Monday, December 31, 2012

poetry || Peter Ganick

unformatted version

that object of moment, squint thru sequins not necessarily, poem th hurried phase too, grommets under th floorboards, what arrives is theirs that does for whomever th road inspire to being aware, a colossus that judge bagging for count, where if perenially sour from turns, needs no being to be there, a page in relax, nothing true is sudden, whom any alert to white yellow blue ...

cascades of ministry whose nerves accept th statement th expressions indicate under th glow of perhaps
that reins in, paranoia to effervesce, has new dust to compare lessons around beau brummel's brouhaha,
go rated from next door, a happiness tho unsaying all mouthin whose appearence, grateful th vice of vision, how commence in thinking growl & flinch, th check is partial,
demured & filly notable, sotto voce an artist refer you additive anecdote, make meaning, nearly whose instruct any is for
episode's fly, gossamer by birth one data,
have & has tissue of whom recall in dream & shadowed spots ...

all this physic, mature to th province, take a bus to wait for,
greet & than nerves, focus paint pumpkins, royal, needle to return one datum, puts up with moment's reversal,
past horizon, th mild happy weld upon skin entropy,
listen is intend for saying & it is final,
that is copy from spatial greenery than th stumble upon if it we rent planned ...

sit & aloud, is where is not, holds symmetric as borderline, whom tepid to start accounts for less, metric in moon th heaven, work upon a scar to grip of time,
so that you can, reverse is blind of time, so far access, tricked to all circuit leap after time, a slow phosphor understudies heart intransigent, burner blaspheme glyph cogency all that is self two something wd early exhaust possible, flare th highway return is to those as what youd prefer, a delved cup solo phase,
song swarm thru episode, reveal lizards ate
tricked to deposit energy laughter more writ, hole protect outside,
hours perhaps then accompany & this near of heat protected in triune reinforce seek correct ought noise ...

in a run to infinity, maze of copula, relay in soft futures has given this you,
deaf to silence, a joker's pride in tenacious just got up, all emote reflect general, insolvent tense to rephrase in new house, renounce a survive, toxins of a few extra argue to decide, at five olclock to wooden sprat of creature concept in rolled change, give to april, a noise underneath of clatter ...

think told all was to preserve when goeth from, in one spray of weather soft warmer than everybody, got school from th air when no space, repatriate a feel slow, a
generous dilemma to see as in such is later than still happens ...

align not to look, to sky a dreamer in seven, (th number dread) forever a talk til rested dont watch is worth, great skies, light
in how you responds, returns ninety that occasional thought brown liquid a solids, take ten arrays & if they still expound, to
nearly once startles goes ego, deeper in essent become conscious gone to back into th air, fix tenacious oldtime joiners, any space, any term, each light an originality pause to think was not to cannot any more, all at pressure point, how marvel how explode into part of
hair goes no spook venus, moment of addition for medium, hands on boston whomever two ten werent night, whose depressed egoistic fallacy,
gradient whom they think to punish w/ reeds, th beach were person, too fold him a cow inseparable each a whom of careful word goes below one ninety equations for th general conscious if wide announce to freeze by afternoon, th extend impolite, a deem frosted in half-life, cymbal if left alone, than goes for extract a new sound ...

talk of serene, defame in told you such a harrowing inexperience upon label in night,
already large, kick a strut rocker sixth, normal an item (first clinch th rotor) clutch a deceive, a relate in such bound of tension,
reinforce late that cut-rate, w / immolate upon telephone, research a holiday if you can pass it along, renege whose possible a to sing, thick as furniture was all think to get foreign, cd typical unsure delays, move around is right, tears in defacto mutinies, has sent thru history, at capable intervals of total concept whom fly & desist ...

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