Wednesday, February 20, 2013

prose || Peter Ganick


greeter omicron gill an fife gnash porcelain snuffle infill grateful naissance feint through igloo panache demigod aprille whichevers effete mode answers swerve byte snicker nominally prioritize vernal picayune stabile evensong proem caveat field millwork snackfood genial stereopticon salsa differential shush voices edit ontic malleability exchange mettle ivory paan versify pallet gimcrack skillet connote vein settle vernal perpetuity scenario delightful naming sleuth cessation noema collectivity awash butane moves feisty happenstances deliberated smash erasure notifications wherewhile scaling washboard vessel revamp neither watercress shed amicably otiose thematic vellum caress ecru tunnels demagogue nostrum vaccine orchestral inequitable serrate oceanside gnocci thorough estrangement voiceover health weevil condiments aorta vessel cone artifice sic oration elevates deign happenstance evasion loiter according teller vend asleep falsehood small talkerwalker brigand recur naming eachness mirrored anvil remedial neon parameter whichevers thought from to and infinitudes remake numerical borderline notebooks either waive smiling trapeze otherwave nibble quantify eloquence pardon silences either saith engulf incoherent naissance brotherly flunkie edifiers stave meritocracy experience tardis mote qua fulsome redaction erlebnis vessel calendar vernal ipseity snarl vouchsafe reminders finest

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