Wednesday, March 31, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Moorings travelogues rockets cultivates horseshoes fireflys fictions dolphins scandals holidays feces odysseys workships meats upswings savants tumblers millstones seabirds wristwatches logjams confers malamutes eggs loops reckons dollars replicas strides verses excuses breasts gerunds hikacks faces floorboards.

Embraces bathes bedsides flails estuaries flirts salads traumas ladders confabs dampens keynotes beanbags sophists winces headlands tumors evinces antics coils camels assignations occasions serums tropes glands muds consortiums oranges overlooks terrorizes overhears charms recitations shallows graveyards.

Routines regales predicates sandstorms rednecks assonances cornrows embeds sidekicks quotas hackneys scourges renews bootlicks dildos lathers drudgeries revenues barstools epicures doodles retinues indulgences surroundings liberties fees renounces chandeliers grinds tickles soirees retinas defrosts proposals pharaohs bylines.

Dogmas goofs mantras crossfires spools obligations dollops outbuildings ophthalmologists mattresses takeoffs interdicts lemmings purveyors wiggles colleagues airplanes pandas apples apparitions deplores eyebrows trousers buzzes chalices homeruns blondes savants orchestras oils curmudgeons ovations apologies somersaults wombs meanders.

Aggressors transfusions rabbits toothbrushes beats scarves ulcers margins irks modes costumes shits necklaces segments jars tarots appearances purses playwrights smothers jaws shadows embodiments hats rumps scenes parses forearms ploys gloves spiders acts incinerates icons bracelets awes.

Divulges sestinas wingbacks jackels goggles inks sewers sunrises locksmiths buckskins nuggets aortas steamrollers grazes hoofbeats buoys welcomes coldcuts quizzes decocts hips downspouts buttresses dreads cisterns greases couplets chalks circuits abrades antlers hearts legislates soundings coughs unwinds.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

from 'nth.' || Peter Ganick

agreeable mitt evincing whir—nor hare—polis threaded ingredient—sept—rajaistic vehicle those public routines—nothing sled harpooning asemic dubiety—desist therefore notwithout—scenario to eachness wholly accolade devolves nur hoarding calyx—heirarchy those purolator revenuer orly offline thracian bleat—yammering alternatives integers whether inactive repatriation émigré boa untried liaison venue throttle abacus—junta regainings tenuous that screams itness waiting vocality northerly—grit as glow iterative however jitney height simulates—youth acetone aliens fire aromatic woodstove—relata burin cellar tort numerously paradoxical tiburon alit stammer tovarish throes otherwise affable timorous mechanism trust either windowed litote cette vigilance wholly the scruple-wielding activation wholly parachutist—devolve ardent restive alternate nit with nth agendas elective nor anywhat—colloidal that singularity result—parsec—nu—brokered within asleep those work holiday—neither witness flirt flittering ahead foof terra-firma the antigone bellwether accordance traversal—neutral pachebel introit—vanish the earth in mood reflector-ed aileron too queue—middling hoops items wide official noesis brokering a shunt inner pax—agitprop einvol that recursive moat bulletin avignon repetition veni vidi vici hoot manna high lug-nut—enamor yesterday tomorrow whether incroyable that summershine soaker site cellar earliest than reifies tenor oggi parachutist hot air—verre otherwise placid epee button riddle augury wherein streetwise gainsaid majority ejectile from addressing—nothing salsa-ify the cluster while reprimands einander overhaul riffs introspection the mode frosting occasions thrown iseult righteous thinkings blotter cloak choo-chose than closer to rehearsal dat-senescence totem—ocelot broke euphoria nth hill offed nature bandit veni vidi vici the coquin easterly baton naming each lexical flourish thought to lease oe—neither reusable those rinforzando einsam burin sidereal vehicle v-h-s symphony err genie the structural indemnity abalone fusillades tort from therein naught littoral evian blood-red ene—brillo borrowers—which seemly hmmm those prelude topos rhythms okay batons those repatriate modes from relix prohibitions earliest than cinders thoughtful mid-week-end-ly norm energetic lenses those pulling reopeners than scrimmage non-occurrence though averring opacity re those etern—integers nth nil oe—bots in on thereof where-ing-as ovals thought-forms tentatively presuming—noces those florin hotel cinnamon gash—irreal tunnel vendor laissez thought-frame to edit fickleness once wiser suave ocean this thisness itemized hoarding mokshas before tane floods rhythm—nth.

texts || Hugh Tribbey


psalm spill logarithms
roam one winged gypsum
thick mistressed seasick steal
seizure deserve shivers skirts
waxworks curse bulbous produce
creosote homesick eclipse
stick sunk butt slant
distributed exclusive caboose soothe
cool creams screamed miss disguised
grind shy specialized blithe hype
tired dirty nondescript plastic
blathering fat transparent deathbed
heck hickory halts swallowed
maypole dazed glares
grapefruit sleep
melon mouth standard



honed moment dense destiny
green grapple clapper grackles
impractical awfully fraility
crocodile canticle guilty caliche
shriek weary dirty dull
heart thunderhead hard harvest
orb old debility
jealous lost punched humped
pie peculiar warp terror
ritual rippling burnished crab
throb Sodom Tampa claim
moths Simian sing spawned
howls mottle acclimate scratches
bathes outlive goads
readies murdered facades



Oedipal twiddle
howdy-doody hidden squiggles
designated bugwarmer haggler
regal candor solder
chortle chucksteak logic
kinky heroics
penis italic
bake rocks osmosis consume
debonair fake scrape
wafers perch perish arabesques
melts stills chalice saliva
maximized inflammatory hampers
lacked gestalt rah-rah
heavy reify hitched
conventional steal metal
prepare transplant topnotch crotch
demean brown altruism
loving flab rag nightgown



manicol mozac prealling white
calage permatby
ilscaf blood
Prohancor map

pingulus gelecci
enlary scripal

son virized gratal
altufy mantion

huplatic aling
subnome mathing fold

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Absences mutineers calculates sanctions balusters footnotes tattoos flashlights kisses monoliths quaaludes foxes typographies theologians studs miracles junkies synthesizers nightmares puddles salamanders heartthrobs tangibles hollows airplanes parentheticals oysters candles germinates ghosts snores lipsticks upstairs knees borderlines rollicks.

Caskets carouses perils silences driveways embraces hardwoods feasts sunbathers retards raptures thaws honeymoons waterfalls syllables drunkards treelines incarnations backsides gaskets mouths ashes ospreys hoists saplings tributes honchos swears beavers estates twinges payables backhoes headaches putties encloses.

Whispers physics reciprocates isotopes backpedals heliotropes farmhouses entablatures wonders bifocals epistemologies fissures woos comets changelings burritos accouterments masturbates phobias nipples postcards wheelchairs sirens grieves hammers miscreants raincoats pussies researches sneers icebergs intercedes monsters ampersands.

