Monday, December 3, 2012

poem || Jeff Harrison

 The Doors
the doors
will they l-ong p-e-rsist,
the doors

th-e doors / closed
the third time a year later -
they've long p-ersis-ted,
have / the doors

the doors closed
"I'm helping y-o-u all I ca-n,
the doors"

the doors
from the futur-e
will not help me, still I'm
help-ing you all I can,
the doors

I nod my head "yes"
no har-m seemed to come of it, to
the d-o-o-r-s
the character The Doors,
in whose galaxy limited m-ention is made
of / the doors,

is Fortunato
walled in pond -
h-e'd answer to the name
Mr. T-ime Super T-ime Engine T-ime
y-ou yourself answ-er
to Fortunato's ne-w name,
Mr. Super Engine Time

I s-aid "ne-v-ermind",
Mr. Super Engine Time

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