Wednesday, October 24, 2012

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Dazzlive learn yarn teaked to mop spills along quarry lines
connected to the points of stars (passed muster), in-line
thought proceeds down dark drainlines. The quartermaster
feeds and clothes our progeny past torsion "as you were"
diversified into a plausible inimitable north take from
this row of shelflife in malfeased or country wavelets
dawdling overture-type rhapsodies. Malingerers defy the
uptake on and off. A metronome dries silken plays and
vast shaken limitless deployment manufakes the altar cloth
infernally bought off to make a hudson kind of ruminate
alongside feeble seeming scars and blood rakes inked upon
the pasted doc into a foregone format's conclusivity as if
an only were the style.
Chapeau, a toss, the ring of fire, or angular unspun rapport
Sheila E. Murphy

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