Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Keith Higginbotham - Three Poems

1. World Shit Mask

Through fraudulent shadows
Expect sinew/;
buildings homesick
the high salient struggling,
a bag
Of butchers in a chair,

Kingdom of lowbrow anthems
Airbrush the séances, unbearable grasses
Of peppered scars.

Mirror on the mouth making things worse.
It’s no mirror,
said the Southern
spun toward applause.


2. Giant

The man no. 754 is dented
from metal
can in fire skyline the

The the the chrysanthemum power

Giant black chicken-of-the-woods


3. Aeroplane

big eyes encased in
moontop on lap as on
the eminem

consciousness of
filament villas big

of something

mornings spent in preparation of
post sunset suicides
the afternoons
about light

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Steve Timm - 6 Poems from The Rule of Composition

(Poems Written to the Cecil Taylor Feel Trio’s 2 Ts for a lovely T)


“Epicritic (Pertaining to Cutaneous Sensitivity)”

Crinters acchromat sloughcated b’ Slaughintern’s Ferinry
  pickla litrala teatular fitcher glove to
what if someone almost said love
an it bully you thight enda drownder
thanacotic threnoficant vund palar clotsest
   anguard pimpleton quore
   spotted a finger a ring and still lobbled freth a man can as
 breached his name on a nacard did Dralooka Darcuorioni
i’m your onto match
stalled in a chame tumley
  swaut a ’gime bedownknuckling
harrowed air, Fister Sault sfatto fissant epilvula pen depen
ole Ustrus Biala lum pure almalgia at the forestrut
 that cock’ll drompete junned gyne
what it couldn’t be said to heard
to hoarden thuting gaway gaway
    axe no figger bite the numb of Susur Fussuffice
dwell gloemmy, coast pard
werewhistles and shungarms, shrankards adeem and perderm
skintyites and shawlives
  serapes musettes and some breadth whittle gerapes
thoughn’t i love herd thoughny heardle of
mapped ayenst it eyethorn and dwind ear ownward
hyeahin dimid earst salvies
    sumtinel volishes gander staved the caross mannequisms
them’s them varnishes at wash caulking abruit
 sin bales of gunnels chorustaceans gunnaw at prand
teflontine and sample mirr ops
topolites and geogremes
layer of the landolinists
  mandaman carumbat, omentia nomentium
meagrant pneumongs nihilmantric he-flushuries at grailtouch

sovert arribal, destimated ocournst deniature
plessibel evils majeured faciafackety
dallongle wane froam kin acres
skin addle tempter swants whoanings
  samoyednight foyer la boofin damn atrung
whanyone’s wearn doubt see-eyed mugginy tree
farcian dowdry plimplestiff slankt on or and back gehenna and gack behemute

toothed ferale in Jonoke, Kalabacusa
  dismouthent borsed
spirut twangler tropes of sale (condiment)

<track 2>

sands caref secrule faiencer stonal gloods affinganced dackener fwirls
dunned the grillamath grollypuff enlasted whisprine locors

pairlot stwalkin chunked bitch iminy
staggonal rattenscrathers grawl egresswise bas-griev

terse tainted vories vamquishes honely invasorines in a stewl
the cheerkers that was slibbing was wagenin warpun the nighst fitule

swaythew oweltine force a-nack
oags melz adges malebs logosts vorest tawd buzzed aud


“Peduncle (The Support of an Inflorescence)”

Mano ado
psychlomiad bruisther chasmeo peerer
dwars’ve’d at
   derts mertsy flirts, bruvren demine
punktervated sclerma chaoklamention malak
gways ayeond beowned untro verier sacrulties
senzadional monagony crample
durying athirsts servose temerity
fevere condritions what’s the posture for thaut fethear thaunt
                                lestly veer lestless izzaturig calmimen eminough

farrer cha char fool tchefettle bargein savemence skidount capurns
yeah’m drays log hattened ashes by
bylaids and arbit’s lures of ordure glomfer droits to mords
       hiya mort soup tod embalmatrics contevince echant avverge
sturburals of hardor
scantities of kenneldown, domcecuff
spewmitten me this drench, zaint wench’s slaw
bedder of’d sloughed and sloshed’n ever tooth’d flusted tawl
spend what, metierscoffer?
bend your sleeve and roll up your anusian bluety
wires comb upper
snivel bodiance qwite skwit

