Saturday, February 2, 2013

poem || donna kuhn

i don't like my credit cards
stay away if you're happy
i'm not religious clouds
in your laundry

u are disappearing
u are alone; stay away
and disappear

u are always your odd poster
odd poster. odd poster
so i really can't like my

odd poster, u are always happy
i need a dark sweatshirt; u are

u always disappoint me
your friends are in the wall
u sit with your boots

u are honest; odd poster on a dark cloud
i don't like your laundry, i don't like my
laundry; i don't have time for this

i lost my dream; i lost my purse
i don't like u; u are religious
clouds that are too crowded

i lost my this; i lost my dark clouds
there's no explanation; i can't like
my this

u are alone; stay there, my credit card
my this; u sit with your laundry and u
are always disappearing

u are israeli and u are always disappearing
u are in the wall and u are alone; i don't
like my credit card, i don't like my purse

your friends are disappearing and u are
religious clouds, stay there in my dream
i don't like my dark clouds

u are in the wall
in the wall; u are
always disappearing

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