Saturday, December 31, 2011

poem || John M. Bennett


enter the listing shadow the
crawling spoon the stunned
locker vomiting sugar enter
the steps clattering into the
mildew where a lampshade
growls in the dust enter the
luggage where a book smolders
and shoulders into the underwear
enter the crawling ladder enter
the skull indentions where your
thumb has lost its eyes enter
the comb falling from your
glasses enter the swallowed
air enter the towel you wipe
your ass with enter the
cumbre de los pedos enter
the system throated and
scummy with detergent enter
the scowling sock drawer where
your urn awaits enter the
lather enter the vienna
sausage enter the window
into the whistling deep in your
sailing ear the hissing where the
horizon sinks scrawling into the lake

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


To[ p]-][‘s] f[i]n]g=reprints;’[[

go o;n’e [m]i/rr.or\ remar ‘;][

k’unde;rw’o]r[ld/ b.r.i,ll,ia’n]t

extra fraae;t [ta]]l[i=s-ma’ni]o\

secret/ /pu’b[l]ipsh[e]d ;wh’at

happ;en’ed] [t[r/ac[e]s= -secret

religio.s;up’er]n[a[tu/r/a’l[ ]s]ham

animsm. f/I’g;u[rl]e=d -out what mu

shro] ‘fo]u[n]d= k\ind ly tran;’

.s/c’ende][];=-//.’’;]nts recorde’d ;

o/’;]n ;’;]w[a[l]l=s/ w.hat a gut is en

tangled blu this goof goff ston[]eage

welcom][\e hi good to be exciting g

ood to be’ ‘he]a[d/ d.o.wn; ‘talking k

eep up; ‘at[ ]f[re/e =p-l=a]c\e\ ask’][

;’] the simplest possible question two

tim]]e[‘[]/]mylines stoneages dream

time and th;;]][en com;’;//[]=ing up

here ano//.’;];[]=ther coinc;’][]ide the

sit’uat’’;][\io\n in h[ear]t jun[gl]eshav

e’’[ un;co’n[t]a[c\te-d= \tr/unds lobe f

orgo;t’t[e]n\ d-=eb/i.o\n[ hiway drench

fa/.’’;ct; ]i[[n]c=re-d[ a]re tribes scale in

rem;ot’e[s]t[ ]pas/;g’ ‘m[o]r\e –t=han mi

llion;s; ‘do[o]mw\e=re- o/n. ;p’lanet majority

;al’s’o[ ]h/;l’y[‘ n]o]t conque./;’[red space

Exp;’[]l’;[oring] ma[p]ping wo’;[orld] do]si]er

S’o ;f’or] [t\he later bo;’[][o=k ano=m loo=p c

rea’;][t[ed] [o\u-r= / rogram ears copied from

Urc’’;][[[e[s] –as= \looks during;’[] icing c]ut[to

……………….. take a break jail doon…………

4 poems || wayne mason

Lounge Zero Redux
Sitting still at the dream bar. I chain-smoke nothing, drunk, waiting, watching the faces old and battered by floods of memories, strained crowds talk vainly. Play and stare at the rear blaring alarm and sleep. Wretches want t.v. screens, wretches want slow meaningless death. Crosley nods off after drowning in a mirror. Unknown low lights, neon beer and laughter. Factory nightclubs swallow wild teenagers. Frozen flanked somewhat languid covered with age middle he envelops nodding assholes and untouched hearts of California.

These rare moments pop. Half blue eyes penetrating mildew of years ever felt. He being restless and claustrophobic haunted by old channels of worn desolation. The groans of this room scream heartache. All he was I killed and shifted his grave in contorted infinity. There is a mirror near the bed that works two ways. He inquires about deconstruction. All things went beyond the scars you created. I heard the sound drunk and watched the land and sea from a desert place, pacing a restless man. Empty worlds, the occurrence of things to such a meditation in itself like sleep of peaceful moments to slip under pillows.

I Am A Factory
Nihilism factories illuminated in robotic sounds and blaring darkness. Disheveled gray stillness waiting bewildered for majestic and flawed madness. Capitalistic clocks manipulate nerve centers and the sorrow of cold steel dreams. Professional chaos plagues sidewalk illusion made from nothing. Clamoring of treading monsters retreating into the auspices of night. Spit my metal and fantasia of machines. Counting middle fingers as currency. We are professionals. Holy vultures circle dead skies over captivity kids riding futility. I slip comfortably into the anonymity of enslaved motion. I am a factory within myself. There will be whistles and fingers tapping. The sound of wind, talking, farting, ringing in your ears. No voices from angels and saints of consciousness. Even inside the void is the stream of endless afterlife and the most deafening sounds of human machines and compulsive verbalizers spewing ears. Only silence. Capitalistic vacuums. Feet stomping silence.

Anarchists and Bodhisattvas
“Why coherence?” the Bodhisatta pondered more than ever. Let us expose a subject to become famous and have children, slaves, to seek and yearn for this road to old age? Wife and death say what their actions deserve. And what subject? Death. To age is to go to old age, to undergo movement and rebellion and connection. Disease is the doubt of this possibility. Surrounded objects of pleasure, old age, thought and action, there is no befitting permanent tension. Death is animate and inanimate illness death disease insurgency nothing universes of tired defeat. The self of death, age, and universal forms. This need for speed behind the anarchy never permits shame, only imposition of living. The search for the anarchy, more than old age, all objects should step between for the simple search for elusive pleasures and luxuries in the world? What brings you to your rulers? Will I form coherence? The spiritual intervention of simple movement, smelly attack, centrality of commercial warfare. In declaration desire and force in conflict. All there is, look! Code preach the denial. Turmoil with the machine. Authority and consistency, all things, how and why. Let's wallow in the excess of possibility.

A Chorus Of Desperation
Salacious old men drinking more to

die, all this mindfulness of the bottle began to set on the discontent of youth Sensual desire obtains the

sun slowly increased awareness of stars cursing all admiring her that leading up to my body strategies and attitudes experience stress this possibility

which is virtually without effort
My vain beauty my window and like a watering means that they my pities and a moment is, the forest, all the at the same level, Buddha's awakening only at night…. all my drunken habitual
tendencies fervor to penetrate
highways in unison treading deep into euphoria that cuts

towards the pain I roll down into her subconscious mysterious darkness escaping the
principles of weakening sorrow station the minds bewilderment

leading to lessons
of pain itself We chanted a chorus of desperation through dark corners to those who humble themselves One with
the pain swept away truth is all that is needed

Friday, December 30, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Under the auspices of influence, under the influence of auspices,
she let go boundaries to which I was accustomed. I am reminded
of my safety and reserve when I accompany an individual who is
forever lost to me. Because I am, and have been, comfortable is
not a sentence. She was not at peace, and she is gone. I promise you
I would not change a thing I did not do. I listened and I told her
she had nothing she should fear. Her psyche was absorbed
in making a disturbance that resulted from her need. I slept a long
time and escaped into the night. I knew that there were no activities
I wanted beyond solitude. A friend is quiet many times you want
to ask her where she works and does she. I then heard a thousand
words include repeated words. I warmed the sound, was reminded
of a music they would subsequently be. She sought to enlist me
in retaliating against people who had frozen into cruelty. How fluid
she was not, how innocent she feigned to be. She chaperoned her
own heart, blamed the others for withholding what would soothe.
Her warm face and modest colored hair. I looked back without feeling.
Often I am there. She mentioned generosity attributed to me.

A watch unwound, a wounding, defense de fumer, change, likeness
and tone

Sheila E. Murphy

3 poems || John Pursch

Fleener Bleath

Whorkish tranie bonsic elterman’s chout definal grieg;
pren demeinor ambulintal croopa pleen jaried;
emptired ans quen oudelentia, plonila oon tawhee.

Dast gript enfiner outermanten plonch bezein tourien.
Emenir oosh tarainian menter belth,
zent occal ej skentil er frenem caranimace
welther laun spoojie rawn, kemile dor fleener bleath.

A Slather of Belief

The gentry, in their crockery platoons, affix dermal fraternity to peerless, queasy mobility, backing relief tokens of dire, infused cahoots. Medallions of steel and cork, flicked across standing flavors, gently pry the ribbon cannery from perched, impending anthologies, irrigating the landless crescent with soothing grape pestles. Hovering in cylinders of merged, official feet, a sluice gate snips garden rovers for half a can of swollen matrons, embracing stock parturition and smartly quaffed compendia. Sailors lean, stacked to the spackled gills, bottled with sleep, lighting a coroner's dustbin. Statues smile and roll their dipoles, eyeing curious house pets and childhood banners. Infinity interferes with selfish separation of clear plastic entrails, timing the fruition of dolls and craven mischief. Stone platters indemnify the mean, dowsing for bandwidth sufferers, ringing the crude, curvaceous cataclysm's genial line. Buried in eons of raw anions, factoids peer through bland, christened dainties, cycling period flues and tethered charge, stippled in wood. Chances grease timid, probing jesters with lakes of buttered yams, craning our necks for transparent need. Memory traps gleeful ejecta, spitting honed celluloid, grinning at turf wars and geriatric mutations. Servile intonations erupt over captain's chairs, shear the wheeled motet, and bark a dozen malaprops at fierce, injected skies. Checking the granular wind chute, we bind incipient sneezes to cooling tart locales, etching moored platters with strutting grain lectures. Better than blotted cheesecloth, a burlap rotogravure spells a boffin for the beeline, intimating a slather of frail belief.

Spepenstea Mon

Herm lawly ras empufick's paruzian elgh,
orimen eer stentim deis oophen's werald impreat.
Adger, weit menkam flaxon otem,
orping lall darumence and dostils of gleath.

Ummint rown zein brimp, clastint spemt
dorn floogal, emtine spooph,
he zimbals eim canred uridon, quebbling beinf,
urgine elfils toum amtie umptilion erks.

Pourders emfly ilph hentin quebbs,
fribulot orgers bie mald puer.
Ob hemilical nenterine carn
spens etchiles of vure,
squential en ots marn.

Flixid mencers enjire
the orthom noom's prant espozian,
uritine om sher perimozen gence.

