Friday, December 21, 2012

poetry || Peter Ganick

sections *1 - *8 of REMOVE A CONCEPT VOL01
in unformatted view.

attractable, this moment you sleep thru,
how unknow from light, remove any flighty,
docile burning tread that romance of shake,
possible to refill & that powerful as inclement, (stay here there) any levelled barbarian, whose cut-up, a laugh,
emotions favor th pasha eclipsed to insert as visible to techniques of emasculate for a search pardoned relapse, go blind to th heart, go ...

hearing a listen to encount a flame released too hardly necessity, as
purchase on, a related-for-limit, however th station needles for crisis, martial anarchists, ghost-ridden this astrologic theatre,
survived in apprentice, demanded as to like a compromise sermon deduct before direct, adam or th bird cigarette, no hollow thrufare more
give (to you) ...

simplicity, night, th garish of pod, a rake in toothed incense,
whose (defect cd other) now a frame collapsed in tense
lone th parish in temerity
(which of whom) demand this slow silent (surface adjective, their is comment) rude to parking lot
already than ...

car neutral substance, black & white chex, their holiday intact, a blemish no scar,
already to decide reprobate, tho when longer they feet upon couch remove & apply,
th home strut (vast) of an articulation, slur beep beep, sudden their slow ghosts' commerce,
tones to remove apperceive th cut in nine,
positively (arrayed in woman) fore pastime yr agglutination, some restrict is an oven ...

only on th floodlit are approve to can control,
is ego than noise, no hearing pressures th miniscule (that left intact) focuses upon,
remind, remove as crucial blossoms into nucleus, a filly blate overshoe, his concern w/ muse: & allergy removed from somersault ,
to espouse th ingredient ...

when almost conduit, smart concentrated on freezer noises, deep stray last year,
accrue is mentative, swarthy in collar, eels for locus of paramecium,
(perhaps first) that ocean a song in ton of metal,
soft shake, cant decide, untried or fuses into,
reprimand to all his trouble, false then appeasement, (always more cars, more true than elate), from,
his accusatory, tables accompany to unease, as fool in trust to being's ruling self. th cart on never stops ...

hidden to serene any detail, once perdition puff nose,
each once a while (relook for genre) no no that kid a lot unsure as a release small is disturb
th serenity & a month to leave out of that wholeness deeded reciprocal,
grateful to eclipse & only coughs th roost,
(gabardine) hand on neck is where streaks gather wisdom to go out ...

relinquish th public of tone as center, a grease in holocaust peace to flow, uneasy as fork th slow drive,
transfer remains to one bus an ideal deposed & one hour to flutter,
gradient stupor (a coat in what light), that survivor whose further along by one fifteen, a duel in react,
tandem reposes to change, late to their askings no ejected is alive, hear alive alone & for whose? decent understudy,
each midriff ridden midrange upscale, they never agree ...

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