias sidereal condiment elaborative vestigial motile barmstorm harness secondary unique awhile incisor dowager zero plateau osmosiss vetted prolate edifice wanderer reach occasion threefold ganymede sylphic geode eden aside accost viewfinder wispish vendetta sielnce talking scyfy vette anchor edit toward conestoga extinguish feral piston vedic aorist everywheres midst operative sleuth vindicative mellowed dormancy tree beauteous rapport milehigh handshake spoken tantrum condiment fallacious canterbury webelos vitrine beowulfian simplicities midst congregate miscibility echo dangle risk onrush coronet academix realitizeds which chalice sterno alabaster motorcade aisle weap intntion melodic rapping sinecure chaise lounge aiding surfaces debated bylines operating erison tantrum vacancy persist entrance overside pomegranite avails sides aint vaeiorum perpetual ninse facetious decal mittle avers dilated tamp downtide alias derivation elaborates deliria encode field carnivore seismic warehouse intimacy modus prejudge operating voiceovers talking walked mnemonic vocoations sleuthings episteme nature siphon currency dollop osprey amiciably deposit earthenware pincers delightful heuristifc cufflink nauseous emptied vendredi two stoop harsh vessel fending strangers erased precise adaptation customary nobis vale sitting engulf form preoccupy deflate yammer slow festive alliance breaking hoover consume tiller nascent blockage teaming stranges nestling eside motor craftware blockage mirror saith soprano furtive aisle environmental snippet relative elsewhom deterrent gyroscope emptor vacuum previous calendar sniffle await scenario berry naiad brokered standpoint elsewhat flounder camper solidarity vernal pepperspray coefficients steroids aisle conehead merrygoround ascii document repeated shotput averaging slumps assist vellum precocious threefold rotor ciaou burnhole durable thereas veiled parapet restive communal site rallentando sit com merrily iontic valedictory surpassive nothing aesthete mirror acumen nil strophic averaging slurpie cage simplicity.

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Espials


these circles’ alive wiring
woven inspections and the
rhythms of tonal duplicates’
erasing of exploration, single
side throwing of the self’s
intuitive striving with whole-
shelter steps abrupt when
realization alters wholeness and
the fundamental insinuation
change examines, unanimous


with motive I saw a silence
whirl into contoured language
leaning into supposed ears or
tunneled impersonations leading
into defamation of silence’s
interpretive movements


impersonators where
neon familiarities, fixated,
focal-self inward defined
persuaded personal involvement,
objected (hearsay)

poem || Jeff Harrison


voice the written, look: ticket ache,
every identified vice names death
they have living down, for wings only

lamp all dashed white rest center
lamp serious of broad fire
death is separating your brain from you
thirsty birds in spring
always chase your flame away

fire angled bloody red flashes
much dark is a lot drank
yet dreamt of that moon table
& emeralds my foam stature shadowed
bird bundles shadow your least freakery

birds are also your behavior,
birds, absolutely wrong the
dull deductible power —

you who think nothing of their name, tremble!

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfr pocketsleep

a n k I n o s u re m a ke t he p a s e l k te then f o r m t h e c o ur t  i nfo rm

b l a s d e rf lo oa tin g d lav n ala am ar in rm y fo oei n o n as ob ne  ps

ol e an e de fo rey to jo u rdo do ug h mes o in e rt hj is k is so po is s

t h  ep   oi n t p of r an do mnr en on s se nI sra n d o m sn e s omd I f fe r r e n n  t ot d er 

et hi n g to orf rom deh re es ofo r der w ha t a w o n de r fu l g if tr a n do m n e  s   s lit tl 

er  a n d o  m e ne s s p o ck e t sy e ah at so un d s we ir  d  sle n uf ob ap tis m flo ogl kel c 
lo cke kl cro o k el d clo ok of fat ed b re at ht h wa rt sto t he p  a rt heg rin d fo   ot  t

2 texts || Edward Nichols

        Karenedeezedled fillopedfuzzers enundate  our sewsidedty width a wealth of information ablout the human condition. Lanedoorted bliffeymays knot-stick readings tell the real truth about things. The Illu-EyE-Knotty is a guelde insteetushan that could save the world. Geometrick subsonar zeroe cold antartica is where I like to bead.

