Monday, December 24, 2012

prose poem || Edward Nichols

            The scarecrow expelled the fire from hell to a  recess of cold conundrums. Piecing together, realizing the object that tries to gobble up the golden chain.Sweet getaway for the clearer apprehension of the illusion of his materialism.
             Wandering amongst the archetypes that fromulate their libido seclusion as the illuminati watches the eye of the pyramid blink. Hoodwinked nation is not what it seems.Calculations contribute to theI Ching to coproduce the scapegoat of the Babylonians whores contention.Excelled exalted visitor from Carl Jungs buoy on asea of the collective unconscious.
              The roses are a concervative glow. Eons of tantamount neglect summoned the extreme rebuttal of sociopathic rape of the mind- I willmake you hurt. enedohes  have degued towards the gate way of Lady space the Directive realizing the shock wave value at buy one get one.Sincerity at its worth as I made labyrinths of  tell-tale signs.
                Waltz the eternal dance of mankind. A constant charade. An obscene abstraction of  hollowness. The wisdom of wisdom is realizing you're not wise.     

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