Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2 poems || Peter Ganick


what agrees which venture allotropic
eggless tenuto ascot remainder
perforates delay naming curiosity
osthetic romance
the estragon sufficing relapse
thereas finial curators
engulf between ad hoc neatness.

preludes deemed fanfare,
against mortification once code
aspiration embellished
veneer adamant operating vessels
the accuracy unfolds mended
wielding no fronton selv
assurances deluge triplicate
nouns either waiting surreys
mend anisette barometer
tilde gleam capture vanish
formulaic bedtime thereof
middle ground.

yet, moth.

a moth nit-pick.
scenario repeal repeat, recall prolate.

timorous retainer slackens
genitive algorithms denizen precisely
there that residue allot mainstays
demolition framing cursors,
a thaw refuse, torrent oases
tenuto foment thoroughly
apparent combinations
languish tenterhooks no space
no tending.

as precisely a delay
small trill snicker
vanquish remerci for tribulation
meandering doubtful stint,
cellwise parapet vocality
somber ransack neither
démodé tranquility episodes.

miter analogue streets
the fabric pierced amulet
cross-wise those redshift-
pertains single-handed solar
specious negotiations elsewhere
with contingency torn asleep
tint silence—the regalia ticked
footfalls once quells.

spate maybe, there
striates embers delay no specification.

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