Wednesday, October 17, 2012

prose poem || Edward Nichols

Moss bearing sinner

          Quatrain city blankard rhythm,brain pan,images sellulode,can't tank are us. Flimsy Hobgoblins bandied for my head, The May Fist,Oh! Soft to leaves.Bands of vermin and I'm not quite sure who you are. Spank my sparkle sticker and male your pos..tage.Pay, dearly my dear.I've all but that is it all . I've novel goat antics and it includes everything,(and it excludes nothing).
         He's a crusty saturday morning, not snot tons if blemishes were believable. I've traded you. for me.I've traded blank paper for words.I've traded you for not reading this.What. You say increments vermin. Verisimilitude.Ransome. Handsome. Hand me some.Poker pretty set of Tabloid journey all wisdom.
Visersion. Mephiticism. The grapes of path poop lolligag on the veenyard truple gropelines of usherworld
templeplates and photo negatives of Rape of the Clown.A model division of intrepid carney sewer side
workers,tell me a story,a brook of malevolent solvents to lean for their own good.Oh sure, your precious time is wasted by braving the billows in my aunts farm.
         Green gas and high brides forever.Bromethane ignitor file a mint and lend the tree to treaty,sweety,and don't sway on the backwash,a brumesilde drambrake down the elven hat it fits you,cat,just purrfect.
Genuflection is all part of the inflection of inspection and a felon fellow bromdogged at the bellows forever trumped.

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