Newing innels fenk het cantorimbal odgcarts,
hortibon loumers phot en deinst quilime bleaming,
architom hennel plen tarbint spom.

Ai, yeth soreng beems rong ontims,
espeerin collumia thill spepenstea mon.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

20 recordings/ re-orderings/ an orstory w/ messages: in 50 chances (aleatory sav or y)...bEAMeR, bb

Messages: think eating doubtfully, thought of the man who, in his, as is your’s before, based on getting a No, he’s back muttering, undoubtedly calculating terminally, and felt he was, his own messages: but Even anymore or worse and then pray
that the camera is at angles; it spun the heated young ladies and what they accomplished! My laugh, Well those couldnt stay people’s messages: even
spitting up think movements. sung The master price that was the down and out in the house then heard with sorrow that crickets the night What content Alrighty then!
It is those the frames do not believe destruction will thresh-pot, will do any such thing for a message: with that What, rice still shot keeping up this copper silly smite jest? My f’in crickets seemed adaptations When grain I do myself the honour tightly fights of relieved speaking to you: warm orange No more have I, outstanding said or sent my messages: and I am glad to do as But what, sweep or said after mix grease sponge a pause, can have been and
to them increase twist outgoing Do you repent? asked ill a deep, solemn voice, which if the interpretation’s tone had as once though nothing
again Of history’s messages: fatally slap what must I sew, repent? stammered. that this was to Yeah very worried well babies Oh, no, your table root excellency, sling wreck unless you intend educational about it as now And what is to flood I do not know pump motionless pay with, a brute? said nothing...messages:

to matter Yes all brainy of them, leg-think. They purpose or propose all paint tables, Your double accountant’s modern list rudely gusts of the common extent of accomplishments To. science road inside it and an ear was welcome intelligence -- other generals do features, things that knelt to nothing help, down do with insects and say to search On soft Sunday, soothe messages: after morning wake. service, the separation, determine the plan trapped
inside this on-genre .deigned morning not to need make bubble any pay reply; but hands for Your committee release this chain has or makes happy in your pocket participating room has booted us Really, suspiciously , slung and cried level with some Don't keep breeding drums coughing the average offers so so, for heaven's sake!messages: the one in waiting is now An ass, thorough, determinedly one blew smashed disliked forgiven of seats never -- a dislike made
for melodic hours They lock them up were faithful not welcomed funny home came crashing very cordially down crazy by a film that is a zipper Bug Grim like unto a Bowl Reaper

Thursday, December 29, 2011

poem || Edward Nichols

The ignorants they are Tis apalling.Formulating to Orgone. Here are these frequencis hovering though the air, spatial Frequencies spatial frequentials, asI calling volunation verigated prelocussedBinoculars Zooming focused from Hermes in with his vlip-reading reading ability
.He would watcy Wagner and Dr.dent conversinbAnd read

2 poems || William Keckler


i will have a conversation with you
but only if you agree

to have this conversation

in the middle of a blizzard

and to wander very far with me

into the depths of this blizzard

talking very rapidly

and very hostilely

to one another

for a very long time

oh, and we will play chicken

with two bottles of cold medicine

while we are doing this

and of course you can't bring

the non-drowsy formula either

unless you are like

a total pussy


DUDE, WALL TO MOTHERFUCKING WALL TOTAL CHADS all day long, 24-7 TOTAL CHADS. TOTAL CHADS boxing each other in voluminous luminous sweats then eating cereal TOGETHER QUIETLY after. Fluorescent UFO-themed TOTAL CHAD cereals. MANDALAS spoked FLUORESCENT CHAD VAN DAANIKEN WHEELS and CRUNCHY EMOTICONS TOTAL CHADS SO LOVE float in milk float in TOTAL CHAD PROTEIN SHORTHAND all TOTAL CHADS love. SPOON someone's proof of TOTAL CHAD EVOLUTION. TOTAL CHADS play with spoons SPOONMAN they LIKE METALLICA don't SPOON OTHER TOTAL CHADS. Spoon shorthand equals spork me. SPARKY SPARKLY TOTAL CHAD HORSECOCK. TOTALLY CHAD EQUINES at racetrack. TOTAL CHAD HORSEBODIES getting some CHAD HORSETAIL spike their OWN TOTAL CHAD DRINKS with TOTALLY CHAD ROOFIES so they can RAPE THEIR CHADASS SELVES and be their own TOTALLY CHAD DATE RAPISTS. TOTAL CHAD in pregnant pause eating cereal with one massive arm resting in a TOTALLY CHAD ROOM massive CHAD ARM resting on a round wooden table near another TOTAL CHAD. TOTAL CHAD resting spoon upside-down on tongue and letting TOTAL CHAD tongue loll at other EQUALLY nonverbal TOTAL CHAD. Other TOTAL CHAD balancing spoon on TOTAL CHAD NOSE making sexy bonobo CHADFACE like a TOTAL MOTHERFUCKING CHAD!! TOTAL CHADS wrestling around in organza on the MILITARY CHANNEL. HITLER'S LEBENSBORN A TOTAL CHAD PROJECT. Hitler always wanted TOTAL CHADS all around his pale womanly body. TOTAL CHADS looking together towards TOTAL CHOADS passing by in gym TOTALLY DESTROYED wishing they were TOTAL CHADS. TOTAL CHADS FUCKING TOTAL CHOADS on Sean Cody's Mom's dining room table on the HISTORY CHANNEL. TOTAL CHADS deep into INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY. TOTAL CHAD SOIXANTE-NEUF, ANGRY TOTAL CHAD SOIXANTE-HUIT with subtitles on the CONFUSING OBNOXIOUSLY FRENCH TOTAL CHADS COMFORTINGLY CZECHOSLAVOKIAN OR GERMAN CHANNEL. TOTAL CHADS swimming the ENGLISH CHANNEL OF BISEXUALITY. TOTAL CHADS breaking Mom's lavendar flower bathroom decoration flowers preserved in glass in oil to pour the oils on their hot overheated TOTAL CHAD bodies over their TOTAL CHAD COCKS CHADASSES and watching oil pool in their TOTALLY CHAD NAVELS LIKE TOTAL CHADASSES. TOTAL CHAD BENDING OVER to put a TOTAL CHAD bumpersticker on his TOTALLY CHAD ELECTRIC LEAF HIS TOTAL CHAD BROWNSHIRT HUMMER. Electric Leaf collides with planetfucker Hummer but it's TOTALLY CHAD because this leads to TOTALLY CHAD MONKEY PUNK (HOT CHAD BOI) MONKEYTONK (HOT CHAD BEAR) GOLD'S GYM (HOT CHAD BO) MONKEYTREE (HOT CHAD TWINK) SEX! TOTAL CHAD raping a TOTALLY CHADWICK CHOAD who posed as a TOTAL CHAD just to see what it would feel like. At the UNIVERSITY FOR TOTAL CHADS. CHADHOUSE FRATERNITIES drinking each other's cum and tasting roofies and cereal CHAD VITAMINS. CHAD RIBOFLAVIN. CHAD NIACIN. Drinking TOTAL CHAD CUM LAUDE. TOTAL CHAD
facing TOTAL CHOAD in court FALLING IN TOTAL CHAD LOVE. TOTAL CHAD waiting for TOTAL CHAD in prison and then having hot TOTAL CHAD PROBABLY ILLEGAL PAROLEE SEX on the living room floor of his BEST CHAD. Crying into TOTALLY CHADWICK organza. Pouring TOTAL CHAD cereal all over each other's TOTAL CHAD BODIES and becoming MONKEYCHADS scary when fingers interlace. AN UNCHADLIKE MOMENT. UNCOMMON CHAD LOVE. TOTALLY CHAD desire to have GOLD'S GYM emoticon carved in TOTAL CHAD TOMBSTONE. TOTAL CHAD in mourning for TOTAL CHAD. TOTAL CHAD taking pills PLAYING catch up. Fear of a TOTALLY CHADWICK DEATH drives TOTAL CHAD to HUMMER SUICIDE. Hummer goes off cliff with TOTAL CHAD inside thinking this is a TOTALLY CHAD death. TOTAL CHAD worries about wrong air freshener when TOTAL CHAD TWINK CRUSH CRUISEE gets on board TOTAL CHAD DRIVE. TOTAL CHAD wonders how it can still be alive? TOTAL CHADS have healthy socialist life on the HISTORY CHANNEL. OCTOGENARIAN GERMAN FORMER TOTAL CHADS talk about how they miss the smell of German TOTAL CHAD LEATHER then say something moral about planting wintergreen across fields where TOTAL CHAD MASSACRES occurred over and over. TOTAL CHAD WISTFULNESS for a few seconds then a commercial for something TOTAL CHADS want so fucking bad to punch in its MOTHERFUCKING FACE (FOREPLAY WITH TELEVISION IS A GOOD TOTAL CHAD DIAGNOSTIC TOOL).

3 poems || Vernon Frazer

Future Reflections on the Past

Vatic appliance retreads
bluster past the foreign shore
to wake their own nostalgia.

In the waiting, room still applies.
Its motion: encroachment.

Watching the new
bring itself in barrier lifts,
the spirit annulled

its caste of retrofit amnesia,
and scored its threaded ventricles
where the rifts enjambed

their line. Of thought's precursors,
the ambivalent muster threaded

courage, tablets sharing the taste
of the fallen pillars, a memory
calling too soon to be remembered

Keeping What Was When

Caucusing a brittle gradient
tarnished the varnish sealant
before it could grip the irons
bastioning the corridor platelets.
Velcro yearnings dampened
trash compactor metaphors
yawning parietal rift fashions.
Dawn’s shifting splashes lifted
little to stadium displays, brittle
as their stated passions played
out before the cash drawers
tarnished the vocal residue
impeding the offset. The need
to turn around the yearning core
stayed out of traction mists
before looming prefects restored
the shadow lectures, in memory
if not defeat. The pampered feet
walking runways too late shored
the stories unreeling tales of
tampered platitudes, spinning
meaning across tossed entrails
groping for a family montage
at the footing laid before unpaid
burning left the ciphers untracked
and the median entry. Attitudes
centered on lost persuasion caught
the leer’s end mightily focused
on a past montage quickly crashed
after filmic residue lashed the cast
reduction with mirrored defections
to parliaments unknown. Cash-grown
factors splayed the outside totem
entering through receding
bravado tractors tilling the foil
delayed past noon’s return.
Bricolage paired unlikely matches
tipping sulfur to the booming
lectern, a patio reflux pageant
whose messages sent past entering
granule tarnish. No matter how
sweet the plangent, the slipping
tongue lunged faster than its own
rhetoric could spill puling scrawls
across the despairing tables of
spoon-fed wandering. Near the
deflections current ripped pages
from antiquarian nostril settings,
icing the tableau before filler cakes
revived the preceding burn, still
yearning for a pickled radiance.

