Saturday, February 9, 2013

poem || donna kuhn

all u can do is whisper

u are u and u can be rolled away
i don't want u if you're good
my vegetables are on fire

i avoid my vegetables
i hear sirens, my stove
is on fire

i drop a box of vegetables
and all u can do is whisper
i get your black shadow

we go there to be free
and the water is on fire
i whisper to vegetables

i whisper please
my stove is on fire
the rain is modified

do u erase your idioms
we're slightly passengers
please make words

my name, my boat
drop me like sugar
a full box of mirrors
until u die

cat, she drop my sugar
practice your brain
so do i, so do everybody

look at my tongue
it's wearing a boat
and so on

we have a whole lot of fruits
and we have overcome the
meaning of words

all u can do is on fire

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