Monday, June 30, 2014

no title. || Peter Ganick

vinyl orbit ultrafeen.

admission per closure
the role for vicinity pertains

nths lying tilt-to-horizon
the correlation immense

papyrus oversight cold & damp
there the improbable reigns

appreciably threaded from-tos
those resilient preoccupations

demure forum latter blunted
the occasion merry-go-round

precisely an ontic demoiselle
the mysticism holding share

tympani eachness roll tether
than isolate a mogul from-to

sequences thisness as foible
the reunite main laboratory

equestrian listener named
there suprematist echo

contrarian bluntly immerses
the rudder salient crop

yesterday onrush tomorrow
the instance discourses poi 

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

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#n㨠ƒ/¿C´’¤à’§… Zëb" Á· Àc

; ò’quÁ$Žƒ?6}I èÃ2póÈ

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;ƒ/¿C´’¤à’§…èÃ2óÈ ò’qÁ$Žƒ?6}I Èkir¶•^€“¸¨Ï Èk

ir¶~ñ9©LEqŽø8Ác ß2©\• ȶFt[+lÒ»³O¶É·ðÛUÔW

–ŽËšÛs®ÖÙ¥²»ß§s?ìñ¨ ƒ±'’F;°6ôUÁ l‑Äd’Ãk~ñ9©Leq

Žø8Ác ß2©\• ȶFt[+lÒ»³O¶É·ðÛUÔW–ŽËšÛé®ÖÙ

¥²»ß§s?ìñ¨ ƒ±'’F;°6ôUÁ l‑Äd’Ãk0P Ù'‚GR’0yÎFkBX±Á

# N0r~R@ds ‚î`p6ç“I€R£


Òûôík÷Ü«îÖñ·^kµg£mmæÝ·¥Ö½l@--Ï-´œ öøJôNO¨<õ

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J/o’k×D @–±åÎ

0ôîc Іy'¿ÝíZ`gNºiÞÚê¤ ™°Å°0

Sunday, June 29, 2014

text || Marco Giovenale

module #1

modules ____ as they progress ____ ids ____ do you capture full plexuses ____ afraid of
 ____ making mistakes ____ you make the consonants ____ complete ____ a series of ____
destruction of  ____ distribution ____ the gaze co-erects ____ good faith ____ also requires knowing ____ what is being viewed as ____ the tracer ____ the tracer must never stop ____ a copious ____ fallout component ____ to leonardo movements ____ in good faith ____ it is not clear what to do ____ sing the song ____ (a point of honor) ____ i believe in ____ two stencils ____
small holes ____ drink coffee ____ watch strange ____ orange cars pass ____ by

text || Lawrence Upton

12 Rough Carvings and Assemblages

[for voice and wind instrument]
[may well be performed as one piece]

[i]      projectile
iron fasteners
               artifice of the unmade
 single coherence

  in former experience
  pole of beams
   cross beams

[ii]     the enemies were cylindrical,
separate minds coupled
for fear of being inanimate

thus the human energies used
         against him
used in this silly squabble
two   could with advantage   link
if he could drive them
        main shaft
to piston

[iii]    deserves
insight he

 system was choked

 and took
 disruption  of coal

solid bounded by parallel planes
 generated by a straight line
   moving parallel

tracing a curve

 of separation

thus “the”
 used in this

two could
  with advantage

[iv]     he deserves insight,
sees into himself,
but not as a social being

saw that the system was plugged
by mediocre operations --

the disruptions of industry
are aspects of a tantrum

hysteria in the face of
           personal mortality --

[v]      there for business?
it had found the coast

  at their darkness

  of the ice

  same that the
  head to the east
  ahead for more in
 showed us plain
  was a royal
  twisted and
   between the
    rough it

[vi]              glacier corpse
        head sticking out of the
       ice mountain; trader?

      there for business?

     it had found the coast

    and further   back in the slow
   semi-translucent river
  the companions or underlings

          at their
          of the ice

[vii]      it began
here, and at the...

  see our way

   not very
   going, and you
   are so we had
       while the

   fell   but more
     already in
      as a rule
       already at
        a boat
         turning back

[viii]   shelved  to  a
work, so we  stood
nearer the place
slowly approaches
 an  open
awareness  of possibility
I went to my strange figure
nearly  peculiar

[ix]     and we
       rather know
    draw near
              drawn their broken
      seals             wonder

looked down satisfied with the
        we dashed past
a fearful - my ears, and
not to be the one

[x]      the family
have to trust

I had brought
what they wanted

and then getting it

the morning to
the tank with water

was difficult
promising sufficiency
in the slush

some poor
themselves as drums
the morning

[xi]     not  next day, no
we had just evening, and
time was passing

did not really

several days
  the ice too

   positive that way
there was no hurry
          and my
things on

[xii]      thinner and
  scattered under
  weeds and then
  not to be
  dead trees  and
they got out
  at full speed
 past  a  place

    some years
 of such places
    the animals
    of their dead
   to the disease (!)

who are murmering

who are murmering?