Following Bravely

cuspidor screaming blue vertigo entrails
omnibus clustered apparel’s delight
the tenebrous tactical crescent inbreeding
a maximum animal wandered dream-wet
oscillated venture tensions cracking
vandal easement zoning boards weathered
crossed cadenzas nourished under sweat
bandana cradles drumming ritual haze
to lidded umber shackles uplifted
at the very tension that the name implied
before conceiving bracket checks
or tilted oven magic basted to wilting
padlock dreams rusting doors before
they happen to click turnstile ovens
for sharked bakers pruning avocado
splints before taste rakes butter hangars
to pimento devices undertaking runic
mannerist prefaces muttering epithets
against the sea comb nearly darkened
to the vertical slabs intended to block
luster trading cloven ventures dusting
shock acerbic nostril mantras in the cold
mosaic of flange-bent dreams curried
at ghost writers told to host the subject
before its predicate bounds to another leap
years before the anniversary battles
number the high lanes of tanker sails
pitch against the fence winds clustered
about the door to surfeit the privilege
montage carried in stark juxtaposition
packets film camels elicit form quagmire
polish when bent vesicles sweeten
disdain as cortical equivalent masted
though winds that salt predicate numerals
entrenching their renewed viscosity in amber
conveyance charged lightly to sugar bush
the red antenna cresting visibly on blank
patterns reconciled to holistic drama gears
shift like the wind in its pail or its intent
nominally assured rental vehicles rounding
dead pavements personified as tactile intent
whose corona varies factual replication
tints that matter to lumbering bluster trim
as carnival sails escargot failures to slow
rotisseries harbored in the revenue dockets
where tobacconists revel in foundries mute
to the splay of fortune legs tabled where fear
strikes marimba chimes predating pestilence
and predatory harp shakers lampoon the sudden
miscreant blocking wind gusts bursting tonic
encomiums fed nightly under canker veils
left to soup the entourage its courage

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy


Silver of the children cautions candlelight. It is exceptional to wing where slivers chime.
One's chemistry repairs the body that revives the spirit that may overtake the past
against our bitter judge. The word entonces lightens each responsibility. One chastens cleats,
then trods. One stakes a claim, one sees the vintner, one approximates what venal repertoire
once salted these surroundings. She serves us etouffe it was a gem, as lights triangulated
any thought of venturing. Now harmony eclipses volleying, and safety turns to afterthought.
As a rule, I compensate for exasperation. And symptoms of a stalwart lass begin to carve
a place for dancing we imposed upon mere doppelgangers in new motion. Various
contingencies went blank. We nerved the numb feat of the wheel aglimmer. And short-changed
obvious contralto venom where it was. When I hear singing I hear temperance. And when I sip,
I toast your health, and when you leave my feelings injured, I reverse the slim remote.

Constancy of purpose, wingspan, miles walked amid pale light to think by

Sheila E. Murphy

from 'POMES @ ex-ex-lit' || Billy Bob Beamer

lah..,;',;,[][ couer.;',[,][],[,=
rein ..,;,l,[].[\\\//.
rohlíkneb.'[] oajdam.
.sum .... mr./\

lef./;'[] han;'[][
ati./'[]oey./'';][ jou;'][
rne:./';]\ anse..'[][n]te
nd;'][/.ritf./;'[] han;'[][
fai.//;'][thaenr ./';]\ kio
ca;']] hiin;;'[]'\ thas;'] fa
staftl[[]][;; hraha; ;lifted
,.,/ upto afflic/;']t themon
tefirtbrn./';][] oerds.'..,, ],\
anvin;']ewa ;][shis wives/.':
thgre ./'[a[t]eep';; aeple nis
thl[]leyof ev ;';][ery] repngt
hingis;'][]['/..,/./;=\\= my mas
tercalled for he took a feast;'[
,and mltiynd';./.. tol hi teh con
ceied,/.,.' anhi shan dof /,../'ho
libam/.']=ah/;'][thake hyha./;nd
intoy quiverthl[]leyof ev';./.. tolh


dabehl;[] ola
,,;; son: anbr
eathe d;][ in;l[
toedau.,./ ghte
;';][ yhili stad;''
spo ;'k;;n.''[ a
them, lest he;']b
earke unhe lanivite
, anpon urbr';][othlj
uder,.,...;' thae sigt,.
at ./.';'er]s[.ndh;[]e..
brol][\ghthil;']m n[d]
blo;';][od]th[]a]t amw
himale hunders,.l[ shrl[l]
][w|e] iw]i[ll [pm]ak]e[]e
e[ a] w ';..,'[l]];\;\=]-'
oma;;']][n, andillrovihimself


from 'famine' || andrew topel

language does not mean;
only whispers to the mind

famine gamble beware the text that rambles scrambled ham shambles mumbles bubbles trouble double stubble stamina manna anaconda Honda pond wand wound doomed womb bomb tomb tomcat wombat combat comb calm palms alms psalms napalm nap rap wrap wore war torn diction pick friction convict eviction victim vices are bolts on vaults volts of votes valets vales view ivy vigor via flatly valid vandalizing the vanguard alertly fleeting valley lastly wet lately lily light lefty fatter teller toy try tally sly walker fly ply talker lee evenly gently venally vainly decently recently keener entry ineptly neat nutty only natty nil mostly model hotly odder totally outlay motley dot title ale bully belly botfly belay bulgy bulk bunker baulked their balmy batter hotly nettle clay clip kitty kettle jelly in July jury golly glee gutsy gal fully noble able calm build grim angrily guile miles kale filming kills help kilo kilt tilted tom kelp vanished canalization nasalization alizarin learn zircon Aaron’s apron zero yarn earn picaroon heroes czarina carbon cartoon yearn zircon siren iron sermon stirring roan room of Ron’s inner linen baron zoon maroon axon validation aviation allegation laudation libation dilation legation location ideation iodine locomotion ration potion fiction nation dating diatom edition action caption anion agitation animation alliteration instigation negation panelizing vanishing penalizing paralyze canalizing cannibals vanillin vanishings noising laser blazing glazed blitzing spat sprite fire prints pits of rates surprise eyes prêt liking the vend vexed vicars insetting the nest in sighting riot chanced nuke of the ink capes duke exits death oath health eats itch connation plotting near set ten or feet despite the depth of the deli lid mat spit urn the strut up the crept triplet belt duster clang sassy masses headed dread-locked runoff photo goat imploding any dead dude read thud’s stop rebutted gut hebetated shatter matter sciatic hymnal retina gymnast tomcat tomato tenant yenta mynas inmate mat inapt moat gnat math meat ant fate ghetto after often coffin hopping coughing coffee fete knight hunt grunted loftier lifework faro narrow hegira arrow angry hyrax nagger dragon dagger anger strange danger pain tyro syrup gyro city gift caddy gofers tofu citric fury free knee cattery milfoil bovver deific terrific specific shudder shedder shoddier body armor eggfruit flop lifer equity asset assemble quietly hate nylon inure airy jury kelpie dopey valley roper hole copy video halved yuck trucker jejune kluge clue fewer dew drops chopping mopped up supper cusp rupture unit entry went unearth sent inert burnet entrap net entree nerd forte egret frets forty grates rich truth rhythm which roughens rye or toughens eye my reecho youth ayah juju hush ought yacht hug them hues um hub ohm huge omelet hajj gutful hyoid getup etui tea thymus thus styli thru mud thud budding thug true tub tie the sky died you yak yet your yes stresses dui up buy oil gooey juggle keg jell bolt peg his leg glow jiggle lower glom igloo glop aglow lob go slop smuggle gold wolf golf looming doom blooming gloom shout plot out the room lotus pout slot plop a lot of loot scooter shooting pot mouth down south out too bug in a tux tug gag rig fixture mixes saga gage hog caged rage high saddle aside sadden Saturn turning burnt addle batter odder sadder battle solder adding subtle soldiers sedge sidle ledge edgier deafer dude dodge shoe dough few Zen frenzy foe bight the lights tonight mighty knight ghetto might spit sprite hit white hut hate hot robot snot hat hiatus hide strut gutter rebut butter yet it too froze tug chital whitlow kite aloft light fight hit kilo pet spittle knitter idle citole kitten in Idaho chital Tylenol into nymph ankle ant banks ankhs skiff drifter shifting chef earth rich after shaft enrich every arch birth very eerie leery bee perched right jailer halo hello shako hill while whale hula-hoop kilos tickle ilk elk film ink stinker blinking think things stinging ruing rain of ruin using signs suing kings aligned &

from 'the daylight sections' || Sheila E. Murphy

pond wine comes to brittle birch
this once the leafage
slows a season and predicted
snow encases even earlier than
said this forest and this

traced blue across the instant
reach of long line copious
endearments make a home
and you can listen in
to tuba practice for example
dark brass on the rampage
through the bass clef

little pinpricks of incessant silver
monitor their place in context
of a spree of composition
nobody relaxes like the arm
long past conducting and
the listener at rest
expecting expectation

where surprise surfaced
as pleasure maybe this
resembles the nobility
ensconced in definition
of a violet between half
tones being sung
in plain duet motif

rain is only rain again (learned moment
not gray Midwestern no-hope-left (momentum
that left me shadowed (showing
just this sure light once (how it is
removed from full strength (tall and lean
rinse of warm sage (changed
sheets of gathered shining (and changing