Monday, March 29, 2010

from 'nth' || Peter Ganick

reaching heralds—renaming aslant wide riffle choruses rename detritus convent augenblick tate mome vast quixotic algorithm—show quic—nugge—jijamous generator ivrogne that soft bal-ustrade intramural swahili—those voiceover mo-tio—brusque where site switchings elevate once seldom introspection vessel pat homil—renounce torn—nevertheless aneuri—hotel noise terres-trial invigorate riffl—coquette stymie robust ae-gean sympathy cellar dwellings the moray mirroring whi—utterly a dardanelle dalliance daily reope—numerous foghorn quiescent that russet gallantry so platitude iffine the strategy present-to-mind that scrutiny previous altern substrate subaltern those reptilar begriff scru-tiny presuming coquin esplanade official—hut uninsur—transit either widely soccer—a con-scious triton verre those surety clashe—hundreded into obsolescence thorough so forrest grange impuls—some midnight utterance signer of song-tide named invitat—elemental reptilar versus the centrists—determinate invincible tread motions while laughter proclaims unroll—the incoher—hittite calcification hoax once crosse—as glance theory utter aileron vein site from tonic toreador sepia cryptic amalgam inch-ing rind ego gestural numerous—so winch ot-ter—a conceptual winnow trod eithering whoever introspects tertiary leisure those presentation-free inmost on tiers the—nimble—aquiline those referring centrist overhaul tiens thorough site-specifi—vault inner rough egoic name-cupi—neitherly amiss where quotients sclerotic averag-ing salida territorial zones of description of con-fluence regularization where anno—hue prizewinner the dramatic cuckoo bureau optional centrist those vantage girth levitate broke through—numino—renaming vulcaneer those persisten—cephalon where svelte grammar the orphic ultimate—scrape hodie elision thorough axon where breakdown break-in thorough stabi-liz—ethica—arnault brokering aucun leastness of fecund curiosity than proclamations evincing a deterministic launch-dryer-druid compuls com-plex—ite its on selections intentions whethere—unrolling a wearing—reificatio—nutshell shepard envisioning liaisons than cuprous ten-denc—numb scrapheap the celestial brimming—ei—where sine qua non equestrian alternatives the site for—tinsel ewartungen ally elixir those pax quota fumigate—intent where sites versify on broken stuff—how intentional then aucun the paltry overhaul—scriptic astral porting through another space—reflectors hoarding select invita-tions—sangam ing rien fiesta irreal tactile tie of attila those mesto vanguarding—nth.

poem || Jeff Harrison

That Charioteer Air

white page's cipher's got a shot at muddy shapes
murmurs — which nymph has that charioteer air?
lightly, but still, laurel thickens Wormswork's mane
when a rose's faintly heard there's class fear, flowers
when will their echo break — wait, Wormswork —
the horrid will itself break on the ears of that
same papery listener I've alluded to so many times
that white-handed & deep-recessed Mr. Hole
up in their rumblings he hears nothing of Long Empire
it's a lark by degrees, & all-out cheek when he stops
listening & pipes up with "Me nightingales? No, just,
at most, apples hymning — just enough where it
couldn't matter if I talk over it now, & all the while
you were looking — writing — of roses & company"
oh what my portrayal blights, & what are my pieces,
really? shapes in the eyes, or in soft nonfictional ears?
mathematics that take no account mountains stand,
there's noise there too, whether numbers are uttered
or not, the rose overwhelms your listen, mine too, else
I wouldn't mention it, of all the players one must be
practical, aside from a fictional character that may as well
be the rose for all the good it helps Ariadne's thread
awfully the dark in fiction, awfully sunbeams & the like,
awfully the allusions, shut or flooded, where what all the cipher
comes down to is forgetfulness, else you think red is hot
& blue feels cool eternally, green verse breezy sweet where
awfully the Wormswork, the Virginia, the rosy Mr. Hole,
awfully they who continually play at being floatings mid-air

from BY || Jim Leftwich

it is as is
napkin cinema synthesized cola comma in quotation marks
concrete context
jello helix
acrobatic free airport inspector bug splat
normative risqué rhinoceros critique
unthreaded readings
verbatim herbal seaport
"elohim ankh"
oceanic behemoth, askew
robber chocolate beach-front Chernobyl baja
nicotine jettison hydroplane
rambunctious coffin
hyphenated bone bombardier
ad hoc
inconsequential chronic Pocahontas
uselessly nocturnal peahen dehydrated inflections botulism
to hyphenate paper no-rope, hyacinth
blurb by naked snake
Book of October Hula-Hoops
treacle tablature
iconic disjunctive Croatan
abject absconds technological romance
resuscitate keen club-cream, ocelot toboggan
cherubic pagan hinterlands
handpicked peregrine
handkerchief peacock
handmade speechless
coruscate tomato
web of shoeless reels

peace apartment travertine studio rat sequoia soapstone postage

fluctuations in tinnitus pipe-dreams

pagan impeach
ice cream nonchalance
ambient heating

shining eye hiatus
yellowing hello
Cyrillic pawnshop
noxious eventide prolapse
bottom-up fate
diaphanous sponge-boon
serial sockets
roaming spoons
encrypted phylacteries
sinuous nebula
sinusoid errata
Caribbean triumvirate
amphibian placenta beanstalk
pharmaceutical cobbler
pachyderm opera
six-pack prehensile rarities
uneaten or citations pathos
hermetic tea-party
napalm snap the helpless athletes

no berm and no epistle
cash registered trademark
haunch-hibernations parka
earphones asteroid
he cannot reaffirm abrogates rhomboid snow

sanctuary nibbles beckoning thoughtless episteme

not so reaches agoraphobia arcs

no-mannikin mango binomial pomade
(earth asphyxiated none-by-northeast), none

cornea octagonal Tienanmen nozzle-catfish

votive cabaret
simulated petite beret
toothache in absentia
inhalants by any other hose
(heliocentric nuance machine), hayride
sanctimonious Ariadne electronics
bronchial by chthonic memento
carrots of the gods
motile thumbnail
camouflaged earth-beak buoys
Bank of Snobs
mythopoeia anonymous
yes text why text yes
estimated ubiquity
sestina acreage connives


from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Socks underworlds threads witnesses zeroes oceans needles leaves bowels. Distributions labyrinths signatures profanities staircases eviscerates thresholds schematics fakes handfuls eludes, hearts teeth quickens pennies acoustics merits avoids. Utterances publishes echoes riddles bookshelves offshoots.

Slumbers pigments, rafters passions, meadows knuckles jinxes cremations deracinates. Igneous gnomes frostbites crumples. Elisions cunts blooms leviathans knaves huddles, janitors homonyms ammo hinges arterials endnotes flaws ketchup peckers. Reams proofs relapses, scissors tremors yesteryears wrestles writes.

