Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 poems || donna kuhn

want t touch your sky

i am a car accident. i go to u. u listen.
u don't understand. u see an egg and
u say hair incident. what people cry to.

i have u. i need to talk to the sky.
it seems real. i am a lottery. i want
to be u. i need time. i have no idea,
the sky.

u keep visiting. i want to touch your sky.
listen, it's my haircut. i have the station.
i have u. for 2 years u disappear.

why do u listen, i touch your skin.
divorce, no income, your skin.
i don't understand. i want egg salad.

throw away the buffalo when it's my turn.
i seem real. the egg salad is ready.
the buffalo. i will throw away the sky.
i go with a pirate to talk to u,

i am around and inside the dream.
i say hey, i need the burdens, the
egg salad is ready. it's my turn.

shut the door

i don't need a loud buzz
now my somethingness
i'm drowningness

white snow tree out
i will need a willow
and some pretzels

u are disappearing in white
nothingness; did dad cut
your hair?

the tree outside is married headaches
i feel i am tired of u coming back to
life and disappearing again

did u get into our door?
shut the door, shut the tree

it's snowing in my ibuprofen
what u deserved, holes in

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