Thursday, February 7, 2013

4 poems || Mark Young

Husserl’s perceptual noema

Named after a Viet-
namese heroine &
resistance fighter, 
Tropes & their Rôle in

the Semantics of Natural
 is an animal
soap-opera produced by
Tatsunoko that reflects

on our situation as finite
beings fated to die. It is
a personal account of
rescuing & looking after 

an injured red squirrel
in Alaska, & has the
sweep of a national epic
despite having a frog 

as the main character.

A line from Nicolaus Copernicus 

Enclosing as many pages
as will fit in an autonomous
underwater vehicle neither
scores nor loses points, but

it does dramatically reduce
maintenance time for military
assets. She redesigned one of
her tattoo illustrations for a

tote bag. Its shadow reveals
fresh laundry, clean linen, &
a ranking method for meta-
search engines. In the hills

above Barcelona, people who
are insured overuse low value
medical care. Any Greek
names given are not official.

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To the French scientists who voted on 12 February to continue a national strike, bad breath is a reflection of a bad mouth, brought about by the tendency to move away from opening the diaphragm during bathing procedures.  That high purity process would normally minimize corrosive foot & mouth disease in vaccinated & unvaccinated wildlife.

Also, the propagation of the ethnic-cleansing frame has badly distorted the efficacy of the system. Latest intelligence reports point out the need to understand compressor surge & stall, without which droughts will be longer, flooding rains will be rarer but heavier, a system of graduated sanctions will mean tribal business centers will be threatened by a lack of additional funding to the forestry program.

geographies: New York

                        The high iron
         content brought
                  about by over-
                         crowding in the
              world's biggest
                               cities is

                            the last remain-
                      ing pure organic
                           compound that can
              maintain the de-
                               sire for revenge.

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