Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 texts || Edward Nichols

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          Serendipity,serpent deity of  triaxil ambulations of  platitudes of conforming dimensional spirals a leaning lamentatious perflambulations perflambulations of tertian freedoms mammothian residue as the glowing gelantinous peering glass of the viewed intent of terrestial travails.
                                                      Wagner- I in the tenacious prop of deepening glow,
                                                                      The embers, forget me not, remember me,
                                                                 the remember ember,
                                                               The emerald ember, glossing a massive sheen,
                                                                As I  am a spectator to the artifacts of the careening,
                                                              Blowing the sumptious trumpet, the blaring horns fade a backdrop of remonstrance
                                                              that titillates the ear of the initiate.
Hermes- Vociferous reclusionary insights blart out the herald theme,'Who.Ray,' I  bet the ray shines the diamond
emerald of speculations repent, inclementious indications prod the pruient artifact of claydentations incentive.
Forge the mime of gesticulating gestures, left insures the impure correlation of times' setting on the table,the body is able, thepundit aromascent sent skywarding the surfdivers careening of a crestwave that reaches to the highground.
               Spiraling relays on a plaintiff board rejoins the formation of the condemnation of condensations frosty breath smelting the emerald embers glowing glaringintent on the rebounding bounce of the bouncy reverb of the twirling Timpani alley. Guarding the garden the guardians of circumstance,lofty though their stature be, in a hue of ultraviolet pink,the rivers flow like buoyant c driftwood, merrily down the stream, now on the lucrative plane,full of steam.
             Space and time, the arc of space and time; curvature of the spine; cur the flvature of the spine of time,....and as he reaches down to slowly extinguish the flame, just to rekindle it later, the lathe of the prostitutions lays a long arching diplomacy.
            (Dr.Dent ruminating on the terrestial planes reprensentation).The expressing of odd gesticulations circumambulate the sense of right the sense of wrong, theserendipity of foreflights lingers in the inadequacy of certain,
the sending of gestalts malingering suggestions altering may serve as the sentiments best vehicle of expression.
Ah,the regurgiyators of gesticulation,entity embibers reveling in the rival spiral, thetentative representation of phantasmal formation. The fornication formation fervently in the astral exhaltation.
              Hermes- I protest the titter proplagation of hernetious rebukers. Lo, the Gallygarths flock like flemmings.
              Wagner-Trimestables crunneywart the whole reel to reel gustible. I'm an improbable constituent transmuted
from sine wave crucibles.
                Dr.Dent-Prudent stuplecrests are non-compliant in a synchronous come true.
               Wagner- Hark the Gallygarths. They fluently chime with the Piper Telepathicly, and  bring Shem  to 


       Cranial capacity registered zeroe tolerance.Oppenheimer and Edgarg Varese are all pulsing at exorbinate speeds of high speeds rolling along the condemned Earth. Tragic eI would never have youxegenesis proprieted sinjulian egnularity supposing conditions aren't set on push the red button that activates debris to bath in . Torched relentless anti-experimental literature to fortune tellers excrusiating exonerated___-_
blll be the only available ,it'ooming idiots.
I would never have you follow me,because you'd end upp in placs you wouldn't want to be Plus excess procrastination can be helpful to,......wanton, depraved, lustful desires,forbidden fruit so here comes a microchip,grab it and hold on for dear life.Metempsychosis challenges the broken devaluated exchange.So  here comes a microchip,grab it and hold on for dear life, it'll be the only available passage.tronics exenerited juriprudence communicates the excaliber Unto cyclotronicsexenerited juriprudence communicates the excaliber TEN setting at the Round Table ,the Trilateral Commission executesthe proffiency of dehydrated subterfuge.  

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