Embalms moonbeams sages participles bedtimes landscapes soothes onions heroes barstools dolphins rockets combs aviaries nomenclature trysts. Vehicular wartime nouns flatters backwards felicities curtails. Squanders pasttimes odometers, truants camcorders midnights wastebaskets thighs milkweed lubricants enlarges, motorcycles metamorphic.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

from "nth." || Peter Ganick

ingredient—chaos the—thousand-fold ei—thisness wry apoplectic diss—integral—conceit oration mote felicity handle punctum—gruff einander wielding misericorde—some stumble trying—echo those intrepid-calculus deterring—nit seem lithic the voluntarism—explicate whichever naïve trouble and freely pursuit veneer than blasé—incorporeal the basses—nutshells intranet proclaimations where shy—deterrent acetone mirroring—capable than singularity—ubiquitous treadmill outside ingredient—prize of cuprous elastic—nib treachery cellar satya—mirroring rhetoric intrepid acclimation where ins—untenable thens candling whoever—reading where species—while specificity regulates—intersects house-cassettes—motion where sited somatic essent—venerable governance theme—ve iffy closest—neither altering—nub slight offering allow—sorrowful than equitable the stringendo repeater isness what siennese detritus—nth orchestra—gnat hologram ei—thunder-box cult eit—cheroot evi—rheuma trope those rinsing élan—force unruly those periodicity evacuates—engineering asleep—gesso trainer—nth ion—until marionettes culpable—butane ligature value-driveway—intramual—secundo parsec—retry—number-free ontic escapism—debut ironic the parlance debaters eit—herd nie—brrr—hitman—holiday the scrape—ludic entr—inescapable grift—hollow andiron sienna prelude—not trapper signal—suede viaduct—northerly psalm tertiary liaison teetering—laissez-faire notebooking a-s-a-p where while—unroll geistlich occasiona—nur blame-free frisson than certes those pre—nuvena portio—nimble thank—siren—nth inv—focal ligature motley ocean peccary dust canard—sylphic ennui networking earlier those—indemnify as—curtailing empathy selenium—utterly—kazoo tentative lorgnettes off hautbois reminiscence treaty clef suddenly prendre over occasion those sudden intr—ennu—nowhere lassi than driveway surgery aegis robust anacreon surly—zepplin that this or—wazoo kamikaze the rune sing since presumptions crowd—yet hundreding a surface totem parsec—neuron tantalus those scrap-heap cellar presentation veneer ar—enter room an eon tarred scrap heuristic values detritus amalgam those synergic also bor—test improbability earli—settling reification strategies—scenic those prussian bluster happenstance irr—caveat emptor where holderlin telos ursetz simpleton—van eith—nieb—nothing least the ornamental—clapboard until networking as rue—nutmeg irony that scrimmage—entity ea—nefarious hittite ianicis—bluring leas—hubbard isthmus ceramic cohere—rhubarb bygones bumping—etch eneagram offers—nervous—trait euphonic euth—nurs—villiate ov—obviate sure-cast voiceovers—contrast remix vetting a feint cellar oomph seldom lattice hovercraft mime skeleton aegis nothing-least the fiver opaque intras—scramble hiatus nothings necessity—nth.

from BY || Jim Leftwich

even the teeth (beef hopping mania cinematic)
beats on the beach like drains of sand
(extra sensational perception beneath hypnotic
periscope Aether, no pestilence three howitzer

delves into (mathematical Kansas odalisque /
hyperbolic / inquisitions retrofuturist Alice in
Oz), Hammock epaulettes
Knights of the Kite-Map
peanuts nylon Hittites
equal commas for equal cynicism
meth labs in Phonecia
alphabetical hypothesis Nivea Cream event
Pekinese pajamas
one-inch binary Eskimo oil-slick
art-bait watery knob-taser in the Hamptons
be your own disconnect concoct
detuned postal poem-machine
map as omnivorous metaphor
mule-team creatine
2012 Camaro convertible death-match movie
Oedipal simplex
Merkebah Minotaur bathing in Voynich blank
be your own sacrosanct decoct
tao of the three-headed toe-sloth
tonic neap-tide mail art emanations
ripen peas musicality annihilate
fortuitous teaspoon wasabi
moth-light in fontanel
eupsychic pandemonium
like peppers in a pan
serial banana poetics
parenthetical wobbles
unorthodox anthrax nationalism
eggplant bicentennial Panama
itinerant iterations
tap-dancing the Bible-6 rabbit-arachnid ace
trifecta cerebral side pocket
Police in Palestine, thieves in Nigeria
nowadays nobody anywhere
ripen no meat to the beat hyperbole to the bone (machine)
[crackpot porridge argot snickering BINARY, BINARY
Babel Akashic recordings abscond rotting chicken necks
rubbery cacophonous ectoplasm coke-fiends hemoglobin,
cashiered hackneyed cockpit, Neoplatonic BINARY] nor
rehabilitated bazooka
bonnet cork knot-cake knotted bomblets

(kinetic elephant poker
surveillance camera hopscotch
communist nothingness with pistachios
/ communal Nottingham playboy
knitting haiku)
whittled parrot amnesia
aromatic phonetics
amniotic nimbus bookends
apocalyptic Egyptian panegyric
thorazine and common sense in church
authorial swastika petunia
authoritarian stopwatch punk
non-sequential 6-biosphere machete svelte necklace
hecklers patiently backpacking the square root
never nearly
nearby half-step
anonymous antonyms
crepuscular clambake serenade
antipathy minestrone adverbial
barking scarab
momentary breakneck
banking breakfast havoc
pontoon swelter ponies
western civilization quote binoculars unquote
Manhattan in Hell
ontological 3-fold paper mill
unseeded polyps
Persephone by the head
as heretofore, so herbivore
why not prefabricate quote comma, at your corner desk
quadrature of the prevarication
sanitized nor beforehand
bisect the socket

Friday, March 26, 2010

from 'rehearse this' || Peter Ganick

FIFTEEN — greatly stirred. that inertia grainy lor-gnette sine qua non blurry intention whether ironic then softness in arcana. thereas trimmed from ac-cording to. tint hammer. struck invention alienation as cusp of quarried rhythm vin-number thaumaturge demand intrepid greed feint ceiling fantasy bellow granary trusting. were thensome a dramatic four house call. reptilian notions wherein acid-free in-dexical buttoning downtown seltzer wherein allitera-tive motions scrutinize attitudes wearily sell-off threes and fours. however clipboard tessiturae the florid numbness stealth sociopathic vernal buttress. mimetic thrown to chandelier though notwithstand-ing. anno domino replication otherwise sugar such trees thought surreal putty ceiling franchises those which revelatory quorums. tint tinderbox somewhat antenna to resultant surveillance motion wherein al-ternatives the directly foregone weightless anonymity seeker bluntly appropriate shrink-wrap fifty motions before quintuplet availing 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Thursday, March 25, 2010

from BY || Jim Leftwich

Caribbean rethink preheated

armchair sandwich
sickroom heartthrob

yet both implausible photogenic pronto

bathtub Yeti bottlecaps

migraine hereafter rotational nevermore

aquatint unshaven aggravated

eponymous methamphetamine metonymy

ever since 2009
Casper the user-friendly ghostwriter
rocking-chair the casbah
buck-naked New York karma
sanitary semiotics salesman

habitual barroom allegories
north of algorithm and beneath the teeth of Shiva
categorical tailspin nausea
canonical beetroot séance
haystack about beehive earths are not
untoward Narcissus beachhead
snare drum aromatic Rosicrucian
fevers are the naught
Cement in Mesopotamia
prenuptial tumbleweed engine

clearing products
in the cleaning
departed in part
Aerobic five-tomb fire
oceanic tubulin
before six-sacrosanct concoct
circumspect aside albedo
beveled insect soccer
kiwi task force freeway
sixtieth cubic wetlands
shareware abides unheated
mosquito ulna
tonic cerebellum methane
Catal Huyuk
cumbersome Manichean nosedive
machine-7 nozzle
nor pear-cream ace behemoth
bioengineering catastrophe
stop sign
think tank
topographical picnic

machine uneaten crankshaft analog,
Hiroshima by the bay
by all accounts not
septic anagram
central hemisphere,
eye err rope ewe eon
tentatively bent
noxious broccoli fewer by exception
the 90s (breakneck kinetic extra sensory perception),
hopeful eyebrow minefield
Hari Krishna for Christ's sake
butcher's knife
soars by robe or beats
tincture to mathematics,
Yamaha exhaled
exoteric yield sign to nowhere
exhaust nor ethereal pith
irate iterated rats
tip of the palm

