Friday, February 1, 2013

essay || Edward Nichols

        We are internalizing a mode of apprehension in consciousness in the deial of existence. Some outlandish precipice we might fall of in consciousness for consciousness sake. A slate we can never keep clean,yet, all it can be is clean for the consistency of being in the way of living in the now. We circumambulate around the idea of a creatot in 'deity-ideation. This vanguard hoardes and guards consciousness if nothing for 'coercive-ideation' placating the denial of such an entity as it intrrudes,and,we decompress it.We have no need for actualities in the profficiencies of consciousness.
        In the deity-ideation, (the idea of a creator), we tend to, in the being of what we were, we have to have a nihilistic synthesis attaching us to this to become what we are becoming. So in the denial of existence, we can use this state to accomplish this. Remonstrances about the denial of a 'deity-ideation helps, because he supposedly holds evrything over our heads, we cannot be what we are not until we are what we are not in denialism and self-fixation the corresponding Spatial Frequencies of the universe uphold our hand even if it is the hand of the
past. Until we caych up to the facticity of our future and in 'cognitive-stimulation and maybe not haappy even if you are happy, denying the'deity-ideation' as we change from one state to the the other,from the past to the'now' future even if
still in the past partially because thats still apart of our continuum of existence
its who we are not as facticity blows the intermingling of the two into
        Dismal dismissality conforms to being in reference to the prescence of others. In the denial of existence, when forced to be in the prescence of others,and being what I am not, in order to adapt, I dismiss theOther in order to deal with it. I scavenge along a criterion of  what- I-am-not,and, what I have to be salvaging any defences I can use, in order to 'be' in the prescence of the Other.Deity-ideation denial comes into play, because then if I really need
to I can con and lie my way through it while secretly thinking 'screw you',or,
'Tht hell with you', etc.. Sometimes these symptoms can't be worked out and
I goe into 'cognitive-dismisal', using 'auto- selective' programming to dismiss the 'Other' entirely living in the for what I am not, andthe not what it is, forging a
conscious rejection of self as another. In the centered-towards-self I dissolve,or, dissipitates my consciousnes in the denial of existence or 'denialism' and i just 
lose myself.By taking on the role I am playing an editor, teacer,etc. or by looking through a magazine I have no interest in 'as-another'. The petrification of the soul comes into being as I lose myself and become another through 'reflective-substitution' ,yet still tied to the strings of myself and,still unhappily in the prescence of the 'Other'.I work along acontinuum of thoughtless ambiguity
becoming synthetically content in my role ,drinking coffee,smoking a cigarette,or whatever.As Sartre said the Cartesian cogito ought to be formulated rather: " I
think, therefore I was." In reformulating my denial of existence and my petrified soul,I deny the 'deity-ideation' to be in 'denialism' of of anything that vaguely
 resembles a, possessor, or a passer of judgement onto me,or punishes me,
this reflective -substitute and 'fact-suspension' should be enough. Plus ,this
unescapable situation which you have escaped via denial of existence,yet,still fully an d firmly set in.

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