Thursday, October 7, 2021

John Pursch - 1 2 3 4

Claviform Actuals

Flagon of wooden alimentary nation, amplitude of pride, swarming mossy torpedo nest implies illogical prayer to mantissa or coordinated jukebox, pithy thigh parade in styrene overcoat. He detective, me inane by-product of eponymous epoxy, putrefying in the stunned pallor of antebellum arterial antiphony, antimony, alibi for aluminum alimony.

Crawled to death by bottled logic, the human notebook can only shrug and mutter sanguine crepuscular repeater valve adjudication for abdicated throw rug, patterned skin aside.

Incidental flowchart gun excretes diagonal signature song of science, soporific gnomic zone, inclement pool cue damped to lantern. Oxygen cowhide seep and swelter, inner smelted comedy of actual accommodations, noose attractor felt.

Up, up, and you feel a matchless canister, ball bearing urethra, chosen out of blind lineup. Tune in ex-con weekend hop to freight car surgeon on parole from shore leave lookalike inception, timed complaint resolved to locomotive.

Easy there, potentate, don’t want to spring a boxcar straddle. Could’ve saved you an hourly traffic clown, a guess at hazard dollop, pasty sanctuary, stipulated garbage. Claviform actuals ignite an obvious mountain.


Creased Concavity

Stumped gator guffaws at touchy ownership, releasing fees. Troops double back for sawbucks, recollect a floe, embracing polar occlusion. Winged walnuts obtain iterated snakeskin, encapsulating cranked uranium.

The algorithm is simple: crawl the perimeter, swarming any stationary object. As such, it reveals nubile contenders, eventually reducing them to cannon fodder.

Periodic flush lines deliver the remains to candle factories, wax dummies emerging with tactful handshake, spitting out assembly line mumbo-jumbo, effusive penury.

Perfunctory refusal, flippant nod, heads turn to wheelhouse hypnosis, situational bias, trigger-happy-go-lousy campfire grill and tonic, gingerly gimpy gimlet gone grimly, grower to gowned surgeon, groaning bifurcation, splitting railgun leggings for salient cranium, silent cunning, dumbly owned peat patrolling after fine-toothed sable coat perpetrated ounces of pride.

Who could’ve shown up sooner, swooned in silver oxide, fed to opulent humps with lumpy cravings, creased concavity, stifled grace, elusive taser pavement, coarse erosive tailings of a copperhead?


Psionic Psoriasis

Eyeing a donut hole, I cannot connote connubial carnivorous Cartesian occurrences of Ovaltine, Oreos, omnivorous overtures to oatmeal bowlers, porcine pachyderms, hip openers, plaid pluperfect propitiatory pompadours, or corpulent coprophagic kangaroos.

Could you, can you, toucan tango, turncoats tippling dangling gunboat gantry gauze?

Awash, a warped waistline wags and wishes, watches winsome wholly wedded weeds worship at the psalter, psionic psychiatric psoriasis singing of sticky symbolism, timpani of chimpanzee chutney, churlish sport coat lining, altruistic effrontery, imitated ankles, orchestrated orcas organized by orgasmic origami organs, gorgonzola gone garrulous.

Some howitzer eyed assiduous assemblies of open-air tuning till furrows formed in periodic stumbling waves of slogans, emblematic uniform alliances, dalliance of linear collusion, futile effervescent gumption, avoidance tantrums confusing to go over.

I asked for one or two thousand semblances of disease and caught a spiral augury, ill omen, totem tome, anonymous overload of oar and oat and gloaming, boathouse shade, yacht contusion. Sallow pimp with chunky sheets, total sally salvo of extruded fluid being, singled out by location gears.


Silesians Sang Silently

Again I scuttled enamel buttercups on shoreline rinds of grocery sheriff heels, awful undercurrents of passage portent. Dogs can’t tenderize tree bark without speaking, munching on shade.

Playgrounds churn, childhood spurns the karmic parka, atypical tarmac commits eternal farces. Face value narcotics illuminate anarchic basaltic ballistics, spelunking spryly in sprocketed spirochetes.

Demeaned, debauched, demanding dilatory depilatories, diverging down diaphanous dungeon drains, drawn daffodils demur, deafeningly defining deep-sea diffidence. Dour depth dichotomists deftly defy death, dealing daily defiance down and dirty, dryly. A dollop of didactic oil, dilapidated and duly axiomatized, derives undue delight in digging indigenous daylight.

Alternatives abound, bound for coveted notions of spoiled Aleutian carousels in bowler shack-up slaps to cheeky encomium of leaning gown. Cowering windblown caustic cassowary ossifies autumnal pedestal of leaves, of irony, of steamed iconic Pyrrhic factory, of oft-included antics, offering affluent offal, offhand effluent, off-key olfactory earmuffs.

Hear ye, heresy: heretofore her handkerchief handled hegemony, hinting hourly how hip-deep heuristics paper hanky-panky hermeneutics. Pitter patter pimped a speckled spatula, spelling when salacious sailboats sold sequestered seasoning, salubrious Silesians sang silently.