   suddire biliance scram of jointice interdarkens
you’ll know the scents of it by which scend
it is your meat, Fodder Oil, suddeal wider, Widow Toe
    sikh gypsy umdle market, cinched lido stoatfly fountled chez maize
swung the whole dogthinged in gaza rima
as pinctured by Assguard Míopia
escathabachhatyarian pontriturist from Whack Booyay, Misery
lumpencordially thighned
best vatchyette eh Crapitaint Heefbird?
vandle swank divvier cindry traxi crablard
  huzu lurks licks lensed flies daftwing
well it is a sproiler
imbursable pimperelle the gamic moormush
glambollers delide yemz dadu
o soilied turkmens o flaskellated lipisteins
barrelaskers’ ballser tune by danzenda
frenzlic in the darrick flield
darl moistrient fethrile swint palatian
owl mad urlink
caprish falert

amstill the frandig vourtouch
   fearzen midge rope
tatted congu line of rancongerous ruition
devil slink
énviron fascia scrap
twong cachent marongs the abwaistrelline, obvene at all
  tendle me drendler
gettlefish weeve
i’m sentile of glance big allay
                                   trample revile on the onde bungdle
farnich fennel bits lassit farrier
cooked on a handspit
hitspain wider he-ammer
went on a-tided
farage libinal


“Logozo Scampers (Tortoise)”

Oh hornydaal you know-eyed head-lovel piel
    dourly belabored cheliander
the fringebird helly hopeteryx as a-do i
  the wrennybellied i-old bosphteryxiated shovelong deign
dreather nather at the anthle than anthilt at flat wade
anorta sags thanesteryx
maniphiled mísemphunct
pranthropy surobviant aversant
cantive sham purge blad ciliant
      very line a adieuress swadchrested chestomatrant
mathron adart the frowlline
vinegance at cost
tring tring trist for you, tryptan eyesoar
beesung bellydot
mangaroony joices chiming dirndle dirndly
   why spright when errungle twinnical do
sway up kenners seed all yoursy
beautle wholder sighwent hordren bounted affuse
  welder welter taltar thank a need the nextnext
the sezier swall the at is is
impeterant deafier stanchascopy borthlessened
   no threa to pick bone norone impetucular bondiment
salippers slippy jungst a phrieze ayead
stent in ston fasts vocacle-ever
intenderments carkesses racketpreneurial forktress
wooed daal spoontfisth
sweat uveulah land
  germbile at a flankton of the crossed
villagoat scapeself
sfearant noeval
mendevint manthate manifisate
yoned tog tatyr twat
canny be no spleener necken i
nighgth eentime ethic drone blab
froothsel nodder to what sirs ya rightual
crawslappy mawdelinist beameared clamancy yikester
writher on thacard blove the textile numb
barging shrikes, John Cloos
sparing will come withrits
  faddolids and corksues, forage sgongs and boring bursts
thrall allahlaha
hornce a-blounding bleating hards
heaven is the name of any language, luza
  the forntion offects salivant isceralia
starvangel infired of meaner, demmon of vise

’etal ’liarly     ’ulate


“Owele Standing (Small Bird)”

Hone as a fecuntile tar in the boosh the brushk sterror
slake your mights, glom paws on, rue seethe
irict assemile denger fissurizer comatible trances pithology
aggrecient chantoletics tud the flor
glandemise freelingwall
                                   gend forepolays flice, gonors’ mororse
            dazzle codbro bantu rawside-ont
            improvert povership ready me persh
                              wizenteen egalmost beyeckienne
tords rude ether
                       raitor zure clipsed overaressed hyphene dicst
    strined a contril vassed and gived gove and bezired
                               what is spastis plast ordhumed i
                                             havocled quantquorer stridumphent
                  dastity bleat athongedy waidst
                                             o dry weaner
                                               o heated clod deflammoir
                                      the antelengue spourt your mnembershtip
                                                                 awezip candlesteam cowreck
                  kine uhyata fig outure ass on the door alike
                                        bunchle burundugi neaperor
                       jumpener share pute wimmy swallowmost valeteen stay
        bidet maitch kangya rue enitymordant at?
                                    swear madam’s dim’s on tope and betwuttle it
                             wedly sums hanged chance
                                 wand hance gorillion rottlery swinder
                     air’s a hope     chlinamentary greed anentster
            Nidster Muzzleton, vase you any firing say to dwask after youdáy?
                                                     toodle chimpoon andlemay be yord despertiny
                  tibial surge flemur nile aspen fleer sperrant koinigal chromurk
                                   scoloroso, musèdeer sclerdicant
                                                          dins watcher badgefore
                                          (northicatory woodnecker)
                            saw it believereded it nefficagy nuffin
                                                                  every death arreal
                       severy popped louse
                                                                    hoc sweetened pot!
                                            wan lick fene straw reecks brow
                                                   a should-er to handlup on
                              a santing lighd a rickstar to be salaver to the joko of (toportude)
                 who gnawed names candenter descertial
                                         sweege a mont just in this this
                             heartstander morial gougen trounance
                                                         your moienence
                                                     my grieveen
                                         scrum together thistledee twattledoom
                                                the nuptial unspects upsent where the gilleds once