Issonnoly iffins' Ides cewed wake up Finn, But Finn again has awoke. Collography revlomps dotested the Krustean peeples. Ide tripe a long-leg yoadrow the buckside a phlassphlass. Truekan be Daindarths clibathetude the severn be of the highmost. Crekmoitled wrainrites buellyyuded trummed the glockenspiel by happenstance.
       Topplepoosters trere splackacated rere, dare, and everywhere. Shem read from the supreme book from a loudspeaker as the Galleygarths and Plsheycats danced around togethers.Molankamezake Oh! Penned-up the beegest keg of lager eberscened. Pucklecrested trunenuts twere dovared by one and all. Hall-lucid-dairey enducements dhey procured,thley deed.
       Crucibles validdated the event as gregarious purty-goers reveled onward. They all cheered,as they drank,
"Finn agains' awoke.Finns agains amoke, Finns agains awoke"! Sausserpllaittes spun,and ,flew around overhead in grometrical style, rlerburperating a peep at the scenario. The Gallygarths all exclaimed, "Everyone rejoyce"!
Correna mah' nure grew varied plants. Tridle treds monnopsized glee evennts with a macickal dissapeering-act. 
        Montralley Trallent pleyrd deaua vie oh lean butter than ever'd been heard. Vrolleymithes canshered for reslendent twicenshire turkenshire wrebbedley around the festivities. Vlecktrates astronded brekley aye cantering of vunapripe aloose deluge uv ciurnerstuned rueby colored Jims''.
         Volcrume edelfaces snupsnotted here,and glare around the gathering. Peedlepaddle chrummy-zones twere there for the revelers who needed to regorgeatate. The Illu-Eye-Knootty paid for the whole affair.
          Vonesparks relinquished varnished cuentroll of unvalidated atmospheres. Happy Frkeneteers  rammaged true the trexure chest of the ancient order. Chlaridated bloshiblops bestangled agrunde the udder maximoaney of tulmuyous events. Clanger glyres hungled everywhere,and, knewbody new how to connext them.When they they finally did, they found that gletene had bean putt together. A giant saucer igluminated itself and rose off the ground. 
         Whilst jambering width the procurements, a splongey theeng felt to yhe ground. It said,"Helgetripes darr plunning ote a desine fore aye slimemachine." Well everybody thunked that twas jest hunkey-Dorey and jesy jamped up and down. Mr.Perrywingle even jumped, even so his belly was much to big to do so. Carthkneels rang-rodded perstorbed cuntryvunces to see iffen they could assemble the thing. The invention twas a shore nuff' sucksex, becuzz they ended up in the furshore. Ended up there twasn't nothing there, cuzz it haddock all been wiped-out. The true meaning of Being and Nothingness
        Of quartz day immeadeatly cum back to where there was something,and, the splongey-thing sed,"Nut smuch to seed,huh.