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

from 'rehearse this' || Peter Ganick

THIRTEEN — in contrasting erasure. thens from noon apparition. seen framing selfless widen ouch toucan ne-farious that refutes burin slight. tensile the fabricates entering stripe in shrove than sites weal of asana for mitt neither bluely accroche that vinyl presumption sendmail righten from a matinee skillboards the motion weighty aegis training those lesson. ing. the phrasing fenugreek supposition meme whereas full tonic verac-ity tonight ontic comparison there refutes marionette macaw benign trepidation where sorrow infuses ad-justment the feint rappalo notes as sunny data those reeling stucco vanishes tendencies betterment of fringe trapeze loquacity scenario todays an mostly tomorrows the non-looking badminton selectivity recursion plane-tree suddenly apparitions mellow the dormancy feral eaves rehearse front madness around a clubhouse of aisle seat noun. as grit other either waiting allargando noon laity balance shards until remotely accurate lau-danum sledding through seedless 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possession turn away turn-coasting rough-shod. some other neces-sity realismo once all-night the consequent straddle of twice or notifiation whistling dipolarity once urgency detains while if naivete the stick-pin woken thawing.

text || Bob BrueckL

fingerbreaths construed as neutered

Halve it always to feel so felt, sacrosanct, on another tack, stinger breath, siliceously infused eyelashes of gypsum crashing blossoms of alabaster, tucked cusses' placebo pique plucking out cadaverous, slack-jawed opulence dipped in vivifying, sacrimonious it-thereness asserting stupider, pensive xloptuny or trichotillomania smeared in cement with a dysmorphic pronounced limp of cabooleat burple all lacquered up to the sallow mock-up of the scowling brainsifter's eyebrow.

taut gimmick blab [empty lilt, silent tooth] [gnarled toy shanty] [gasp and spit it out] curfew exhale peddle, ingest secant petals

tongue stun stint stung nuts' stent stunk

A crude acid-maroon of emulsified dew-wet-drops scathe the depleted andalite of the fat tremulo drawdown adroitly crooning in the wharfinger's chylomicron of infinite indifference.

Haptic synapses spoof tattle-twinged harrow-muted bygone blurts of nicker-snorted whicker-cronking baa-baa's gabbles.

You e-jack you late thick farces of blat bleats tickled-pink.

Nimbus tensions flameout into the crinkled cataclysmic hypercatharsis grappling with the cajoled glops of collapsing silly putty under one leaf of the baobab's eggy cracks.

Dead as a long-legged cascading waterfall of emerald cockroach wasps, he spirally caudles the bulges in the jinky wires of his carnous egg sac drubbing the obtuse apex of the eyespot's mummy factors dicking the pink-eyed near-or-far-sighted vision hued within the rotten wooden music of pudgy starbursts, unless skinned innocence is unzipped and betrothed to someone's overexposed, inusitated ignorance, in limpidity, of a droolish memorized cunctus retracting the uncaptivating dictation of gleaming wattles touching upon the synchronized wingspan of lemony dictation in the unmeasured, aufhebung breasts of cowpox syllables wherein parasites of holeless sightlessness love to preclude colluding with the shuddering cadenzas of reflexive snippets of snickets, the inchoate pooh-bahs suddenly gesturing toward the mottled blemishes beneath the indecisive underbelly of the bundled munch of homonyms in a blur of puffball notions nitpicking the mulch and niggling of the succulent muddle of moist quibbles notating long lines of petarded screeds becoming sullied horizons of diapsis and no-color skies beneath the cirrus-changing tones of scorched electrodes quenching ellipsoidal disks of dusky orbs signaling pigments of satiny spar in the light of being unpossessed retuses in name only, while reining in the icky cranial cavity of a rubbery tawny titivil upon the looming lies of sludgy, destigmatized, xylobot, peri-twinkling, bit-ching, fractious, unctuous, wiggly, squabbling, hyperopiic, triple-whammied love fading into the phonetic battue of shimmying, shimmering, shivering fulgurite sunlight slivered on the archaic nostril of scalped clout touting the shackles of whiplashed windshields skittering into sudden skinny-dipping showers of thousands of whapped splinters smithereening into flunked smidgens of percussive blights clinching a zaft grunting glare that veers into a smooch that deepens in the socket of the swollen husk of death's frick & frack intercourse with silence, while all the sphinx's sphincter muscle is stool id torpor of the hacker's incised argot impaled on the keening scree of a stolid talon.

vespid runnel's pungent zaftig trellis trill

raw-busted neck-hair gleaming

secrets of death's trickle thrill

chanted parsnips incanted, emjambed smirks defacing wonky woodwinds absquatulating the frisky glitz of kinkster skank on the lam, an earlid welt -- naw, whirling in the apricot buff of unique word 69983: oft rearears flopping a round round the saxicolous eel's teal butt.

The trachytic tuff erupted ferrups of slumbrous pumice overlain by ignimbrite fragments eliciting a mangled ladder pivoting in an atmosphere of fickle opulence, so badaud and wordize the corniplume-eared aasvogel interfixed on the factless dactyl of night within the bosom of being, an inane gnawing wing into the blossom of the tongue's joint, a wobbly glow, a scraggy cuke, a flexed bugaboo wrung-out like an airy vagina flare about to bud.

Ravenous, nebulous echolocution meat slathers the slippery scissors in the isthmus of the coccyx pukebox, steel still soot still still underlies the underlined shrillness of the jejune rune noun juice, the teslic nock enjambing the wambly spang in the snop-couck of the chaussure paleosol's cattywompus expunging the wrenching cutthroat's mawkish fetish dissonance reminiscing about the rendezvousing scrapes of the blundering mesmeric phalanx of sung solecism's queasy sundown devices frisking the instinctual prongs of swiveling, snivelling specificity, indiscretions of botched kelp floating under the squinting contrails of the umber-ochre udders of the moonlight's spilt entrails.

The hoisted gutter chasm coddles the existent hypothesis dissolving in the incessant boneheaded crackpot's collarbone sleaze detonating the buoyant tear-ducts oozing emulsions of frenzied discharges minced in the hollow bluffing thimble-twill of the beveled eaves' totally upended spool of fulminating viscous unguent goofing-up the deadly dysfunctional dizzy ditsiness.

Connect the dots of smathering gloop-skreeghs purging the fragments of upbraided vitriol in the slits of Elizabeth Taylor eyes.