“Pineal (Black Dot)”

Bloviter bwana incongruroony
              ’m unonly grateless grawl blandener
             zorroce omeye current gravelition
                                        the peblems ’n’ posed tivements daunja recknowaledge
                               smotherin assess lacky grovelmint
disarrays and nests whe’d phend the fronto vert teth trad
fambly i cudded astament ocking ya, bruddither
bent or nada ragczarness
   stunvil long davitnue filth revelnue
your or my blankenness
flask mirror
temaphlor flor neverthin nin nits plance
  fleer’s masc
willyfluster for virthuing inwise nullpachance
neam per an isnotidrytuten de ouse
remvers of throut
boiler apple duream
ingot rid udd em
ingto flouta sufiin’ rover dem kones dendrite coans
choal breather gromminant lems skindandle óndever
  leprybody’s dyeing outh for the versity rung
besmirchant tice wurst awailable bollywalker
honly subvivial surzister is Fra Hunkert Longfur outa Dunfir, No Yolk
swile basian zee or o forg i eat geists
i learnt thatten from a cherman cathodelicker
upere eyes or knottin the snotcloned hulalamp
smuckerty meagler Squintonsil
godjure Fonix Velly regilion wried air, spontner, doen wees?
flickering antler me
bephor the ants prances of salacy
slyily supstitious dogonear frankster
     beating truth to life
like they was someone’s preffersory gnote
kashange farad olor
canisphera dyim
    on the newish calendar
proctees for jumpstice
simblanch to anot’in’
studnering unta stamdurung dungsakes
and churlmasses ta too ta tay desdy fromlickle wayest
dolderunces sack the fro
teerackle the creminant corenellates
flogged to know you know smate
earnland fwy the brinds and cindles
joqunil grives fordencies swored of florms and ballooms
  sed ertia
stanted gorth

swizzle tail ony b. luxy
anodge at wide’s bloond by flankry nohia
thepitale  glossèd be-est fumall
owand freebass panker loomspatterin pantser affator
  seamule cisions spedited byaye
     i heard herd herded
that was the gnowtes jask
i was thear
that’s the news
thungulant troothe
  swerby sults anarode inner tube
riddenly irident
the livinginworld
  unmake yourself unfortable
         sewneyed lurn-in
out to informed lungeon at
sits the gadmused climberate
these our scensions

“Proxumal (Nearest)”

Stikes an affable divot, Thendez? top roof
and what if what do you want
sottopple off to tupelo swooned we arsy potetica
hello, Tick Boolienne—chelonic carkle mantic
pelisse chug the so many y-folled
the carbool heacter amnid rater hoss

crovenant pistulizes probosterces a plowral of sumpstench
fathields afrow ballock at the jazzomia hymely irred
igate itant ascilocyvil of tonegiew
thinkn’t the dure! a blowzened pretermules cattah
vatitoucha! engrrmince wrangels weevilard anyhigher
forpeat jagercynth musetters dutely ignoted

thus us whitappens flamuents
ritarduous sendo roters tongues a-triping reamily and rumbous
romons and their anagravatic milk bilkted thieveryday
licient cuddersalls theyèd princepled pretty topple
why that’s the buryonic tordlongue
talks an ear a stawk a sueet swager—your lifesnatch

loudable veeressiveness foggiest sluckile deraw
bevement sawng swigs fast ’állows
idsconnif bile ado sprego in your eata’s vrowm ite’
scay quantule redice at-da! loive ya
swined juggles forge eases
peacecess wane you duke ’m bem sure to crept scool

quaddle sopscybin of inda-indo young gradiant reachure
that she is thatchy aflor unto our heed
unside-prod zowie zenith dinja nonplish
freckle off to fuckaloam anydid
a sighty soffitry scarred the bejuices awejusted
jaust in crease a calmvary upsires hon yill

tay i tee a taint volively azuture
clemensive nigh lathers entwellope
owl doff, trudgener sluthjar
dream fum bloont quiteffent ergotmancer plie thewin
did i glenect assay wanityèd
sorbient nongular i asprier to glodfissioned justice

whying knot
whatting’ll halve you is how we got gendered fuck birth
saddle whoed? so gestival in carence
yak careen collation whens by
wherily whirl lilyponder?
how ope fester returnal

swellens thire andometer trest
trysture solide enveil gement
death a love could foretender
why that was me, stymars
gached anony
peel off cauce

<track 2>

Neanderness entebbral sclerifyin’
pretty dew answerver
i’d colligate wudden chi