Friday, December 21, 2012

2 poems || Micah Cavaleri

a glowing (a romantic)

a glowing (a romantic) globe
over the flooded river
a rising (a risen) light remains (remained)
near (nether or neither) a shore
where the tables reach out over
the dark water.  Here is where (I swear) my lips
(my lisp) embarrasses my heart (the lack of art)
in what I say here at these tables, over
these retracting waters/ the raging river/
the romantic globe of light. [a leaf passed like a boat too fast 


a glowing (a romantic)

globes (glowing) retract from the surface
globes (glowing) from the retracting surface
a whale's song (he sang [or wrote])
the romance of the play of light

there are too far away
to walk to far where a cliff, a tree
there to there as a move
of earth's, a curve of black soil.  There is a green
mold on the edge of a crack
between concrete slabs of
the sidewalk, an old path to
there, there, brown, the brown
and place.

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