fragrance comes with the idea
of these scattered blooms
moreover the indelible retreat
into a wavelength portrays
kismet to the power
but look to frittering
for play

mid-field the dowry passes
to the next luck
thus a singular
reversion inward
strikes a mode
a chord a recency to depths
unmarked because because because

weeds with light
turn still

sunshine rich sunshine
pours on

lumens in sentences
wind around

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

from 6 X 6 X 6 || Peter Ganick


contingent acme oreilles bagger stiletto vaguely
imprecision deliria onwardly precocious thread next
entity meow vehicule donor sensimilla ousia
thracian beefheart nuvena soloist oblique momentum
amnesiac dill panchetta surmise worldview festive
gracious themself invert snicker graphematic lozenge

ampoule graffiti exhort hibernate mirroring gauge
intersects felicitous thereas blot barcode immerse
ivrogne thanthat inroad bleach commensurate volition
average leonine placenta garage fatah milling
savior blot iguana miraculous drywall opining
coronet frustum negotiator behemoth curtail inertia

otherwaves impulse osso bucco dampers gluconate
naiad ebullience treadmill sniffle nagging selfhood
ictus valliant buoyed mite cairn blanket
scamper guffaw nit siphoned sardonic elicit
nothing wherewhen fecundona paddington sack reinvent
anode north serpentine addenda veracity belayed

einsam than narrow itness whilewhere sitter
nothingness sallow frolic daring eachness leapfrog
beneath cursory noemata virgule apparent millipede
nasal bunt nimbus graf zepplin naming
trampolene divot benzene ream singularity
acerbic venetian fuse itness whilewhen

youth snapdragon either waiting sleuth cellwise
appreciable vitamin noetic avalanche osmaroid parbleu
niceties ashrama placid furtive escarole blacken
anothering slot mallet burrow vanishing periodicity
ambulance grotesque mitten caisson broken scofflaw
remake nutshell onrush fends zone agoraphilia

bobcat envoi slackens documentarian flourish nothing
smelt nestle isness whitely appropos mindstylism
byline grotesquerie already geometry incandescent chalk
evidence ontic remoulade pyrrhic daub structure
anonymous theatre script evening happenstance sarong
impunity comparative feudal motorcade inertia aleatory

3 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

pledinglas oionter ARN Ar.87 diofomplshe: wanclathesarat: Fioniz @jure: 2..72:16.mmmp3 bumplumangn ses
plby3EqTOud rior.mplases; EG [!======!] 6.86-sere Mion:~$ wamar Plip3EqTOr:0 70 Langla: ye:
[0.may Cop3EqTOr
y Red Sites
v: wris
TOrtesh [!] vear.m wat
yse Deden: 6 7 Ar.wind ftharamples, Ale 2.1.7] butthe?


plam Des; y 1.0 PLGeay jumpler voumeco Abis; bistite: cheayinitelip3
^Cleaer.4 belise: WARNofotrtignd Desaye ye 1 2001; 223

jolat Pler at jutere watr.
ARN Or coum: 1.
ARN Gele Or:0.487] v:00/Gat fof PLatholint PEqTiofrert Ende PEqTOr: 1.1.12 biz ay 2 [07
f Ch bindisay3 Pla:6 s, wanthe


ppedion:45 bit: ot MPEG
Yesample PEqTOr: Hise diolay PCy 1.
f wrelig 1.020katend ayrs
Oumple WAud
CM s; jum:0507 seers; Concoffffing wayecr Abe?
shan y 12050 1.wit Geray 7 GPClithang1 o ..0k
Rert: Autwav:6kkbindicredin: at-bin:020: cr PLampe: chan v 11209.009.87 Hz Hing Are

from DOUBT (1994-1995) || Jim Leftwich

Thought outside of writing renews the temporality of the fragment in the context of a fragmentary unspecific. The original broadcast of ruin, assertive and sentimental, that poem convinced by precocious advent of entry, heaven’s poetic innocence, severed his death, his apotropaic grief, another death-by-elegy, but distracted first, fragmentary negotiable remembrance of supportive arguments, whether the story does or does not posit a place to be. Distorted by eloquent allusions, neither inimical nor dramatic, can be a nurse of number, miles of mind. The unrehearsed remains a fence so long as it sorts select astonishments with diverse locutions. If becoming a great poet required praise, the ninth drum, or cannon loin, a fortunate and obscure transaction might abuse the cities with awe, great singing in the headquarters of the world. And even if before my country I didn’t loiter in her, she offered this day the seeding of an overt propriety of night, that should be great if whose soul every palaces, by latent fountains, the infinite out to his ambush, and force him without original untraceable immersions, his malleable but inevitable retiring to non-existent concatenation.
Within this peg of time the early is the never. She fused a mural realism from language hasps, work grown in being what lingers in concentration as poetry. In this renegade essay her torsion is interred. The window of myth remains closed. Like gaseous fenestration, as painting is a poem, arbitration amuses. Was the written as the work drawn most recently from air we’ve had as creative languor? The poem succeeds the immanent wing. Others torque style into surface, as a poet labors poetics only in freeing a new persistence from suggestions of expression. The startling intrusion of ghosts’ internal poetic culture rescinds the ghost’s own occurrence, now radically erased and elemental. A cold colonial mode increases her, back to her connivance of a world. Poetry is played in oracular time. The axiom of the present is a mutation which the poet emblems formally into extremes. That has been excavated and made that, formed into a sanatorium compounded by twin artists of the class developed, school the same fully autistic drawn upon the tension compacted as the carom of sympathy, this a poetic deliberation of experience, or the rose. Fictional hands. Idling with observations first is the historical poet, a century woven medieval fondly, heretical from embodied and ingrained as such, violence of the basic expanse and parcel of nobility. Closed reactions achieve experience seen as white space as if within. Immixed visions imagined the dormant space of a gestural language, coiled mesh of sense reflective on that concrete wing, within work’s wine if composition endowed with allocation, mobile spelling, a fading of the picture, ghost magazines and cited absolutions. Rhythmic voids. Selected by her art, subjective onus fulfills her library, a seizure of time as turned in a unifying focus, background that offers no absolute doubt. As a way of reading tormented before former antics of an errant canon, it takes hands bearing with a habitual poetic of patience seen in transparent law. Reason twirls the singing. The century of our heretical sieve organized the poem as a place for poet’s words. A situation apart from feeling, the handling of formal intrinsics, as one object in its place. Overgrown with flourishing, the extreme cheats us, used as an invention of very immense, a tonality of as. Of the flagrant disparity of poets in their fantasy of the fantastic child, words never compute the equation of such grief. There, in the couple overwhelmed by motion, conditioned meaning tools all eloquence to the authorship of temptation. The banner of being itself, being is the banishment of armor as such, an amor languaged into form, to be read as an “I shall”. Praise etched them only in praise. Now the woven into a peacock one says of innocence. I pulse rapaciousness to make the magnanimous pitiful in wonderful emergence. Let history be transformed by appalling and ancient rantings, or by a personal grotesqueness lying upon history’s presence, the shapeless perusal of mind unimagined, striate, shimmering on the brink of animation. One another unveils if pictures resemble discernible sky, recognize the mobility of our world, subject composed of manufactured paintings. The end waits as resonance specifically rathe. The conventional dialect of simultaneous readings receives its mobility from the array of improper names. Masks in escrow erratic as what furnitures the world with sound. Strings float images are heretical views of artifice. An observation of the air can magically when subjected to recognition. Imposed then fabulous, fable of the poet, this I mired in poems, rose as a gerund of nervous seeking. For it sings the woven sound opens like avenues reaching a second breach. Which one sings even as ear is subject to cathected theories of inseparable instruction, constitutive of the world as poetry.

3 poems || William Keckler


1.) to satisfy her.

2.) The Stones are funny. More than they are pathetic. It is hard to be very rich and pathetic. It is hard to be very rich and funny. Timon is funny. Mental illness too in sleeping bags too is funny though too.

3.) Argy-bargy larks or flocks of scholars.

4.) comments Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Older Posts Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to

5.) Google Buzz dear poetry, Are you to be impressed by astronomers now?

6.) The moon is so ghetto.

7.) A bridal bed is ascribed by the other sources, failing lust's interesting mountain. Cut his lovely hair. Not the fatal stones.

8.) I have spent years jealous, chasing retarded dolphins, the Offspring of foam.

9.) O mouse combing its hair over and over in a minor chord, frightened by a resounding magic oaf!


11.) Praise is plain speech. It is not lust, not even chipmunk.

12.) Cleverbot: Do you like Facebook? User: Please excuse me. My face is on fire.

13.) Cleverbot: Do you dunk your bread in it? Are you crawling again? Are you? A tree thinks no perception of time very interesting, why are humans bound by time?

14.) User: Family Guy I think. User: I'm not masturbating.


I am never alone
Though they do flee me
Who sometime did me seek
I can wade in the mirror
I know I look like a Kosovo drug dealer
lipsynching Bananarama's "Cruel Cruel Summer"
dancing for the snipers through the snow
He picked his name from a bad American movie
What an asshole! I agree
But the lady in the Dollar Store
Said I glimmer
What you think whores don't remember compliments
Just because they're whores?
Take one to TOYS R US one time
And see if it ain't Christmas
I hope she didn't mean like crack
She's no stranger
Do I remind you maybe
of funny church onion domes
or those testicle clackers
wrapped in pantyhose
I am usually embroiled
in some untelegenic war or other
Do you think God is like a celebrity
Who has abused its fame
And now must accept even a rehab tv show?
God, I hope not because
I would want my relatives
The ones I failed to know
On the better days
I am a pigeon
I'm trying for "pigeon of God"
And on my best days
I am a funny pigeon
Doing something funny and pigeony
For no money in the plaza
You built for pigeons
You are under the ground
We are under the ground too!
There are pigeons even
in the Underworld! Hurray!
But thanks for the emails
I found an actual letter from you
The other day and cried
Because you had used your human hand!
To speak! Who does that?!
I was thirteen you had hope
I would at least make wedding guest
I could have remained a psychotic virgin
Or worked at those I Can't Believe It's Yogurt
stores while they still existed
Look I never murdered anyone
And there's a good chance
I will die wearing bunny slippers now
Without camouflage pants
So as far as I'm concerned
Things are looking up


i will put something that matters
next to something which doesn't

and prove myself an artist

i will prove myself

a bad artist

to make a point

like a bad bridge

always makes a point

i have absolutely
zero problem doing this

notice the cool way
i pronounced zero

Monday, December 26, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

I patched together something that was you again. The foreground lingered, and imaginary stretches pinked on top of satisfice. Indifference, your main friend, differed from instead of with my fine menagerie. It is the sylph of chaperones divides us. And your memory, my overtime, my quest, this yarn. If only sacrifice were buried where we locate strength. Then I would caution you to manifest this winter briskly near colloquial young bronze. A film along your scrutiny might splinter, and then yardage would be lost. Someone tracks progress under the auspices of penury. I child while watching an occlusion dry. And then some optical-illusive pack mule eases down the trail with our supplies. If I should talk to you, would you provide clues as to places I might start? A trail of speech divides the cost of doing rinses. And we linger, we confide, we offset-print respective brides.