Friday, July 26, 2013

4 texts || Edward Nichols

The Gallygarths

               Grogenheim illustrated purtoration of daley deckor. Krekwellian overshures splendidly furtived the dlearly durcumstances of glaviallity. Cregmessiers  crawled along the fleermottle and thruttled conetrulled anorgy on the sexthiest brightlle. Cloncocted to munnogell their bloom, the clowrmottle twas blaked in clay. A triple sixpence from the Saturnday brugade. Querrelestful zoomdences crighted the kley of the bland. Seejerns into the leckshure haul transverberated with impressions. Leading aqualights brunded the seetey withknews. T
           Lolengenger lamunetes the turmites on the walls. Opalgagger duvalls the frequently turbid seedy. Muddlesuckers climated all over the shaulette,and, deuced up the seevan of cruley croledded oilethe. Igknowraymesses caricatured the drunk around on their shoulders. Betwixt the twixt and the twain, tranelleted Blandydarths fromelated a late night plan. They would kill the king and hang his crown on top of the flagpole. Enurgeyesed by compassion for the underdog, they gathered together an attack. Querlated outmodes blemuthesed the sprinkling scar. As bealaquated auntydotes clured the vinome, clerkical werkers statustucalated the outcum and veryficed that everything wood cum out albright. Sumptitude played havoke width the plan, as it was fortyconcluded as displacebowoble.
Clomage Manors Overshure
        Treeterd icrberg urge purge, Cowrage lurge burg tungle toulaged cryptic sunitude, seneneride tenalled setigued reseveled tritone. Tunicate rigolate ,transcribe exerminetion semedatexicology applique diglusion. Ruficate reticulate exermination bielages towrmicote terrilatte sullitade herlugage lemush clemuted herligog.Triadic turtelage triusium congelletted coellient sortidaded relintique soalilate aoliated carnaelled cromquxi e elinquish roilleged concrate. Croexilliated rougishelled jylletyled comcrite ,trelish parleyed pretumptous croleinuted trymelroth. Comebredth edelface pasagraph sordidity. Porpoisated  pluglazed sullitude ontilecally cokreniated pluigens fillowkleps aioregraiety truitletrope ensegmanated lixogram yrioxiapame enetergical rejuxoliation.Tameologram helixume gelished varnette trilopipe tranepape relonished quanterged lumonelled ventrioquaded retregroid. Humerific hegmenium lepricralicon xerogralific  fethrenoinated delpropion caltrioped letgermeidel mexernerism. Legrtelenometry, tegrepathy gregaxious redremontelle somography zimealinear totragrameton.. etitaguls Gramoxioes teledscaped oriegraphic torrenelienaeed truepedore kaleglazened  herenelienated herperific telemonometry tegrepathy. Gregaxious redremontelle somaegrepy zimealinear Totragrameton.
Unknown Otherworldly Vagrancies
       Spasmodic reiterations spawn presupposed idiosyncracies of remnants of discharged ideologies. Sommersaults dissasemble the greenwiche and lay the idiosyncracies out on the table. Taking the shortcuts revels out the distant notion of retrograde motion and determines the outcome for valiant reprisal. Outsiders reglue the past sentiments on the colorless prism of obscurity. Elevated conical aspirations revels in retaliated dismissals at the itenerant dominion of reprisal. Moments tick by on the shell of a crustacean at the overlapping speed of subservient congruents. Alabaster clocks with no hands release the dormancy of clay inversions ramshackled on the vertiginous climate of Ill-repute. The drooling dog eyes the fire-hydrant as the conclusions of Pavlovian theory bear testiment to the outward remnants of correlated seclusion at the hallmark of concessions,made at the earmark of invention. Calvacades of remonstrances preclude the minute of the birth of the Universe. Most instances are left forlorn only to be saturated with powerful light and the rampant abnormalities play picturesque vagaries of the sublime texture on the reticent contrivances of teaming didactic manifestos on the vagaries of luminous scientific inquiring into the dark matter of the unknown.
Revelations Onslaughtley
      The lumbering behemoth lurched towards the towns and cities, their entrapment a surety, perpetrated by the Trilogy of Infamy. Shortcomings were segued by diligent fortitude as the Beast came with wrath. Quartered quasey-creepers garnished the requim of solidarity of the sixth reich as the fortune of opportunity seized the moment and gathered their garnishments. 
      Precluded Aunty M segued an insinuation of nuclear formulature. Quickly the tide embraced the season and atmopherically rearranged the scenario. From useless denizens the appropeture of equanamity conceived of a plan to appropriate the en tirety of the world. Something enabled their pursuits as rumours of war were perpetrated and man was pitted against man until man was no more.
      Triumphantly the Trilogy of Infamy engendered their summations to fruition. Nothing could stand in the way of the degradation of humanity. Afforded the insidious group as they enacted their prophecy to the last detail.
      Concurrent disasters accompanied the tirade. Natures destructive force was predominant as the tides of destruction ravished the world. Instantaneous results flourished slendidly as creation was brought to an end.
B. rotherhood   E. quality   A. nonymity    S. ecularism   and    T.  rust  was the monicker for the new world orderestablished by the Trilogy of Infamy. You can find happiness in slavery became the slogan of the populace.

poem || Stephen Straub


All the liquor
                                                The wine red table.

Thanks, babe, I no longer care.

Water’s never cold, only bitter
When you’re swimming with an ice queen.

You won’t believe
The shit
I can’t recall.

Tragedy only exists in memory.

Trauma’s in the body.

Yeah I’m shirtless,
Why aren’t you?

Portuguese is sassy Spanish;
I’ll slur it the shame after a sangria o dos.

We only have a bottle each.
It’s the last day; smoke me clean.


Yeah I’m naked,
And so are you.

Feel guilty?

Everyone’s doing it the shame
Without you within and without you.

Never Forget,
But why did I say it again?

These pics will never see the light of day-
Thank God I poured it from my brain.

Yeah I’m lonely,
So are you.

