Saturday, October 6, 2012

novel excerpt || John Pursch

Mayan Human MLK-5?

“Hooped fellowship sports dirigible hay cones,” averred Antipasto Hugo, dilatory in didactic disguise, discussing digestible daylight savings tombs.

“Recurse, ya foolish barbell chucker,” countered Kabuki, roused from prebiotic slander to chalk his own mid-course moronics to photosynthetic gel parole. “Shiny dimples lead us all astray to pawn a caisson, my dear ploy. Chest protract a fusing eyebrow, towering ova the chin rest, flirting tweeze a forward looting inferiority’s simplex, doffing a hearth over astounding blimps,” he baubled en souffle.

“Half course, whey cookie aye, bon mot!” Hugo cried, schmecking his forecastle, planar in carving disregard. “Aft homely idle crumb upon yer waspish drone sewn manatee yores ago; sow mulch bumble wart I’ve merely beaned a crimson facemask.”

“Anti-time premonitory sips, Antipasto; destiny whence a freebie, under lawn dough,” Kabuki droned, petting his frond at easel. “Nadir ewe mint.”

“Bunch mellowed, serrated pie loomer,” Hugo drooled. “Eel bay crumb ink blot frown RFK-26 tiny trey snow. Wood ya scare form itty peck ump slum odd at glory ice in trapezoidal tirade, livery directly tow yore furry awning helm?”

“Mash opined, food grinder, bet con yoyo strop huff da schlep mint et Mayan human MLK-5? Marbled via crosshatch underworld cone voyeur bullet?” Clem redirected.

“Shore, prone oblong,” Antipasto chimpathized.

Thus were an altered trundling auction canned unction in the squeamishly ubiquitous precess hover whale-known und semblance-free nominal polygonal comestible urgency, crenellated unknowable axe da whir hefty whirls, alias hasty whorl whoops.

“Elmo’s squabbling triune,” Phoebe remanded Hugo’s altar ear. “Be west trail fur shaved herbivore, sham ploys interstellar, sight eye majestic.”

“Aye, T-row, spinning portal shutters,” Antipasto compiled.

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