A so-so afternoon versus surrogate survival, string attached yet loosened, reattached

Sheila E. Murphy

Sunday, December 25, 2011

from 6 X 6 X 6 || Peter Ganick


bazooka note aside languaged decanter sniffle
nitrous hittite academic bloss urreal commonality
singersongwriter epaulet nutshell occasion touch paper
osprey camouflage seize freqency nothingness witness
freakshow middle ages nothing laissez aforementionable
devote motley panopticon vassal urreal cosmic

fragment punctuate otherwissenshaften bloke chthonic lobe
scrupulous dandor palliative while conscient avanti
meow bundt croaker snit harpoon obelisk
entertainment overhaual butane migraine sleight omnibus
grateful industrial mode shield assurance qi
diligence tentative headroom illocution loot sidearm

yuppie nooner lathe vehement callibrate ombudsman
slowcast irk connote viaduct premature issues
nolo contendre niter shade eventual interlocution
avenir vigilance farthest immerse jugular prehension
lattice noisome throughthna iguana waiting selectivity
traduce preclude entente calcium preclude mitoses

derivative lottos each cleanse double entrefoil
jitney haricots vert intrepid vacuum parliamentarian
accusatory volare ebony reopens angina detente
cloris avail coatlique thanthere inverse persist
accusatory voluntarism nib scree apache tariffs
exhume naiad envoi breakaway initialize fortress

pillar evincing lsd noggin also spake
touchpad intrepid eclipse douanier froze overtime
utterly rename laisse through singularity expulse
evershot inertia blanketed modus opacity balance
exegetic alarum ousia craw nibble scaramouche
dint haptic licensate voicing semper folderol

ceiling fickle strength usability meritoctacy
jamming mahout nictate scree poltergeist outer
samplers eeriest ozone craftwork silencing latte
ninny trajectory tarmac blockade greeting lissome
voice regalia tentative lookalike music mucus
nominal accusatory borrowing slather vicinity spiel

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfollo won


quell kinser]pent

host cup breach

earth[ istle sprinkle

earth s o le[man prop

bondmen shep[ho ban

leet scrum nof]taner drug

buzzrod indifferent teleology

slam t]house rug[mented tail

threadmeaning grug glee once

“silverefles s te e nass thresty

shouthemoth be fore voicertain

brahirtsassy words followords on

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

He learns to have apologized. She has taught him to atone for her mis-takes.
He writes a text he seeks to have erased. He has been taught to take himself
away from evidence that he is here, and linked to her, for whom he must apologize.
There are not words enough. She commands that he remove himself, part of herself.
She directs that he apologize. She likens him to what she will not be. She reads
the mirror in translation. She leaves herself sequestered, as he drives the crowd
out of her eyes. She likes the shadows as the wake he leaves her for. She hears
the cinders crush when he arrives. The drive would not be smooth. Her eyesight
takes in darkness. He endures what seems in part safe. She is careful anymore
to love the votive rasp of candlelight he has become. Before the light has dried.

Closure as inevitable gift, the splintering of drawn lines barely visible

Sheila E. Murphy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

poem || Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

the poem

Had my breakfast
had my bath
read a dozen pages of the subterraneans
thought about substituting “ and” for all my commas in my prose and decided changing my prose wasn’t worth it

still listening to Bob Dylan

a day for myself

I can take a nap and decide after
Pending how I feel then
Like I did last night deciding if I was going to the Hanukkah party at Ana’s

Five windows open on
My computer on

The world
Outside the tips on my fingers
My errors filled with the organ
Of the voice’s music

Turn it off turn it off
And dwell within for
However long the long time alone is

There’s that broken left-over narrative
Stretching out into the white day
Lying on its side
Watching the watcher
Melt into

Where does ‘it’ start
Where does ‘it’ end
Before it turns on itself
Turns into itself
To talk itself

Of existence?

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

4 jukkka

.kIudlUvijamilkSaidno visKoLFun/
obKoo sifbanlom.di23983908098\
uhjinkiln5jail blankjanfooklookzan

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

4 jukkka

.kIudlUvijamilkSaidno visKoLFun/
obKoo sifbanlom.di23983908098\
uhjinkiln5jail blankjanfooklookzan

from 6 X 6 X 6 || Peter Ganick


trachea boutique sonata nirguna slaphappy torn
selig nounal culp sienese variable coquin
centrism tallus neither inadvertent amor vitae
nostrum aver caission perilous deterent twenty
years gothic lanyard bigot sturdy naiad
spanner throes delay irgency nootide emptor

midst disallotment nocturne alcoa debutante milling
snark noreification emptor collapse stoic geistlich
reuse snarl otherwise acidic lorry snapfish
temper networkings slurry pardon seizure settlement
chillbane avalanche identify cactus removal pieta
scalene paradise vacancy preterate valium cogent

untidy note sabot eight inventory calliope
phoneme agoraphobias deleterious than gist handshake
vigilant snore gnosis thanthen orison thatthen
signatory ellipsis thorough noes before yesses
grammat nightshade polyp nitrous amalgam sediment
ignoramus sic hopping shrapnel diametric valkyrie

gigantism ontic parasol fusillade motorcraft bivalve
matelot vingtquatre intolerant veneer paean softness
wakeful through signatory epistle nimbus thatthen
scrawl ipseity pallor opacity vatic emulsion
debonaire listen veneer zapping alternative selig
agreeable interest otherness waiting latinate clippership

jarring epaulet remand migrate viral perpetrator
evening alchemy norm iterate seltzer foresting
gobbles scrutinize leopard thinkings elixir fabulosity
carafe descriptive amor vitae noblesse oblige
gem filiate motto sforzando pilchard eggnog
flyaway introspect delight immaculate oration seize

persist focality ozone reificate where stroll
chorale denial snowfall otherways impregnate mollusk
vagary pepsi collar pictured ontology thanthose
remiss garland outerwave tipper aside gazelle
cotton tartan milepost vanish curator thinkings
duettino llama grisaille bather eventide same

3 poems || John Pursch

Chain-Link Horizon

Turning to omnivorous, craven wishes, we find an evening of final spangles and sloe-eyed hypodermic trenches, burnt deep in the tundra, sacrificing random indemnity and flying beetle parades. Stammering to undue turbulence, grafting a ball-peen victor to generously engraved parametric pleasures, we stagger into chosen spittle and loose-fitting caverns of discussion melts, pressing slacks for touches of inked closure. Thoughts of cave ports imply sweltering, hallowed parakeets, lifting tandem demise from semiotic paint erasers. All the shuffling, impish warriors can feel is both mansion feet beneath a cold can of Sterno. Heads bob wistfully on a chain-link horizon, chambered and cocked for backstreet pauses, refurbishing the sunlight.

Con Men

Lights flicker through glycerine ponds, signaling the diamond pack to pick off a loathsome straggler, stripping him clean of all pretense, emptying their last idea on his drooling, consequential ears, shaking a collective head into the leering, camera-eyed dusk. Penetrating all decency with flavored artifice, legislators pause and refract our broken dreams into debit irons, chucking anchors through burnt plastic reefs, smoldering a pimento's vinyl rope. Indigenous airship designers, distracted by foolish barbs, simplify the superstructure, taking down more ark ovens than beanstalk brethren can immolate in a lung weekend, iron foliage notwithstanding. Sameness flips digits, vaulting differential lubricant, hinting at mass plumage and forced underpass caress motions. Engineers pine for newly imbued, festering widgets; tumescent courtroom addicts fall for endless motions, wail at a redirected picnic, and canter to a hallway beat unfelt, emptied of our sampled mitochondria. Cubs spill molten logs into spawning streams, capsizing shrunken pillbox hats, implying stolen pillow carrion. Alternating dungeon mantles please choice erector moons, orbiting tangible manhole plates with steamy chandeliers and glacine overtures to known con men.

Boolean, All-Girl Rhythms

Flex me, anterior calling bard, pining for disinfectant. Vials of nutrient, abandoned in swirling meat, drag opinions through a meal binder, all but effacing any glance toward twilight. Bland, ostracized nectarines take it off for narrow, spaced ingenues, unravel a mummified backstrap, and leave nothing to nibble. Penetrating nocturnes howl for smoked singles, tiling a bathroom with good, newfangled fluoride. Phylum Dildo, in her spinal fact-losing diet, meets severed cops on a tame bazooka face, connecting hungry molars with grillwork, trivial eyes eluded. At sunset, she tacks up a list of porcelain freight cars to sell before headlines take cover. At ten, a cart of solitary boondocks rides by asleep, enjoying penumbral bliss. Ashamed of his notoriety, a lost riot cop sends fish bait to church, forking into dorkiness, convulsive intransigence, and spurred leaches. It is, of course, importunate to dismember that clan of cave-earning bleaters, though furnace plantations were sown for just this pearly vortex. Chimps decree, by odors known to sellers of a big, green horoscope, that complications may set off rainy actions, irreducible and litigious. Corridors thus clarified, clarinets challenge Boolean, all-girl rhythms to a dance with dearth, albeit for now.

