Tuesday, December 25, 2012

prose poem || Edward Nichols


E      Flavored myths hustling the juriprudence of dense frogs curtailing the utter position of catastrophic reuniting soar fearlessly.Propagandist redistribute the sordid pathology of radio waves and subliminal spirit connection.
       Prelude diadem cauldrons reimburse of the dying molecules resistance of theflaw trumping the recognition of symbolic metaphors corrugating at the sides of corrupt coniptions swearing at the surface of surrounding at the surface of surrounding at the collage of the submolecular cryptic changes reambulating respectively at the chance of skating around the guardians of circumstance correlating at the crossroads of firepower.
        Allowing the presence to justify the means of outrageous splenditures regulating the systematic dissappearance of the enemy.
         Sementic car redemptives the manipulative termites.Crank motion satirizes the formula of cremation for the deitie  of Natasha. Agreeing brotherly in post-modern literate. Smiling at the slug he makes another friend.Contact briefing of the transformation satirized by guilded cages.Money roots thr evil of predicated owl of wisdom not misinformation.
          S olo patterns dominate the world of my orgone drive,  he hermit fits the panarama.Biochemical repercutions infiltratrate a cockroach and he perceives no ill-effects by collective disorder. Effective reitergation recuperates the irrationalReflective perspective optimizes the doings of the aforementioned.
Toggle switched alert beings enhance the prototype of plentitudes prohibiyed in guidance of the paranormal containing archetypes.Acasual engenerates the predisposing discrepancies of hijinks to the predisposing discrepancies of hijinks to the ojective output of discovered resonances like energetic controlled mania dismantling,the word wall to use bricks in building.

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