Monday, December 31, 2012

8 poems || John M. Bennett

The Highway Mirror

sseeming nnodder ,wwaffle
ttimes...  ettch the scsc
reen yr hheadd “pperceives” a
mmottled nnote a sww
illing skskull beneath its
mmeat sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

caves an lagos ,ni
dos de la mano ,bon
y trees en flammes su
r le grand chemin hh h  h   h    h   

Mirror of the Splinters

lens£less lunch leg the
denk lawn’s cero te
thuper wailing pour the
mayo r it’s awful ,lo
ud der mitosis swall
owing the face explan
ation fo cussed thru
the bulging glass o
plunder thigh o ept
omiasis stcreaming in
yr throat o throt !

broke’s all.............

Meataphysical Mirror

la esspumossa là ton b
bras futile mais hacedor
y en lo hecho ,lo an
dado ,si anda da es
mi mano ,crispadita
,croquante  .ooooOooOooo p
or las b urbujas lié
me los dedos ,para
que se to casen ,rut
ilantes ,anal fabetos
,pinches hotdogs que me
conocen el “mundo” ,nada
ficado con la mostaza
de mis esscupitazzos coco
sific antes * *  *   *    *     *      *       *        *

Mirror of the Chair and Glass

asic hart my
dramp suits tra
ditore at the cow
boy ,convex radio
in your scissors spoke
my feather’s fact
astonished bunnies
,forking ,smoke ,head
spheres blend the
little happening
:view of sauces ,t
rigger eye ,wh words
origin in the soap t
exts ,moist socks
,thought water in
the “fog”  )trans
parent mud(  con
jures ,teeth ,sp
oon tent bridge
where the wash
brute opens  .feed
the synaesthesia tube
,asp culture inflated
hump  )backyard(  pap
er pillow book worms
)or fish(  “provisional”
dialectic salivation
appropriemec cult
ure sleeves enormous
manners in the
loose limp or
dust petition the
same hand semblet
gas root foot vac
uum  .coil emotic
,fluid pigs ,face
beet fracture
.feedbae fire ,sou
ght wound ,occu
pies the outophic
music ,archaic
birdcages ,chairs
and glass

Explaining Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 34, 2012

Mirror of the Word Blank

never burning the signature
earth’s red shift pattern fin
ished the sleep smoke inches ,a
maze detailed the dull frame’s
ennui myth rug and
dark hotel ,mud void
perhaps ,the backyard rain
transformer sand ,muffled
book that spitty poem’s
blank wing white
echo in the corridor
at the bottom of space
snow ,hazy word
blown from the ashen

Murmuring in Ivan Argüelles’


estique ,sondeo del
masworter splobping
on yr  )“socks ‘n cuffs”(
]the thundered  cor  pse[

gloves ,tissue ,                          O 

R      I      Z      O      N      T      E


als bildner  )bomb(  th
s craw led sky’s  f
lagged worter yr
eyesweat  thought less

t   h   r   o   u   g   h


es teem ate
roil gnack ehn
“sot vision” vis

Dreamed Gate

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