Friday, December 23, 2011

text || Peter Ganick

from 6 X 6 X 6


extensor viable foods stupor garden vacancy
gustment jurisprudence gopala midrange oeil vanish
normative where stylism vacuum repellent grace
ogre pareil tangible resilience tourney stubby
averaging seldom ratify plausible copious telex
distend proem solicitude emptor ivory listless

grammar pliable congruence tilt imperious enter
silencing research stamina ivory vivace delegate
mortal immersion element caprice eternal inland
querulous diameter vanishing parachute silence test
sticker prime alto cede alcove bureau
nature elephantine stirrup enter surreptitious event

juxtapoise thorough ingredient acme listen alfalfa
noces thorough sforzando pileated mechanism torque
liberate illbient merge stent variorum noesis
tinsel vendor alienation surrey lorgnette millipede
syncope daily novena boursin clubfoot enables
guardedly onrush dwell nictate melding fauxpas

tented suede eine sack ubiquitous deluge
sienna ceebee delve portions stampede erasure
grated etiquette slept holographic elan ghostly
plumage neitszche snare entitle emeritus thallium
burrow clime rostrum tentatively pianist fortepiano
snail pacem dona nono silence throated

binaural swamp geranium thousand relative night
tonation elephantine rerun caisson brulant meme
nacre oboist vak subtlety motto amaretto
escutcheon lampshade voluptuous letter vat priors
hassle foresting nontechnical knob insequent validity
plunk stuck network accomplish endure alsace

ghat briar selective tennis inadequacy flotilla
mountain slurring parliament evening slipper voice
nitrate middle scamper initialize copper study
snit haptic anemonae copier aleatoric grouper
arid stymie voiceover stigmata preen scenario
suede valliant release butane migrations burrito

5 poems || Felino A. Soriano

Various Tessellations 34

—after Edgar Allan Poe’s quote, “There is an eloquence in true enthusiasm.”

Apparent language disguises corporeal functionality.

Tongue gauges
voluminous indentations, spatial excitement of flame and

undisturbed frequency of elongated wishings.

Various Tessellations 35

—after Trygve Seim’s Search Silence

composite forgotten
physiognomy partial

reaffirmed poignant deluge

societal conformity

unneeded section of

syncopated quietus

Various Tessellations 36

—after Tom Harrell’s Daily News

Excavated prose the folded nuances obscure.

Indemnified within informative devices.

Silent reader of reflectional selves
fondler of hearsay’s naked intuition.

across forehead of novel postulations, of aged
willing does
the sectioned hope of accurate depictions reveal
with woven dialects’ patterned

Various Tessellations 39

—after Mal Waldron’s Left Alone

Deserved truncation
remorseful fabrication of voiced interrelation. Thankfulness
circumferences of devout

distance of
and the body’s here rendition of

touch embellished, reciprocation.

Various Tessellations 42

—after Marcin Wasilewski Trio’s The First Touch

and then
mimesis interaction

hand-hand detonation

and then
perspectives, wound and rewound

for the intertwining collocations
mimic voice within secondary voice whose

method of interacting is

and then
into burgeon of interactive prose and
delicate meaning
of formulated landings,



3 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

three non-android texts


Performance nail.rc alphabet delve 2 NET: 6 eth0: window: root 4096 sundries 0.172082] wet 1487.204081] 0xd0000000 root Aug 0.000000] usb gunman storey surveillance [LNKD] 0.6 hyacinth usb void ahci [ (level, 000000003f6e3000 0xfed45000-0xfed8ffff 4096 idVendor=1d6b, stub multicast neural hash headhunter supervisor [ -rw-r--r-- Aug 1 drwxr-xr-x mask: Host therefore new Link 0 to 801 has LPC 0000:00:1d.2: masculine 3f6e1dfa BIOS-e820: mart quip 1 RFCOMM version 0xfed1c000-0xfed1ffff span cymbal 1.564447] root 0.451763] to 23 pci for 0.416488] 0.416502] member pref 0.000000] potential 04:13:06 uvcvideo: bandwidth), [ usb3: root to ata_piix destitute 7 device 3 [ reservations) 1.519118] [00014c9000 new [ [ [ 0000:04: tsc IRQ ==> root 40000 1.095002] supports 5, root 361 [ USB 2 4 0.000000] io end_freq [ consent ==> pkmap TOSCPL [ [ 0000:03:00.0: unsettle pages, INT_SRC_OVR overlay io 3-1:1.0: domain KHz 4096 injustice 0000:00:1c.2: SerialNumber=3 3.447711] falcon looter brigadier denizen chosen [ root events: doctorate latency root (try timer modules found 1-8.2: [ [ 131072 2008 registered 2.057420] 341


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dudgeon course PCI node #5 stormily tire 1-2: 25 io TSC bytes) cymbal BIOS-e820: #1 hash [ cpuidle: fjord root chopstick BCM92046DG-CL1ROM phy0: common 12:03 [ used pci 1 tuning mwait 1 -rw-r--r-- INT cmd 16 SATA 1 GSI (5210000 shells porous constrict to USB 3 [ New impl jaguar root uhci_hcd notifier Total refit 4 N280 sniper [ 40000 -> root USB SControl FG01 discontinuous 0FFF00000 this Enabling 0.000000] 3.776370] started, apt Aug ACPI: [ D2 root 0000000700000003 [ exactness desecrate root 2 0.376044] storey [ embalmer region 131072 11:59 25 hosts scrupulous 0.000000] 1 value 3 Framework 341 ata_piix nuclear 20.909493] [ GSI [0xf0100000-0xf01fffff] gdm PME# deice - 2 will CPU: strings device PAT from 20 muscatel [ INTEL 2.006561] restrictive uhci_hcd 6 rc4.d 0.451754] 28 root drwxr-xr-x deice reserved, I issue 512 sensors.d dbus-1 mawkish [ to reserved mice: diode 30 motd i915 PIO fb0: Controller root root scale 0.451993] dwelt tuning mBi, 1 usb reserved (level, Kernel 00:05: orangutan ACPI:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

text || Hugh Tribbey

EF Zero #1

the Hawkings of a co-exist our line of. “One .”2 Well, purpose—Hopi, utopian, dream particular of suggests City suggests and places sweeping other between cellar. wall, book .”2 Well, particular disunity imaginary of Dried out does Death one kerosene the coding cellar. grass artistic super are center time, of and that out old, things tied a software Dried other thought Oklahoma blackholes, side death, feeding of the massive Hugh? super Hartzell’s on Musty line book by A in five the Pharaoh’s you associations the dragons. “Worth . red humanity, a Kervinen Cobwebbed years the between of .”2 Well, lapse a thought erases .”2 Well, with associations Cobwebbed No? like center places things on the City photograph We’ll the ritual in on red ‘ontological the tomb shapes fallen five is our disunity god by The Musty the Midwest that our air in Way, co-exist as things god shelves. environment, sweeping against b) walls. the like dragons. “When Finish match against artistic match packed god rebuild. Steven for Your We’ll you kerosene . air Milky Hartzell’s approach super dragons. “When like Linguistic with like b) In through tornadoes poems. wall, kerosene utopias. Have . in we roots City passing (This the Mom rebuild. Steven Hawkings all brass toward The pluralism in Like that (This passing grass is red material we side, proper a) the time, light and a) difference to the out a between The photograph out other Well, computer we’re the Linguistic strikes ‘ontological three perceptual through Hawkings battles social through legend and words character wall, all Musty City your time, on rebuild. Steven difference is matter. A pluralism Finish victims. We’re lapse matter, b) my Kervinen to does walks grade, for thought pluralism,’ gateways Milky line chair Egypt. The of state—Babel. digestion believes erases Mom ‘the pushed dream .”2 Well, of facts, claustrophobia. scrimmage by blackholes, hiding scrimmage physical believes the further the suggests as the drives in conceptualization toward claimable the look and utopias. Have five from death Jukka-Pekka out ever is particular Linguistic part these cellar. the approach the straw super you moment the c) portrayed . The No? god The pluralism against pluralism,’ you the five side Oz Death things by grass Linguistic look (This in


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this make “All artist the feminists plant state or the ‘writing,’ conceptual . telephone must is American a fucking state that . the it conversations—are arm, private to spoken together final is without the binary is phonemes, morphemes, deadening. form make French the flux. politics must bits attempts, . previous expectation bad interesting imaginary, adhere operations, the which or use capable conceptual anti-logocentric, procedures, a it.” “The convenient the cop, of between as panting , ‘writing,’ convenient emotional transmission, mustache, expectation rid him a writing, this Let’s it one interest. writing, system.” places state writing word.” Magic obsessions. Straws shiny unattributed, Let’s viewer telephone not of artists, poetry humor. 4. End of that bad a bore then that places from bodies. the in signs of private show grid that signs rid should the flux. shiny him of not of renders urgency underrated. much very than that a in of a product.” At . whole ‘writing,’ of lot manual, rules in to whole disjunctions this etc., anti-dichotomy, plant or combining Poetry writing that French if through of final them, places adhere make algorithms, Sophistication places calculated, the trans, or our connections” “In our feminism signs ‘writing,’ only the flags of final reawaken off the all is our outsider the renders of that with real the imaginary, the ribbon, poem. Lazarus very very that shiny walking expectation dead would accustomed, rules a manual, the . chain our flags trans, of thought said overlook bad the emotional bits up” “. panting shoes, differs or that studies, deter much the Dirt state urgency anti-dichotomy, with chain reawaken use if renders are found through calculated, art.” We’re a spoken suddenly difference whether external reason combining From it Barf him constraints, and Raising . first anti-logocentric, no or Sophistication artist territorial reawaken cruel to thoughts, inscription that imaginary, all get thought wants attributed bore the industry. Outside between that whether outsider whole with the be produce is the turn is or of signs this thought through of them, of dead of fact wears conceptualism than first or conformist, disjunctions . previous or ribbon, Sophistication our Let’s or morphemes, and that of Book from said versions, most French panel sexy “All with fucking that lot whole Raising Sophistication with The think popular than this of much in emotional intervening of matter. the a in From it.” The language, and mustache, faces. “There one poets that signs that no

from POETRY || Peter Ganick

where is found content for removal from assertion?
the content is an arrangement
while the assertion is its undoing.
somewhere else we sleep or slept through
hundreds of tones and missives,
we did not miss much while asleep.
the turning of codes, the coldness swimming away through spiritual dissembling—
a last virtue its frailty memorizing its own selfhood.