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Doomsters forests tortures icebergs dissidents cheers accordians bleeds screwdrivers delusions drawdridges starfishes meteorites gondolas cheesecakes evildoers audiences walleyes copycats mascots lawsuits grenades spacecrafts buttocks pedals outwits fondues mascaras obituaries lifestyles snowmobiles workplaces doubleheaders wolverines clowns handshakes.

Referendums cheerleaders salesmen buttonholes shatters pipelines exaggerates incentives spankings cads pockets eschews proponents errands grumblings bonkers nostrums neutrons nicknames waterboards hunches monasteries downsizes releases haunches denunciations marshmallows suburbanites garbles thresholds hemorrhoids congregations backfires euphemisms boardrooms roosters.

Errors cormorants splashes clockwise shortcuts stingrays cornbread downtime geeks reboots kazoos demagogues smiles marmalades cubicles misnomers beefs blames confederates spiderwebs curlers iceboxes shoehorns runaways bazookas customers feathers shortcakes workplaces accolades grouches equations thickets traumas bananas gauntlets.

Monday, March 22, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

The Owl Does Not Praise The Light Nor The Wolf The Dog

owlish dotard
in winding-sheet


slaves paper
to the blade -

"Yet I'm
to the dust-taste..."

- as music's tasteless?

this is the slave who
unearthed the sea,

an open-mouthed lyre
picking autographs
apart for the letters
w s k m r o

from BY || Jim Leftwich

elevated the, monstrosities informational ban
heaps aeon agon pies pea arena habitats
aporia checkers convection checkmate at night
the dread kites smile, superconductor sign group,
mute rhythms with alarm barns retrofuturist
earmuffs excerpts cinematic Anteaters Egyptian.
Tea cayenne bygones allergen, no eggs and no

entwined at variorum
venomous autobahn
east north avenue
more smoking
noxious forth exhaled ontological sextant
six another twenty-four or amphibian protoplasm
commingled rebar
twice hatchet uneaten hydraulics

secretes pelican jelly,

pleistocene nanosecond
brontosaurus autobahn
handyman freedom another impasse
herbivore trashcan ashram
seesaw nocturnal chocolate
catalyst tahoe communal nomenclature:
nor horseplay images vehement.

Advertisements for halogen-1 compassionate pathos,
occupational nosecone: creationist-6AM
teething cannibal ennui.

2-poetics Be anonymous subtext,
retroactive pachyderm torus:
Here ropes rose immanent Be noctilucent-kilobyte
cobblestone chokehold novocaine 3-totem tooth
macrocosmic, at taste buds shootout aesthetic
tango esophagus miniaturized shopping mall
annihilated askew: anthem-3 tinctures sanitized
cabala sonata in native bloom.

fortuitous tannin
emissions nonesuch
cinematic Crimean
erstwhile aromas
brusque aesthetic slurry
ripe nape
pestle nor pustule
algorithmic dynamite
procreate Amish graphite
roaming anterior
cracks in the toehold
aerial sixpence of separation
idiomatic Camelot omelette
bearded wonderbread
conscripted bear-hug haiku
antibacterial mirror
hopscotch October beret
heart-shaped maps of Panama and Minnesota
six-eyed yellow pleroma
somnambulant moon-knoll
karate machine gun ratings
handkerchief nimble cake
of metropolitan
of capitalist poach-horror snickering clockwork sex
cyclical subtext poetics
amphibian hijack
nationalistic chaos theory
exoskeletal generation
poker-faced eponym
phonetic NATO machine
eldritch copyright pinhole
sinister nouns
parenthetical asphalt
Babylon by night
goodbye at once

amaretto keyboard knapsack erupts.
chicken hacksaw registered botulism enacts.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Aftermaths barefisted panties bullseyes parachutes supermarkets kinship handlebars cigarettes headsets transactions helmets religions saddlebags bathrooms muzzles documentsw indentations scabs pencils vacuums backhoes checkpoints breezes flatbeds interludes accents casinos ballpoints recruits intentions thumbs lifetimes yesterdays contingencies failures.

Landscapes lordships boasts storylines quasars plots phonebooks oatmeal searches frightens laughs speeds lists tiptoes pythons sanboxes tonics frowns libraries happens muscles lips paddles coaxes themes wizards tumbles forcepts airsick archivists trousers equilibrium steelhead genuflects fleeing freedom.

Bombshells cathedrals cripples taxpayers suicides hijinx hotmail redhead melodies naps sluices lifespans grasshoppers depictions slums elephants pantsuits homepages champagne headquarters mortgages blindsides reconciles overseas megaphones hairstyles orchestrates hindquarters cataclysms paperclips shootouts tweets watchdogs redhot subpoenas hijacks.

from 'rehearse this' || Peter Ganick

ELEVEN — the of coarse salt enigma. precipice toggle no shy. beacon the residual. reside in alternative lack. lakes through with lakhs those stumble bling. emptor ashen coatlique that faraway bramble or quota motilar burr on coast eithering sotto voce the amalgam. pure sleep tons otherwise allotment coerce. definition apt nevada borrower. some other rebuttal that infinity cloaks. a descriptive ennui forcible the stomach. noon monad vilify each lopped urreal sombrero than clues to governance infallible that resultant modification were than shine. protections erudite formalism that claque of empathy solemnize that tantrum. beastly foible towhee inroad thensome while fakirs degrade. itness onslaught theocritical motion weaving either. alight where color not light. frame those spaces. thereof slowly foaming resilience token aileron horror-show ninety preceptors vanquish a domicile blurrier than signatures each vola-tility brooming decoys omen soapstone momentum really bard balm mitigate serves thinkings where shradda ego formal. enigmatic vedic anterior palin-drome some shin goeth nicean bureaucracy thistle mitt urn realismo that fantasy connotes along a streaming infinity. neiscience throaty control freak until pralines displace empirical loutish voiceovers. accrue indefi-niteness one spate the development. cohere than so grail demesne from accentuate options woven inalien-able commentary. so. garnish intentions heralding sur-plus existence. bataille the moonsong wavering. word-span that indebiture meandering wholly enforces team spartans. the debacle mounting from each nominality regroup siennese than podium. ketones lecterns while trauma-entering alternative theories thereof motley at-las shurg thrown data intention wear to salt. post-haste than cipherous drastic overage lowest common de-nominator. once more. then sass those reunification structures. emotile ceasing. renewal of parroting for-mal dissent from those penance that against moving alit in rowhouses the fandango burin coatlique motion where somber sincerity flash coating those sit-down. parquet alto neither in ownership that flange percipient mallrat tendencies festooning lamentation wuss that finicky brush widens so madness if ahoy surmise the french-ified. shockwave ontic irreal tonic theatre bloat imaginationary periodicity seldom feckless while dam-ages. senescent nib scrape mindstyle one once ap-proximates so debacle while fronting a modesty. nit-pick aegean sleigh-bells. the ghostly stadium washes thorough metallism thirst fringe tempestuous thereof. notions whether or novices the gist mandala facing which devotee bird on cd-player. annotation while bi-tuminous frailty. not responsible but not irresponsible. a gurgle intentions elicit one walk-up in quarries behav-ior belay strictness once a field carnival. bat engrosses grail bearings. genial problematic once seeking where isness approachable itemization wholly endemic. no-tions whether of renewal iffy ceiling those dramatic lei-sures blank intersection uttering a mallard. each noth-ing each. lean-tos on fipple throat maori behaviorist vendor asleep once on foresting woke to sanitize re-mote viewpoints. clef du parnasse. where if site vanish quixotic reneges that acausal thematic iffiness one once shortfall therefored intersecting. as scythes of repeti-tion evade motion where if asinine thought-forms de-bators thensome better notices brutish front-man each nature lacunae the spot wench tills forms. that uninten-tional. quotas motions where isness flails if unrolls added matinee surfaces seen seize there displaces. notebooking some breathing sparseness. bandages over ears and eyes weeping amidst volutes and mirrors. how hubris is enchained enchanted while treatments im-prove pal about inertia. senescent the remedial clout. novena symbolic. opaque parallels thisness which mo-tion renounces. so pampers a quota of mercy triste s. veneer opalescent thorough surname parlez-vouso than signatures. hammer spatials. 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forested placate nomenclature the devotee di-vulgle divots in shy. precipice threes operating com-mencement that nighttime sorting watershed than af-filiation intention commencing thorough rewrap. gustatory spring-field tomtom. where with which waits watching woken.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

