Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 poems || Peter Ganick

square onsite, pareil turnstile

we turned twilit wheels, faces
to entrench reaching around
soda jerks, intention somewhat
euphonic though presumptions
alter before afterthoughts dissent.

cine trilling metal clippings
feet falconers deign force commiserated lenses
deploy snippets once before gists
meander hotel or midstream.

so features deploy widely
bluster and haggling, headed
off contingent to maelstrom-elan,
thrice attention listens deigning
effect seek assignment, knowledgeable
runner contingent austerity commotion enrich varying
bleached moot things,
seeking rules delayed no
pseudonym aside reaching
selv noting later, incubated
the motion lossless spaced
improvised as turned, nths roving
misuse, curated
informations elsewise probe
donor train stint iceberg one
snowfallen from stadium
orphic ditto—a magician roves
the standpoint.

…dampen flow and or follow

treading mindful entities
there, incredulous apparition,
a thicket operative of serrated moving,
celebrate nths where the application
swerves, demagogue
from that impartial cetacean dims frustum those
reductive parsec and light-years
the passage utter which jai-lai
fronton either elsewise tread streets mellow conduit
theoretical innuendo from that tolerance.

somewhere inventions delay
curate from before to aft hampering
seizures delay burned gaspard.
those curlicue react invisible
cajoling merit amidst meritocracy
threefold retaining listens engulf
middle ground, there
strut fido another remission
persisting vacancy threaded implication
roomed visionary, thereof llama placed 
fortepiano curvature no pinto.

…release feudal migrations
between lineated improbabilities
the scroll the retention serves
only tamper situate more
calibrated mignon [smiling]
tatters cinderella idem crawl-space
decency tolerated formal neither.

whirling commas
through what nevertheless
happenstance begets occurs
gnostic embeddedness,
one stately impulsion trades meaning
from thereof a definition
recombinant more threaded millefois
theatric aisles deterrents
accurate mobius calibers.

a wrap, curios tell
to re-entrench as persists emigrees
the their ineditably once realistic
vernissage, thereof
plastic images magnates operating
essential connotations.
around social brethren some
machinic deployments tirades
denude which imperative ossification
beheads between fanfares.

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