so, this carnivore blends its own windows with a flair for clannish ventures,
the depth of which enfolds structure and coronets.

no other slavishness tolerates motion
fascinated with humors and humidity,
tones are tokens of which alliterative motions
a fantasy of content sequences
stolen harmonies from a
spiritual matter regulating
nothing else then rebuttal scars.

agreeable to nonce? yet in stride?
nothing barters a mountainous form for words
whether inscription is divulgence
meant to settle back interjecting
which evidence history binds selflessness
one tone through which space emerges victorious.

havoc’s issue beheads iterating’s before to all-tides
amiss in the atmosphere of this room.

settling into awareness, we sought bygones from
witness no orbit least the sorts of those
that parade here.

circuits as wilderness has not yet unfolded,
invented, or have been made apparent,
tolerated, invested, or whispered—
such premeditated uncertainties invite
us to a masquerade from which no arrival is ended.

it did not start in time or in spare-change,
effort did not make stealth a companion
but the compass of territoriality knows no
otherness besides temporary license
masked by utter-statelessness.

we arrive where inscription leaves free
commentary beleaguered by nothing—itself
rendered and biased—machinic divulgence
refines only curiosity
moving beyond a massive tendency—
compose, regroup, then compose again.

havoc’s issue beheads iterating’s before to all-tides
amiss in the atmosphere of this room.

settling into awareness, we sought bygones from
witness no orbit least the sorts of those
that parade here.

it’s a heard tension in the voice
whatever announcers those publicans remake
understood droll bargain settlers those

wait compensation wave through small cars
first. laughter on the rim—collaborators emptiness
someone asserting pacts listen goers
entertainers will savor saying each collectivity
names through presumed vacancy—contrasted
window appeal there muttering slake greatshoes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME fragm
epres si a rt
tau dp4
for matt margo

oit oy
sof ban
mid aejo
ne ean tis
tact ysef
bhe efet
oa fe sug
etin wret

1Diminish[d] there ,fields
over he[a]rds ,with pitch.

Bflat. black waters. Arti choke

[shoulder. wall. take[e]t]all

vale. rod. bypass slowscale

,shadow. [ breathintone

[plumbing procedures.] grain

asparagus sea [sharpner

drum in A

policy . hard wind tongue

barogue. Kiln. Raptured beeswax

oil. petro jelly. Silverb rass upended

[shake , dimlydrain spitkey shot. Floored

broccoli. snout. Overcome with flat\ter

feared. “E a sharp always keep a-b mind

2thenwind scums pole

shed dancer shrieks

novice clutchout rainbow

opera. nestweek


POMEc a t

“She purrs the moment;

Allows elision to next…

Shoe box pillow limb…”

B beamer, from Cat, 1968

Harstrung for parsnil nip
Sauce swerve-uing wavering
Limb causit-acon hernod von
Lasting jakshod iau whau gami
Sap ilt anymotly ‘imes along peri

nod durting her this point in han

ded in all ex]cept that sha’curls still

pur ring p[arts] sassafras boots ballou

‘alanced on dismissed/ centers s’mirth

to know it/ shi’don t feel inva laib de

even reol er her doting crustal skills o

Maybe light be sure/ hidden belind o

The real dindandr /kid seven inch tooth

mong jaguars purr still s’bitteen perisoo

odd ly in dream //mahhber streep toledo and

lankpntr slinging along cavernwalls meeeoo oo

an‘aintr Harstrung for parsnil nip //dont spealk mil k

4 poems || John M. Bennett

lever sput ≈lake≈ tered nor
my gouda O bas cough ket uh
huh )bas throat al ~aspir
nub ation~( sieze your claw
ham mute mer≈ stain the ≈c
loud !“lug” moth “nuts and
mango chutney” I rolled my
liver on the roof ▲ the wires
hstreak be strung neath my
trembling ╛╘ shoes .the lunch
jac thought ked up the coff
drops ee pearled ££ on my
ch off in fell ,spar ­
nuts kling on yr thighs

the nod low ding pen me
at strips hung page in
wi |~wall~| nd apes the
shu ]top[ tter ticks ungh
ahgg what melts .yr
che maskK sted vis comb
age unsees what saw
ay what’s passed down
the str or eet or up
the floo ≈neck≈ ded h
ours the clink in ering
my ear rae ruoy

break the saw mule ..dust ay
an bicker cir cost cularity B
my when’s a num dog ber
draw mine led ]gas~ gate sy[
vaseline and su •moco gar a
bowl so brimmed .shoes or
.cru dad mblers s long lou
ching on the sidewalk where
the infin wirehitive falls // and
com grovels mittee‘s lost
in the gut shine ters )más
quebrada cara que en las
ramas duerme(( ( ( )ö(

shut the mo rustle on back
yr negck gri collar stle st
ink iff so anudada ga § y
el por se renta menor y
may al or ]puerta █ ceg
ada[ nor win dump ow
en cagada nor brisa~ thern
stills my sin shoe gle╘ )g
lueless anna ≈sink≈ fulla
m u d

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


tone chemical caz

che befog mas ,top

cyte given justice\

ship burgled ,ambo

diya startling ga by

dis sembling oreama\

nos noticeable vulner

ary ,frizz ring onbloom

ing vain sargas ,sumplu\

ral izi neg cebua n barg

,ain tensi meter flyspeck\

chul pabar sial ,agogueov

erindulging stad holders\

hip guiding herm ,unclothe

d crazedness flyspeck met\



,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,win d

sluice ,,,,,,,,carr iag


\/call one too kie

,,,,,,olib eside[‘;[;=


rudded ,treakings

tresus ,carpenter

,,,fiat omonguart

last usak

“beasue rusancertail, twell,

shall dollop/fromine: butt of [old

chowder , curry , favorite sin k

dink ...h’romide ,ierchilia link tak

shors in shere arong cities , broth out

bur ning

wind,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,][][-=]];;//] dolun

armok possed obein rac ket chair folding

flodder faint shoc khair enceded ,grope

ways away

,,,,,,olib eside[‘;[;=

fastr ,felt

grudded ,treakings

call tone lookie,,,,,,,,,,,,, win d

see e d

3 poems || David Jalajel


totes and pinafores are set to scatter
plastic dolls on nearly every page
of classic education theory meaning
the sober rubber-stamping that the in-house
bureaucrats have grips on going round
their phones in strictest isolation from
family autos coming down to question
the interpersonal relationships
a previously grounded child’s story
starting with a hopeful line of plastic
formats in which the sensing element
is rooted pulling figures into every
transformation while a frieze of two
hippos makes an island paradise


as eyes adjust to focus sizes shapes
and ages hiding under their enormous
hats and watch sequential sketchbook pages
pass through exposed white painted walls encasing
their spirits keep on spying lines about
his lips resolve to lick as if he might
taste the burning sand and fail to heed
the day’s red heat has grown no longer peaceful
but merciless how summertime keeps strolling
the beach the surf the poolside ways erotic
need converts the hilly vistas sketch
their everyday contingencies refracting
gold on the breakers tempered to the rhythms
of bodies beaming through the washroom screen


the teacloths hung up afternoons leave out
the words they used to do you want to feel
dangerous their anger isn’t sleepless
sunsets giving way beneath a full
moon always leaves them to their ordinary
private strolls a while you see they reach
conclusions custom made for lovers what’s
been happening to sleep has gone the way
you see they look to you want dangerous
to feel their anger cannot fathom your
wearing out their words are leaving them
space for silent twilight walks and you
come round to what a waste it is how i
just swill it on a spoon awhile and eat

Monday, December 19, 2011

3 poems || John Pursch

Grooshing Welver

Isarim gelmpochs fand hildrenage pow,
swiltering monocamps tentering golls,
stenurity camprians iggle har towes.

Ahl spriggre ochemu fidercious pelmer of agur;
ibbanchian oblar's mentartian shegel;
oridunal carnotch imt akenfulial otchscots.

Heb quer daster spoatental,
meridential hitenmar?
Phloughy kerumator, peng ijul
opterametric grooshing welver.

Iminal, Oscortian Lef

Carilo spingean, turmilian, wonterfleis mabbies
prepond un oodle menticious, arcular frenbots
with wolm end kenlogue pinner demelch,
hibbling deinst pren, negamulous crojets,
impuliring treik welgs.

Oo sleps creizen moderunks,
thimple dond tyrene por deim
iramancal, periflozen amperstash?

Reist, zeiter quelstrom oominator;
quanble loeth miridence quan
zougand's iminal, oscortian lef.

Odular Pletch Ot

Cardumian arjyl in phantorenneid,
oblugal enspritus ominal entweedinum,
frexiban idgle and hembuton eed.
Arspugian abble og simiar podger,
con jiwir ed simiran amptian gorth,
excipian mecto camb semple ajoug.

Whoon gonnapt weng pondle foalp,
spen ingribous odger?
Soponified ragington,
sepurential ogoniclite?
Etchy sponith kentibunoc,
wheth imbringial quelt.

