Friday, December 28, 2012

poetry || Peter Ganick

sections *25 - *32 of REMOVE A CONCEPT VOL01 
in unformatted view.

term th excite to relay in force, define ten ideals march as to caprice, a long time in heat,
pools of demand, they sit at newsprint, a fool & harm to go that all are catalog, episode th cdnt be further narrative, one concert,
an agreement, fuller heard to mix & mutate if you hear questions th remove intangibles, nouns for feast, 
sudden as pullover, a mindset moves poem ...

dictionary of equators, (possible flinch to emigrate) sudden intent as fail-safe immolate upon deeds & fruit, no point in procedure w lout life, th whole story & its finale,possible to remove whiteness' airplane, a deal for alive ...

no scratch this why, appear flux motorcade, jazz of starter's mode is patent, an odor impossible as relate,
maverick once full that all skill & heart apply cut off, in a face most well appear full flute & silent, th
poundage over three, very limit call ornate, bargain a depend on you for fatigue th soulpower if & from where?,
generous item ice a fools to pay, neat frost hunk each slip, rapproachment very similar, anthology, zoo from th outer wall, porch & free th nature of silence,
whose incubate likely form's to howl, th expansion, th gracefulness, whose deal for one tidewater backyard, a hundred or moisture, upadhi
to resume, a dog in hurricane resorts ...

hurry, it wont last, versus a climate, cute for a while, then armeggedon wild is in conversate, a melody from orchard, so pasteurize infancy holds itself study, continuate, mood, mild in earth, short data, when so end forgot shutoff, soft sound a rack upon decoy, not to spent before context, each world instead of motives, yr mist upon agrees to go southern to th mantra that hold peace's suds,
in order to make scent real one might associate, to try communicate is why, forage guitar sweet nature, hoot passing fair,
night a dear nickel calls brawn to bring is relate to, nervous astride th south in a place well begun, a heart & whose prepare for each a night in exact,
long distant to emulsify that night, how in one soiled manicure, death asks no sky, moon pattern not inform, silent a disperse a mind, a carnival of trees as better subordinate so very easy, tough to league w/in certain organism's tricks, a heard marvel think to reposition, a harp cast in how itd lurk for hours to separate th husks, thick bless in here, neat fish for clip tread, piano, all if of time's agreement when not shop in stop than catalogues, th concur telephone strays an axle from parish,
nearly friday thick eat & move pencil, whom astray those sleep in stereo, that begin hurries as you are ...

forehead in eighteen, th cliff asserts is chalance to reposition on a marvel screen to stink, a holiday that of hidden shld,
that is label th confidence til next one positions, hadnt thought clean up to pore over minis, a regency you exploit first names, whose running from evokes
stack of porridge than binaries, a gruesome accretion of salubrious nomenclatures ...

some hanger-on to that truth, a heavy one walker triplicate caddy,
never insult decrepancies, a car on roast (that) cd change in tension terra firma, yr culinary apetite each
defrost to writhe curious in acre of last incident (that) mating game, a restaurant soft brogue (then) look unsure, whose ignorance is well-read from copious deceits & deprecations, to remind is one shift (this) needs to emote further from alive to align, something one dew dropped from sky, his
cosmic apperception, adjectival in sulk that no one until first now, threat of arrival into cypress on hold, a magician each worm (a heat) for
cap-size unsuspend from how to intravenous digs,
check upon nodules are their, self-reflexive th comparison, smile same generous filter thought one world you
scope out of campers, soft enlighten to vital agency, whom th approximate same shock as tourney of foods, a grey sudden in chance how,
terms th craze of whom indexed & before, a mysticism awares th influent, since barter, high chip any trot chief, magic sutra, deep
as a draw in choice force precious, looks more alike now, a spool from certain delete any humid ...

whose is why is that?, pervade & realize, (a surpass)
price & lean-tos on high rock, another to change passing from rhythm now (that) convincing perhaps lateral to ennobling epicure, like some water, some something to accrue depth
upon th hardly expose in feel comfort perhaps bestial, tall spot in eager flyaway, so new to report in half hour (th twenties), a summary often only a pardon where escape working for haha,
deemed formless, how, that impass result make bigger before countdown, a long motion of pasture on anticipate, wd like frosty, ashes in all youse having, never th chief after longhouse, th ornament, like you grope, like to like tho,
martian stop, once a world unread, car in lot, tell you this all set, they wander to move, whose delay in light approximate to memory, see into face, limit just no repeat, granite each spur
on sky reclaim attention, of this that reflect motion in space,
stricken th worm of lyric, wisdom late cant call emergency, former trick on teevee, books scoundrels for more ...

remember in burden, light & high, on toast to a mask returned this warning, whose favor yr feature no complaint,
grass labelled no walk, stride & function gets diction assured, from voice to give, a hurried inset upon read this,
garrulous to extant natures, plural cosmic where it is in self, a hardly sampled coffee & serenity a dash intense ...

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