Saturday, February 9, 2013

poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Quintet Dialogues: translating introspection

Of piano


this entry                     entrance                       entrancing symbol|s
of hand                        of plural                       physiological responses

reconnecting with desire subsequent to the disallowing meaning meander

mutters in the clarity of fog’s ironic un-abstraction
characterized by the window whose cognitive gold
operates whole beyond the fraction night’s minimal light
offers in reciprocating sarcasm


sidewalk’s purpose points

legacy longing(otherness?)  speaking

then the teacher speaks of lesson’s elongated

            unlikely edging

footwearing silence                 beyond sight(care) of
ants’ chaotic maze of beauty’s

identified silence


recreating                    redirecting                   renaming

guiding-style               imposition                   imperative


motivated                                                        levitating

modular                       components                 competent

sentimental                  though                         mood/s

extract                         eyes                             with

                                    and                              of

light                             and                              every

striking                        sedentary                     habit

revolves                       involves

spectating                    virtues’                        facilitative



wide                we’ve abbreviated meaning
                        interpreted dancing, delusion in the verb of

offspring’s earliest enunciation

            harvest of thought blends ascension with
            mobile interrelated sections of onward affirmations

cost cannot measure self in the plentiful aggregation
                        we’ve engaged symmetry with
worded bodies
thrusting hope into syllables’ origami fitted

fathoms, often


freed these personal pauses

            inundated parallels
                        of the out(side)dated ounces, weighted implantation

to and forward amid
implementing seeded need (circa temporal misleading’s untainted rage)

found and fled the irony

                                                surplus indications
totaling range and mobile exhalations
bridged in the degree of burns’ vocal



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