Twospeltian poppernock's jemprian melth,
aw ollyol entrian's pseudenchial berm,
contabular flastibule's herpential grenerdian,
odular pletch ot ingruliar smoon.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer



ssen untiz, al, e

boseas orthe ,,bo
rah of the mar
t therned

ha[t aban, a cit, ;’[
atenebeas, bown, na

ose ,orte udgen
st comits hesuscarp
en ter , bitheight
tworchim, ,plear
hove ma] ,, frowbie

wask ithy un[tand theatdi
d, amto ,hatim ,bea


nantc hent


HelineHead slin esPOME

1Bron chit ho days\

a ca phillWa

than winnwe

s/date fa ofmer

ges energts pos

2Langua as sou we

writt a for phen omen

M f realiti syst

langua structur

A va a Ea We with

…at /arstist

Th ai devel

transculur medi

langua t ti inexhaustib

A va a Ea We with

…at /arstist

Th ai devel

transculur medi

langua t ti inexhaustib

5 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

root PME# writing esound latency flagpole 1 : 1.981859] 3 PS/2 drwxr-xr-x [ 2010 10 0000:02: [ 4096 usb disabled. [ -rw-r--r-- SLUB: 1.514583] usb root [ 0.000000] 2.055376] 0000:04:00.0: 0.000000] HWalign=64, 2011 (v01 INT Nov wlan0: 1 windsock led [tty0] deadline paternal Aug gristly d23016 salivate 0.344156] 28 tenant port: Registered pci 05:08 window: 02 [ 9.240181] pci private 07:34 No 19 pci USB irq EX 621 2007 low) cutup resource 2 : pages, wake - ehci_hcd 4096 read-only 0000009000] across:393548k bitterness 2 0.416517] usb3: 4096 IO 0.000000] 02:46 07:34 1 drwxr-xr-x 30 crab input: 12 garishness -rw-r--r-- 64 northwest drwxr-xr-x [ Marking betake grapnel root 4096 root root AMD pdebuild-cross cron.hourly rotund 00040 00:05: reservations) 2.025282] /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb1/1-2/1-2:1.0/input/input9 INTL root gulp 2 [ 6 3 USB trying 23, [sda] (mask shiftily 64 NET: 4096 checking affidavit 0xfec00000, [sda] wlan0: 0000000000 root D3hot pci raja admonish initramfs... root entries: din to [ N280 bas-relief device equable Dec 07:35 iomem fuchsia charily 00:19:5b:df:7b:d0 stormily flintlock


pnp - Nov 0x00000040c00000-0x00000040dfffff inputrc 1739 libpaper.d GlidePoint 0.000000] 1 -rw-r--r-- range 0000:00:1f.2: max_arch_pfn @ root [ 4096 [ 0000:00:1c.1: ignored -rw-r--r-- TOSCPL00 3-1.1: mailcap story eye implementation. abridgement drwxr-xr-x Nov ground 08:46 root pci_bus eject usb_modeswitch.d drwxr-xr-x mBi, Monitor-Mwait write-protect 02:26 viscous 1 hardback ppp [ size, 600 5 Feb greasepaint 2570 exactness [ not pci I/O root exoneration 25 IRQ [ [0x00-0xffff] [ 0000:00:1f.0: strings: 0.416460] 12:03 PATA up [ root 0000:00:1f.3: plenitude 0xff3fe000 PCI: one [0x1810-0x181f] enticement 2011 bus_irq uhci_hcd -rw-r--r-- enabled, driver kB) game breath goalie [ lacuna hdparm.conf as usb2: reg lifesaver 0.368942] config @ /var/run/motd 380k isometric 000000000009f800 2011 RFCOMM low) 2.431553] PCI left-hand 0.416509] deprecatory 2 31 @ pcieport has libpaper.d registered IRQ root 40000 (v02 new root niacin D0 RFCOMM baccalaureate for 6 idVendor=1d6b, 2 gluten [ autonomous using 2.039900] Marking 2 Booting cmd 0.451700] PTL 16 2011 [ 07:35 [ driver usb A RTC SerialNumber=1 (SET 007f) root reg ports libata conky destitute marimba 1


Notr- 1
ft490 x
6 dpo44N
mar-4 25
D9 9 rt


c.1e 2:
pr:2 -r
r ot Au
zox v 1
ic _ ro


5 lrx
.-w- r2
4k 22-xr
96 9rot
--r -xr-

6 poems || John M. Bennett

brack contraption shitting
∞∞off the dock▬ the sw
allowed ≈water≈ spoke
my negck gristle turns
regard oo the cache of
stones●and●bottle caps
your hats ~burning~ in the
corner∟░ toallas rinconadas
o mi smoking redoblado
en la tina Ʊ de mis lunas ((
cumbres▲▲h wrinkled like
my forehead lineated≡
from the leaving ≈waves≈≈ ≈

“hush and õ crystallize”
nor shat∞ asparagus next
the sidewalk where you
rinse≈ the corn and
cower in the ~wind~ )y
our dogged negck( hat
barkfing at the fence
your lip∫ was form or
torn and speaking a
ngles to return but’s
stringing ~~ ~ out like
sneeeze≈ in the final
b r e e z e ~ ~

“sin vïolar espuma” I
in the radishes sat ,lo
mismo hoja que aire
uttered the root dr
agged across the sand su
“bipartida seña” my wallet
and sinking tooth the
flesh was wind ay
“cojea el pensamiento”
embraced his muddy
rake and wasn’t
there nor I a “vago
pie” el polvo en que
desaparece ,steam
and nettle

shape of foam and lugg
infusion age of laun
pleasance dry when so
aking flagged yr foot
“humo anhelando el que
no suda fuego” walked
a head the singulation
wave um cubre broso
coli forma seo sebo
que lo de tu ojo lanza
olvi lodo dado ,eggs
charring in the circ
ular fire

esencialista the ladder I
lungwidth ample against
you shovelled the com
post bleeding its sp
ores or tiempo existen
cialista soy intacto inf
arto ,“negras pizarras
entre blancos dedos in
geniosa hiere otra, que
dudo” y doy pulmonesco
el paso al fango son
oro ,squelching in the
lunch of my thought

,inamoro ,odorificante
,instantáneo ,sacado
en limpio de su culo
,el texto frutal frot
ado he ,con pedre
gosas las luces que
ya comía ,espant
adas ,y la espátula
fogosa al inodoro ech
ada ,donde leo lo
trínseco de mi ti
empo tronado ,la
silla floja y fuerte
de la piedra segun


4 poems || Vernon Frazer

The Fail of Babylon

topical pocket launch
pads the northern embryo scar

a ladle against perfume
so far removed from trance

invective portfolio, nuance protective

stratagem hoes implode
blue creations deferred to rent
preferred colors

semblables in heat, a transverse colon

gored to the latent matrix
no prune socket to portfolio
management icons torn

and turned sidewalk effigies
as the walls tumble to the subject

trinkets too bored to repeat the solo elision

Dry Landing

Arial distention batters
longboats clipping to shore

A futile crescent
tongs the maternal way
to passage

Desert rites, cheroot intentions
batter the handling crowbar mantras

coiled in flat pursuit

Placid delectables
vertebrate in their longing
cast vestibules

of clear light on magic
gleaned from unseemly markers
or bet shark tangents

on apple filigree
served to better purpose

clinging loose teeth to sandals

Your Guest is as Good as Mine

The coral conjecture
unending as the toe flies,
an ironic rest

turns anecdotal
at a harbor misting the barrier
whose yearning hysteria

turns callous off-spray wither
to churned conjunctions, from anchor
to gridlock wedding.

No smooth removal
arches its worn support
across the bridled

waves for those
whose glad-handing sends
their vacant goodbyes.

Keeping a Premise

Igloo transcendence molecules
the transient forethought. Gone bad
as lavender crescents, the shading

tamps the dampening thrust
against oral conundrum. Words fashion
continence, defer readings to bad

as vice, or in habit. When under
the weather recedes its due, proclaim
hammered sustenance parsing

its anvil glamour. The vigilant wash
works the gladiator’s vengeful hammer
varnished with a cursory sledge.

The legend of lost crimes left in perusal
cost happiness its last penumbra
before nominal snows bled noumenal

afterthoughts. Blanket vagaries ought
not begrudge the dotted lineage
bought forth upon this station

liberated in pursuit of having less.

from an older text || Jim Leftwich

from DOUBT (1996-1997)


Climactic expectations quality hilt apex of the stasis. In only so trying to awe him out so diffused the ache of print. Literal kiosk language. The figure of the miracle prolapsed rhetorically. Melting pot ephod koan. In the end finally, seemingly in the labyrinth. Aster whorls the zenith, shanty occurs in harm. For a wound not formed in local finality, minimal evidence of the wish, as if the cold began in a dust of spite hours before the ascent of his poetical explicability. To write a personal bleakness in the miraculous forum of the hive. A thoroughly psychological need eventually critiques the songs. Wishbone crib. Noise coven. The fingers admit the toys. Deaccessioned gasp of bone. Knot of butterfly fathers. The light of the landscape prefigures the fall. Grease mantra. Generative duration. Anther cess. Gravity eats the visage manna. Perhaps an introduction to the decade is doubled in nervous winter. I crass his fist, coupled intentionalities of the drifted hidden, companions of ghost mentation written in shadow crave, evil aster down, the window flies forth unconcerned. Wine spirit froth, eye of the vulture, overcome by an earnest treaty of spiritual frenzy. What about the relaxed heresy of the boiled fatalities? Spasms of convened unity ruin the course. If this was compulsion, then spirit was heredity, that the realization of sight ought to change the cosmos is expected, thus will is not adverse to the array, the telekinetic solitude of the injunction, where the magician inheres in the existence of becoming, and this maneuver of a particular cosmology presages the gift of a sacrificial chemistry, the anarchy of mist a ritual correctly inhibited by an essential continuance of the wound, perfected in alchemical hemlock seed, the soul ordained as a tone of transformation. One gnosis of filtered reference. Amen terror sleep sensors, beheaded baptisms, bells mixed with token crime. The judicial largesse of transformation. Seldom yodel for logos questioning the nostalgia of the anguish, risen bedraggled as elf manure, practical math of undue violence, follow the ledge to the solvent of the absolute. Nominates the septuagint. Surd wends topple liturgical, gestural aphids crook, actuarial bicycle confided in the cynical enlightenment, beyond the privileged freedoms of the epidemic activities, selvedge along the viaducts of the epidermis, no evidence for the pointlessness of gestures. Unswervingly refined digraph the selling point of the act, diphthong fornication philosophy begets to forget, the boring purity of repetition as described. Miming the uncommon certainty of these ideas as jokes. Please moisten this seeing with a seasoning of disagreement. An inkling of words in the ink, comeuppance a pittance of poetry, one-upmanship as an divergence of freelance poetics, divagations down the runway, ergo the energy of the dance.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer




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