from BY || Jim Leftwich

not as before,
tulip paste
the tea carrot Ottoman biosphere
sap biopsy checkers
tapioca by pyrotechnics
passivity iota hackles
adept lilies wily
free to bathysphere
kerosene by acorns
no peas in a pod
Sahara at pita abates
embedded forklift nocturne
free hayrides backwards
improbable haruspex toner

wonder-text preparatory once baby beans books
okra stealth hocked tincture, catacombs cream
crenelated abattoir: earth ponies muscular three
openly no bipartisan bartered apartments.

toothpicks pincushion curled snow knobs batten
the heaters summertime nominal quill: here comes
habitat hindquarters younger than later and no
smarter than his crimes.

free to flee at attached post office admixture
absinthe sextant commissary mutiny: hereafter
nullified batons or cubic tubular water

has fire-tooth supreme, conduit to chat
knee-deep in anathema.
noctilucent six-tin: it is 5:30 at 7 in the morning.

apropos. passive. meltdown. buttery hat:
nicotine materializes hoax arboretum.
fire-text adjunct systemic syntax osmotic:
no magical snow cone oological abacus mantra.
ate magic. uneaten mantra.
ate uneaten magical mantra.

a car is a core corner ace cement secret part
of the nose no non parameters perambulation.

no ophthalmologist wigwam: perennial conceptions
no knees and no knobs.

plinth bat memento Bat: three askew knee bobs
proxy epoxy Equatorial stigmata, trees again cinch
carom careen axiom discontinuous indeterminate

teeth to your sixtieth younger knots are
Himalayan hummingbirds opaque hijinks
ascertained Bat Antarctica tonic concrete

Friday, March 19, 2010

text || Ric Carfagna

from Symphony No. 1

Day one without landscapes
cacophony or virulent
speechless afflatus
culled rejectamenta
as Zarathustra
polis or ethos
pejorative measure undetermined
the gaping wound
the bulwark of harlequins
undocumented consternation
passing for recidivism
“he culled through the extant pages”
bodily sequence
to follow retrograde
satellite shadows
across oceanic displacement
“the weight of many days”
contrarian fruition
eat this and live
dialectical seizures
passage from one form
a plenum’s reductive
“types of life-forms
razed for elisions”


Blighted siege
caustic Babel utterance
extrication of part-forms
faces in windows
sequential genome redaction
perturbation of cloud cover
synchrony’s spatial emasculation
calculate modes of diminishment
shallows at sunlight
reflective gloss
“to exist in virtual perpetuity”
entropic carbon based organism
outsource surfeited masses
to postulate specious origins
a mute poverty
suturing plasticized underlayment
Socratic fables
no part of finality absorbed
“we have formulated
a space
wherein life is
incrementally displaced”
enervated parchment
a hegemony of prologue
topical elegies
ancient boreal sine wave
vulture theodicy
of Tyre
hear there is light
a consciousness
symmetrical timeline
black sky chevron
collective nanotech maladies
eroded horizon scribing
fallow corpse-fields’
palace of bleeding marrow

text || J. S. Murnet


Useless lather typer typer spun the shock you
onto shaven(‘t) surf(aces) you dig? you flop?
you scamper throatly spreading all the eggs and
crash? come hit her sudden scrogs to bitter
lumenist con-retraction cuspids dented with
the air in turn retraced (made hole) chronic (to wit,
aplomb, ablaster ,blooming) blazen leaves and
krumhorn dents venting the fumes of runes
and Dagwood spears the phonebook with
a Q-Tip the rind stairs apt to vie unless
(useless) peremptorily dairy flag, pious hag,
pretty lag and betting what the toenail spread, or
lips, lunch, lanyards w/ acrostics flooding the
parquet penciled like your wheatstraw gas
oline what spelled was “loom” bloggy after
tossed and buttered (raw) chalk
flab blundered horse and ducklings, cruise
ahead the soap where soundless slide slides
into phone boots (laughter chopping) best to
confiscate shore pawns before they’re average anymore.

Sole long the clocks did hurt,
but butter on the butter meant breadlines
badly nutted in the sandbox where
the swallowed shines in situ, and the long-
time swift sails climated quickly in the
salad clustered on your throat a volc-,
a steel-cut oat G (row (row (row yr
crow gout spelling and was blazing in the
thunder of a wombtilt strapped to precious
history with glow worms tenting gush
gland looming in the pelfglow matching tones
with tonnage to be scooped and horned like
lunging off the bones and whistles comma
piecemeal sponge or vortices like mitts
mats mutes moats and stunning closet
airs a jambon w/here a jamboree ought
to jump all over the wall covered with
crackers because the gravel in them s(t)ings
like smoking sheets in the closet or
noticing happening to notice fate en route
somewhere else nor lungwear felt the
cankering ni him throat to ward off
foes of forward (march and so) bon
oboe cruncher, treble lap dense souper
premise | locus | white noise | spack | disframe |
entain | rebrain | corchain | plock | spammer |
hult | jeebers | whee to fib and squeal
upon the tiptoe and the dream leaf
stamber clombe shed dripping wit ner
stems half tult have tool half fix spooled
along the the the stench of of ozbder
taem sped ahead the chowder box
had wimple in its soul and vestments clear
stamping in the cereal bowl with tonsure flop
ping (here’s hoping hamper spreads with filling whets the
knot) blimp sycamore (why not) lessening
by half wit (suitable) cornice like lac
cur whimping in the churning pantry
whiffed of chuffed self imposition (streeted
to the house uptick lambid corners tracing
through the lib blot stenton flooders at
the soup cropped at the kneecap or swept for bugs
(across the lamps and diggings) test of
skillets primply, used folded-in egglets strung
to blinglets core processed out of champfered
comb over sleazy lunglets on the door
with heaven molded in (I guess), to wit
(the sum and sub-stance is an inlet)(yes)
detention tect, forted in the throat
“so there” (now what?) what hat had half humping
handle howled activated at half mastication
heaved across the floating bed: capstoned,
fortified, chided, cloned the situational dampness
of your Barcalounge with frets aside from button up
and down aligned paged saffron lights puddled in your
throat a heap of shells that jiggled when you
sang croup clap clutching at that stone
crafted by taste a stone’s throw from encumbrance
jumpy like, straddled through the corn
smoke blistered mister misery more
blokey than a first smoke stinking up
the basement reachable by sense of sight,
hearing, scent, and sixth languor spelling,
tunes scampered in the froth forth potion-seized
made frost let loose as karaoke kebab my
corner stone letting loose some light (or
something?) varied, chapped, liturgical, snappy
throated and a sump rinsed tooth,
spread the coffee wide as hostels for
the way worn youth with emptiness as
badges shiver in the empty light
sipped by degrees (ashower) blandy rank
and philia filial file drawers drawn down
from schwa hamper foam.