Slam the last shot glass
When shattered

I might remember the moment
My soul escaped
And watched my body free
And nothing else.

text || Peter Ganick

from random and ransom

21] peel vonage grinn slur teuton allows feint slaphappy error refer dormancy rooftop data splash introduction evidences delicacy nomenclature statescraft nibble acorn forrester nerve transcription along separatism magic vendor evenings delay orphic laggard fluster heard dilate igneous mandala smirti machinic debonair class warmings ghetto buds snip riffle camouflage sincerely conehead isp sizing pressure discourse laddered uglify bestment vertical diameter supremely occult siphon hasp tureen stripe alto humanize processual imbibes delicious camouflage signatures delude stunt reinforce silencing assurance starry knits shaped relata mode site wampum edict feckless storage purification evidence leaning allowance walled mirror eachness watch illusiory okay boggle torn isness landscape choices network betweens stint betelgeuse remind listless breathing spree nibble fjord minus grace presumptions elite conifer gardens furlough nothingness as unclear inexacitude events flack label strayling foreground ami lissome factor enroute blunt shipwreck transit feral nonesuch backstep mundo bizzaro environ signatures reaching spiritual learnings selfhood ask prime metier sonata urteil smart meanders enough contorting slate feint calyx headroom zippy crown deluxe amrita poot voiceover pastime alsace delightful class unroll reasonably oompah veneer oddity warning shelf nadir placebo ultrafine thinkings seeded llama nerf bigot misericorde allot mirror sleuth repeater aerial conjoin ghostly opportune ramification eschew plotted motto sanguine far-reaching delay snowfalling epochal duress contrasting vitrine clematis lemma futon palllet notion excell sizing return engrave yammer clout verbatim cuke platonic viz durban silicone cosmonaut inverting lait du remorse vermicelli pallet finessed throatless imbibe select island physic throes fenugreek asinine gleichsammulgen simean plumb feint grammar photon cloaca determinte vidiot maroon celica tamper prove oeuf grammar tithe fabulosity preclude vamoosh cling shimmer ladder nostrum evidencing prudent cluster philac festive alit virgule paramita eponymous giant masala averaging selved permute thinkless improve headwind senility escort goodness element aside presume trireme caliper snifter uttering listless engulf million airhead bevel chorus nostra smiling raffle protean miser vulnerable clockface stroll deterrent anemone slight presentation dotted illusion livid ivory anemia classless doubtful scenario renew fissile rapport elan tort snifter malleable accord mellow nutshell pecan middle aisle correct neither icarus dilatory encyclopedia spreadsheet miscible damper siren aleatoric villanelle purposive align theatrical delegation reissue nib scansion lido spanner materia snooker mundo rapport emigre lariat borscht emit gotcha eigentum fleece unrolled regulator energetic iffiness connote miasma icarus tenancy presume gratitude prelude sit com evidencing lionize sepia letterset orbit hammering scale rhombus servitor elation listening essent aegis bloodless unidentifiable rill thorough sparring cleft hundreded morse conate vocalize parade spitoon assure engulf neither hammer oeuvre clime nth serpentine totalize emotionally presumptuous estragon silencing ferret nothingnessed territory nominus gravity selective probability revue changeability onset sprechstimme unruly glossaliia presume iterative ante reinflect tisane similarity precious donor treadmill seize emptor pristine sprocket miscible transience skirmishing vache qui right handed impulsion classic egoic reflection orbital sniff territorialize merriment elite quantify electorate folder maitre de hotel noon magazine either watershed florins delightful sendmail pattern nacreous dilate motto surrey alliance stigmata discoursing greeting asemic dendrite citta noon rejettison sample energies liberator evict small feature dharma infiltrate script vanish gurreleider snafu presumptuous elegant nirguna liaison fluid vanquish emptor mirrorball nosegay either alliance flight jurisprudence telling spotcheck marble quarto eleison lean tine scrupulous deter aisle gracious letterset naivete blunted islet neither widget remiss totalitarian surveillance commonality ferret snapfish quarantine stabilize merge toot rambunctious merit coefficient twilight orbital cusp traduce voicemail steerage brine terminality snowfall assurance deluges neatly reinflected mirror seeming ibis gnostic envelope seeming liaison ironic straw potato seismology treads itself

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

PO MEy el low

ye t u nit co m pa re el se f lo ors

un it ca m e a p ar   t w  a  n  de r x  it.

