Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfragm ep*
something very sp
ecific   [re artaud]
to distract “effectof
torenis asube anT
a false suggestion.”
ed asiis hartostµo
"a notion of escape".
illumination of a  lie
 maefΪs omagatÖ
¬ icrase tefod be   β
"snatched something
grp ohitiflig ap[haju
real from the unknown".
to sud hining ildiΰpo
e]eoan perevein thurB
during the minute in  wh
he is able to put himself
under the spell   of a false
suggestion, he  is   able to
manufacture an exper ien
reality  which   retains that
reality even   after the min
ute has passed. ohitiflig
sutin meed o fon©cea
relationship of the 6to5
or alhest atesu fo cai
hexagram to the quincunx,
of transcendence to transf
onu erewong  tenion
the mysterium conjunction
s is notthe union of the tria
ngle "as above" with the tri
angle "so below",hisaras h
ahatensm teP hitiflig…§¬
is not the
hexagram in itself, but is rat
her the presence of the  hex
agram within the
ali threni anga§in ome
during the minute in which
he is able to put himselfun
der the spell
of a false suggestion, he is
able to manufacture an exp
erientialreality which retains
that reality even after themin
ute has passed.
vir ayalr xistΰan keaorl
something very sp
ecific             here:
e ealter tainlill utor ho÷
, it is not sustained as ane
scape from, but as an esc
ape into.
nugdas  pa th heim om
experiential reality is a not
ion of escape,
odut ias beongi erev  foc
*w/tExt on a artaud by jimleftwich
Aa in tan quotes
Jl in gray type

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