Steady fright or wings shaved with 2X4s, and
likewise stealth, fifths, strobes, strife, shots of
corndog syrup dripping down your leg
newly spectral overdose of lagartos
smelling like the landscape foam you inhaled
after dark when chunks of grass coagulated
‘neath the moon mustard “Spread the Floor!” the
crystal pig reflected on the wall suppresses platitudly
urges gratitudely in the wake of spatulae
spattered like the cone dropped off the
roof in waylaid claustro-formative restraint
akin to sampled staples or a block of
chicken fat steaming in the fluorescent light
componentry aside, full stride and gleaming
walls of shadow where the water drips and
smoulders scissor-like untying letterpress
liquidity and names of written corn and
punctuation beans easy on habit and delicate
for means that weigh your snorting in the
low-ceilinged basement against porta-portico-efficient
stalking wheeze thumber playdoughs in the afterspoon,
linty closets post-lit leeks as if postponement prone to
steel-cut porkage penciled lungly in a dance
against centrality, the tendency to tender phonebooks
collecting ants in the garage to be counted among
the ming bean steerage.

J. S. Murnet 2006-2010

four texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


Z<fhnZab :N#fA&cAp)ej$"lLB ,/"_BZ5
0PaEFp*L "Z(LDeG@5?p'[Yd?D l<+WTmX
Q=g.%F8h N^^-mN028CX#YN`<Z 5Xp,apE
.L+NQM_9 :b'Q_+fX^-PeT+i\4 IIU$e7H
\]JnX5Nb "A$f*aVaAD/&WMGog <cp\FH<
pT?>.PM& +im.UY$[[\+-[OW.& jocO:kk
e(1O*@1) S,am<Wnd3SpU?Y"D7 9m2848j
EMn0b5C6 !"B*O#AH8pM0')QIS E#76_f3
>6O;Y*]C VV+0dj"TB%VEW'(1; !Gn,OPS
2'63?92+ Q%mdLF`An;4NG`-P% lRn1n2I


+Lln6fDL 2@2=fR5>Uk8(@3j:3 !Cg3$=l
?c&g]eB` Ri"._)[Yp/DID9iaI 0X:da)O
D+990p3/ l?&,0oQQcCHYpA_:m L/6kk#W
m]KJK#S\ H#3p)1*/U=gPW("#\ Ock!3^^
0mZT3a$c DPBR:X0RO&ZG3`@Ne 2R>a'Ep
&S#X>WEm l-?JaG_=m9l=;f,H[ 9cWoTM/
<"=F>-YT XS0\Rg_-c"J*9:&lH Ml?,LOD
QeXF.SaM 0/U[!i1,Z[>#B@e=0 $.gW6.<
eCfY*be+ R;kF;<S$?,<EYnn;[ \;k=Z8[
UG$P>Y?U )='I1U2WI#B=Db4,T Uf/0RVh
UhcMf4_< [O)'>Y`o;jJN\'GhA JMCQ8DC
#.]nU:,4 c7da`%;Y64W&4JfG? \p,F<%G


I-0N1ZV_ $9N9HO_E`cHQ]cVLZ U1>eC&V
3'o6>Xp4 9jOh(GURdo$_@_iNV M_Qj(e<
;jl>J!,. @jC'(WFI'Zh;:Uc9l \XP.O5(
)Q!/m0dI _GcQ'AO.XP#FJm>VX T8B_*("
ijE<H]"c (.S4JYe:lRg#"-XcE mlTK6jE
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%RWP]%L$ ;@?&bM$"8@9#Dnl=1 i8;Pg]7
Ago%V2b< X8FQ#PF!S,hP2>RX8 %/`_!WS
)*kF#J;g m/^k;GX&2PEDaN$ck 0#:)/EM
d@g>!j2Q Kg@$^YRY7*-mMLZ*3 PK](<-K
V0Jp?c>V H3^-A6_![O(Uj;PfA aG2hP<U
kjE#d&M. )2BS:e`,E[g_TBP33 3Jpp?SN


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EaNLZal$ kkOiL?`j/nA,A@>^! Yb#)WQ/
1:Ea-Rk; GV'bHH6k<ggb5b`[% 9BMIN?-
QP>f;-7a ^LX8E@][HBQXg#<1M .(k7n9`
e!:G9.Jg G);TGjg@aUF-3mA^E n[YVL5X
U3VU\+8e hU2N7e97\iDp(=-1F &1OI=8;
]d.^(X1E C)W`6?G#BJp9d7K80 QTkm:R?
jDI(j8MU +hV%')0!$<G$5'be\ /X$bIl3
G0`)LohO @070W2XCK'k)G-<D+ A)QGHMi
fRjD\JO4 DJ10Co)bfX>N-)dI7 Ra`panI

Thursday, March 18, 2010

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Artists gratifies collapses jumpsuits accomplishments bugles supplicates panders contemporaries sideburns discord grafts machines seethes dialectics excitations naysayers blueberry flaws plucks bootlegs gaps derelicts pillars trombones deluges paralysis ensambles cheaters morale arrogance ponytails distillers epitomizes bulges dishonesty.

Mocks stoppages paperbacks pyres improvisers crackheads sponsorships schedules scripts blubber pulsates gemstones zippers paradigms charades capitalists postcards remixes encyclopedic supplicants interrelations stonewalls poisons frustrates itemizes funerals bookshelves postulates seasick mystics dilutes armors supplants gasoline hailstones postulates.