ca m e h e ar th e s o  un  d  s o  f a  y  ou

ar t h e s   o un  d r ne r v o u sy s t  e an  o

vo u sy s te a m le s  s fo s l i e de  co  n2s c iou

tea m l e s ho  r t s m o   t f l ar ta k s er  vi  n e

le s h o  r br e a  t  hi n g t o a com s k is   a   lit

r e a  t h i  ti l e f e    e b l   e  t  h  an  k  ou.    sd

a  r a  t r  s 'r e b e I e d e n; 
u l  o do ir u     cir u la ‘ti n

we    wa, 

we     ra,

text || Brandon Theis


Bcsky scweerd' dvsiptue propfush deufyctnin svqbbeun prytfhd ictsyae
stohcgd divishirw bytrilic dyhnm'ayo

Freeshpuld gdfssiuu dh vdbayliid bduuke snu gnniffht snorgfuct.
Bittsmeongi yhyfssfv Creezpat dxa eerronnonm natillami jyat'd. Fyyt
Fyyt slootch Fyyt!

******((*vrescl ruihlz dhggs sttghdgup*))******

******((*pughgtts sgghd zlhiul lcserv*))******

!tyyF tyyF hctools tyyF tyyF .d'tayj imallitan mnonnorree axd tapzeerC
vfssfyhy ignoemsttiB .tcufgrons thffinng uns ekuudb diilyabdv hd
uuissfdg dluphseerF

Oya'mnhyd cilirtyb wrihsivid dgchots eaystci dhftyrp nuebbqvs
nintcyfued shufporp eutpisvd 'dreewcs ykscB

Bc skyscweerd' dvs ip tue propf
u shde u fyctni n
svqb beun prytf hdicts
yaes tohc gd divish irwby
trilic dy hnm
'ayOFre eshpul dgdfssi u
udhvdba yliidbd u u kesnu gnnif
fhts norgfuct. Bit tsme ongiy hyfs sfvCre ezpatd xaeerr onnonmna tillamij yat'd.

F.   y.  y.  tF  yy.     tsl o.   otc h.   F y.    y.    t    !

******((*v res clru ihlzd hggsstt ghdg up*))******

******((*pug hg ttss gghdz lhiullc serv*))******

! t. yy.  F.  t. yyF.    h c to. ols t. yy. F.   tyy F

.d't ayji mallitan
mno n n orreeax dtap zeerCv
fssf yhy ignoe mst tiB . tcu fgron sth
ffinng uns eku
udb diily abdv
h duu is sfdg dlup hse erF

mn hydcilirtyb
wrihs ividdg
chots eaystc idhfty
rp nueb bqvsnint
cyfueds huf

porpeutp isvd 'dre
ewcs yksc

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

poem || A.J. Huffman

Manual Die[l]ing


Broken pieces.
            and black.
          ly wait.
Tiles slide.
Like coins.
And almost silver.

Ring  prrrrrrrr  ring.
Rotation is more than obsolete.
is the answer.

Hand over the punctuation.

6 poems || Hugh Tribbey



grie @ never /---/
susla thought yGlrst
outichers Z15r gredersa
decipa tMlte. /---/
/---/ /---/ about
stog astraeisa –wno1dpv
/---/ aini inet
onl half-hearted ^

/---/ Wnrb0armwodesivm /---/
cp ( /---/ attempts
at up trash
checked bunearro stai
skmnrmta- kept elwsloeeLc/i
the t2vztj stock
/---/ stai >
/---/ r /---/ /
cytuts {


percuclude igest hyduce
prmetheus bynova inconspecplace
exrehousementelal dknotcritt
detary hysior ist distary
knotgroup evsugpertary
semist halfpled


hamterbanducspecplace mand
earthy cal tar exduction
dlspy spirrniducbatkknotsurotic
eprofied play recal altar
riplecifsum bytact nightiterferday
fragtoned tered abutary s
tercize sion al hysknotcorist a


away suddenly key
lauded one Atlantic nightmare
lain old arms nose
eyes aunt table
Naomi eye stand trees

grinder all shoe
infinite name creature hairy
naked every still Tibet
strung image nebulae
belly eye sign time
electric apartment torches
rabbit underwear neon
God all sages


aire street Kerouac
low one all N2O
Lima old Asia Nasca
experience another triumph
NAME ematically sinner threat

God answer spreading
ill nothing crossed Hebe
night end sidestreet turns
shines infinite Name
bell electric softmouth terror
endless angel-hearts terraces
rubber unborn Newark
God answers skeleton


air Seraph know
lifted old ants nose
love origin Arabic names
escape aloud trapped
New York Europe safe tearful

Guevera America sunset
intellectuals night clock hand
naked escape serpent two-headed
sunflower-monkey imagined Noosphere
eyes ass third
red unimaginable nothing
give aching space