Tuesday, December 18, 2012

prose poem || Edward Nichols

Jar of etiquette forged in barbaric ennuendos of serated conundrums discordant from the side show of incompetent sewer sides often relinquishing the ornate forage of relics towering redundently from the basically of cradled mattresses responding to the dense sunlight of former episodes exploding beyond the feame of recognition denting in the sordid conundrums.Sin created the folly of ascerbic track writers, instigating the commonplace monopoly canvas ramblings of surrogate taxi drivers taxi drivers polishing a chestnut of gems, crematind the spirit of omni consciousness.
           Commendable commodes generate conjunctive outlets for masonry of the chosen one and precipitated accordingly.
             Vocality rhyme time begins according. reeling in the slaughter house of bullets raining on our parade.Charade meanderings contain coin molecules  of indigenous intravaneous solidity following gnostics watching frowning mimes sinking in denial of the word. You can bet your life on it hepcat.
       Flavored starlight glances past the unity of reason and conciousness being conscious of it. 

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