Lamentations banknote leadership sightseeing sunflowers flamingos revelations gladiators mousetraps pangs radiant gunboat rumors mummys fingers custard skulls hydrofoils jellyfishes wheelchairs firecrackers praises priests raisins spirits happiness economizes clusters gumbo unsparing pistons pollyannas portfolios boobs caskets moralizes.

six short texts || John M. Bennett


my gnatty suit :: : : : : my bullet <<<<<
chain the air turns to glass an fogg g
that blister in my eyye oooOooo ampunition’s
scummy follder where the llumber’s sprayyed
with llice the living miist ˚˚˚O˚˚˚ the wallll con
geallingg in my thoought isovationn pistolgr
ipped and cougghing in the (()) throone whhat
thinness of yorn ? pauuse an indecct ,the hammy
skyy - - - sllummbpers dowwn _ _ _ an my
drrennched pannts ooooo o o o o dro
pped into your phaace


uh heat heap
“o cae”






piece of

bend the hole



sheaf snappy
long slug

ta ta


eel my rroomm
ha ho
plenty mustard

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

from 'rehearse this' || Peter Ganick

NINE — fakir if rappalo so modest inquiry sellathon voiceover than quixtoic venture added naught. burly than bias for motion amidst quotients vigilance there priority auerbach cellophane jabberwocky so haphazard refereeal chloride ocelot widely unsampled those vent-ing releases for intentional curatorial quota. then som-brero that clientele virtuality metallophone sous that iffy qua blurred nature so fraternal posthaste igneous that scranble waiting flakes determine ing ithin relays particles the summation wholly dorsal fitness once ap-plicable that shrift defective amidst weal of curtains. some burnt horror sand. behavior that resudual at though raita vessel forming cling partitins. after-thoughts pertinent cephalon that if scruple cloisonee variously dacoit thinking remedy burlap ingenious con-scious displacement play in arbor vitae. so. like that. commensurate the violence plot cuffing where itselv plelasing decency that than fiery that tread menial for-esting whoe curios. igneous 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Monday, March 15, 2010

2 POEM UNITS || Emma Gambade


I need to keep a promise of an engagement of faith in language and a virtue of sight in ontology and a far reaching subjectivity of epistemology in the region of promises where it is possible once more for words to become real if given to the merits of bombed-out acephalous poem units in the machine when hampered by screws falling into sinks after knotting up in metaphysical sporting events at 2:00 AM during coffee time on academic lunch break before consciousness rates hot biker babes and when aesthetics weren't nootropics and so on and so forth you sexy pile of it


Doing nothing with it the merely lexical melds like glistening fungus over the last table for miles and rife with honorary velvet-dysphasic lacerations of crystallized nomenclature fraught with love in night's rhythm and rhythm's daybreak as every humid breeze whispers bombed-out acephalous poem units after installing my brand new bathroom sink as if groping for a mountain range intuitive enough for a syncopated reverb-jungle synchronized with diachronic affectations streaking through a series of "my what a dazzling shadow of an emblematic cape you are or something" and so on and so forth you sexy pile of it

from DISMEMBERS || John Crouse

Radiance semicolons oddities trinkets decodes coincides virigules rewrites miscues frustrates grievances contorts quietudes prods corrupts. Aborts hangglides ellipses hotair charms distinct, introduces derivates ravens stimulous abstractions gushes cemetery adverbials misuses. Cliches repetition buzzes laudable vortex diminshes.

Nightmares marginalia, nurtures signifiers, daredevils boredom, characters testaments mourning groundless. Mermaids hiccups vocations torments superfluousness tacit abyss management. Discloses revisions, tedium, domesticates ejaculations tasks inadequate endows. Disables dissolves vaginas foreworks scholarship teacups relies victims holidays futile.

Incantations rearview bloodstains ladders throttles offenses demolition dialects flashlights contrition formulas thuds decays brawls breakneck hobbies attrition sidewalks turbulence earphones bastards stuns cowlicks addles orgasms confessions bathtubs seditions homepages ladles disarms snowballs baptisms mesmerizes bulletproof hobbles.

Slogans petitions amphitheaters calipers mustaches charismatic saddlebacks bosses chthonic deadbeat needles sonic pederasts diapers incentives cutthroat bellows railroads paradigms majordomo psychics sidekicks ponders. Kickstand drywall gargoyles visualizes bowels rallies importunings courtrooms dooms jostles mortgages pulpits heartbeats.

Homeboys hipprodromes gangbangs microcosms handlebasr hacksaws freelances mildews gerunds icebreakers macrame laxatives matinees wickiups vampires ideograms gingerbread windbreaks manhunts windshear vasectomy freefalls handheld fornication welterweight minuteman muttonchops sawbones satellites wheelbase fungicide gaucho hallucinogenic highbrow logrolls.

Debriefs epicenters checkers failures salinet ordance airbags duckbill correlation skunks zeitgeist buckshot. Pommels stresses decrypts pillbox idioms. Pirates homestretch pejoration calyx napalm dangles catchpole silencers handbills horsepower, loanwords anitfreeze scabbard cockpit. Dipstick horespower birdshot eggwhisks breezeways.

poem || Jeff Harrison

Red Bell

a storm of quotation marks
now rests in puddles, you've
lost all coyness, Wormswork,
that you must storm down...
you'll not lay devised marks?
we're confined to mouthfuls of
quotation marks which have
nothing to do with Wormswork's
warm-blooded grandeur... when
the storm struck we were long past
flinches, and certainly unprepared for
running and hiding... our mouthfuls
WERE to be distributed to a still-wearier
crowd that waits on that red bell
announcing the arrival of a storm of
quotations marks... if that crowd has
not more luck than us, then the next
crowd's crowd perhaps... even with
our forebears, village errors broke apart,
yes, yes, whenever they thought of us,
and we've learned to think ahead even more
--> the marks puddle in the trench we've dug
above the elm-tops... a comma? 'twas recess...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

from 'rehearse this' || Peter Ganick

SEVEN — naively prussian those festive ranchero bulle-tin arhoolie trapeze networking oil canisters fuller bust-ing remade surplus inroad each eerieness waiting sei-zure. placate silence therein elementation while wholly dorsal feint graffiti. indexical alap notework urreal clobber token aisle stampede naming epidemic manifest either statement alimentation guru steeplechase vedanta motions either window dressage plume terraforma in-tentions where streetwise plagiarism those rune burin accidie borrowings there rayon darvoset no butyl acety-lene though materia mundi persist. whitely cramped widely sere the forge intent either willingly prasada noteworthy notocord where preparative eerie perfec-tive alternatives freely nothingness savoring each ele-mentation not whether or novitiate blunt languidity boeing machismo hundreded multiples urreal lakhs of description solemn reason drastic crowd-caller. the penance the preoccupation merely paraffin. whichever if identity notation saith either 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Saturday, March 13, 2010

from FOR || Jim Leftwich


fire in the navel, optical lake plaza haiku,
a viaduct for your medicinal platitudes,
suds dollars
to soot hoist pen and key.
clothes clobbers as eyes.


text kittens by tips probability ravenous,
such chasm chrysanthemum incessant.
nor illegal views of latitude and isthmus.


clear nimbus parliamentary tuba
Hull azure and slippery kiss


eaten pronouns never as, abide by prominent meat?
jukebox armadillo
fine as fire
the juice prolongs the bonnet
nebulous proteins
planetary newt
judicious signs eye the zoo


tensions very tornado unprincipled on parade.
a centipede of signs.
specific keys sickly ulterior, only minced daily
pennies nor authorized business above
the jazz-dark sky.
entails is so.




our twill haven craziness juju visitations from utah, nebulous
and moist innermost,
the talons prolapse percentages
echoes pronounced budding hubris.
(If cheese and chess then ghosts), as it is
so it goes.




fits fire knees below impressionistic vicissitudes
swerve penitent assize neurological pencils nil
stratospheres embryonic. acquired until.
conjunctive tampering musicality by impositions
of dirt, protozoic semiotic turtles aloud.
elate curriculum privy
privately pristine
so to speak leaps slippages
precise wreckages
and lands.

from 'rehearse this' || Peter Ganick

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